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 Feng Yixuan....

Feng Yixuan pulled Claire into his embrace, one hand raised high.


A spinning disk of wind appeared above the two, like a shield. The wind circled so quickly, it was like a wall of wind. The lightning struck abruptly, but did not strike through the wall of wind. Instead, like fireworks, the lightning was split into small sparks and dispersed.

Feng Yixuan tightly hugged Claire, and whispered in her ear, "Sorry I'm late." His voice was filled with remorse and self loathing. Claire slowly closed her eyes, burying her head into his embrace, not saying a word.

Feng Yixuan's heart tightened. He suddenly felt this person was so weak, she might break. Tender longing gradually filled his heart.

The moment Leng Lingyun arrived, he saw this scene:

Dark clouds rumbled in the sky, giant bolts of lightning striking terrifyingly. A handsome man with flame red hair protected the person in his embrace with one arm, his other arm raised high casting spells to withstand the heavenly lightning. It was Feng Yixuan! Leng Lingyun's gaze shifted to the person in Feng Yixuan's embrace. His heart jolted. Even though her hair had turned black, he could recognize her with one glance. It was Claire! Their surroundings were terrifying, charred black ground, the pope lying in a pool of blood, Emery's split body parts, the handless Duke Gordan, and Lashia and Roger unconscious. Everything appeared so bloody and cruel, but the two T the center of it all were so at peace, so gentle and warm!

Leng Lingyun's eyes stung at the sight, his heart aching more and more.

At her weakest moment, it was not he, but Feng Yixuan at her side...

Feng Yixuan was extremely careful at this time. Although he had broken through to the eleventh stage of the Heavenly Astral Wind, there were a total of ten bolts of lightning. To withstand them all would be difficult. He cursed in his heart. If only he had the old man's jade disk. That item would have definitely blocked all the lightning. Feng Yixuan maintained the wind wall while looking down at the weak Claire in his embrace. It was the first time he had seen this weak side of Claire. He had to block all ten bolts of lightning no matter what!

Leng Lingyun stood not far away, staring at the scene blankly. Only when the eighth bolt struck did Feng Yixuan start to show signs of fatigue. Leng Lingyun returned to his senses.

Now was not the time to blank out!

If Feng Yixuan was not able to persevere, Claire would be struck dead with Feng Yixuan!

Feng Yixuan frowned deeply, but he still held Claire tightly. He was already near his limit. The eighth strike of lightning had used the last of his strength, and the next bolt would be even more violent. As his gaze started to wander, he saw Leng Lingyun. His heart tightened. Was he planning on taking advantage of them? No, something was wrong. Who was the person in his embrace? Wasn't that the little girl who clung to Claire at Niya? Was she... dead? What happened? The rumbling of the clouds drew back Feng Yixuan's attention. Feng Yixuan cursed. Now was not the time for his mind to wander; now was the time to think of how to protect the person in his own embrace! As the last of his strength faded, the wind wall disappeared. Feng Yixuan gritted his strength, tightly holding Claire in his embrace.

He would use his flesh and blood to block the last two strikes!

Leng Lingyun gently laid down Xuanxuan's already cold body and tugged off a sparkling, crystal like tear shaped necklace from his neck. He clasped his hands before him with the necklace in between, his eyes closed, and started chanting quickly.

Leng Lingyun's eyes flashed open, his chant finished.

"Absolute Wall!"

Violet light suddenly flashed from his palms, violet light pouring down over Feng Yixuan and Claire, forming into a sturdy barrier.


The terrifying ninth bolt of lightning struck, striking the violet barrier heavily. The violet barrier shuddered slightly, but did not break.

Leng Lingyun let out a breath. The necklace was finally useful for once.

Feng Yixuan hugged Claire tightly, looking up to see the strange sight above his head. He turned to look at Leng Lingyun, understanding it was he who had saved him and Claire.

When the final, fierce lightning struck down, Leng Lingyun's eyes narrowed, his lips moving quickly to chant. The violet barrier instantly started to radiate brightly, becoming twice as thick.


The last bolt finally struck the violet barrier.

The heavens dispersed and the violet light disappeared, the barrier shattering into pieces.

Leng Lingyun coughed up blood, secretly surprised that the lightning would be so fierce, able to cause a backlash to the spellcaster!

Gradually, the surroundings quieted. The black clouds in the sky dispersed, the hazy moon once again revealing its face.

"We have to leave quickly." Leng Lingyun forced down the ache in his heart, picking up Xuanxuan's body. The people of the Temple of Light would be here soon. They did not have any strength left to fight. If they encountered more enemies now, the aftermath would be unimaginable.

Feng Yixuan watched Leng Lingyun with a complex gaze, but nodded. He looked at the person in his embrace. She had already fallen unconscious. White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Feng Yixuan's shoulder, worriedly watching Claire.

"Let's go. We'll go to my home." After Leng Lingyun drew close, Feng Yixuan tore open a teleportation scroll. With a flash of white light, they disappeared without a trace.

Soon, the Divine Princess Liu Xueqing arrived with a group. Once they saw brutal aftermath, they were all shocked, in disbelief. One of the pope's feet was missing, his blood already dyeing the ground red. Emery had been split in half, his innards lying on the ground. One of Duke Gordan's hands had become deflated skin, completely surrounded by blood. Lashia and Roger were unconscious, blood flowing out from all orifices. Cardinals were either missing or their corpse mutilated.

Too cruel!

Who did this?

Claire was not there, not even her corpse! Had she run away? What about Leng Lingyun? Did he escape with Claire?

Who killed all these people? Was it Claire? Liu Xueqing immediately dismissed this thought. Although that bitch was strong, she definitely would not kill her master so brutally or would be able to kill so many cardinals and wound the pope!

To know what had actually occurred, they could only wait for the unconscious people to awaken.

The priests started to heal the wounded as fast as they could.

Clouds slowly started to conceal the hazy moon until it faded into darkness.

Two days later, Amparkland announced shocking news.

Because Claire Hill wanted to reconcile with the Temple of Light, the originally dazzling star became deranged and cruelly killed her mother Katherine Hill along with her master Emery while also heavily wounding Duke Gordan. However, the Temple of Light could not accept such vicious actions, so they ordered men to arrest her, but Claire Hill summoned the god of Darkness to defeat the members of the Temple of Light. Furthermore, she enticed the Divine Prince Leng Lingyun to betray the Temple. Now there was a large bounty for Claire - dead or alive. The Temple also hopes for the blinded Divine Prince Leng Lingyun to repent and for his return to the goddess's side.

The news caused huge ripples.

Lagark, the hidden room in Feng manor.

Feng Yixuan's hand shook as he read a letter, tearing it into pieces before he finished reading.

"Those lowlives!"

"Did they frame Claire for everything?" Leng Lingyun said apathetically. After seeing Feng Yixuan's reaction, Leng Lingyun already knew what happened. He knew the vile schemes of the Temple better than no other.

"Lowlives! Lowlives!" Feng Yixuan was furious to the point that he could not speak coherently. The Temple of Light would actually do such a shameless, despicable action!

Leng Lingyun kept quiet. He looked at the person on the bed, his heart pained. Claire had not awakened since then, still unconscious, or in deep sleep. As a healer, Leng Lingyun understood Claire's condition. If she woke up knowing she was the reason for her loved ones' deaths, how would she feel? How could she face herself? Leng Lingyun's heart ached.

Feng Yixuan reached out and clasped Claire's hand. Anxious, he asked, "Why hasn't she awakened? It's already been two days, why is she not awake?"

Leng Lingyun was silent. After a while, he spoke. "She is trying to escape from reality, unwilling to face the truth.

Feng Yixuan froze, his face welling up in pain and remorse. He reached out and gently caressed Claire's face. White Emperor and Black Feather each crouched on either side of Claire's pillow, worriedly watching Claire.

"Claire, you must wake up, you still need to take revenge! You mother and master have been killed! Are you going to continue on sleeping without facing your enemies?" Leng Lingyun said coldly, watching Claire's face.

"You!" Feng Yixuan gritted his teeth as he shot a glare at Leng Lingyun, but then slackened. Although this method was a bit cruel, it was the most efficient way to wake her up.

"Claire, wake up." Feng Yixuan clasped Claire's hand tightly, his voice low. "You have been greatly wronged. Your mother would definitely not want to see you like this, please wake up. Do you want your mother's efforts to go to waste?"