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 "Perhaps he is watching us right now."

Leng Lingyun walked forward. His hand flashed with white light. "The water is not poison."

"Why do you care if the water is poisonous? I definitely won't drink the water here." Xi Shaoqi looked at the water with revulsion.

But Qi Aoshuang ordered, "Go get some water."

"Why? Whyyy? My lady, don't you have enough water in your storage ring?" Qi Aoshuang howled, feeling wronged.

"You fool! Just pretend. If he sees us here, he'll be suspicious why we're here." Feng Yixuan crossed his arms.

Xi Shaoqi dejectedly filled his water pouch with some water. Xi Shaosi followed suit.

Qi Aoshuang's guess was indeed correct. The strange spellcaster was indeed watching them through a crystal ball. When he saw everyone around the lake, his heart tightened, but when he saw Leng Lingyun test the water for poison and the others get water, he relaxed. He put away the crystal and readjusted his posture for sleep. Of course, who would guess that the key to the magic formation was under the lake. Their captain was too cautious. Even though one of them was said to have killed twelve cardinals, compared to their organization, the Temple of Light was nothing. He alone was enough to kill them all!

At night, the temperature started the drop, the moonlight a haze.

The people on the streets continued what they did during the day, walking back and forth.

Now, they walked to the center of the village, draped in mantles.

At the lakeside, Qi Aoshuang turned to Xi Shaoqi. "Go down."

"Ah?! Nooo why is it me again!" Xi Shaoqi protested in a low voice.

But Qi Aoshuang's words stopped him. "Because you are the one who wants to leave here the most."

"No fair, it's so cold, you want me, a weak bodied magician to go down? Are you trying to kill me?" Xi Shaoqi wailed, walking towards the pond.

"Shut up!" Qi Aoshuang ordered coldly, then flicked her finger.

Xi Shaoqi crouched down subconsciously, but the pain he was expecting did not come. Instead, he was filled with warmth. Only then did he look down at his body to see that he was wrapped in a faint, golden barrier.

"Go down quickly. In a while, the barrier will disappear," Qi Aoshuang pressed.

"I will do anything for you, my lady. You are the most kind hearted person in the world." Xi Shaosi stood up, entering the water without another word.

Xi Shaosi stood at the shore, his lip twitching. What an idiot! Giving him a barrier was normal, but he acted as if it were a favor from a god.

As Xi Shaoqi descended into the water, much to his delight, the water didn't touch him. Recalling Qi Aoshuang's warning, Xi Shaoqi knew that there was a time limit, so he dove in quickly.

The lake was not deep, so Xi Shaoqi soon felt the slight force of the spring. A round, shiny disk appeared within his line of sight. Approaching slowly, he felt the magic ripple. What was this? The something-eye?

Just as he was about to reach out and touch it, he suddenly remembered Qi Aoshuang's warning, so he hastily withdrew his hand and swam up, deciding to first report to Qi Aoshuang before doing anything.

Above water, everyone was waiting. "So?" Qi Aoshuang walked up to him.

"There's a bright, round disk emitting a slight magic ripple. I didn't touch it," Xi Shaoqi reported.

"Yes," Qi Aoshuang nodded. "That should be it."

"My lady, what do we do now?" Xi Shaoqi looked down to see the barrier gradually disappear. He blinked. He wanted to leave as soon as possible.

"I'll go down and look. You guys wait up here." With a flick of her finger, a thin, golden layer wrapped around her.

"I'll go with you." Feng Yixuan approached.

"No." Qi Aoshuang shook her head. "You guys will alls stay here. You are all magicians. Your bodies don't have enough strength to sustain if we are down there for too long."

Once she said this, everyone realized that indeed, Qi Aoshuang was the only magician warrior among them, able to use both magic and Dou Qi.

"But!" Feng Yixuan wanted to say something, but then Qi Aoshuang raised her hand.

"You can't help me either. It's better if you stay up here as reinforcement. Do you know what a spiritual eyes is?" Feng Yixuan could not respond.

"Don't worry. Breaking the spell will take time. Just stay up here." Then, Qi Aoshuang went underwater.

Feng Yixuan stood at the edge of the lake, worriedly looked into the water.

Qi Aoshuang dove down following the magic ripple. Indeed, there was the small, crystal disk. Only when she swam close did she see it clearly. It was only as big as an infant's palm and was spinning slowly. The top side smooth like a mirror, made of crystal, and the back was made of copper, carved of mysterious, ancient runes.

Should she take it? But how?

She pondered for a moment. In the end, she reached out and touched the crystal disk.

As soon as her fingers brushed the disk, the scene before her changed!

Before Qi Aoshuang was an endless beach. The sea was dried up, not a drop left. Many colorful shells dotted the landscape.


Qi Aoshuang whipped around alertly at the slight noise, only to see a face that was exactly like hers.

She took two steps back.


Strangely, they too also took two steps back.

"Who are you?" The other person frowned and asked Qi Aoshuang. Her voice was also exactly like hers!

Qi Aoshuang was shocked. It was the exact question she was going to ask.

She watched quietly watched the person before her whose appearance and even dress were the same as hers. Even their expression was the same, it was like looking into a mirror.

Their expression darkened. Her ice cold expression was so familiar. Her thin lips spat out disdainfully, "Illusion!"

Before Qi Aoshuang could act, a giant sword of golden flames appeared in her hand! The pressure of the sword Qi made Qi Aoshuang shocked! She quickly dodged as the sword struck past. A green thread fluttered to the ground.

"Humph!" They sneered seeing Qi Aoshuang dodge the attack, then brandished the sword again.

"Who are you?" Qi Aoshuang once again agilely dodged the attack.

"Claire Hill!" The other person continued to attack. "I must quickly destroy this illusion, they're waiting for me."

The next moment, "Claire's" eyes widened. Blood trickled out of her mouth. She stared at Qi Aoshuang's cold face incredulously. Her body had been impaled by Qi Aoshuang's sword. The blood continued to flow.

"Why?" The so called "Claire's" eyes were wide. She didn't understand why she had been killed. She had copied everything, how had she been killed so easily?

"First, the name Claire died along with Mother. Second, you talk too much." Qi Aoshuang pulled out her sword, smiling coldly. Claire Hill... this name was gone the moment Katherine died. Was this the power of the treasure? Able to create a barrier that could reflect all attacks, and able to copy a person to stop them from taking it when they touched it? But it seems this treasure had not seen deeply enough. She was no longer called "Claire Hill"!

The next moment, "Claire" disappeared. The blood on the ground disappeared along with the blood on Qi Aoshuang's sword. The dried up seabed was suddenly overflowing with azure seawater. Wave after wave crashed onto the shore.

On the beach, a little girl in a white dress appeared, smiling brightly at Claire.

Before Qi Aoshuang could realize what was happening, everything before her disappeared. The dark blue sea, the beach littered with colorful shells, and the smiling little girl all disappeared.

When Qi Aoshuang returned to her senses, she looked down to see that she was holding the small, round disk.

The four people above ground looked up at the sky in awe.

The barrier gradually faded, and then disappeared.

The spell was broken!

The weird man suddenly woke up, his face pale, then green, then black!

The spell was broken!

And his treasure, the Rainbow Inkstone, had changed owners!

Damn it all! How could the Rainbow Inkstone have changed owners just now! He could not sense her presence at all now.

Who? Who was it that was able to make the Rainbow Inkstone acknowledge them as her master?! The strange person pulled his hair, wanting to how at the sky, but afraid to catch the attention of person who had broken the spell. He definitely was not their match if they worked together! It seems he had underestimated them!

The strange man was regretting so much, his heart hurt. If he had known how strong they were, he would have listened to the captain and worked with everyone else. That way, he wouldn't have failed and even lost his precious treasure without even killing a single person.

Damn it all!

The strange person was extremely angered, but he stood up and left wisely. He needed to tell the captain what had happened. He had to get the Rainbow Inkstone back!