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 "What are you calling I, your father*, for?" Si Konglin kicked the scarfaced man in the mouth, confused. "How do you all know my name? Have we met before?"

*Reminder: "I, your father" shows arrogance

"Pft!" The hatchet owner was so angry, he spat out blood.

"Disgusting!" Si Konglin frowned. He extended his foot. "Lick my, your father's, shoe, and I'll let you live."

"What a bully! Si Konglin, you old scum! Ahhh...." But before could finish, he was screaming painfully. It was such a pitiful cry, anyone who saw would feel sadness and any who heard would cry tears, sounding like the wail of a dead spirit. It was as if he had used his entire strength to cry out in pain. Claire and Feng Yixuan felt goosebumps. How excruciating was his pain?

He didn't have any external injuries! With a flick of Si Konglin's finger, the hatchet owner was enveloped in golden flames, yet he was not injured at all. Why was he crying out so painfully?

"Stop, I'm begging you, stop! I'll lick, I'll lick!" the seventh city lord could shriek, unable to move. A single tear trickled from his eye.

Feng Yixuan and Claire were mindblown. Was this one of the powerful foes who had almost killed them? Now he was more pitiful than a wet dog!

What did Si Konglin do that was so painful the man threw his dignity away for the second time?

Before Claire and Feng Yixuan's shocked faces, the powerful seventh city lord licked Si Konglin's shoes. He was so incredibly dejected, on the verge of bawling, but after this lick, he relaxed. Finally, he was free from the Lotus Hellfire. But in his heart, he was only more dejected. After so many years of perseverance, they still weren't Si Konglin's match, not even close. They were insta-killed, even worse than last time. Although they had improved, Si Konglin had improved even faster!

But then, Si Konglin's next words almost made the seventy city lord collapse. "Your expression was not sincere enough. Again."

"Bully!" Nearby, the sixth city lord gnashed his teeth.

"Ah, correct. I have always been a bully," Si Konglin explained seriously instead of getting angry.

"I won't give you another chance to humiliate me again!" The ninth city lord said. Her body started to glow, becoming brighter and brighter.

Suicidal explosion?!

Si Konglin appeared before Claire instantaneously, grabbed her by the hand, then disappeared.

A loud bang reverberated across the world. As for how many people survived, no one knew.

Once Claire came back to her senses, she found herself before a luxurious pavilion.

"Oh? How did that fellow come here too?" Si Konglin frowned at Feng Yixuan, confused. He only wanted to bring the girl here. How was this almost dead boy here too? Si Konglin's gaze settled on the two's tightly joined hands. Only then did he realize where the problem lied.

"Let go and go back, or I'll kill you, you decide," Si Konglin said to Feng Yixuan coldly.

"You can't kill him, he is Baili Ju's disciple!" Claire immediately said. She had already experienced how nasty the old man was.

"Baili Ju's disciple?" Si Konglin stroked his chin, then waved offhandedly. "Alright, I won't kill you. Leave!"

"He is wounded heavily and needs treatment! As do I!" Claire tried to prop up her body, trying her best to stay awake. There was one thing she understood. This old man had come there for her! So he definitely would not let her die!

"Eat this," Si Konglin humphed, frowning. He took out a small porcelain bottle and poured out a pill.

Claire accepted readily. The pill had a faint scent. Claire understood this was no ordinary medicine.

But the damn old man only gave her one, obviously not caring for Feng Yixuan. After giving her the pill, Si Konglin turned around and sauntered into the beautiful pavilion.

Without any hesitation, Claire split the pill in two and stuffed one half into Feng Yixuan's mouth. Currently, Feng Yixuan was on the verge of fainting. Then she swallowed the other half.

Claire and Feng Yixuan immediately felt a refreshing sensation pass through their entire body. All of their wounds were healing at a rate visible with the naked eye and their originally dazed minds were now clear.

Claire marveled at the effects of the pill. She remembered how the pills senior Feng gave her when she had first arrived on Feng island were also made by Si Konglin. Just how powerful was he?

"Claire, where are we?" Feng Yixuan looked around at their surroundings. They seemed to be at the end of a valley.

"First let go of me!" Claire hissed. Feng Yixuan has still holding Claire's hand tightly.

Feng Yixuan laughed awkwardly and let go, secretly reluctant. He thought that he would be able to hold onto her hand a bit longer before she realized, sigh....

"I don't know where we are. He seems to be like senior Feng, living alone." Claire observed the surroundings. The valley was lush and beautiful. Compared the the little wooden hut senior Feng lived in, Si Konglin's pavilion was simply too luxurious. The difference in the two's personalities could be seen.

"Enter," Si Konglin's voice came from inside the entrance.

Claire stepped inside and Feng Yixuan also followed hurriedly.

The moment the two stepped inside, they saw a shocking scene!

There was a golden haired woman dressed revealingly, in a dress so short, her thighs were exposed along with her bare shoulders and back. Her fair skin was so alluring, simply beautiful. Currently, she was pouring tea for Si Konglin. She then started to massage his shoulders, her voice dripping with honey as she said, "Master, why did you suddenly leave just now?"

Master? Was he a perverted old man?

Feng Yixuan and Claire stiffened.

What were they seeing?

Si Konglin, that freak, he was raising a stunning beauty as a pet? And treating her like a slave?

Feng Yixuan and Claire both winced. Suddenly, the beauty's eyes caught Claire's attention.

Golden eyes!

The beautiful woman had golden eyes!

Claire suddenly remembered Golden Lotus's words. While cultivating the Treasured Lotus Style, if one birthed a golden lotus when breaking through the second level, then lightning would come. Si Konglin was the creator of this arcanum, so was that to say he had given birth to this stunning beauty?!

Suddenly, Claire felt the world did not make sense.

"Sit." Si Konglin took a sip of tea. He completely ignored Feng Yixuan.

Claire obeyed and sat. Feng Yixuan also sat down.

"When did you start practicing the Treasured Lotus Style?" Si Konglin asked heedlessly.

Claire calculated the amount of time and told Si Konglin.

Si Konglin's normally expressionless eyes flickered.

"Not bad." Si Konglin said, confusing Claire.

The beauty noticed Claire's confusion and giggled. "You passed. Master won't kill you. In such a short time, you were able to break through to the tenth level."

Si Konglin's eyes slitted as he eyed Claire. "There are only two cases you could have understood my writing. One, you also came from that world. Two, your clan passed down the language from long ago. But I'm not interested in which case you are. The most important thing is you have already learned my Treasured Lotus Style and the one with the most potential."

"In the past, some trash would learn Master's Treasured Lotus Style, but because they had no talent and would taint Master's signature skill, I killed them," the golden beauty said offhandedly.

Feng Yixuan and Claire were shocked. What kind of logic was that!

"So?" Claire's expression remained the same.

"So you're lucky. Master has acknowledged you. You are now the successor of the the Treasured Lotus Style!" The golden beauty laughed.

"You can go. Once you break through the twelfth level, I will come and teach you the rest," Si Konglin said heedlessly.

That was it?

Claire looked perplexedly at Si Konglin and the golden beauty, not understanding. They appeared out of nowhere and saved her just to say these few sentences?

"But where are we? How can we return?" Claire asked the crux of the matter.

A scroll instantly materialized in Si Konglin and he threw it to Claire. Claire caught it and saw it was a teleportation scroll for more than one person.

"You should go while Master is still in a good mood," the golden beauty shook her hips and giggled.

Clare did not say anything more either. She grabbed Feng Yixuan and tore the scroll apart. With a flash of light, Claire and Feng Yixuan disappeared.

"Master, finally someone gave birth to a golden lotus. I have a comrade now, heehee." The golden beauty was excited.

"That's only if she breaks through the twelfth level successfully. If not, I'll kill her myself and wait for another successor," Si Konglin said indifferently.

"Ah, Master, if that really happened, it would be a pity. A genius like her finally appeared after so many years," the golden beauty sighed.

Si Konglin did not say a word, his hawkish eyes sharp and penetrating.

His heart still had not been calmed. After waiting for so many years, a genius finally appeared. He knew better than anyone else that the girl would definitely break through the twelfth level. He had finally found his successor!