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 Soon, Claire discovered an anomaly. Although the forest was dense and full of living creatures, there wasn't a single one within five hundred meters from the barrier. That could mean only one thing. The natural instincts of the animals warned them of danger, so they kept far away.

She flew slowly, inspecting the ground below, when suddenly, something flashing caught her attention. She slowly flew down. When she saw what it was, her expression changed.

It was Cliff's! One of the crystals he used to make medicine! There was no doubt about it. Those kinds of crystals were rare, but Cliff had many onhand. And this place was a forbidden region, so it would be too much of a coincidence if someone else had left it there. There was only one explanation: Cliff had already entered. The worst scenario had happened! Cliff had entered Devil Field!

Claire picked up the crystal and then flew back to Jean at top speed.

At that point in time, Vermilion had already recovered a little, but she still lay on the ground resting.

"Miss." Seeing Claire's heavy expression, an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

"It's very likely Master has already entered." Claire showed the crystal. "Master has many of these crystals. There are not living things around, not to mention humans. It's highly unlikely someone else lost it accidentally while passing by."

"Miss, perhaps not. Perhaps Master Cliff hasn't entered yet. Let us wait and see," Jean said hurriedly. He understood that with Claire's personality, if she was certain Cliff had entered, she would definitely follow him in.

"Jean, I know you don't want me to follow him in." Looking at the crystal in the palm of her hand, Claire sighed softly. "But you are also certain that this is Master's, correct?"

Jean paled instantly, unable to say a word.

"I must enter."

Claire raised her head, looking at him seriously.

"No! Miss, you cannot!" Jean hurriedly tried to stop her. He was fully aware of how dangerous Devil Field was.

But Claire was resolute. "Jean, wait for me outside. I will bring back Master safely."

"No! Miss, you don't know how terrifying Devil Field is. Once you enter, you can never leave! You can't go in!" Jean stood up abruptly, frowning.

"Wait here with Vermilion for me. I will definitely return." Claire had her heart set. No matter what Jean said, she would not change her mind.

"Miss, if you must go, then I will accompany you." Jean sighed in his heart, understanding that he would not be able to convince her otherwise. As he thought of this, Jean became calm. Solemnly, he said, "Miss, I am your guardian knight. I would follow you to the depths of hell if I had to."

"Jean, the circumstances are different this time. I don't want you to follow me in." After some thought, Claire made up her mind. She raised her right hand, slowly pulling the glove away, revealing the shocking dark mark.

Jean's expression changed. Of course he knew what it was. But what was Claire revealing it for?

"You know that the the god of Darkness left this mark. I am already his offering. The time has not come yet for him to take away my soul. In other words, I currently have a very terrifying, fearsome guardian. He will protect me." Claire paused for moment before continuing. "So I don't need your protection right now, understand? Wait for me outside. I will definitely come out." Although she knew these words would pain Jean, she had to say them in order to prevent Jean from following her into danger.

"Miss..." Pain and unwillingness flashed through his eyes.

"The Fire hall elder was not killed by one of his enemies, but I, with the help with god of Darkness," Claire said slowly, her voice low. Seeing Jean's lost expression, Claire felt an array of emotions.

Jean sat down, despondent. His spirit had been utterly crushed. Crimson red dripped from his clenched fist, but he didn't seem to notice. The feeling of despair enveloped him.

"Jean, I will return. You just need to wait." Claire took a deep breath, then turned around, heading towards the barrier. Jean's head drooped, his expression unknown.

As she neared the barrier, she reached out and gently touched it. But before she could read its undulations, she passed through the barrier!

And so Claire had entered Devil Field.

She was facing a dense thicket of forest, yet it was unusually quiet. At least, at the moment, she sensed no signs of life.

Claire turned around and extended her hand to touch the barrier, but to her astonishment, she discovered she couldn't read the undulation of the barrier nor pass through it. It felt completely different from a moment ago when she had passed through it easily. But now was not the time to care about that. Master was the priority.

The place was too eerie, so beautiful, yet with no signs of life. Was there some kind of dangerous creature that all other creatures were avoiding or was this place always simply this eerily calm?

"Chirp chiiirp"

"Peep peeeep"

Crouching on her shoulders, White Emperor and Black Feather started tweeting. Claire immediately detected the slight rustle and turned around abruptly. She was faced with Jean's determined face.

"Jean!" Claire's expression changed. "Why did you come in? Aren't you fully aware of the dangers? I told you not to enter!"

White Emperor and Black Feather hopped onto Jean's shoulders. Relatively speaking, Jean's broader shoulders were more comfortable.

"Miss, I did say I'll even follow you into the depths of hell." Jean was very calm. Determination glinted from the depths of his eyes.

Claire was at a loss for words. She only stared at him, dumbstruck. It wasn't as if Claire hadn't seen the developments of this man. From originally disdainful and loathing to loyal ever since, she had felt these changes deeply.

"Let's go." Claire said these two words softly, but an indescribable feeling welled up in her heart intensely.

"Yes." A gentle smile surfaced as Jean followed Claire from behind.

"Oh right, how is Vermilion?" Claire suddenly remembered the exhausted dragon outside the barrier.

"She's fine. After resting for a bit, she'll return," Jean replied softly with a laugh, his tone carrying slight guilt.

Claire did not press for any more answers and continued forward.

It stayed eerily calm without any signs of life.

"Miss, it's very strange here." Jean glanced around, naturally discovering something was off.

"Yes, there doesn't seem to be any living beings." Claire nodded. "I just wonder if it was originally so, or if there was some kind of powerful being that drove them all away."

Just as she said these words, her expression changed. A large and terrifying power was approaching at flying speed.

Jean had already dashed in front of Claire, his sword drawn.

When the two saw what kind of creature was advancing towards them, they were both stunned. An wyvern! A ninth grade magic beast! Blue scales flickered about, sharp spikes lined on the back of its neck. It thundered forward powerfully, tail thrashing powerfully. What a domineering and dangerous creature! If they really fought against it, neither Claire or Jean were confident they would win. Wyverns were exceedingly rare and they hadn't expected to see such a high grade magic beast so soon after entering Devil Field. But the powerful magic beast's eyes were filled with fear, rushing as fast as it could, as if something terrifying was chasing after it.

The wyvern flew past frantically, not giving them so much as a glance. Instead, it raced forward with all its might.

What was it that would incite fear from such a powerful and dangerous magic beast?

"F*ck! Run if you want! I, your father, will cook you alive!" a gruff voice cursed. The wyvern ran even faster, crying in its heart.

*reminder: 'I, your father,' is just a very arrogant way of referring to oneself

The next instant, before Claire and Jean saw who it was, there was a flash and a figure appeared before them.

"Huh? Humans?" A skinny youth stood before Jean and Claire. They had long, ebony black hair, and his delicate features did not mask his arrogance and cockiness. And his eyes were blood red!

One from the Devil race!

It really was the Devil race!

Devil Field actually had devils!

Before Jean could act, the red eyed youth reached out gently and caught the tip of Jean's blade with two fingers. With a flick of his wrist, Jean's sword shattered. The magic sword had been destroyed so easily!

"Hey girl, come on, let's eat together." And then suddenly, with a slight wave of their hand, Jean vanished into thin air!

"You! What did you do? Where's Jean?" Claire's expression changed, completely alarmed as she watched the youth with red irises! The person, no, this devil's power was on a completely different level!

"Jean? The one who just pointed their sword at me? I, your father, just sent him somewhere in here." The devil youth started laughing arrogantly. "Let's go girl. I, your father, will let you eat the wyvern with me."

"Who are you?" Claire started backing away. With just one wave of his hand, Jean, along with White Emperor and Black Feather, had been teleported away! What terrifying strength! The devil did not emit a powerful aura, but his strength was so fearsome. Who was he?