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 Holding one's breath was one of the basics of being an assassin!

Although compared to Camille or Li Yuewen as an assassin, she was lacking, but she far surpassed Hua Yilin in this aspect!

Shui Wenmo gritted his teeth and couldn't help but say,

"Is Claire crazy? Does she want to die from asphyxiation?" But he had forgotten that Feng Yixuan was right next to him! Wasn't he pouring oil into the fire? Wasn't he encouraging Feng Yixuan to dash onstage recklessly?

But when Shui Wenmo prepared himself for the worst, Feng Yixuan did not move.

He did not move a single inch. Feng Yixuan only sat quietly, his gaze still fixed on Claire, firm and calm.

Shui Wenmo blinked, completely confused. He reached out and waved in front of Feng Yixuan? No response! Did he go into shock?! Frightened, Shui Wenmo started waving more rapidly. Slap! Shui Wenmo's nose was met with Feng Yixuan's fist. He spit out very calmly, "Stop blocking me view."

"F*ck!" Shui Wenmo cussed, rubbing his nose. Then he shifted his gaze back to the stage. What he saw next left him with his eyes wide and mouth agape. He stared, dumbstruck, unable to move his gaze away.

On stage, Claire's agile movements were like that of a leopards, attacking Hua Yilin rapidly. Comparatively, Hua Yilin's movements were much more sluggish. Although the color of his Dou Qi indicated his level was higher than Claire's, he was unable to exert his full strength, only able to barely parry Claire's agile attacks with no strength left to counterattack.

The tables had turned once more, making the audience excited. The savageness Hua Yilin had exhibited when eliminating the other contestants had left him unpopular among the crowd. All of the commoners were cheering for Claire.

Only the high level experts understood what had transpired.

The female t-rex frowned as she watched Claire steadily gain the upperhand. An undetectable trace of praise flashed through her eyes. This girl actually used such a crazy plan to win.

Now, Hua Yilin was extremely irritated. The air was growing more and more thin, making it even harder to breathe. He started to feel a bit dizzy too. But the girl seemed unaffected, the speed and agility of her attacks not dropping. On the contrary, her attacks seemed to grow more vicious. Every time Hua Yilin attempted to break open the barrier, Claire would instantly appear and block him from doing so! How could Hua Yilin know that assassins were proficient in holding their breaths? Under Claire's attacks, Hua Yilin's movements grew more and more sluggish.

Claire suddenly brandished her sword. With a deep intake of breath, she cried, "Azure Ripple blade!" as if she was admonishing it, but at the same time, summoning strength.

Suddenly, a sharp, melodious sound rang out.


The Azure Ripple Blade was was illuminated brightly, shooting out all sorts of colors in all its glory. A tremendous Sword Qi shot out, aimed directly at Hua Yilin.

His eyes widened instantaneously. With a loud shout, he burst forth with Dou Qi, using all of remaining strength to attack this attack. He understood very deeply that this attack was not ordinary!

But his Dou Qi was annihilated in an instant and dispersed. Without a sound, it vanished.


Hua Yilin coughed up blood. His body had been sent flying and he had slammed forcefully onto the flame barrier. In an instant, a scorched smell pervaded the air. He slowly slid to the ground. Unable to control his trembling chest, he heaved up more blood. Hua Yilin struck the ground with his sword and tried to support himself up, but with his lack of air and severe injury, he failed to stand up.

Stunned silence. The audience held their breath as they stared at the scene before them, not even blinking, as if they were afraid with one blink, they would miss something. Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu, and the rest of the Li clan grew impassioned. Was that the true power of the Azure Ripple blade? Was that power from the sword of their Li clan?

Did she win?

Did Claire win?

Summer waved her little fist at Ben happily. "See? I told you Claire would win!"

Ben's mouth twitched. How could he have anticipated Claire would use such a near suicidal method to win?

Camille's eyes were slits. He didn't say a word.

Jean quietly let out breath. Only now did he realize that the palms of his hands were covered in cold sweat.

Leng Lingyu silently watched the stage, an ineffable emotion in his eyes.

Had she won? Far away, the referee watched nervously, pondering over whether or not he was to declare Claire the winner.

But just at this moment, the unexpected occurred! The situation changed in an instant!

Thousands of blood red arrows shot out of Hua Yilin's body, penetrating everything they hit!

The golden flame barrier was riddled with holes by this sudden attack, then slowly dissipated.

Seeing this, Claire immediately erected a fire shield, but the blood red arrows shattered the shield upon impact. One sharp arrow flew past Claire's face and a cut appeared. Blood flowed out slowly.

Once again, the whole stadium fell silent, their gazes fixed on Hua Yilin.

Hua Yilin stood up, his face a bit pale, but he had an absolutely bloodthirsty, excited smile.

Unable to summon water, Hua Yilin had actually used his own blood! The numerous, sharp blood red arrows had been created through his own blood!

Hua Yilin was even more crazy than her! Perhaps only he could be able to use such a suicidal attack!

Blood misted in the air, a ghastly sight.

Many people were completely frozen in place. The whole stadium was silent, no whispers, nothing. No one was able to break free from this deep shock.

Hua Xiuning's face was deathly white. Although she disliked this brother of hers who disregarded everyone, her arrogant brother was the future of the Hua clan! If he died lik this, the Hua clan would lose too much! It was too brash, too reckless! Such a suicidal method was even more crazier, bloodier, and stubborn than Claire's!

Hua Yilin stared at Claire, his eyes bloodshot. He started laughing madly, incredibly creepy as it echoed through the stadium.

The Hua clan people felt an ominous premonition. Hua Yilin's current state... he didn't care about anything anymore! He didn't care about the situation or who his opponent's background was or the consequences. Right now, the only thing he could see was Claire and the only thought he had was to kill the girl who had made him serious!

"Your highness, I implore you to stop the tournament!" A voice asked the emperor. It was not Li Yuewen nor Li Mingyu. Hua Xiuning was standing up, her expression heavy.

On the high stands, the emperor, crown prince, and officials were all surprised. Hua Yilin had unexpectedly made such an informal request? Was it because Hua Yilin was about to lose, his face pale, on the verge of madness, that had caused Hua Xiuning to make such an unreasonable request?

Hua Xiuning clenched her fists, extremely worried. Her reason was not as simple as they imagined! Hua Yilin was already out of control! He was going to try to kill Claire without any care for the rules, even if the Hua clan was implicated!

"But there is no clear winner yet and Hua Yilin has not surrendered." The emperor frowned slightly.

"It's not that, your majesty..." But before Hua Xiuning even finished speaking, there was a loud explosion accompanied by numerous screams.

Hua Xiuning whipped back her gaze and sucked in a cold breath of air.

Hua Yilin had used explosive water attacks to attack Claire, who was floating in the air. Because she was dodging so agilely, the attacks had landed on the stage barrier and shattered it instantly. The leftover strength of the water attack was was unfortunately spent on the commoners. Everybody was screaming and trying to get away.

A mishap had occurred just as she suspected! Hua Xiuning's expression turned ugly, the worry in her heart continuously growing.

Nearby, the palace magicians erected barriers to block the leftover, wild power.

"Your majesty, please stop the tournament." Hua Xiuning's worry had reached its peak.

But the emperor frowned slightly without a response. Because the emperor hadn't given the order, nobody dared to interfere.

"Die!" Hua Yilin laughed madly, his arms outstretched as he summoned water wildly.

Claire hovered in mid air, solemn. She could sense the water element rushing towards Hua Yilin excitedly, as if it were returning to its parent, amassing together madly!

An Lisha's expression was grave. She stood up abruptly and erected multiple barriers one after the other. "Your highness! Please take a step back."

Hua Xiuning plopped down, defeated. Finished! Everything was finished! The trouble Hua Yilin had created could not be described as a disaster any more! It was a calamity! As for how many people would be implicated, Hua Xiuning did not know.

The palace magicians lined up orderly and constructed many barriers. The commoners' safety was their first priority.

Feng Yixuan finally couldn't sit still anymore, about to get up and rush onstage.

But Shui Wenmo grabbed him. "Yixuan! Look at Claire's expression. If you go now, will she forgive you? This battle is a battle of honor. Claire is fighting on behalf of the Li clan. If you go help her now, what would all her efforts count as?"

Feng Yixuan stopped in his tracks abruptly. He looked up towards Claire's face and saw her tranquility. He gritted his teeth, his expression turning furious. "F*ck! Who cares? My, your father's, wife is currently in some danger! Who cares about anything else!"

Feng Yixuan threw off Shui Wenmo, about to rush onstage.

But then, it was too late to interfere.