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 The hall fell silent. Everyone watched Claire's movements with rapt attention. Even the emperor watched closely, frowning.

It was impossible for Claire to break the mind control. Just as the pope thought this, someone behind the pope cried out, then starting coughing up blood. He lay convulsing on the ground, the whites of his eyes showing. Clearly, it was a spiritual backlash.

The resulting cacophony nearly blew off the roof!

The pope finally could not maintain his expression. She actually was able to break the mind control! Exactly how strong was Claire? How powerful was her spiritual power? Sorcerer? No! Impossible! She was not even fifteen yet, how could she be as powerful as a sorcerer?!

"The truth can be plainly seen. The first prince planned on framing the second prince. I'm sure even without me saying this, your highness will surely get to the bottom of this." Claire eyed the emperor coldly, her every word forceful.

Met with Claire's gaze, for some reason, the emperor felt a cold chill run down his spine. Her gaze was so chilling, so frightening!

"What happened?" Katherine rubbed her temples, still subconscious. She looked around with bewilderment. "I feel like I just had a very strange dream. I could not control my actions nor words." Katherine frowned, piecing together what had happened.

"It's nothing, mother. Soon, we can go home." Claire smiled gently.

The situation was out of control.

Everything that happened right before their eyes was simply too shocking. The first prince paled. The situation was heavily not in his favor.

"Quiet!" The prime minister shouted, attempting to maintain order.

But the hall could not be constrained. The situation had already reached such a degree, how would it end?

L'Oréal's strange eyes had been on Claire the whole time. Suddenly, her heart tightened. She closed her eyes and opened them abruptly, then started to tremble.

Yesterday's premonition was about this?

L'Oréal's heart shook, she was in disbelief.

The pope sensed L'Oréal was strange. L'Oréal had never had such a reaction before, there must be something very abnormal occurring.

"L'Oréal?" The pope turned to her and said in a low voice.

"Your holiness, if I did not see wrong, that girl will..." L'Oréal's voice became lower and lower until in the end, she was using magic to speak so that only the pope could hear.

"What? You're sure?!" The pope's expression was more terrified than ever, his eyes filled with horror.

L'Oréal nodded with difficulty, her eyes also filled with terror.

"Young highness, the Temple urgent matters to attend to, I must leave now." The pope stood up hastily and left, not waiting for the emperor to respond. L'Oréal and the rest followed closely. Liu Xueqing was surprised, not knowing what had happened, but also followed closely. Leng Lingyun gazed at Claire for a while before also leaving.

So now everyone of the temple had left.

The crown prince was unusually calm. He looked at Eric, who was lying in his embrace, his eyes serene.

Everything was lost.

The highest seat was not meant for him...

The abrupt departure of the Temple left everyone confused. What exactly happened that would make the people of the Temple leave so hurriedly?

Were they going to give up on the crown prince so readily?

"The decision will be made another day. Court adjourned! Katherine Hill will be released temporarily," the prime minister announced the emperor's orders, then left hurriedly. Everything that had happened was completely out of his expectations. No one understood what the Temple's sudden change in attitude meant.

The entire hall was in chaos.

Some were happy. Some were worried.

"Mother, let's go home." Claire smiled and held Katherine by the hand, about to leave.

"Claire." Duke Gordan approached them, his expression complex, happy, but also worried. He was happy that they had won the battle and that Claire was powerful to a terrifying degree. He was worried about the consequences of Claire leaving the Temple. Even though Claire was very powerful now, the strength of the Temple was unfathomable.

"Sister, you're so strong. You're really powerful." Lashia was still young, so she did not think as much. All she knew was that her sister had just been glorious and successfully saved their mother.

"Claire, thank you..." Roger said, his emotions conflicting.

Claire smiled faintly. "I didn't do it for you, I just did it for mother."

"Claire, you, you still..." No one could understand how Katherine felt currently. Claire had left the Temple of Light for her sake. Tears glistened in her eyes. She grabbed Claire's hand tightly.

"Let's talk when we return home." Duke Gordan said quietly.

Everyone nodded. Indeed, this was place was not suitable to talk in.

The second prince Nancy and princess Maurice remained where they stood, watching Claire from a distance, they gazes complex, sorrowful, yet joyful. But they could not say a word. They did not have the right to talk to Claire again.

Everyone made way for the Hill clan to pass through, silent. They all knew that the Hill clan would once again shine brightly. However, quite a few people were worried for the pretty girl. She was originally the venerated priest of the Temple of Light, her prospects bright, but today, she broke ties with the Temple of Light for her family. What would the future bring?

The main temple of the Temple of Light

L'Oréal knelt before a statue of the goddess piously, as quiet as a stone.

No one was around. The pope and everyone else waited outside. L'Oréal was currently listening to will of the goddess.

An ominous feeling arose in Leng Lingyun's heart, but he did not quite know why.

After quite some time, there was the faint sound of someone falling in the main altar. Everyone hurriedly rushed in to discover L'Oréal was lying on the ground, completely exhausted.

"L'Oréal!" The pope called out anxiously. He supported L'Oréal up.

L'Oréal slowly opened her eyes, appearing extremely weary. Every time she listened to the words of the goddess, she would be fatigued. L'Oréal looked at the pope, about to open her mouth to speak, yet she could not say a word. Instead, she used magic to communicate, her voice soft, yet clear in the pope's mind.

Kill Claire no matter the cost.

And destroy her soul!

After L'Oréal finished telling the pope this, she closed her eyes tiredly.

The pope ordered someone to escort L'Oréal back to her room, then walked to his study, his expression serious. Killing and destroying Claire's soul would take much preparations due to her unordinary background and strength. Fortunately, at least her master, Cliff, was not in the capital currently and would not return for some time.

Leng Lingyun had seen the pope's serious expression and how tired L'Oréal appeared. He frowned, wondering what they had said to each other, what the goddess had ordered. Was it related to what occurred today?

The pope's later actions left him even more confused, his heart unsettled.

The cardinal was summoned along with Divine Princess

Liu Xueqing, but the pope did not summon him.

What occurred in the afternoon left Leng Lingyun even more shocked. The cardinals of all the branch temples throughout the continent had been gathered, all of them with solemn expressions. They had all come using teleportation formations, but they were never used unless for emergencies because each time because they used up too many resources every time they were activated. But all twelve cardinal were now here. What exactly had happened? Was this the orders of the goddess?

In the hall, Leng Lingyun ran across the pope, who had a serious expression.

"Your holiness," Leng Lingyun called out to the hurriedly leaving pope.

"Lingyun, I am leaving now for business. You can temporarily watch over the Temple," the pope said sincerely.

"Your holiness, what is it?" Leng Lingyun did not know why, but his heart had remained feeling unease.

"You do not need to know. I will tell you once everything is settled." The pope hurriedly left after these words. Of course he would not tell Leng Lingyun. He was well aware of the relationship between Leng Lingyun and Claire. He could not let Leng Lingyun intervene, nor let the Temple lose such a strong support.

Leng Lingyun watched the pope's figure as it disappeared into the distance, frowning deep in thought.

Suddenly, Leng Lingyun heard a soft voice. "Lingyun." His eyes flashed with distaste. It was Liu Xueqing!

He turned around, ignoring her, about to leave to the back area of the temple.

"Lingyun, let's go see Xuanxuan together. I heard a servant say Xuanxuan was coughing last night." Liu Xueqing's voice was full of worry.

"No need. Xuanxuan is fine." Leng Lingyun continued to face away from Liu Xueqing, passing by her to, going towards the back area.

Liu Xueqing wanted to say something, but Leng Lingyun was already far away, evidently not willing to speak with her.

Liu Xueqing was left standing all by her lonesome. Watching Leng Lingyun's disappearing figure, she gritted her teeth. Leng Lingyun treated her this way all because of that slut Claire. If she hadn't appeared, Xuanxuan would still favor her. Leng Lingyun's gaze would not have shifted away from her! It was all because of Claire that Leng Lingyun had changed! Humph! That slut had even stolen the spotlight at the trial. But it was still fine, because tonight, the slut would drop from heaven to hell. No only was she going to be killed, her soul was also going to be destroyed!