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 Claire's eyes widened, a chilling emotion rising in her heart.

The person who sat on the throne! Of course his shrewdness was endless!

How ruthless, how cunning!

No wonder he let such a second rate plot occur!

Choosing the successor was a must, but he could not afford to let divine right usurp royal authority. He was also uneasy with the Hill clan's growing power. By just watching on the sidelines, he would weaken the Hill clan through the crown prince and Temple of Light! When both sides were weakened, he would appear and make the decision.

But Katherine was able to see through it all; she was more wise and farsighted than the emperor!

Claire was in awe of the gently smiling woman before her, as if seeing her for the first time. This was a member of the powerful Li clan! If it weren't for that "father" of hers, who knew how successful this woman would have been in Lagark? Claire didn't dare to imagine it.

"Claire, sometimes, life just happens. You know the truth, but can't do anything but to continue down on the path given." Katherine patted Claire's head, a frown on her beautiful face. "Right now, I am most worried about you. Your status will definitely leave you entangled. The Temple won't let you go. Your second brother..." Katherine's eyes dimmed.

"What about my second brother?" Claire sensed something was wrong.

"Your second brother chose to support the crown prince against the Hill clan." Katherine sighed quietly, her eyes full of worry. "I don't wish for this to also happen to you."

Shocked by her second brother's action, Claire immediately said without hesitation, "I won't go against the Hill clan like second brother." She would never become enemies with the Hill clan or, more specifically, never become enemies with Mother.

"No, Claire, you misunderstand." Katherine laughed quietly seeing Claire's confusion.

"I don't want you to become enemies with the Temple." Katherine sighed. "The Temple is stronger than you think. Their strength is unfathomable." Katherine appeared deeply worried.

"Mother..." Claire started to say hesitantly.

"Don't worry about me. His and her highness, the second prince and princess Maurice, will guarantee my safety." Katherine consoled Claire.

Claire's eyes sharpened, her gaze ice cold.

Second prince... hmph. I see you've forgotten your promise.

"I will save you, mother, the way you to be so saved," Claire solemnly swore. Truthfully, Clare was fully capable of destroying the entire place and taking Katherine away, but the consequences? She and Katherine would have to stay in hiding for the rest of their lives. Of course Claire wouldn't do something so foolish.

"Claire, don't be brash. If possible, I would like you to go to Lagark and not get entangled in this battle for the throne. Your identity is too special," Katherine said

Not get entangled?

Claire smiled faintly, her expression full of confidence.

From today onward, she could let the world know what a true battle was!

"Mother, don't worry. I know my limits. The next time we meet will be in Hill Manor. I will be leaving now." Claire smiled, full of confidence.

Katherine only saw a blur as Claire disappeared.

Katherine opened the window,but Claire's figure was nowhere to be seen. She was extremely worried. However, the future far exceeded her expectations. Not a single person was prepared for what was to happen!

Claire slinked stealthily through the night, her eyes ice cold.

Even though Mother had not been harmed, she still had to settle the score!

Claire was heading straight to the palace.

In the palace, the second prince's bedroom was lit brightly.

In the study, Nancy stood by the window, gazing outside nostalgically. A breeze swept through his bangs. He recalled the day Claire had fallen off her horse trying to chase him. He went to visit, but her bright eyes did not even look at him any more. Only now did he realize that Claire hadn't been the same since.

He sighed. When did that stunning girl creep into his heart? When had he started to be unable to look away? And when had he started thinking about her constantly, worried for her?

Nancy closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. What would he say the next time he saw Claire? How could he face her?

"Brother, are you thinking about her again?" Princess Maurice's voice came from behind.

Nancy did not respond, only gazing into the darkness.

"Elder brother, this time, our hand was forced. There was no other way." Princess Maurice sighed quietly.

Nancy remained silent.

"What a large hand you had there!" A cold voice sounded suddenly in the study. The two heard the voice clearly. They could not be more familiar with this voice.

Nancy and Maurice's hearts clenched. They both looked up towards the source of the voice. A cold dagger was already pressed against Nancy's neck.

"Claire!" Princess Maurice called out, her voice trembling. Claire had abruptly appeared out of nowhere. Princess Maurice eyed Claire nervously.

"Greetings, your highnesses." Claire chuckled quietly, her voice devoid of worth. She still hadn't withdrawn the dagger.

Nancy didn't move, his gaze decrepit.

"Claire... don't... don't hurt brother," Princess Maurice said hastily. How had Claire snuck into the palace? Even without the numerous guards, there were the Tempest Warriors! The Tempest Warriors had much keener senses than the normal royal knights, but even they did not notice Claire's intrusion. Was Claire really only a double class magician warrior?

"Your highness, is something the matter?" Even though princess Maurice had kept her voice low, the Tempest Warrior stationed outside the door still sensed something was wrong.

"Nothing. Leave," princess Maurice raised her voice and ordered coldly.

"Yes." Without any hesitation, the Tempest Warrior left.

Maurice worriedly looked back at Claire. If Claire just pressed the slightest bit harder, the dagger would pierce Nancy's throat.

"Claire, it was all my idea, nothing to do with brother. If you need to vent your anger, take it out on me. Brother needs to be safe. Amparkland cannot be without brother," maurice said quickly, her voice low.

"You think I don't dare to kill you?" Claire laughed coldly.

Just this one sentence made princess Maurice's heart sink. This sentence said everything. Their past friendship would no longer exist ever again.

"If killing me will dissolve your hatred, then go ahead. However, don't harm brother. Amparkland needs brother. We can't let those religious freaks take usurp royal authority." Princess Maurice's heart tightened. She caused everything. If Claire took her life, she had nothing to say.

"Maurice..." Nancy's expression was painful. He hadn't planned on the situation becoming like this.

However, Nancy suddenly felt the cold pressure at his neck disappear and saw Maurice's shocked expression.

Nancy whipped around abruptly, but Claire was nowhere to be found.

"Brother..." Maurice slowly walked over, sighing. "Brother, I'm sorry. I caused you to suffer."

"No, Maurice." Nancy closed his eyes, then opened then abruptly. "I have never regretted that decision."

"Brother..." Maurice watched him with a complex expression, her heart bitter. Born in the royal family, much was forced on you.

Beneath the seemingly peaceful night were large currents.

Morning. The sun's rays reached every crook and cranny of the capital.

Claire currently sat in a luxurious, secret room, sipping tea. She listened seriously as a stocky, middle aged man before her explained the current situation. Xi Shaosi calmly poured tea for Claire, while Xi Shaoqi crooked his head, puzzled. After Claire found the manager of the slave market, she had immediately summoned the two twin brothers. What did she want?

"The Temple of Light's next move is to first establish your mother as a criminal, then use it to pressure the second prince. The Hill clan will definitely not let this happen. Something must be done." The stocky man continued, "Right now, the second prince has the support of the Tempest Warriors and the Hill clan. The crown prince has the support of the Temple of Light and the Griffin Squad. On the surface, it appears the crown prince has the upper hand."

Claire listened quietly. The stocky, middle aged man before her was Philips, the manager of the slave market as well as a member of the Temple of Darkness. He did not have a title as member of the Temple of Darkness, but was well respected. Even the pope treated him with respect. This person was farsighted, able to see the big picture, and a powerful supporter of the Temple of Darkness. Currently, he was following orders to assist Claire.

"Continue." Claire set down her cup, her expression still cold.

"The military parade is in half a month. Divine Princess, if they can prove your mother is guilty before then, they will take the opportunity to announce it publically that day and everything will be set in stone." Philips frowned. Of course the Temple of Darkness would not approve of the Temple of Light usurping royal authority.

"What is that emperor thinking," Xi Shaoqi hmphed. "As the emperor, how could he let divine right usurp royal authority? Why would he permit such actions?"