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 "Like you all just saw, this barrier can reflect all forces." Seeing how the barrier remained untouched, her heart sank. The force that had repelled her was the exhibited the same pressure as she when she approached the barrier. It was the exact same as hers.

"The hell is with this barrier?!" Xi Shaoqi cursed. He bent down, picked up a rock, then threw it at the barrier. As they expected, just as the rock was about to touch the barrier, it was bounced back.

There was no way out. No matter how much strength they used, it would all be bounced back.

"Let me try." With a wave of his hand, a giant blade of wind appeared in Feng Yixuan's hand.

"Don't." Qi Aoshuang shook her head.

"If I attack with a force larger than the barrier can bear, then perhaps it won't be reflected and break the barrier instead." Feng Yixuan surmised. He was about to use all his strength to attack.

"And if not?" Qi Aoshuang asked quietly.

Everyone's heart shuddered. If not? Who could block Feng Yixuan's attack? Feng Yixuan's power was not insane. If he used all his strength to attack, perhaps no one would be able to block it, including himself.

Feng Yixuan blinked. He experimentally slashed at the barrier. The reflected force made his jaw drop. Its speed and power was the exact same. Feng Yixuan immediately erected a barrier to dissipate the attack. Inwardly, he was sweating cold sweat. What if using all his strength didn't break the barrier?

"What do we do?" Feng Yixuan sheathed his sword, a little gloomy. The thought of being killed by himself was a little depressing.

"Yeah, what are we going to do? Are we just going to stay stuck here?" Xi Shaoqi glanced at the other people, then shivered. They were already dead, but they still continued what they did when they were alive. It was too creepy.

"Haha, don't waste your brain. No matter what strength you use, you can't break this magic formation. If you want to die quickly, just attack the barrier. If you want to die slowly, just obediently stay inside, hahaha..." a sinister laugh came from outside of the barrier. It was definitely the person who had set up the barrier. Then the voice disappeared. He obviously thought there was no way they could break the barrier, so he left to stay somewhere else more comfortable. He thought that just after waiting, he would be able to collect their bodies.

"Fuck! You bastard!" Xi Shaoqi cursed.

"I'll kill you once we get out!" Feng Yixuan gnashed his teeth.

Leng Lingyun uttered in a low voice, "I have never seen nor heard of such a magic formation spell. There is no record of it in the library of the Temple of Light."

"Tch, just because the Temple of Light doesn't know doesn't mean that no one else knows." Although Xi Shaoqi knew Leng Lingyun was on their side, he still couldn't help but be annoyed hearing the Temple of Light brought up.

"Are you saying you know then?" Qi Aoshuang said coldly, shutting him up.

"Let's first rest. Standing here won't do anything," she said. "Let's sit inside the inn."

Everyone agreed. Xi Shaosi led the way to the inn, whereas Xi Shaoqi stubbornly attacked the barrier, but the result was still the same. It always reflected the attacks the way they had came. Although Xi Shaoqi was prepared for this, he was still unsatisfied. Everyone else simply ignored him.

In the inn, there were no guests in the main hall. The owner continued to clean a cup behind the counter without stopping, while a waiter continued to wipe a table. The two's movements never stopped.

Xi Shaoqi shivered inwardly. He sat at the furthest table, swallowing, trying his best not to see the undead.

"My lady, I dislike this place..." Xi Shaoqi's voice carried a tremor.

"What do you think?" Qi Aoshuang looked out the window. Out on the streets, the sparse people continued to walk back and forth.

"To break the spell, we must either forcefully shatter the barrier or kill the spellcaster." Leng Lingyun said coldly.

"There is only one choice then. The spellcaster is outside, so if we want to kill him, then we must leave. But we can't leave," Feng Yixuan said with annoyance.

"The problem is, how did he cast this spell? This village is not big, but it's not small either. In the end, we only saw him. The barrier was also erected immediately after we entered." Qi Aoshuang frowned.

"Even master would need us two or other people to assist him to erect such a barrier." Xi Shaosi stroked his chin. "But this barrier is so large. How did he create it by himself?"

"What if he used a treasure?" Xi Shaoqi blinked. He sat down and scooted towards Xi Shaosi. Every time he saw those two undead, he would shiver.

"A treasure?" Everyone looked at Xi Shaoqi.

"Just a guess." Xi Shaoqi shrugged.

Suddenly, Qi Aoshuang thought of something. "Do you guys remember how the barrier appeared?"

"Something flashed overhead, and then the barrier formed," Feng Yixuan answered, recalling.

"Which direction?" Qi Aoshuang pressed.

"Which direction? Yes, it did seem to spread from a center." Everyone was impressed that Feng Yixuan was able to see everything so clearly that short moment.

"Let's go." Qi Aoshuang stood up.

"Where?" Everyone asked.

"The center of the village." Qi Aoshuang was excited. The people of this world did not know, but she did. There was a certain kind of magic that required a spiritual Eye. If Feng Yixuan didn't see wrong and her guess was correct, then the huge barrier had an Eye in the center of the town. It was the key to break the spell!"

"The center of the village is the lake. At the bottom is a spring," Xi Shaosi said. He was confused. What could Qi Aoshuang be thinking? What was there? It was just water, wasn't it?

"Just follow along, the words of my wife are truth!" Feng Yixuan glanced sideways. Xi Shaosi remained silent, rolling his eyes.

Currently, Qi Aoshuang wasn't in the mood to slap Feng Yixuan. Instead, she hurried along to the center.

As Xi Shaosi said, the center of the village was indeed just a small lake. Along the shore grew a few plants they had never seen before, lush and green. Steps built of stone were around the lake, making it easier for people to go down and fetch water.

"Is there something wrong with the lack?" Xi Shaosi frowned, unable to see anything out of the ordinary.

Qi Aoshuang did not respond. Instead, she sat down and closed her eyes, concentrating on sensing underwater. Feng Yixuan followed suit, also sensing underwater.

Just when Xi Shaoqi was about to ask what they were doing, Leng Lingyun motioned for him to stop, to be quiet.

As expected!

A faint smile appeared on Qi Aoshuang's lips.

There was indeed something in the lake. In the depths, there was a faint magic ripple coming from something.

Qi Aoshuang withdrew her consciousness, then opened her eyes.

Feng Yixuan also opened his eyes. Before Qi Aoshuang could speak, Feng Yixuan frowned and said, "There's a bright, circular object that seems to be emitting a slight magic ripple. I don't know if it's related to the magic formation spell."

Qi Aoshuang was shocked. Feng Yixuan was actually able to know the appearance of the object. She hadn't be able to see it, only sensing the ripple.

"It should be." Qi Aoshuang nodded.

"Ah? Really?" Xi Shaoqi was doubtful. "Isn't it related to the person outside? What does it have to do with something that's inside?"

"Perhaps the disk is the spiritual Eye of the magic formation," Qi Aoshuang said faintly.

"Spiritual Eye? What's that?" Xi Shaoqi asked. This time, it was not he that was confused, everyone else didn't know either.

"The core of a high level magic formation, like the heart of a person." Qi Aoshuang could not explain it in any other way.

They understood vaguely.

"My lady, how did you know?" Xi Shaosi suddenly asked.

Everyone looked at Qi Aoshuang with a complex expression.

"You want to know?" Qi Aoshuang smiled prettily.

"No." Xi Shaoqi felt a chill down his spine. He knew that every time Claire smiled like that, someone was going to suffer. He would bet his life that her next words would be, because you want to know, I won't tell you. Too nasty, too too nasty. It was best if he didn't ask. If she wanted to tell him, then she would.

"My lady, what do we do now?" Xi Shaoqi was not focused on why Qi Aoshuang, but rather how they could leave this creepy place.

Wait until it is night. At night, we will fish out that object. If the spellcaster sees us go underwater, he might do something. At night, he will loosen up." Qi Aoshuang replied.