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 Liu Xueqing appeared a little embarrassed, but her eyes glinted with malice. Before this large crowd of people, Claire had not given her any face. But in her heart, she was secretly delighted. This meant that Claire would not choose to side with the Temple of Light. Liu Xueqing turned, meaning to return to her seat, but she was faced with Leng Lingyun's gaze. The unconcealable hatred and anger in his eyes gave Liu Xueqing an abrupt shock. More unease grew in her heart. However, she had a thought. So long as Claire went past the point of redemption, Lingyun would be hers. The future is long! She would definitely win Lingyun's heart because she had her trump card, Xuanxuan!

Everyone in the hall started to whisper. What did Claire's attitude mean?

The pope's eyes narrowed, gleaming with profoundness.

"Elder sister!" Lashia excitedly called. For some reason, all her worries had disappeared. She just felt that with elder sister's appearance, everything would be resolved.

"Cl-Claire..." Roger watched Claire with a complex expression, hundreds of emotions welling up in his heart.

Second prince Nancy and princess Maurice both stared at Claire blankly. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect Claire to appear here.

Duke Gordan's expression grew more and more unsightly. What was Emery doing? Claire had actually entered the main hall! If Claire decided to side with the Temple, then she would be considered unfilial and disdained. But if Claire decided to side with the Hill clan, she would be openly betraying the Temple as its priest. The consequences were unimaginable!

Claire could not afford to appear!

All attacks and criticisms would be towards her! No matter what she decided, she would be forced onto a path of demise!

Leng Lingyun stared fixedly at Claire, unable to move his gaze away. She had come! In the end, she came! Did she know what she would face?

"Greetings, your majesty." Claire gave a standard bow, then continued coldly, "We will know immediately whether my mother is under mind control or not. I hope your majesty will be just and fair, sentencing the person who cast the spell along with the true poisoner their deserved punishments instead of letting a weak woman bear all responsibility. Hiding the truth and pushing all blame onto a weak woman is something to be disdained by the entire world and leave a stain in history." Claire stood there boldly, her words loud enough to be heard from anywhere in the hall.

How aggresive! How impudent her words were!

The emperor's expression finally changed, turning green. His eyes shot daggers at the girl before him. Such arrogant words! Was she ridiculing him? Did she know who she was talking to!

"But I trust his majesty will be wise and punish the true criminal." Claire smiled faintly, her words cold.

"If you can prove that Katherine Hill is being mind controlled, then good. If you cannot, then you will pay the price for your impudence." The emperor's voice was ice cold and authoritative.

"The person who is controlling my mother is right in this hall! Sitting on that side, with the crown prince. What does this mean? Shameless framing, vile and repulsive! Such a person deserves to sit on the throne? If such a person were to sit on the throne, then Amparkland will never be glorious again." Claire raised her hand and pointed at the crown prince.

Gasps sounded one after another in the hall. Although many were aware this was a scheme and realized something was wrong with Katherine's abnormal confession, no one expected this girl to expose the truth so straightforwardly, leaving everyone in indescribable shock!

"Impudence! Slandering royalty is punishable by death! Arrest her!" a royal knight standing beside the emperor stood up and yelled. The emperor did not say a word. Of course he would allow the arrogant and foolish girl to be taught a lesson. The Temple of Light would most likely not oppose and the Hill clan would be given a warning.

Immediately, a small band of knights surrounded Claire.

Before anyone could react, Claire laughed coldly and with a slight wave of her hand, a violent force shot out in all directions.

All the knights around Claire were struck flying. They lost their balance and slammed heavily into the walls or the railings of the second floor before sliding down helplessly. The royal guards lay on the ground, pools of blood beneath them, unable to move. These would would take years to recover from.

The hall fell silent.

Everyone could hear the sound of their own breath.

The power Claire had displayed was actually that of a wizard sage!

The pope froze, staring fixedly at the stunning young girl. She had actually already reached the level of a wizard sage! Her strength was actually already this terrifying? Was it real?

The pope's expression grew more and more unsightly, his eyes flashing with even more terrifying profoundness. Did Claire know what she was doing? She was actually challenging the Temple so openly, becoming enemies. Did she really think he was afraid to do anything to her? L'Oréal sat silently beside the pope, her strange eyes on Claire the entire time. She originally did not need to come, but this morning, she had read from the stars something unusual would occur,

The crown prince's expression also darkened. Claire did not care for her relation with the Temple at all as she opposed him. This girl's power strength was even more of a headache.

"Whether it is slander or not, we shall know immediately." Claire humphed coldly. This cold laugh made many people's hearts quiver.

Sitting next to the first prince, Eric stood up emotionally with clenched fists. He yelled, "What evidence do you have? How dare you insult his highness, the crown prince!"

Claire humphed coldly. With a flick of her finger, an invisible, terrifying force abruptly struck Eric's chest.

Without a sound, Eric's entire body started to convulse. Blood slowly trickled out of the corner of his mouth. He slid down to the ground weakly. The crown prince's expression changed greatly. He reached out hurriedly to support Eric. Eric was still breathing, but all of his cultivation had been destroyed, his meridians broken. He had become a cripple and would never be able to be a warrior ever again!

"You dared to actually attack your blood brother!" the crown prince cursed with gritted teeth.

But Claire was indifferent. "Bastards don't deserve to be in here."

The hall started to erupt. No one expected Claire to openly attack here! Did she even respect the emperor? But some people were very satisfied. Eric had betrayed his clan and was going to allow his birth mother to die. Anyone with a conscience could see this was unacceptable.

But everyone understood in their hearts one truth. Absolute power wielded absolute authority. As a wizard sage, Claire was now an unsurmountable mountain.

The pope's expression continued to darken. This action was a slap in his face before everyone.

The emperor's complexion was already dark as could be. Claire's actions were not just a slap in the face! This was a slap, another slap, and then a spit in the face!

But the power Claire had displayed with just a flick of her finger left many people frightened. No one else on the crown prince's side dared to stand up and retort.

Everyone's gaze was on the stunning girl. Fear, envy, adoration, disbelief...

Roger was very emotional, yet also worried. Eric, that bastard. That day, he had hesitated for a moment and did not get to kill him before the crown prince intervened. Today, Claire's actions left him very satisfied. However, later? Roger's heart tightened. Lashia clenched her fists excitedly, staring at Claire with adoration.

Liu Xueqing could not contain the excitement in her eyes. Claire had not attacked once, but twice! This idiot! Haha, everything was over. Claire's actions meant a complete separation from the Temple, becoming enemies. Leng Lingyun's gaze stayed on Claire, his eyes filled with worry. Noticing from the corner of her eye, Liu Xueqing's gaze became even more venomous.

"Claire Hill!" The emperor was already on the verge of exploding.

But Claire ignored this. She turned and said, "I came to break the mind control on my mother. Soon, we will know I speak the truth."

"Your majesty, please calm. Claire is still young and doesn't understand her bounds." Duke Gordan stood up. He appeared fearful, but in reality, he was protecting. Of course, the emperor knew.

"Your majesty, please allow Claire to represent the Hill clan in examining Katherine's spiritual condition," Duke Gordan added, his tone respectful.

The emperor's expression was dark, but he could only comply. Claire's identity was simply too extraordinary: member of the Hill clan, Cliff's beloved disciple, a priest of the Temple of Light. Although it seemed that she had broken relations with the Temple of Light, before the Temple announced anything, he could not be certain. Most importantly, at such a young age, she was already a wizard sage.

The pope's gaze was profound. He was weighing in his heart. Claire was chosen by the goddess, but had turned on the Temple publically. What should he do? He would have to communicate with the goddess before deciding. However, he was not worried at all that Katherine's mind was being controlled. It was impossible to break! Only a sorcerer would be able to break it, and the only one was in a distant country with Lawrence.

Claire reached out and placed her hand on Katherine's forehead. Gradually, her hand began to emit golden light.