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 "You disgusting old hag, go die."

Claire was quite familiar with this voice.

Feng Yixuan!

Claire hurried towards the voice. She could hear Feng Yixuan had unsteady breath, meaning he was injured!


There was a huge explosion. Claire ran over just in time to see an alluring woman brandishing her broadsword, attacking Feng Yixuan fiercely. Feng Yixuan backed away hurriedly. Fighting in close combat with a warrior was unwise. The slight trickle of red from the corner of Feng Yixuan's mouth indicated he had an internal injury. The alluring woman didn't see to be in a hurry to kill Feng Yixuan. Instead, she merely followed closely, forcing him back. Whenever Feng Yixuan cast a spell, the woman would slash it apart with a fierce burst of sword Qi, forcing him back continuously.

The alluring woman was very strong and fast. Her timing was also impeccable, attacking fluidly, leaving no time for Feng Yixuan to cast a spell back. This was the skill of an experienced expert. Magic, even if it were cast wordlessly, required time to coalesce, but this woman left no time at all.

The Azure Ripple blade materialized in Claire's hand. She dashed forward and blocked a strike.


The sound of blades crossing echoed.

"Claire!" Feng Yixuan was both surprised and pleased.

Claire remained silent, her expression sharp. From just this one clash, she had determined the opponent's strength.

The woman was powerful and quick.

"Who are you?!" The woman hollared angrily. Just when she was about to finish, this brat appeared out of nowhere!

Claire remained silent, only calm as she blocked the woman's next attack.

She only needed to bear the strikes for a moment. Even just one second was enough for Feng Yixuan's spell to coalesce. As a magician, Feng Yixuan was not as strong or fast as Claire, but his magic was...

This woman was strong, but not strong enough!

Feng Yixuan stopped, his eyes furrowing as he concentrated. His finger traced a circle in the air as he said in a low, but firm voice, "Wind prison!"

Instantly, the air started to flow, forming a barrier around the woman. Claire withdrew. The woman tried to give chase, but was thrown back by the wind barrier. The wind prison started to tighten, binding the woman inside.

Claire raised a brow at the severe, swirling wind. Feng Yixuan had improved quickly in such a short amount of time.

The woman started to slash away at the barrier.

Claire put away her sword, then glanced at Feng Yixuan. Their gazes met. Without a word, they both understood.

The next moment, the woman burst forth with Dou Qi and slashed open the wind barrier, but before she could react, she could only see flames! The woman's eyes flashed with alarm at the intense heat of the golden flames. She wanted to dodge, but found herself unable to retreat.

Feng Yixuan was using the wind prison again, trapping the woman along with the flames.

She wailed and screamed, but Claire and Feng Yixuan did not do anything.

Claire raised her hand and a spear of golden flames materialized.

Claire took a step back, then threw with all her might.


As the spear whistled towards the wind prison, a sliver in the wind blades appeared, just enough for the spear to shoot inside.

Feng Yixuan and Claire had coordinated seamlessly. It had taken only two minutes starting from when Claire had blocked the woman's attacks.

Once again, there were screams, but those soon died down, leaving only a faint burning odor.

Having finished off the woman, the two looked at each other.

"Claire, why are you here?" Feng Yixuan, although delighted, was slightly worried. The Land of Rebirth was extraordinarily dangerous. He hadn't been here for long, yet he had already crossed paths with such a powerful individual.

"The same reason as you." Claire watched the wind prison and flames die out. "What happened? The senior said he had just sent you over not long ago."

A hint of embarrassment showed Feng Yixuan's face. He couldn't bring himself to say the old woman wanted him to become her gigolo and attendant.

Claire understood immediately. "We should first inspect our surroundings."

"Yes." Feng Yixuan let out a sigh of relief that Claire did not continue to ask.

"Right, this is for you." Claire took out a ring from her interspatial ring.

Feng Yixuan's eyes widened. He stared blankly at the ring in her hand, unable to move.

"What? You don't want it? Then forget about it." Claire acted as if she were about to put it away.

Feng Yixuan snatched it with one swipe, holding it dearly. "I want it! How could I not?" he said hastily.

"Then form a blood contract." Claire looked at the blood trickling from Feng Yixuan's mouth. He didn't even need to prick his finger.

After he formed the blood contract, Feng Yixuan started to sense the amount of space and was shocked. Such a large amount of space! Claire had actually given him something this valuable! Where had such a valuable item come from? Feng Yixuan's heart was moved.

"Claire, are you proposing to me?" Feng Yixuan stroked the ring and smirked. He was back to his old self.

"Give it back," Claire replied icily.

"I already formed a blood contract." Feng Yixuan smirked. "There is no way I will give it up, unless you kill me."


Feng Yixuan was clutching his eye, howling as he crouched on the ground. Claire's fist had punched him squarely in the eye. Disregarding Feng Yixuan's howls, Claire suddenly frowned.

"Someone's coming." Claire's voice was low. She looked ahead vigilantly.

Naturally, Feng Yixuan also sensed it. His expression sharpened as he stood up.

Claire gave signaled to Feng Yixuan with her eyes and the two silently moved away. Hiding their aura was a technique Claire and Feng Yixuan were both experts at.

The two did not go far, hiding behind a large tree as they watched.

"Miya sure is troublesome. What did she run off so fast for? The spider city lord selection is still far in the future. Besides, the city lord will choose her husband for her. Miya, that stubborn male chaser," a voice grumbled, filled with disdain.

"What do you know. The city lord's daughter is going to choose a husband, but the city lord's son is a pretty boy. Miya ran off wanting to see that pretty boy," said another voice. It was rough and boorish.

"Tch, she doesn't intend to only see him. But does she think the city lord's son are like those ordinary people she chased after in the past?" It was the first voice again.

"That's true." The boorish voice humphed. Suddenly, his tone was puzzled. "Where is that burning smell coming from?"


Three men came into view. They were all dressed similarly with blue clothes and broadswords strapped to their backs. Their facial features resembled that of the alluring woman. Were these three relatives of the dead woman? They were actually all purely warriors.

"What is that?" The man walking at the front was the first to notice the corpse. It was already mangled beyond recognition.

"That's Miya's sword!" One of the other men with keener eyes hurriedly bent down to pick up the sword.

The three men's expressions changed greatly. They all stared at the scorched black corpse on the ground, eyes filled with disbelief. That scorched pile of black was their younger sister??

"Elder brother! Is... is that Miya?!" The voice of the man holding the sword shook.

Claire and Feng Yixuan shared a glance. They slowly crept away quietly. Staying was an unwise decision.

Just as Claire and Feng Yixuan were far in the distance, the first man raised his head and frowned. He looked towards his right. Was it just his imagination? It felt like there were people there. But this feeling only lasted for a moment as his younger brother's cry grabbed his attention.

"Elder brother, it really is Miya, it really is! Ahhhh! How could this have happened! Who was it?! Who killed Miya!!!"

Claire and Feng Yixuan were still able to hear them, but they only increased their speed.

"What is this place?" Feng Yixuan wiped the dried blood from his mouth. "Those three men were even stronger than that woman. If you hadn't appeared right on time, I would have been trapped here. Damn old man, he didn't even tell me clearly what kind of place this is!"

"Senior Feng said that here is survival of the fittest." Claire frowned slightly, remembering the old man's words. But wasn't that true everywhere? However, the old man's words seem to have another meaning. Did that mean there was no law and order here?"

"In any case, these people are annoying." Feng Yixuan looked up towards the sky. He originally thought that once he broke his seal and broke through the ninth level of the Heavenly Astral Wind, he would be considered powerful. Who would have thought that he would be nearly defeated the moment he arrived!

"Senior Feng said that if we wanted to return, we must reach the peak of the highest mountain. There, there is a teleportation formation." Claire gazed into the distance, squinting. Far into the distance, a tall mountain stood, disappearing into the clouds.