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 The young master was extremely excited as she saw the change in Claire's expression. There were still much more she had not told Claire because it was more interesting if Claire discovered it herself. She had a feeling that in the near future, it was going to be entertaining. Haha, just thinking about it made her excited.

"Pretty girl, let's go. I'll bring you to your master and send you all out." The young master seemed very excited, saying this as she stood up.

Claire watched the merry young master, not understanding the source of her excitement.

"The sword behind your chair should be useful for you too. Take anything you can find!" the young master instructed, her eyes slits. Right now, she was exceedingly excited, longing after the future entertainment. If she wanted to see it, she would have to give a push and help the girl become stronger.

Naturally, Claire didn't object. The sword behind the chair was already rusty. As she grabbed it, she was astonished. The old looking sword was unexpectedly heavy! Claire had to secretly use Dou Qi and only after exerting all her strength was she barely able to store the blade into the storage ring.

"That sword is a magic blade. Once you give it to your knight, you'll understand how special the sword is." The young master crossed her arms and leaned on a pillar lazily.

"Thank you." Although Claire did not understand why the girl was helping her, she was still helping her, so naturally, Claire thanked her politely.

"Oh right," the young master suddenly remembered. She fished out something from her bag. "Have this, pretty girl. You can block a fatal attack, but only once."

"Why are you helping me like this?" Claire asked, although she accepted it readily. How could she not accept such a good thing for free?

"If you die too early, then it's not as fun." The young master's reply was completely earnest, leaving Claire completely wordless.

She rolled her eyes. Just when she was about to store the item the young master had just handed her into her storage ring, the young master stopped her.

"Wear it around your neck. Remember, it will only save you once," the young master reminded her again.

"I understand." Claire wore the ordinary looking ruby necklace, a thin string with a tiny ruby dangling, simple without any other decorations.

"Let's go, pretty girl. I'll bring you to you master and also your stupid knight, then send you all out." The young master was in an unusually good mood. She was looking forward to the fun and couldn't wait to send Claire out, wanting to watch the entertainment as soon as possible.

"Where is my master?" Claire understood that her master was most likely not in danger, or else the young master's tone would not be like so.

"Just follow me." The young master grabbed Claire by the hand forcefully, pulling her out the passageway. When they exited the underground passage, the young master looked up at the sky, as it to determine their position. Then, in the next instant, Claire felt dizzy. She couldn't help but close her eyes.

Once she opened her eyes again, the scenery had changed.

Instant teleportation again.

"Oho, we're just in time. Your master seems to be about to break through," the young master said with bemusement. Catching the disdainful tone, Claire looked up, only to be greeted by a shocking scene.

In the clearing before them, Cliff was covered in wounds, blood dying nearly dying the entirety of his clothes red. But his eyes were shut, his expression exceedingly peaceful. He simply sat, the carcasses of several ninth grade magic beasts surrounding him. Gradually, his body glowed with numerous colors.

"Haha, how interesting. Even if he did make a breakthrough, he wouldn't be able to make it out of the barrier. Why do so many stupid humans come here to cultivate and break through?" The young master stroked her chin as she mocked. "Even though it is easier to break through when cultivating here, what is the use when you can't exit? You'll just stay here forever, dying of either old age or being attacked by magic beasts en masse."

Claire turned to look at the young master, who then saw the questioning in her eyes.

"Don't look at me that way. Actually, I there's a special reason why I can't leave this barrier too. Perhaps like a rule. But I can send you all out." The young master's eyes were slits, her voice soft.

Master was about to make his breakthrough! Claire stared fixedly at Cliff, who was sitting cross legged. Her heart surged with a multitude of emotions. Of course she knew why Cliff risked entering Devil Field to break through. It was all for her, because of her Dark mark!

"Oho? He's about to fail?" the young master's voice suddenly interrupted Claire's thoughts.

Claire refocused her attention. The colorful glow was becoming unstable, brightening and dimming erratically.

Now, Cliff was frowning, contrary from his peaceful expression from before. Evidently, he was at a critical point of his breakthrough.

Claire's heart was tense as she watched Cliff anxiously. What could she do?

"I wonder if he will die from failing." The young master smirked, eyes slits.

Claire's expression changed. On record, there was only one person who had successfully broken through to become a sorcerer, but that individual had long since vanished, detached from worldly affairs. Claire did not know if Cliff would die if the breakthrough failed, but Cliff would at least be heavily injured!

But what could she do? At such a critical conjuncture, Claire did not dare to make any rash moves. Sometimes, meddling was worse than not intervening at all.

"Young master..." Claire turned to face the young master, visible pleading in her eyes.

The young master did not say anything. With a light flick of her finger, a soft beam of white light shot into Cliff's body.

Instantly, Cliff's body exploded with colorful light and his furrowed eyebrows relaxed. The glow surrounding him gradually glowed brighter and brighter, enveloping him completely.

"Young master, thank..." Claire started when she was cut off by the young master.

"Don't thank me. I'm waiting for you to provide me with good entertainment. Don't disappoint me." The young master waved offhandedly. "Wait here. I need to return to prepare for the next Divine War."

Divine War? Claire was confused.

"Pretty girl, I hope to see you at the next Divine War, haha," the young master laughed. "I wonder who you'll be then." Claire was perplexed at the young master's baffling words.

Soon, the glow around Cliff disappeared. Claire was shocked to discover Cliff's numerous wounds had healed, and he seemed energetic. Cliff's every move gave off a different aura from before, a strong aura.

Claire finally relaxed. "Master!" she called out joyously.

"Pretty girl, I hope we meet again, haha. Go, kill the ones who want to kill you." The young master's voice sounded at Claire's ear. Just when Claire was about to turn and look at the young master, her vision blackened. When she opened her eyes again, Claire discovered she had returned to where she had first entered Devil Field outside the barrier.



Both voices were filled with shock.

"Master, you've made a breakthrough. I'm glad you are fine. Congratulations, Master, for your breakthrough." Claire understood instantly that the young master had sent them out. Her last words were ingrained deeply in her mind. Kill those who want to kill you. Claire's gaze sharpened, turning icy.

"What happened?" Cliff frowned, completely puzzled. "I remember I was just about to break through, about to fail, when strangely, some kind of outside force helped me succeed. The next thing I know, I hear your voice and now I'm here." Cliff was utterly baffled. While he was on the verge of his breakthrough, he had sensed two people in the surrounding area. One was Claire. Who was the other one?

"Miss, who was that person? Are you alright?" Jean's eyes were filled with confusion and concern.

"She* is a devil," Claire explained to Cliff and Jean calmly. "She was the one who helped Master break through and sent us out."

*In written form, the chinese character for he and she are differently, but they sound the same when spoken.

"What?!" Jean was astonished. How could a devil help a human? Devils were a terrifying existence, powerful, ruthless, cold blooded, savage. Rumors said there were creatures from the devil world in Devil Field, but he never expected it to be true. Jean then remembered the youth had blood red eyes.

"Claire, are you saying the devil helped me break through?" Although this was a question, Cliff's tone was certain. Only he understood how dangerous the situation was and that Claire could not have helped him. The person accompanying Claire was a devil? It seemed it truly was a devil.

"Yes." Claire nodded.

"Why did he help me? And he even sent us out." Cliff was stunned. A devil who helped humans?! It almost sounded like a joke. Cliff stroked his chin, glancing around suspiciously. Not only did the devil help him break through, he also sent them out safely. It was too strange!

"She just suddenly felt like it," Claire explained, sighing.

Jean and Cliff were shocked, but seeing Claire's solemn expression, they understood that Claire was definitely telling the truth. Most likely, the devil did it because he was bored!

"I never expected there to be an actual devil in Devil Field." Cliff still hadn't recovered from his shock. Everything that had just happened was simply too strange.

"Oh right, Cliff, Jean, here." Two rings materialized from Claire's storage ring. "Drip your blood on it to form a blood contract."

"This is?" Cliff initially had his suspicions, but after seeing Claire's eyes, his suspicions were confirmed.