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 "Alright," the young man replied coldly. He dismounted. The lightning leopard stood obediently, not daring to move an inch.

"If I may, what is your name, benefactor?" The middle aged man smiled in a polite manner.

"Clei," Claire instantly responded. Indeed, it would be nice if others set up the tent and prepared dinner. Preparing things by herself was usually a hassle.

The middle aged man introduced everyone. "I am Bren. These are my guards. Inside the carriage are my daughters, my oldest daughter, Jessica, and my youngest daughter, Mayla. We were on our way to see relatives, until we ran into this magic beast."

"Oh," Claire replied indifferently, not wasting any breath.

Bren did not mind. In his experience, all powerful experts had this kind of personality. However, judging by the sound of his voice and his stature, the young man was very young. Being so powerful at such a young age was very rare. This kind of talent might even surpass that of his gifted son's.

While some guards started treating their wounds, others started setting up the tents. For a while now, the two girls had been peering out the carriage window. They now walked out to thank Claire. Claire only gave a slight nod. She did not want to become too involved with them. Tomorrow morning, as soon as the sun rose, she was going to leave on her mount. The middle aged man was no ordinary person. He had a faint aura of nobility, not someone she wanted to become involved with.

The two girls kept on staring at Claire, wanting to see her face, but unable to. She emitted a cold aura and never spoke more than she had to, distant and aloof. The two girls were too shy to approach her.

A fire was lit, driving away the cold.

Bren gave Claire roasted meat and sweet wine. Claire accepted, only uttering one word of thanks.

Bren sat down next to Claire. "Benefactor, where are you going?" he asked cautiously.

"The capital of Lagark," Claire replied simply as she ate.

Delighted, Bren asked hurriedly, "We are heading there too. If possible, can benefactor travel with us?"

Claire frowned slightly. Just when she was about to refuse, Bren added, "Traveling alone is inconvenient. I also know a shortcut to the capital."

Claire nodded. "Fine."

Bren let out a sigh of relief in his heart. In the end, he was able to convince the powerful young man to accompany them. What he said had indeed convinced Claire. It was not that Claire did not have tents and the like, but that she did not want to set them up herself. Afterall, she had everything in her storage ring.

After dinner, the tents were already pitched. Without a word, Claire dove in and slept.

"Father, that person is so impolite. He didn't even say good night." The elder daughter, Jessica, frowned with annoyance.

"All powerful people are this way." Bren patted her head, smiling.

"Is elder brother also that strange?" Mayla asked, also frowning.

Bren remained silent. He thought back to his abnormal son. Calculating the days, he would be able to return in a few months. Although those of the Hidden Sect are not allowed to be involved with worldly affairs, that did not mean they had to cut all ties with family. Disciples of the Hidden Sect were allowed a break each year to visit their families.

The lightning leopard obediently lay behind Claire's tent, guarding. It did not dare to leave.

Claire accompanied the group, passing through a valley. Sure enough, it was much faster than the commonly used roads, twice as fast.

After a few days, they finally reached their destination. Before them was the capital of Lagark.

"Many thanks for your hospitality. Good bye." Before anyone could respond, Claire dismounted from the lightning leopard. She patted its head, then pointed ahead, telling the leopard it could leave now. The leopard howled excitedly, then vanished from their view, a shocking sight.

Claire strode away, ignoring the people behind her.

"Father, that guy sure is uncultured!" Jessica frowned angrily.

"Enough. It is already very fortunate we returned home safely." Bren patted his daughter's head to console her.

"That's right. He also saved us." Mayla, on the other hand, was very interested in Claire.

"Alright, let's go home. I still have important business to attend to." Bren patted his daughters' heads, feeling urgent. He had to visit the Feng manor and see Madam An Lisha as fast as possible in order to inform her of the important intel he had come to know about accidentally.

Before returning home, Bren went directly to the Feng manor.

Meanwhile, his two daughters returned home.

At the door, they saw a figure that surprised them.

"Elder brother!"

The two girls exclaimed happily, dashing forward.

"Jessica, Mayla." The young man smiled faintly.

"Elder brother, how did you come home today? Wasn't your break coming in a few months?" Jessica asked happily.

Mayla was also wide eyed as she waited for his answer.

"I left the Hidden Sect for some business." The young man smiled. "So I decided to stop by home and visit you all." The young man could not tell his family what the business matter was, however. He was on a mission to find who murdered elder Huo Xiyu. There were already some clues. Witness had seen elder Huo Xiyu appear in Fenghua city. He only needed to travel there and use the Soul Imprint Mirror to track traces of the elder's spiritual aura. Then he would be able to see what exactly had happened and figured out who had killed elder Huo Xiyu!

He had to avenge the elder!

When Claire arrived at the entrance of Feng manor, she met Bren again.

Bren was surprised to see Claire. "Benefactor, what have you come here for?"

"To find someone," Claire replied indifferently. Someone had already been sent in to report her presence. The guards had not shown any disdain even though Claire was dressed plainly, showing how well trained the Feng clan was.

When the guards heard the ordinary looking young man mention Claire's name, they were surprised. Many people still remembered her vividly, Claire Hill, the one who had stunned everyone at the martial arts tournament. But what was this young man's relation to Claire? Only when she removed her hat did the guards suddenly tense up with realization.

What young man, it was Claire herself! No one who had witnessed the competition would forget her emerald green eyes and refined features. Even if you saw her only through a memory crystal, you still would never forget.

Find someone? Bren thought to himself, this young man was here to find someone from Feng manor? What was his relation with the Feng clan?

Right at that moment, there was a clamor of footsteps inside the gates.

A gust of wind blew and An Lisha appeared before them, donning fiery red clothes.

"Aunt An," Claire addressed familiarly.

An Lisha smiled, pleased. She grabbed Claire by the hand affectionately. "Why are you here? I thought I wouldn't see you for a long time."

Because they were not alone, Claire could only say, "I, I want Aunt An to take me to that place."

"Oh?" An Lisha paused for a moment, then started smiling cunningly. "Haha, alright." She winked at Claire, making Claire embarrassed.

"Come, come. Let's go inside to talk." An Lisha started to walk with Claire, completely overlooking Bren.

When he saw An Lisha was about to leave, Bren came to his senses. "Madam An."

"Oh? Bren?" An Lisha was surprised. "Didn't you go to your wife's hometown?"

"I have something important to report to you." Bren's gaze settled on Claire. He was very curious who Claire was. Madam An Lisha was extraordinarily affectionate with the young man. Perhaps he was a friend of young master Feng?

An Lisha's expression sharpened. If the serious Bren said it was important, it was truly important.

"Come inside." Claire led the way as Bren followed from behind closely.

At the door of the study:

"Aunt An, sorry to bother you," Claire said a little embarrassedly. "I will take my leave now."

"It's fine if you go to find Master and Yixuan yourself. Here, have this teleportation scroll. If you need to leave, just tell my master." An Lisha did not want to keep Claire waiting for too long either.

"Thank you so much, Aunt An. Sorry to bother you so much," Claire said apologetically, her eyes filled with genuine gratitude.

"Haha, go. Once Yixuan, that brat, sees you, he'll definitely be hapy." An Lisha smiled widely as she handed to Claire the teleportation scroll.

"Thank you, Aunt An."

"Bren, let's go and talk inside." An Lisha opened the door of the study. Bren looked back at Claire just as she tore the scroll and disappeared on the spot, his gaze full of curiosity.

When Bren finished his report, An Lisha frowned. "Do not tell anyone this information. Deal with it secretly," she said calmly.

"Yes, Madam. I did not tell anyone else." Bren's tense heart finally relaxed. Any problem that reached the Madam's ears was already half solved. He could finally rest easy.

"You may leave now. You still have not returned home yet and must be tired."

"No, it is nothing. I only wanted to inform Madam as soon as possible." Bren smiled, not intending to leave yet.

"Oh? Is there something else?" An Lisha was puzzled.

"Madam An, that young man just now was my savior. On our way here, I and my daughters were attacked by a lightning leopard and we were saved by him. I didn't expect him to be the friend of young master Feng." Bren finally started to reveal what he had been curious about.