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 When Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi heard Carter call the goddess benevolent, both curled their lips with distaste. Feng Yixuan watched on with narrowed eyes, waiting for Leng Lingyun's response.

"You are wrong, I was not bewitched." Leng Lingyun's cold voice did not have any emotion. He said faintly, "I am very aware of what I am currently doing. No one is able to force me to do anything. Everything I am doing now is what I truly wish to do."

Carter froze. The holy knights behind him exchanged glances, all seeing shock and anger in each other's eyes. The Divine Prince had truly been bewitched by the evil woman!

Seeing the holy knight's venomous gazes towards Qi Aoshuang, Leng Lingyun naturally knew what they were thinking.

Suddenly, Leng Lingyun's beautiful face revealed a bright smile. "I'll say it again, I was not bewitched." His every word was clear and explicit. This time, every holy knight heard his words cleary. Leng Lingyun paused for a moment before resuming his charming smile. "Furthermore, the goddess is not a benevolent, but a despicable woman."

Cold wind blew. Leng Lingyun's shocking words echoed in each holy knight's mind, in each holy knight's heart.

"Divine Prince..." Carter called out bitterly. The hatred in his gaze overflowed as he stared at Qi Aoshuang even more venomously, boring a hole into her.

The holy knights behind him also all had ugly expressions, their gazes filled with rancor as they glared at Qi Aoshuang.

"You witch! You lowered his highness to such a state!" Carter stood up, his pike raised. He glowered at Qi Aoshuang. "Warriors, today we much thoroughly eradicate this witch and rescue our divine prince."

Qi Aoshuang had not moved an inch, still sitting peacefully and teasing White Emperor and Black Feather. Feng Yixuan sat down and took out a piece of meat from his interspatial ring to cook. Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi watched the holy knights alertly, counting the number of knights in their minds. There were nine in total. The two frowned slightly. Were these nine holy knights the famed Thorny Knights of the Temple of Light?

Their conjecture was correct. The nine holy knights were indeed the sharp blade of the Temple of Light, the Thorny Knights. Although there were merely nine of them, they were extremely powerful and had exceptional coordination. The had never been defeated before. The Temple of Light had handed many difficult tasks for them to complete. Naturally, they also bestowed upon them the task of killing Qi Aoshuang.

Carter raised his pike then roared in a deep voice. His body was immediately engulfed in white Dou Qi. The eight holy knights immediately stood up and marched into a triangle formation with Carter at the tip.

Carter's sole focus was the black haired girl who was sitting calmly and ignoring them! It was that witch who had stolen their venerated Divine Prince. Black hair, black eyes, the symbol of evil. The girl on the wanted poster had golden hair and green eyes, but even if those colors were changed, she was easily recognizable!

Carter grasped his pike tightly. He took one step forward. The next moment, a figure glided over, blocking them.

"Divine Prince!" Carter's heart was both angry and anxious.

Leng Lingyun did not have any expression, his eyes ice cold. He glanced at the men indifferently. "I already said I am no longer the Divine Prince."

"Is your highness really going to obstruct us from killing the witch?" Carter was crestfallen, his heart sinking. Had his highness been bewitched to such a state?

"Yes," Leng Lingyun replied faintly. Then he continued, his voice soft, "She is not a witch."

The nine holy knights' blood froze. All of their eyes widened and became bloodshot.

"Divine Prince! Do you insist on obstructing us?" Carter's heart was nearly bleeding. If it were possible, he did not want to face the person he respected the most. This silver haired violet eyed man was previously who they aspired to be the most. They seeked his strength, his status, his aloof nature.

"Divine Prince, have you forgotten Xuanxuan's hatred? Are you going to protect the villain who killed your sister?" One of the holy knights' pike started to tremble. He simply could not accept that the Divine Prince had become bewitched to such a degree.

Leng Lingyun frowned slightly, his gaze darkening. An ineffable pressure exploded from him, forcing Carter and the other knights back.

"Who told you that?" Leng Lingyun's expression was as calm as water, his voice as cold as a thousand years of ice.

Carter froze, but then suddenly roared, "Was it not because of this witch? She cruelly killed her mother, her childhood teacher, and even harmed her grandfather. Xuanxuan was killed by her as well!"



Two voices spoke at the same time.

One was Feng Yixuan, one was Leng Lingyun.

The two shared a glance, then fell silent.

Carter and the other knights were stupefied. The refined Divine Prince swore?! Their enterally noble and icy idol had actually cussed today!

Qi Aoshuang's eyes flashed icily. Not bad, Temple of Light, I'd like to see what other kinds of lies you can use. In truth, Leng Xuanxuan's death was blamed on Qi Aoshuang not because of his holiness, the Pope, but because of the Divine Princess, Liu Xueqing.

"Captain, it looks like talking is useless. Only when we kill the witch shall our Divine Prince awaken," one of the knights said coldly.

No one could understand Carter's current state of mind. He had relentlessly pursued his idol, but now his idol had become like this. The proud and aloof youth in white had saved him from the edge of death many times with a wave of his head, but had never paid him any attention. It was as if he were a passerby saying a small cat or dog. He never regarded him as anything more. Today was the first time he was anything more to him, but it was under such circumstances.

"Light Sanctuary!" Carter shouted, raising his pike high. Dazzling white light poured down, enshrouding him and the other holy knights. This was auxiliary magic that would increase their strength.

Leng Lingyun's eyes narrowed. He was about to make his move.

But the next moment, something flashed in front of him. A small figure stood before him. It was Qi Aoshuang.

"Let me." Qi Aoshuang only said these two words.

Leng Lingyun wanted to say something, but found no words to say.

Qi Aoshuang eyed the holy knights, sighing internally. In their hearts, Leng Lingyun was not merely the Divine Prince. Clare understood from their gazes when they looked at Leng Lingyun. Such veneration, adoration, respect... if Leng Lingyun personally attacked...

"Witch! Today is the the day you die." Carter gripped his pike tightly. He stomped heavily into the ground, then burst forward with a deep bellow.

"Halt..." Qi Aoshuang did not move, only saying this word faintly. It seemed like time paused for a millenia and the entire world was transforming... a huge aura erupted, enveloping the holy knights.

Carter froze in place in the same position in mid air, while the holy knights behind him were also unable to move.

"Huh? What happened?" Xi Shaoqi watched the frozen holy knights with wide eyes. Their eyes were unfocused and they had been frozen in place.

Qi Aoshuang closed her eyes and reached out. With a flick of her finger, nine tiny golden lotuses appeared, slowly revolving as they flew to each holy knight's forehead. They slowly fused into the holy knights' foreheads, then disappeared.

"What was that?" Xi Shaoqi was stunned by the unfathomable scene.

"Let's go. It'll take them a while to wake up." Qi Aoshuang turned around, ignoring Xi Shaoqi. She walked over to where she had sat earlier. White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto her shoulders.

"Are you not going to kill them?" Xi Shaosi's face darkened. He had a deep hatred for the people of the Temple of Light.

"Yeah, I'll do it for you." Xi Shaoqi hated the people of the Temple of Light even more. However, tonight, the two viewed Leng Lingyun in a different light.

"No need." Qi Aoshuang mounted onto a camel, preparing to leave.

Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi looked back at the utterly defenseless holy knights. Although their hands were itching to stab a few holes in the knights' chests, they did not dare to disobey Qi Aoshuang. Despite that she had only said two words, no need, she definitely would not change her mind. However, they did not understand why they should not kill the despicable, nasty people.

Everyone started to journey again, traveling under the moonlight.

"Thank you." Leng Lingyun's soft yet clear voice traveled to Qi Aoshuang's ear.

Qi Aoshuang did not look back, did not even say a word. Sometimes, words were unneeded. Qi Aoshuang understood that Leng Lingyun had not wanted to fight against those people.