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 Claire slackened at these words. A flash of determination gleamed in Feng Yixuan's eyes at the same time. Claire had made a miraculous breakthrough during the tournament, so he had to become stronger and stronger, strong enough to protect Claire!

"Don't worry about the Li clan for now. Do you want to explain anything to your friends? I will lend you a memory crystal and pass it onto them. You can just cultivate here without worry," An Lisha said very simply.

"Right, girl, just cultivate here. Hahaha, you can't run away anyways. There's fierce wind all around the island and anything that tries to pass through gets ripped to shreds. Only after you've finished learning will I send you out," the old man laughed heartily.

Her lip twitched. It seemed the situation had already developed passed her means. In any case, it was the first time she repaid someone like this.

"Then I'll have to burden you with sending my friends the memory crystal," Claire said to An Lisha politely.

An Lisha only nodded.

"Also, thank you for bringing me and thank you for finding the elder to teach me," Claire thanked solemnly.

An Lisha smiled. "Thank Yixuan. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have done anything."

Feng Yixuan started to twist uncomfortably at these words. Claire's expression turned a little unnatural.

"Enough, finish up and return. Really now, I'm about to start teaching them, stop wasting time," the elder waved offhandedly, impatient.

"I know! Also, I just used up a spatial teleportation scroll, give me two," An Lisha said powerfully. She handed over the memory crystal to Claire.

"What kind of logic is that? Robber! You're a robber! Why do you ask for two when you've only used up one?" the old man started to squabble.

"I need to use one to return..."

"You robber! Robber!"

Claire started explaining to the memory crystal that she didn't know how long she would stay and that they could do as they wanted. If they couldn't find anything to do, then return to the Hill manor and wait for her there. And Jean should take White Emperor and Black Emperor back.

After finally being able to force over two spatial teleportation scrolls, she left with Claire's memory crystal.

"Alright. Little lass, boy, we start today. The demonic training starts!" The elder said seriously, his hand at his hip.

"Uh, senior Feng Astral, I want to take a shower and change clothes." Claire pointed at her bloodstained, torn clothes.

"Oh... Alright, go then. First familiarize yourselves with the surroundings. The kitchen is over there and there's a hot spring in the woods behind the house for washing. We can start training tomorrow." The elder stroked his chin, pondering.

They started the next day.

Gradually, Claire became familiar with the lay of the land. The island wasn't large, but you couldn't see the ends from one end to another. Surrounding the island was a high wind wall, spinning quickly. Claire tested by throwing a stick and the stick instantly shattered! Stones turned to dust when thrown. They were truly isolated from the world.

The training was bitter and boring. Claire and Feng Yixuan trained at separate areas and only met at night. By then, they were both exhausted and would go to sleep immediately after eating. They spent most of their time at two far ends of the island. As the elder had said, if they trained close to each other, they might hurt each other on accident. Feng Yixuan cultivated smoothly ever since his seal had been undone. But Claire was the opposite. Because she was fire attributed, she couldn't sense the wind elements, so the elder's shouts filled her days.

The days passed one by one. And just like that, half a month passed, when suddenly, news arrived that disrupted their training.

An Lisha appeared and brought Claire a letter.

"What did you come here for? They're far from finished," the elder grumbled. Especially Claire. She hadn't made any improvements after such a long period of time.

"I came to find Claire and give her something." An Lisha pulled out a letter and handed it Claire, who was confused.

"Did something happen to the Li clan?" Claire asked with a frown. "Or did something happen to my friends?"

"Neither. Your friends all left to do their own business and your knight also returned to Amparkland. This letter was sent to me by your knight. I don't know what its contents are," An Lisha answered truthfully.

Claire watched the sealed letter, an ominous feeling arising in her heart. She tore it open and her expression changed instantly.

Cliff was in trouble!

"Senior Feng Astral, I have some business and must leave! Please agree." Claire put the letter away, her face determined.

"You've only learned the first level. Yixuan's already entered the fifth level. You want to leave after only having learned so little?" the old man fumed angrily.

But Claire didn't waver, determined as she said, "Someone dear to me is in danger. I must go to him. You also said yourself that learning just one level is fine. My attributes are not suited for your Heavenly Astral Wind. Senior Feng Astral, you know this already. No matter how I tried for these past few weeks, I wasn't able to break through any more."

Feng Astral paused, unable to say anything seeing the determined glint in her eyes.

"Who are they to you?" An Lisha saw that Feng Yixuan was a bit at ill ease.

"My master, Master Cliff." Claire understood what An Lisha meant.

"Oh, it's her master. You heard that. When a master is in trouble, how can his disciple not go? If you were in trouble, would I just stand by and watch?" An Lisha saw from the corner of her eye Feng Yixuan relaxing.

"That's true." Feng Astral stroked his beard. "Alright. Girl, you can go. In any case, you've already learned my Heavenly Astral Wind, even if it's just one level. Haha, that's already enough to anger Si Konglin to death. We'll continue our training and you can go."

We? Feng Yixuan frowned. What did he mean?

"I want to go with Claire too!" Feng Yixuan suddenly understood.

"Tough luck! You're even more talented than your T-rex mother. Just stay here and learn from be obediently. I'll teach you all I can about my supreme techniques. Haha, let's go!" Before Feng Yixuan could reacted, Feng Astral picked up Feng Yixuan, laughing heartily as they left to the other side of the island.

Feng Yixuan's shouts as he struggled came from far away, but it was no use.

Claire and An Lisha shared a glance, wordless.

"M-madam An, I'll be in your care," Claire forced out after some thought. She had always felt awkward trying to figure out how to address An Lisha.

"Please call me Aunty An, haha. Let's go. Your night is waiting." An Lisha pulled Claire close and tore a spatial teleportation scroll. Their figures vanished.

Claire's heart sunk lower and lower. In order to break through, Master had actually gone to that place!

Once Claire's eyes opened, she discovered they were now in a secret room. An Lisha started explaining. "The scroll is set to the secret underground chambers of the Feng clan. Let's go. Your knight is waiting in the main hall."

An Lisha led Claire through the chambers, navigating through multiple twists and turns. Along the way, servants bowed and gave their respectful greetings. Claire noted keenly that they all had respect, some even fanaticism, in their eyes. She couldn't help but wonder who exactly was An Lisha.

Upon arrival, sure enough, Jean was sitting upright wordlessly, Black Feather and White Emperor perched on his shoulders. When they saw Claire, the two creatures dashed towards her excitedly, taking over her shoulders. They rubbed her cheeks affectionately.

"Miss!" Jean stood up abruptly, his eyes so fixed on Claire. There was something throbbing about his gaze.

"Jean, let's go. We shouldn't tarry. I'll question you along the way." Claire was extremely anxious. She turned around and bowed deeply to An Lisha. "Aunt An, thank you for your help. I will never forget your kindness. If there ever comes a time when you need me, I, Claire, will do my utmost to serve you."

"Go, Claire. Be careful." An Lisha smiled and nodded gently. "I'll see you out. I'll also inform the Li clan of your leaving. You don't need to worry about the Li clan any more. It is already shining gloriously."

"Thank you, Aunt An..." Claire felt warmth towards the warmly smiling woman. She didn't know how to thank her for all she had done for her.

"It was all through your own efforts. I didn't do much. Alright now, you still have matters to attend to. Hurry up and be on your way," An Lisha said, understanding.

Claire nodded. And without further ado, she followed An Lisha out the entrance of the Feng clan.

A carriage was already waiting for them and they got on. Before Claire asked, Jean answered all her questions.

"Miss, after you were brought away, we saw your explanation in the memory crystal. Because we didn't know when you would return, everybody decided what they would do in the meantime. Ben went to go train, saying he needed to improve his strength and reclaim his title as Dragon King. Walter though he was too weak, so he left to traverse the continent and also improve his strength. Camille returned to the capital to continue being a famous scholar. He also wanted to pass on the message to call him if there was anything interesting and that he welcomes serving you tea at his place any time. Qiao Chuxin, Summer, Shui Wenmo, and Dong Fenghou also decided to journey. Leng Lingyun returned to the Temple of Light to carry on with his duties. And Lashia is currently taking care of the wind leopard." Jean reported on each person concisely.

Claire nodded. She took out the letter and frowned. "What had happened in this case?"