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 "Father, what about Katherine? Her sentencing is soon." Roger was still very concerned about this. No one had been able to see Katherine after she had been imprisoned. Attempting to murder the prince was a huge crime. If it were an ordinary noble, their entire family would have been implicated too.

"I will make a decision. Leave first." Duke Gordan motioned for Roger to go.

Roger looked at Duke Gordan, wanting to say something, but Duke Gordan had already closed his eyes, annoyed. Roger's mouth moved, but no words came. In the end, he left.

Lashia had been standing at the door with worry. The moment she saw Roger emerge, she grabbed his hand. "Father, how is it? When are we saving Mother?"

Roger looked down at Lashia's anxious face and sighed, unable to say a word. He hadn't expected the situation to evolve into this. His second son Eric's betrayal, Katherine being framed, all of these stabbed his heart.

Roger patted Lashia's head, unable to say a word, letting out a long sigh before he left dejectedly.

Lashia watched Roger from behind, biting her lip, her expression ashening. It had been so long since she last saw Father with such an expression. How could things become like this? If only elder sister were here. If elder sister were here, she would definitely save Mother. Lashia looked off into the distance. Sister, what are you doing now? Do you know that Mother is currently imprisoned?

At that moment, Claire was also facing a critical situation.

Claire and Feng Yixuan were standing back to back, the two covered in blood. People encircled them, glaring at them coldly. They were completely surrounded.

They were only on the fifth level, but all the city lords of the higher levels had descended to kill off Claire and Feng Yixuan.

Even though Claire had reached the tenth level of the Treasured Lotus style with the help of Golden Lotus, who had woken up, and Feng Yixuan had already reached the eleventh level of the Heavenly Astral Wind, they were no match for their powerful foes. These people normally minded their own business and never interfered with each other's business, but currently, they were all united to attack Claire and Feng Yixuan."

"Summon your masters Si Konglin and Baili Ju right now! Or else not even your ashes will remain!" The alluring woman who said this stood at the very front. She was the city lord of the ninth city, the strongest of them all.

"I already said we don't know Si Konglin or Baili Ju!" Claire spat out. Her vision was already starting to blur and she was already starting to feel dizzy. Her wounds also continued to bleed. Feng Yixuan was in even worse condition, having blocked several attacks for Claire. He had even more and heavier wounds than Claire!

"Don't know them? Do you think we're blind? The Treasured Lotus Style and Heavenly Astral Wind are their signature skills! If you don't want to die, summon them now!" A man with his face riddled with scars roared. This was the eighth city lord. He swung his huge double bladed axe threateningly, his voice filled with ire. Now Claire and Feng Yixuan understood senior Astral Feng's real name was Baili Ju.

Claire understood that if they wanted to kill her and Feng Yixuan, they could have done so long ago, but because they wanted them to summon their masters, they didn't take their lives. Just what did Si Konglin and Baili Ju do to these people to anger them so much? These people who never interfered in each other's business had actually united to attack them!

Feng Yixuan suddenly wobbled noticeably. Claire immediately reached out to support Feng Yixuan, but then felt her hand covered in blood!

"Feng Yixuan!" Claire worried cried. Her hand shook, her heart starting to sink. Feng Yixuan wouldn't be able to last much longer. That damn old man! Why didn't he warn them of his enemies? How unfair! But if the senior was here, he too would cry unfair. He didn't know at all what Si Konglin had done later. It was only because he had been with Si Konglin so often that they naturally associated Si Konglin with him. If he had known what Si Konglin had done later, he definitely wouldn't have left Feng Yixuan and Claire enter this vicious place!

"If you don't want to lose your little lover's live, quickly call out Si Konglin!" the alluring woman said fiercely, her gazy piercingly cold.

"I already said I don't know Si Konglin!" As Claire struggled to support Feng Yixuan, her vision blurred even more. She, too, had reached her limit.

Were they really going to die here today?

In such a critical situation, the god of Darkness still hadn't appeared. There was only one explanation. The god of Darkness had no way of entering this strange world. This land was in a different dimension! Golden Lotus was still in deep sleep, unable to be woken. Was there no other alternatives?

"B*tch, looks like you really want to die!" the alluring woman sneered. Power started to gather in her hands. She smiled terrifyingly, her face contorted.

"Claire..." Feng Yixuan used his remaining strength to pull Claire behind him.

Drip drop. Feng Yixuan continued to bleed, dyeing the ground red.

"Feng Yixuan!" Claire's voice shook. He was already in such a critical condition, yet he still tried to protect her. A warm feeling started to take root in her heart.

"Claire, I'm so sorry I... could not protect you..." Feng Yixuan's breath started to die out, his voice full of pain and vexation.

"No, Feng Yixuan, I..." Claire was agonized with pain.

"What, flirting right before you die? Since that bastard Si Konglin isn't appearing, then you two can just die!" the scarfaced man roared.

The alluring woman had already formed a large ball of water. She was preparing to smash the two into pieces!

Feng Yixuan reached out and gripped Claire's hand tightly. Claire looked into Feng Yixuan's eyes, faintly smiling. She squeezed his hand back.

No words were necessary.

Just as Claire and Feng Yixuan were smiling, preparing to face death, a ray of dazzling golden light suddenly flashed past.

A grim faced old man appeared before them. The old man did not appear dignified or kind, but rather cold and harsh. He had a hawkish nose, thin lips, and sharp eyes. With one look, you could tell he was not to be messed with.

Feng Yixuan and Claire stared in wonder at the old man who had suddenly appeared. This was because the people surrounding them suddenly went crazy at the sight of the old man.

"Si Konglin! So you decided to appear!"

"It is time to settle our score!"

"Die, you old scum!"

Curses came from the left and right. The powerful people had lost their fierce appearance and were now all screaming like madmen.

These people hated Si Konglin to the bone! What kind of enmity was between them? Did he kill their family? Steal their lovers?

Si Konglin turned around and glanced at Claire, stroking his chin. He completely ignored the cursing behind him and said two words: "Not bad."

Not bad? What was not bad? Claire frowned. This was the Si Konglin senior Feng had spoken about? He looked even more evil than senior Feng.

"Si Konglin, you bastard! Where are you looking? How dare you ignore us!"

"Today, not even your ashes will be remain!"

"It is time for our revenge!"

The cursing continued, but no one dared to make a move. They were all waiting for someone else to make the first move, evidently wary of Si Konglin.

What exactly did Si Konglin do to them?

Si Konglin turned around and swept his gaze through the crowd. Everyone shuddered and took a step back.

Si Konglin's next words almost made them spit blood.

"Who are you?" Si Konglin's voice was serious. He didn't sound like he was joking at all.

Dead silence. You could hear a pin drop.

Then came a thunder of curses.

"Si Konglin, you shameless bastard! You made me kneel and lick your shoe..." the scarfaced man started to say, then stopped, his expression slightly strange. Inside his heart, he let out a sigh of relief. He had almost revealed his most shameless secret.

The later cursing made the scarfaced man relax, because they were all shouting Si Konglin's despicable acts.

The more Claire and Feng Yixuan heard, the more speechless they were. They finally understood why these people hated Si Konglin so much. Without an exception, all of these people had been forced to kneel, lick his shoe, and even forced to say liking his shoe was very pleasant and that it tasted very good!

"We worked hard and finally attained strength! Give us your life!" the seventh city lord roared, but still didn't dare to attack. After all, Si Konglin had left a large shadow in their hearts.

"What are you afraid of! Together!" the alluring woman clasped her hands together, starting to cast a spell.

"Right! Everyone, together! We worked so hard for so many years just for today!"

"Everyone, together! We have already improved greatly!"

Amidst the cursing, they started to attack! Warriors dashed forward while magicians started to cast spells.

For the first time, Claire and Feng Yixuan truly learned what an insta-kill was.

What was an insta-kill?

This was an insta-kill!

The powerful nine city lords who had almost killed them were insta-killed by Si Konglin like ants, each felled with a wave of his hand!

The nine sprawled on the ground, unable to move.

Feng Yixuan and Claire shared a glance, both seeing disbelief and shock reflected in their eyes.

"Boring. And who are you two?" Si Konglin walked towards them. As he did so, he happened to step on a double bladed hatchet, and the weapon disintegrated!

Si Konglin had bullied so many people, he couldn't remember them all!

"Si Konglin!" the owner of the hatchet managed to spit out. Their hate had smoldered for years, but this man didn't remember a single thing! The nine people felt an overwhelming sense of defeat wash over them.