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 "Break!" Black Feather declared in a low voice, positioning himself the same way as White Emperor. They crouched down slightly, then grabbed their right wrist with their left hand. Instantly, a violent power shot out of their right palms, one black, one white, converging in mid air. Like a sharp knife, it cut through the air, shooting towards the Light Storm.

And so the Light Storm was slashed apart, leaving a blank vacuum in the middle. Everything on either side turned to dust.

Including Katherine's body...

Claire watched fixedly as Katherine's already cold body disappear instantly. All of the blood in her entire body froze.



All Claire could see was Katherine's final, bittersweet smile.

Claire remembered how when she came to this world, it was Katherine who was the first to smile at her warmly, to genuinely treat her well. Even when she knew Claire was not the same Claire as before, she risked her life to protect her.

Now, nothing remained of the gentle woman.

Not even ashes.

Emery taught her wholeheartedly and strove his best for her. Today, his ice cold body lay in a pool of blood. Even in his dying breath, he was calling Claire's name.

Hatred, heaven reaching waves of hatred enveloped Claire, drowning her reason, swallowing her soul.

White Emperor and Black Feather were still resisting the goddess's attacks while the god of Darkness sneak attacked, but it was not much use. White Emperor and Black Emperor shared a glance, both seeing worry in each other's eyes. They both could not maintain their form for long. However, it was fine if they continued to maintain. Deities cannot descend for long, so as long as they persevered, the goddess would leave on her own.

But how long would they be able to last? They were far from how they were in the past. It would be long before they could regain their powers.

At this time, no one noticed Claire's expression. She had her head lowered, her gaze fixed on where Katherine had disappeared from. Slowly, her gaze became blank. She could see nothing.

Her heart empty, her gaze empty.

"Mother..." Claire's lips parted slightly.

This word was said so softly, yet as if amplified by magic, the word penetrated everyone's minds, even their souls.

White Emperor and Black Feather frowned deeply. Even they had felt the intense power engulf their spirit.

The goddess of Light and god of Darkness also felt the strike. Their state of mind shook for a moment, stopping their spells.

Under everyone's shocked gazes, a black cyclone formed with Claire in the center, growing larger and larger. Claire stood in place, her gaze already unfocused, her hair fluttering with the wind, her clothes flapping. An indescribable deadly charm mixed with grief and despair. What's more, Claire's emerald eyes gradually turned black, as well as her golden hair. Her gaze became endless, her hair fluttering rebelliously in the wind.

Black hair black eyes!

The prophesized woman of Darkness who would overturn the Light!

Everyone trembled at the sight of her.

The prophecy was true?

The goddess was now deathly pale. After the shock, she returned to her senses, but she was now even more anxious! Originally, she thought that Claire had to be destroyed because she had the Dark Mark, but who would have expected she was the dark haired dark eyed woman from the prophecy! She could not let her live! Not even her ashes could remain!

On the other hand, the god of Darkness was delighted. He was already certain that with Claire, he would be able to overturn the Light! His risk had been worth it!

"Beheading light!" A giant sword materialized in the goddess's hand. She attacked before anyone could respond. She could not stay much longer, but she had to destroy the girl before she left!

But how could the god of Darkness let her?

A mass of dark aura congregated into a shield in front of Claire. The god of Darkness was also anxious, because he too did not have much time left! In fact, he had even less time than the goddess of Light! Because the goddess ruled the world, everything was to her advantage, whether it was the amount of time to descend or the amount of power! Although earlier he thought he barely had a chance with White Emperor and Black Feather, now, he was completely willing to protect Claire. White Emperor and Black Feather did not waste any movements either, also protectively blocking in front of Claire, erecting a shield. Both were displeased. If it were before, instead of defending over and over, they would be the ones attacking.

But this attack of the goddess was no small matter. She had put all her might into this strike.

The violent force struck the shield erected by the god of Darkness, stopping, but did not dissipate. Instead, it remained in place. The black shield shuddered, resisting the power's advance. White Emperor and Black Feather frowned. Their situation did not look good. As expected, the next moment, the black shield shattered, sending a backlash to the god of Darkness. His remaining time had also been used up. Howling unwillingly, the god of Darkness disappeared. Now, the terrifying force struck the shield erected by White Emperor and Black Feather.

White Emperor and Black Feather did not dare to be careless, using all their might to support the shield.

"Lotus Nightmare..." Claire's gaze remained unfocused as she lightly brandished her sword, slashing the air. Once again, her voice seemed to penetrate their minds.

With this one slash, nothing was visible. There was no sword Qi, no flames.

But White Emperor and Black Feather sensed a giant power slice through the air. It directly shattered their shield, clashing straight into the power the goddess had released. The power maintained, splitting the beam of Light apart. But instead of disappearing, the split pillars of Light violently shot towards Claire.

"Claire!" White Emperor and Black Feather cried. Without thinking, the two blocked the two pillars of Light.


The giant explosion resonated into the horizon.

An intense pillar of light shot towards the sky, illuminating the night.

With a cry, the goddess of Light was struck with Claire's explosive attack, her eyes filled with hatred and unwillingness. Her form slowly started to disappear. Her time was also up. She could not believe that even though she personally descended, she could not finish off just a single human.

At the same time, White Emperor and Black Feather used up all their might to block the final two strikes.

After the loud explosion, only two little furballs remained where the stunningly handsome men used to stand.

Claire stood fixedly in place, her gaze still unfocused.

Everything was desolate. In the far distance lay Emery's body split in two. Lashia and Roger were still unconscious, but blood dripped from their lips. They were unable to withstand such pressure. Duke Gordan remained there, appearing dead. The pope was also unconscious, one foot missing, deathly pale.

Claire could not see anything. Her heart was devoid of everything.

She simply stood frozen in place.

"Chirp chirp!"

"Peep peep!"

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped around near Claire's feet, anxious and worried.

But Claire did not respond.

Her heart was already barren.

Suddenly, the hazy night became even more dusky.

White Emperor and Black Feather looked up, then started to hop more furiously.

Countless black clouds came from every direction, lightning flashing within. This time, there would be more strikes than ever: ten lightning bolts. Claire had made a breakthrough fighting the angel-possessed pope, but the lightning had only started to appear now. The terrifying circumstances was clear.

But Claire could not see, could not hear. She only stood quietly in place. White Emperor and Black Feather grew even more worried. They understood that Claire was currently immersed in endless suffering and despair. She could not think properly now, unable to face the lightning with a clear head. But even if Claire was clear headed, there was no way she would be able to safely withstand the ten strikes!


The booming thunder rolled across the sky.

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Claire's shoulder, calling out anxiously, hoping Claire would awaken, but to no avail. Claire did not respond.

The sky was now covered in thick clouds. Thunder rumbled loudly, lightning flashed ominously.

"Chirp chirp!" White Emperor bit Claire's ear, hoping the pain would awaken her. Seeing this, Black Emperor bit into her other ear.

Claire's gaze finally regained some of its focus. She looked up towards the rolling clouds, but her eyes were still dead. She did not do anything.


A bolt of lightning finally struck, attacking straight towards Claire.

Claire looked up calmly as the lightning approached, her expression serene.

Perhaps ending now was for the best.

But then, Claire was shocked.

A powerful arm hugged her tightly. Claire found herself in a warm embrace. A familiar, handsome face appeared before her eyes.

His dark eyes were filled with determination, his flaming red hair fluttering in the wind.

It's you? Why is it you again?