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 The god of Darkness was an impassive mountain, clearly not willing to make a move.

Obviously, he was not willing to risk it. His despicable personality could be clearly seen. Only hitting others when they are down, running away when they are more powerful than him. The embodiment of shamelessness... as expected of the god of Darkness.

Tch! Claire disdainfully clicked her tongue. She pointed the Azure Ripple blade towards the goddess, her heart resolute.

Even though Claire had just made a breakthrough, she still was no match for the goddess of Light. What's more, there was still yet another fatal crisis approaching. Having broken through the eleventh level of the Treasured Lotus Style, the lightning would arrive soon. Normally, they would have struck already, but it was currently eerily calm. There was only one explanation; it was the calm before the storm! The storm clouds were brewing in order to appear even more violently! Previously, Golden Lotus had woken up and helped her withstand the lightning of the tenth level, then fell asleep, still not awake!

What Claire failed to notice was two little fur balls on the ground sharing a glance. White Emperor's eyes were filled with fury and worry, whereas Black Feather flapped his wings, completely indifferent.

"Swift..." Claire's face darkened. The Azure Ripple blade glowed brilliantly as golden flame snaked towards the goddess of Light. The flame grew even more violent in the air, is if slashing apart the air itself. If the ordinary expert faced this attack, they would definitely become ashes. However, the one to face her was the goddess of Light.

The goddess of Light calmly raised her scepter, her expression indifferent. The terrifying attack screeched to a halt, then dissipated.

Was this the difference between humans and divine beings?

Claire's knuckles were already white from gripping the Azure Ripple blade so tightly.

"Lowly ant." The gaze of the goddess communicated these two words clearly, ridicule flashing across her eyes. With a slight wave of the scepter, white light descended onto Claire, enveloping Claire inside.

The violent pressure coming from all directions almost made Claire's blood vessels burst. She was forced down under the pressure, unable to move now. She exerted all her strength to raise her sword, but her hand only trembled for a moment. Claire frowned from the pain. It was as if her blood was flowing backwards. All of her bones seem to be on the verge of cracking. Claire could sense how insignificant she was before this force, unable to resist at all.

The pressure grew heavier. Claire wobbled as she struck the ground with the sword to support herself up. Her heart beat quicker, as if about to explode.

Was this how everything was going to end?

Claire closed her eyes, her heart unresigned.

Was this the difference between deities and humans?

A faint smile appeared on the goddess's lips. The threat was going to be resolved.

But just when the goddess was certain of her victory, a burst of red light with Claire in the center exploded outward, directly canceling out the goddess's terrifying pressure. Under the shocked gaze of the goddess, a power capable of contending with her directly struck her back a few meters. The image of her even became a little dimmer. Her expression grew unsightly. The attack had clearly injured her quite a bit.

The light had come from Claire's neck. It was the necklace from the young master of the devil realm. It actually had such power! Claire was stunned. If the necklace was this powerful, then how strong was the young master? Now it seems that when she said she could beat the god of Darkness black and blue, she wasn't lying.

As the red light gradually faded away, the goddess was still apprehensive. She knew the aura better than anyone else. It was the aura of the devil race. The brat had somehow gotten her hands on a treasure from the devil race. Devils would actually be willing to help a human?!

The goddess of Light suppressed her unease, her resolution to immediately extinguish the person before her becoming more firm.

Claire touched the necklace. The young master said that the necklace would only save her once. What could she do now?

"Tainted human, you dare to associate with the vile devil race. Today, I must cleanse you." The goddess waved the scepter in her hand, her expression serious.

"Sigh, how annoying. Once again, I need to use up the strength I worked so hard to accumulate," a disatisfied voice with a faint trace of bemusement suddenly appeared behind Claire.

Claire froze. The aura behind her, the powerful strength, seemed familiar, yet foreign at the same time.

"It's you!" the goddess of Light called out unexpectedly.

Who? The goddess of Light actually recognized them?

Claire slowly turned around. A stunningly beautiful face appeared. Clothed in black, his hair ebony black, his dark eyes watched the goddess of Light, bemused. His entire body effused a mysterious aura, increasing his allure.

This voice. Claire frowned, then suddenly remembered. It was Black Feather! When Black Feather forced the contract on her, it was this voice! This cold and stunningly handsome man was Black Feather? Claire simply could not connect the jumping little fur ball with the beautiful, mysterious man before her.

"Humph! So you actually did not die. However, I won't let you leave alive!" Her voice was filled with malice and fury.

"Who knows who will die yet," Black Feather replied lazily. Then, he hollered into the empty air, "God of Darkness, you coward, when are you going to toughen up? Come out. This is a good chance. In a moment, White Emperor will also be able to resume into his human form."

"What?" The goddess was shocked.

"Idiot, you think with that cowardly personality, the god of Darkness wouldn't be keeping an eye on his offering?" Black Feather spat out disdainfully.

"Black Feather, you stupid son of a...." A low voice grumbled. Darkness started to emerge, blood red light starting to appear.

"You are cowardly, did I say something wrong? Isn't taking advantage of others when they are down what you love the most? You're so scared of the goddess of Light that you don't even want your offering any more," Black Feather retorted. But in truth, he knew the cowardly personality of the god of Darkness better than anyone. He never appeared if he did not have the upperhand. If not for the treasure blocking for Claire, giving him the time to appear time to resume his human form to say these words, the god of Darkness definitely would not take the risk and appear. He is a selfish person to the extreme, oh, a vile god that is selfish to the extreme.

The low voice stopped. However, the darkness spread. Evidently, the god of Darkness had descended.


With a quiet sound, White Emperor also appeared.

Hair white as snow, eyes round as the moon.

White Emperor silently stood beside Black Feather. The two instantaneously painted a beautiful picture: Black Feather devastatingly beautiful, White Emperor cold and quiet. Both emitted an intimidating aura.

"Good. You are all here." On the contrary, the goddess of Light laughed. "White Emperor, Black feather, do you two think you are still as illustrious as you were in the past? God of Darkness, you lowly bastard. Tonight I will eliminate you all!"

A hint of worry flashed across Black Feather's eyes. Indeed, he and White Emperor were far from before. They were only able to resume their original form after storing power for some time. They knew better than anyone else how long they would last. They had to defeat the goddess of Light before then!

"Distant Silence!" the goddess of Light shouted, attacking first with her scepter. A giant pillar of white light shot violently towards Claire. She surmised that because she could not tell how much Black Feather and White Emperor's strength recovered, and now that the god of Darkness had also crawled out of nowhere, she would have to destroy Claire's soul as soon as possible. Then, she would not have to worry about anything any more. If the perfect soul matured and was offered to the Mother Deity by the god of Darkness, perhaps the Mother Deity would really make a ridiculous decision. She definitely could not let that happen!

Black Feather and White Emperor rushed in front of Claire, both raising their hands at the same time. A giant shield appeared, blocking for Claire. The giant pillar of light continued to attack, then dissipated, illuminating the night sky like fireworks. The two continued their shield, but Claire noticed the two's steps had become unsteady as they were forced two steps back.

Like the shameless person he was, the god of Darkness would not let such an opportunity go. A pitch-black bullet of light shot fiercely towards the goddess. The goddess calmly raised her scepter. Quickly chanting a short incantation, a giant white shield appeared before her, blocking the god of Darkness's attack.

Claire was a little stunned as she watched the battle. This was a battle between deities? Completely on a different level. Who exactly were White Emperor and Black Feather? Why did the god of Darkness and goddess of Light both recognize them? What did the goddess's words from earlier mean? Illustrious in the past?

"Light Storm!" The goddess humphed coldly after blocking the god of Darkness's attack. Waving her scepter, she drew a perfect circle arc in the air. Immediately, berserk wind blasted from the ring, forming a hurricane as it grew, whistling. Within it contained an enormous power of Light. As the hurricane blew past, the corpses of the cardinals became ashes.

The pope had a panicked expression on his face. The angel who had possessed the pope did not expect the goddess of Light to use such a ruthless tactic that did not differentiate between friend or foe in order to destroy this human, completely not caring for the pope's light. The angel who possessed the pope quickly flew away, attempting to escape the range of the berserk winds. He was able to fly out, but one foot was late by a step. It instantly turned to ash. The pope frowned. Then, with a flash of white light, the angel left the body, leaving the pope to slowly come to his senses and taste the surging pain. Lashia and Roger, far away, had fainted long ago from the pressure when the goddess of Light had descended. They were completely unaware of what was currently happening.