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 Next, the emperor shot three arrows, all of which missed Claire. Instead, they lost another cardinal. Claire chopped off the head of that cardinal with one slash.

Seeing Claire fight with such skill, the pope's expression darkened. He stopped shooting with his bow, his gaze slowly shifting to Katherine's body.

A cold, please glint flashed through the pope's eyes. He slowly raised his bow, pulling back the bowstring wider and wider. The arrow would not only destroy one's physical body, but their soul.

"The un-pure must be cleansed." The pope watched Claire as he spoke these words slowly and coldly.

After killing off another pope, Claire's gaze followed the direction of the pope's arrow and was shocked. The arrow was not towards Claire, but Katherine's body!

"Bastard!" Claire's rage reached the skies, her eyes already red with anger, filled with deep killing intent.

She swiftly rushed to Katherine, then flew towards the pope, gripping her sword tightly as she shot straight towards him.

The pope's lips curved into a cold smile. The arrow pointed towards Claire's chest, then released!

Outside the city, Leng Lingyun had a gloomy expression, his eyes filled with worry. He finally knew that tonight, the Temple would kill Claire. But was it too late? How was Claire currently?

He flew, about to go where L'Oréal told him. Then, a familiar voice spoke.

"Lingyun, where are you going this late?" Liu Xueqing appeared from the shadow of the city wall. Only then did Leng Lingyun realize that because he was so preoccupied, he did not notice someone was there.

"None of your business," Lneg Lingyun said coldly, preparing to leave.

"Are you going to save Claire?" Liu Xueqing said immediately, seeing he was about to leave.

Leng Lingyun paused, but continued without replying.

"Are you really going to betray the Temple for her? Is she worth it? Are you going to destroy what you worked hard for all these past years?" Liu Xueqing's volume continued to to grow in volume, filled with anger and jealousy.

Leng Lingyun continued to ignore her. He only knew that he did not want that girl to be hurt, to lose her live.

"What about Xuanxuan?" Leng Lingyun once again heard Liu Xueqing's cold voice.

He finally stopped.

Liu Xueqing felt a burst of happiness. As expected, Xuanxuan was forever her trump card, forever the magic weapon she could use to control Leng Lingyun.

But when Leng Lingyun turned around, Liu Xueqing was given a shock. Leng Lingyun's violet eyes were piercingly cold, without any warmth, as if they could see right through her soul. Frightened, Liu Xueqing backed away a few steps.

"Don't use Xuanxuan to threaten me. My patience has its limits." Leng Lingyun's voice was as cold as a thousand nights. Anyone who heard it would shiver.

"I-I didn't. I didn't mean that." Liu Xueqing waved hastily. "It was Xuanxuan who told me to bring her to find you. She's over there." Liu Xueqing's fear grew.

Shocked, Leng Lingyun's gaze followed where Liu Xueqing pointed. Indeed, there was an ordinary looking carriage quietly stopped there.

Xuanxuan was here? How could it be? Before he left, the maids had clearly told him she was already asleep.

Seeing Leng Lingyun's incredulous expression, she hastily added, "It really was Xuanxuan who told me to bring her here."

Leng Lingyun slowly descended, watching the carriage somewhat suspiciously. Before he even walked over, the curtain of the carriage was opened, revealing Leng Xuanxuan's adorable face.

"Xuanxuan! Why are you here?" Leng Lingyun was shocked. Xuanxuan had indeed appeared.

"Brother, I came to send something." Leng Xuanxuan pulled out a small crystal. It was a memory crystal.

"What is that?" Leng Lingyun walked briskly towards Xuanxuan.

"It is what I want to say to you. Brother, I have wronged you all these years." Suddenly, Leng Xuanxuan smiled brilliantly.


The word flashed through Leng Lingyun and Liu Xueqing's minds. Leng Xuanxuan was smiling resolutely!

The next moment, black liquid dribbled from the corner of her mouth, glaringly dark! Still smiling, Leng Xuanxuan slowly collapsed onto the ground.

"Noo-" Leng Lingyun cried painfully, dashing towards the carriage, catching the weak little body in his embrace.

Leng Xuanxuan's face was deathly pale, completely colorless. Her little mouth were entirely black. She used all her strength to lift the small crystal, already gasping for breath, yet she had a satisfied smile. Seeing Leng Lingyun's pained expression, she tried her best to say a sentence, just one sentence.

"Brother, please fly...freely..."

Her pure, violet eyes gradually dimmed as her eyelids slowly closed.

Leng Xuanxuan's small hand slowly drooped. The small crystal fell from her grasp onto the ground, then rolled away.

Her weak, little body slowly turned colder and colder...

Liu Xueqing froze where she stood, many emotions in her heart. Leng Xuanxuan actually chose to swallow poison! Where did it come from? How was this so coincidental? Why did she kill herself at such a pivotal moment? Everything was over, over! The thought echoed.

She knew that Leng Lingyun would never look back. He had no reason left to stay at the Temple, no reason to ever talk to her again, no reason to give her so much as a glance!

Liu Xueqing thought Leng Lingyun would explode, would angrily attack her, but Leng Lingyun was very quiet.

He only hugged Xuanxuan's already lifeless little body tighter, not moving from where he stood.

Terrifyingly quiet.

After a while, Leng Lingyun finally moved.

Liu Xueqing backed away fearfully.

But Leng Lingyun did not even look at her. Hugging Leng Xuanxuan's body, he crouched down to pick up the memory crystal that had fallen, then left. Step by step, he disappeared into the night.

Liu Xueqing reached out, wanting to call out to Leng Lingyun, but it was as if her voice was blocked. Not a sound came out. She wanted to chase after him, but it was as if her feet grew roots. Not able to move an inch.

Just like that, she watched Leng Lingyun disappear, disappear from her gaze, disappear from her world.

She knew that in this lifetime, that person was unrelated to her. Never again...

The pope smiled coldly. Claire would definitely not be survive this arrow!

This arrow was called the Soul Destroyer arrow.

It would not only kill the physical body, but also the soul!

The terrifying bright white arrow shot towards Claire's heart.

Humans are foolish. Clearly there was no way to survive this arrow, yet she would attempt to block it just for a lifeless corpse.

The pope set down his bow, closing his eyes. He smiled coldly, sensing the terrifying power the arrow would bring.


There was a huge explosion. Dust and smoke filled the sky.

This time, Claire would be dead. Even her soul would be extinguished. The goddess's order was now completed. He would simply have to find replacements for the ones killed.

Just as he was about to return, the dust cleared. The pope's expression froze.

Claire's beautiful face was appeared right before him! She slashed with all his strength, aiming for the pope's neck!

The pope hastily raised his bow to block!

Could archers win in close combat against warriors?

Of course not!

Claire's gaze was filled with ice. She swung with all her might, cutting through the pope's bow, about to slash the pope's neck.

Then, a white light flashed overhead!

Clare's movements were stopped! The Azure Ripple blade stopped right at the pope's neck.

The pope's face revealed glee!

He recognized this pressure! It was the descent of the goddess!

After seeing the pope's mad delight, feeling the pressure, she understood.

It was the descent of the goddess of Light. Just like the god of Darkness, her true body was unable to appear. What would appear would be an image of her. It had less than half of her true strength, but it was enough to stop Claire.

"Humph!" Claire humphed coldly. She withdrew the blade, darting back nimbly. She was not like before, unable to move under the pressure.

"Our holy goddess!" The pope looked up towards the sky delightedly. The white light overhead grew brighter and brighter, also becoming closer and closer.

A dazzling ball of pure white light gradually descended. Amidst the light, the faint outline of a beautiful figure could be seen. It gradually became more distinct, revealing the beautiful appearance of the goddess of Light.

Claire grasped the Azure Ripple blade tightly. The hand with the dark mark started to ache dully, the pain gradually becoming stronger. It was a burning hot pain.

"Un-pure spirit, only being destroyed will allow you to be reborn." The goddess's pretty voice was filled with pressure.

Claire looked at the back of her right hand. The black mark slowly appeared, gradually becoming more distinct. She ignored the contradictory words. The goddess of Light herself had descended to kill her. Claire knew that everything was because of the mark.

"You shameless bastard, are you just going to watch?" Claire said simply as she watched the goddess's movements carefully. Claire was certain the god of Darkness must have seen everything, but never lent any help. Afraid of the goddess of Light? Claire could not think of any other reason.

Silence, only silence.