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 "She is the first one to break free from the Illusion Forest." Xi Shaosi's voice was comparatively calmer.

"Then let's get rid of her. Who would have thought there would be someone like this from the Temple of Light?" Xi Shaoqi muttered. "Don't those idiots follow every single order of the goddess of Light? Even if they know it's an illusion, they still wouldn't insult her, but that girl killed her off with one strike and even said those kinds of words!"

"She was cussing," Xi Shaosi said casually, certain.

"What? What'd she say?" Xi Shaoqi started to get excited. It was rare for a holy member of the Temple of Light to curse, but he had no doubt what Xi Shaosi said was true. Xi Shaosi never read lips wrong.

Xi Shaosi's eyes slitted. He replied slowly, "She said, how can the pure goddess of Light fuck another man and have a child."

"What?" Xi Shaoqi's jaw dropped, his eyes filled with disbelief. Their master also stared at the girl in the crystal ball with astonishment.

"Because the goddess of Light always refers to them as 'my child'," Xi Shaosi shrugged.

"Ahahaha... haha... Right, that goddess sure is incredible. She has so many children, I wonder when she had the time to fuck so many men, haha, she's sure good at giving birth!" Xi Shaoqi roared with laughter, not caring about his language at all.

"Enough. Go and get rid of her already," the old man waved offhandedly, motioning for them to go. His head hurt seeing the two.

"Yes yes, Master, I'll massacre her." Xi Shaoqi grinned as he nodded.

"Come back quickly," the old man warned.

"Don't worry, Master. I alone am enough. Brother, you should continue watching, I'll be back in no time." Xi Shaosi dusted off his clothes and walked out delightfully.

Inside the room, Xi Shaosi watched the crystal ball quietly, his gaze fixed on Claire. Suddenly, he said, "Master, I think this time you need to go yourself."

"Oh? For who? Was the Illusion Forest unable to stop them?" The old man walked up and peered into the crystal ball.

"It's that girl who's about to walk out of the Illusion Forest. I don't think she is simple and Shaoqi will not be her match." Xi Shaosi frowned. "Even though she is from the Temple of Light, she does not revere the goddess of Light at all. However, the pope allows her to be a part of the Temple. That in itself is a problem."

The old man frowned, then understood. "Unless the girl was extraordinary enough for the Temple to rope her in later in her life!"

"Right." Xi Shaosi nodded.

"Alright, I'll go and look. Shaoqi is still childish and rash," the old man nodded. Silently, he praised Xi Shaosi in his heart. This disciple of his was always so keen.

At the edge of that Illusion Forest, Claire stood silently, eyeing the person before her. The young man was twenty or so and wearing a black robe, his blue eyes fixed on her.

"Little girl, come, let this big brother cherish* you." His first words were disgusting, his eyes smiling so much he looked like he needed a beating.

*Word here means "hurt" but also means "love dearly"

Claire shivered with disgust.

"Come on, little girl. I'll be gentle." Xi Shaoqi grinned, whipping out his wand.

Claire's eyes slitted. From the Dark aura surrounding him, he was clearly a Dark magician. Although he smiled vulgarly, he could not hide his killing intent.

"Uncle*, let me 'cherish' you too." Claire laughed coldly, a large sword of flame materializing in her hand.

*Uncle is like how you address an adult male stranger

When he heard these words, Xi Shaoqi was so surprised, he stood there frozen. Just before he could process what was going on, broiling hot air blasted towards him.

"Ahhhh - " Xi Shaoqi cried out, backing away hastily. He managed to dodge the deadly attack. The flame sword hissed as it struck and scorched the ground. It was a terrifying sound.

"Why are you dodging? Uncle, why aren't you letting me 'cherish' you?" Claire mocked. Her lips curved into a smile.

Xi Shaoqi broke out in cold sweat, finally sizing up the girl before him seriously. She was a warrior! Both her strength and speed was above his!

"Don't worry, I'll let you be the first to walk out of the Illusion For-" Before Xi Shaoqi finished, his eyes widened and he backed away hastily once again.

Of course Claire wouldn't give him the chance to speak or chant spells. Xi Shaoqi could only pitifully erect instantaneous barriers to block Claire's deadly attacks, but even then, every time Claire's sword struck a barrier, Xi Shaoqi would shudder in his heart. He was barely able to block each strike.

He knew that if the battle dragged on, he would definitely lose! He never expected this weak looking little girl to actually be a warrior!

No, wait! Xi Shaoqi's eyes widened. Could a warrior convert Douqi into molded flames? Impossible!

In other words, this girl was double classed!

A magician and a warrior!

"Getting distracted in battle is the equivalent of death, Uncle!" Claire's said coldly right before Xi Shaoqi's last barrier was destroyed, sending him flying. His body struck a tree behind him brutally.

His started to black out, wincing with pain.

In front of the crystal ball, Xi Shaosi's eyes widened. He had underestimated the enemy too much! As expected, Shaoqi was too careless. Hopefully he would learn a lesson from this. Xi Shaosi sighed. Fortunately, Master had left too.

Claire's expression was icy as she approached Xi Shaoqi, gripping the sword of flames.

"Uncle, goodbye forever." A brilliant smile blossomed on Claire's face, stunning Xi Shaoqi. However, Claire then raised the sword of flames and stabbed towards his chest mercilessly.

But right before the sword pierced Xi Shao, Claire's movement was stopped.

Her body stiffened, the sword of flames still firmly in her grasp, yet unable to stab through him any more.

Not feeling the excruciating pain he had expected, Xi Shaoqi opened his eyes slowly. The girl's expression was one of shock while she was frozen in place.

"Haha, didn't you say goodbye forever? Cough, cough..." Xi Shaoqi had started to laugh, but strained his wounds and started to cough instead. Of course he knew what had happened. His master was here to save him!

The sword of flame slowly started to extinguish while her energy seemed to have been frozen. It was just like when they had sunk into the black magic formation.

"Shaoqi, you underestimated your enemy too much. Remember this lesson," Claire heard an aged voice. An old man in black appeared behind her silently.

"Master, haha, I'm still fine. The power the god of Darkness granted you is so strong, haha, that magic formation is so useful." Xi Shaoqi smirked, but did not dare to laugh to much for fear of straining his wounds.

Claire looked down. Sure enough, there was a black, five star magic formation below her. The old man that had appeared was definitely not simple, able to cast the magic formation without her notice.

Wait! Claire frowned. The power the god of Darkness granted him?

"Old man, this magic formation was taught to you by that bastard? The god of Darkness?" Claire asked, her tone disdainful.

"Little girl, a person who doesn't have long to live shouldn't waste their breath." Xi Shaoqi humphed coldly. His back ached with a searing pain. Thinking of how pitiful he was when he had underestimated her, he humphed.

"Is the god of Darkness someone you fake Light believers can blaspheme?" the old man retorted angrily, frowning. The Temple of Light and the Temple of Darkness hated each other to the bone, afterall.

Tch! Claire clicked her tongue disdainfully. She knew that that shameless god of Darkness would be paying attention to her at all times. There was no way he would watch her be killed! However, she never expected to fall into the hands of his believers.

"Goodbye forever, little girl," Xi Shaoqi laughed coldly, then pulled out a dagger, about to stab Claire in the heart.

But Claire's sudden cry stopped him in his tracks.

"God of Darkness!"

"What are you bluffing for? Even if you started to worship the god of Darkness instead, we wouldn't let you you live!" Xi Shaoqi humphed.

Claire remained silent, curling her lip in disgust, waiting for the shameless bastard to appear.

Xi Shaoqi raised his dagger up again, but suddenly, everything became dark!

A pressure the old man was extremely familiar with appeared!

The surroundings soon darkened to the point where they could not even see their hands.

Sitting before the crystal ball, Xi Shaosi's expression also changed. The scene of Claire on the crystal ball became entirely black, nothing could be seen. He had experienced this kind of situation once, but he would remember it for the rest of his life!

Meanwhile, the old man and Xi Shaoqi were stunned.

This kind of pressure was something you only had to experience once to remember for the rest of your life!

The god of Darkness was descending!

Such darkness, such terrifying pressure! Only the god of Darkness could do such a thing!


Why would the god of Darkness descend?