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 Claire chuckled coldly. "How old is the current emperor? His health?" These people had never read Chinese history, how could they possibly understand the intentions of emperors? If an emperor like Li Yuan* existed in this continent before, then they would be able to understand the mindset of the current Amparkland emperor.

*Li Yuan (566-635), first Tang emperor Gaozu, reigned 618-626

"The emperor is not yet fifty and in good health," Xi Shaoqi answered, even though he was confused why Claire asked.

"If you normally ate three delicious meals a day, and then one day you were only given a meal a day, leftovers, would you be willing?" A derisive smile appeared on Claire's lips.

"Nonsense, only a fool would be willing." Xi Shaoqi immediately retorted.

"Then do you think the emperor is a fool?" Claire replied calmly.

Everyone else in the room froze.

Xi Shaosi immediately understood. "The current emperor currently has control over everything. Everyone carefully treads around him."

"If he abdicated the throne, he would barely have any power, the leftovers." Philips was shocked, shocked at the farsighted emperor, shocked by the frightening perception of the girl before him.

"But isn't the emperor afraid Lagark might take the opportunity to attack while the princes fight for the throne?" Philips frowned He didn't dare to look down on this girl before him any more. Before, he only believed she had made a contract with the god of Darkness by chance to become the Divine Princess of Darkness, but now, he could tell this girl was no ordinary person. She actually had such deep perception.

"The two princes' fight for the throne will not affect the true strength of Amparkland. The Tempest Warriors and Griffin Squad only protect the royal family. The real strength of Amparkland has not changed, the army. Of course, Lagark is also aware of this," Claire explained.

"What if both princes die?" Xi Shaoqi frowned.

"Your intelligence quotient disappoints me."

Xi Shaoqi paused, then curled his lip. Although he did not know what "intelligence quotient" meant, even a fool would know she was not complimenting him.

"Sigh..." Xi Shaosi appeared exasperated.

"The emperor is still in good health. Having a few more heirs is no problem." Philips gave Xi Shaoqi a meaningful look.

Xi Shaoqi's lip twisted, his face turning a bit green.

"Divine Princess, most importantly, the fools of the Temple of Light will definitely find a way to establish your mother as a criminal." Philips stroked his double chin. "They will probably create false witnesses to testify your mother was in full control of the drinks. With so many people present and a high enough price, someone is bound to jump out and make up the 'truth'."

"Grandfather is already aware." Claire was not worried about this at all.

"The Temple of Light is far more dirty than yu think, Divine Princess. It is better to stay on the safe side. Your mother's trial will be soon." Philips was well aware of the true face of the Temple of Light.

"Yes. Thank you, Philips." Claire nodded, truly thankful.

"No, as your servant, this is merely what I should do, Divine Princess." Philips smiled. After this conversation, Philips had a completely different evaluation of Claire. Perhaps she would really be able to do something.

"But right now, I will stay here. I still have not recovered. I need a quiet place."

"No problem, Divine Princess. Follow me, please. You can request me of anything. I will report all news of the outside to you," Philips promised.

"Yes." Claire stood, following Philips out the door.

Xi Shaoqi rubbed his nose. He faced the door with frustration. "Why do I always shiver whenever she appears?"

Xi Shaosi did not respond. He put away the tea set and then also left the room. Xi Shaoqi hurried after him. Their current job was to gather and report intel to Philips.

Claire started her recovery in a quiet room. The Treasured Lotus Style had already repaired Claire's damaged veins in just three days. Currently, Claire was already practicing the tenth level of the Treasured Lotus Style.

That night, just as Claire was quietly cultivating, there was a slight noise at the window. It was definitely not one of Philip's men. Claire opened her eyes, got off the bed, and opened the window. Two shadows, one white and one black, jumped in, aiming straight for Claire's bosom.

Claire laughed and hugged the two little furballs. Of course it was White Emperor and Black Feather. The two had found her through their contract. Suddenly, Claire remembered the person who had always stood silently behind her.

"Where's Jean?" Claire remembered that Emery had told her after Jean had reported to Grandfather of her whereabouts, he had left with White Emperor and Black Feather. Although these two little guys were here, Jean was nowhere to be seen.

"Chirp chirp!"

"Peep peep!"

The two started to speak to Claire in a language only they two could understand.

"Alright, stop talking." Claire felt a bit of headache. Even if they tried to speak to her, she wouldn't be able to understand.

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Claire's shoulders, rubbing against Claire's face lovingly.

Inside the Temple of Light.

The pope stood facing the window, his hands behind his back. There was a quiet knock at the door.

The pope turned to face the door. "Enter."

The door swung open gently to reveal Lawrence.

"Your holiness." Lawrence entered, then closed the door.

"When will he arrive?" The pope walked to his desk and sat down.

"He is already traveling day and night. Tomorrow morning, he will arrive." Lawrence's eyes revealed a complex emotion. Was the pope actually going to go this far? Was this really the best way?

The pope noticed the Lawrence's complex expression and sighed. "Lawrence, this is a huge opportunity. Amparkland is the strongest country in the continent. If the Temple has control of Amparkland, the goddess's brilliance will spread across the continent.

"Your holiness, what about the priest? She is the chosen one and will definitely get entangled in the conflict," Lawrence said with worry.

"She still has not returned ever since the day she disappeared, only informing the Hill clan she would be cultivating. Isn't this good? She does not have time to care. Once she returns and learns everything, what can she do?" The pope was not worried at all.

"Is that really fine?" Lawrence was still hesitant. He kept on feeling a bit uneasy.

"If person herself admits that the second prince told her to harm the crown prince, what else could be more convincing?" The pope smiled coldly, full of confidence and disdain.

Lawrence fell silent. It was true, but would everything go smoothly? His uneasiness grew.

"Alright, you may leave. Once he arrives, take him to meet that woman. Remember, his arrival must be secret." The pope motioned for Lawrence to leave.

Lawrence sighed in his heart, about to leave.

"Wait," the pope suddenly called out.

"Your holiness, do you have any other orders?"

"Find an excuse to bring Cliff away, the farther, the better. Don't let him get involved," the pope said, frowning. He had suddenly recalled Cliff would not be so easily fooled. Not only was Cliff powerful, he was Claire's master. He would not just watch quietly from the side if anything happened to Claire's mother.

"Your holiness!" Lawrence's expression changed greatly. He knew what would happen between him and Cliff if he did this.

"Pretend you didn't know anything. Find an excuse," the pope ordered. His expression darkened. "I know your relationship with him, but don't forget your position. Also, even if Cliff is a sorcerer, do you really think no one from the Temple can stop him?"

Lawrence fell silent. The term sorcerer appeared to be almighty, but even he, a red cardinal, was not certain of the Temple's true strength. The pope's words were not just a threat but the truth! The power of the Temple was unimaginable. The twelve cardinals above him were scattered in branch temples, not to mention the other twenty three cardinals. These people had unfathomable strength. They were different from Cliff, all unwilling to pursue fame or fortune. Perhaps some of them were already sorcerers, but merely had never revealed it.

Lawrence's heart sunk. He could not let anything happen to Cliff, his only lifelong friend.

"Yes, I understand, your holiness," Lawrence said unwillingly.

"You may leave. Implement my orders now." The pope motioned for Lawrence to leave.

Lawrence left silently. When he walked out the door, he saw Leng Lingyun standing silently at the door.

"Lingyun..." Lawrence said with difficulty.

"Master, are we really doing this?" Leng Lingyun gritted his teeth, frowning.

Lawrence remained quiet, only sighing slowly.

"Master! That person is Claire's mother! What if Claire returns?" Leng Lingyun became more anxious seeing Lawrence's response.

"Leng Lingyun, do you think your master really wants to do this? Do you think I want to see that little girl in grief?" Lawrence said helplessly, his voice dispirited.