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 Mad delight filled Liu Xueqing's eyes. She was about to go crazy with happiness just thinking about it. She could not wait for tonight's great show!

At this time, Claire was gathered with her family in the hall. Katherine was seated with Claire and Lashia each on one side of her. Lashia was happily clinging to Katherine's hand. Roger watched the joyful mother, feeling satisfaction. Katherine was finally saved. Roger's gaze shifted to Claire's face, sighing in his heart. The previous male chaser was now the most brightest star. Even the emperor had to be cautious. Her current strength was too awe inspiring. What was a Sorcerer? Everyone knew. Even though Claire had been rude, the emperor could only turn a blind eye.

Emery also watched with a serene smile. Claire was actually a Sorcerer! Although happy for Claire, he was slightly sad. He now had no right to be Claire's master. But he understood very deeply that Claire would respect him forever. He felt his life was complete with such a disciple.

Duke Gordan sat at the highest seat, still worried in his heart. Although Claire had chosen the Hill clan and reached an almost impossible degree of strength, she still broke off relations with the Temple of Light in public. What would the Temple do? They could not do anything currently, but in the future?

"Mother, you have been wronged these past few days." Claire clasped Katherine's hand tightly.

"No, Claire, it is you who suffered." Katherine shook her head, also clasping Claire's hand tightly. Her face was filled with deep regret and worry. "Today you completely broke off relations with the Temple. I feared this situation the most."

"Mother, you are the person most important to me. Nothing else matters." Claire smiled faintly, speaking from the depths of her heart.

Duke Gordan sighed continuously. Finally, he said, "Continue your conversation, I am going to go out for some peace and quiet to think of how to deal with our circumstances."



"Grandfather, I'm sorry, I caused you trouble," Claire apologized.

From then on, the trouble would only increase. It was not just Claire, the entire Hill clan would have to face trouble. Although the Temple would not interfere in politics and face the Hill clan, Claire was a different case. To the Temple, Claire was a traitor who disobeyed the will of the goddess!

"Foolish child, what are you talking about?" Duke Gordan laughed lovingly, then stood up. "Alright, I'll think of something no matter what we face. Don't worry."

"Thank you, father." Roger and Katherine looked at Duke Gordan with gratitude.

"Thank you, Grandfather." Claire smiled, her heart moved.

Duke Gordan smiled kindly, nodding, then left with Emery and others to the study.

The hall was warm, but the study was the complete opposite. Everyone had a serious expression.

Duke Gordan sat before the study desk, his browns furrowed into knots. The situation had already developed to such a degree and it was too late to blame anyone. What he needed to do now was figure out how to protect Claire, how to face the Temple.

"Emery, Charles, what do you think?" Duke Gordan continued to frowned. Charles was one of Duke Gordan's trusted subordinates, a warrior, and naturally, a powerful one.

The two shared a glance, but no one said anything immediately.

"Emery, speak first." Duke Gordan nodded towards Emery.

Emery frowned before saying, "Your grace, our opponent this time is like no other, the Temple of Light. No one has ever publically gone against the Temple of Light, and no one has survived after betraying them."

"Continue." Duke Gordan frowned even more severely.

"If we cannot win, then we will just hide. Let the Miss hide for some time." Emery said this true thoughts. He worried more for Claire's circumstances than anyone.

"Charles, what do you think?" Duke Gordan looked at the person who stood calmly next to Emery.

"I agree with Emery. The balance is about to shatter, so letting the Miss hide is a good suggestion." Charles nodded. "The temple would not dare to give chase if the Miss left now, at her level of strength. But if she continues to stay, the Temple will think of ways to make life difficult for the Miss."

"There's no other way." Duke Gordan sighed, then nodded. "Emery, go make the preparations to send Claire out the city tonight."

"Yes, your grace." Emery accepted.

"Charles, escort them for thirty li, then return. Emery, stay with Claire to Yowusali. The Temple of Light is weakest there." Duke Gordan was frustrated. With Claire's current strength, she would be the greatest asset of the Hill clan, but today's situation occurred. The Temple of Light could tolerate her existence, so what to do? Would she hide forever? At the moment, even Duke Gordan did not know what to do.

"Go prepare now." DUke Gordan ordered the two to withdraw. Once the two left, he walked to the window and stood there with his hands behind his back, sighing internally.

The study was silent. Duke Gordan turned around agitatedly, but was met with a pair of profound eyes. Duke Gordan immediately backed away. There was someone actually able to sneak into Hill manor and appear behind him without him knowing. When he saw who it was more clearly, Duke Gordan became even more panicked.

It was the pope!

"Wh-what are you doing?" It was the first time Duke Gordan was shaken. Was the Temple going to take their revenge so quickly? So publically?

"Duke Gordan, please do not panic. I came here to make a deal with you," the pope said seriously.

"What are you thinking?" Duke Gordan watched him with a measured gaze. No one knew the true strength of the pope. Was the pope here to assassinate him? Duke Gordan immediately dismissed this. If he needed to be assassinated, did the pope himself have to come? There were so many powerful people of the Temple. And assassinating him would not be beneficial. The battle for the throne had already ended. The Temple would continue to act as the religion, while the Hill clan would continue as court counsel.

"Please instruct no one to enter." The pope's expression remained serious.

Duke Gordan frowned. He sensed no killing intent from the pope, so after a moment's hesitation, he ordered no one to enter. With a flick of his finger, the pope erected a magic barrier, making sure no one could hear them because they go down to business.

"For you holiness to come yourself, what is the matter?" Duke Gordan continued to be cautious. Of course he would as they were previously enemies. Although the crown prince lost favor and the Temple of Light did not benefit, they did not lose their power. The position of the Temple would not budge and what happened today was like a play, where nothing that happened mattered. The crown prince could not make a return.

"I came here too make a deal. Of course, you will definitely be satisfied with what I give you." The pope had an unsettling smile.

Seeing the pope's expression, Duke Gordan did not know why, but he felt a sense of expectation.