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 Jean frowned, a little apprehensive. White Emperor and Black Emperor were currently crouching on Jean's shoulders.

"Claire's loss is not assured!" Summer humphed coldly.

"Then how about a bet, little thief?" Ben raised a brow. He had long seen through the strength of the two onstage. The blue haired fellow's strength was above Claire's. Claire was really unfortunate, going to be eliminated on the first round.

"Fine! You think I'm afraid of betting?" Summer said fiercely. She really disliked Ben's tone of voice.

"Alright, I'll bet Claire will lose. If I win, you must fulfill three of my requests. If I lose, I will fulfill three of your requests," Ben snickered.

"Alright! Claire will definitely win!" Summer huffed.

Camille's eye slitted. He leaned back in his chair, watching the two on stage silently.

Dong Fenghou was currently munching on the snacks Qiao Chuxin had bought from the peddlers.

To hide his identity, Walter was wearing a hat. He pushed it down further, trying to hide his worry.

The five minutes passed by quickly and the injured people were swiftly carried away for treatment.

"Resume," the referee announced, far away from the barrier. Even so, he still sprinted away to a safer area, as if sprinting the hundred meter dash. He had a feeling the barrier would break sooner or later.

"You're weak!" Hua Yilin sneered. He burst forward towards Claire, a sword of water appearing in the palm of his hand.

Water molding!

Instead of facing him straight on, Claire retreated back swiftly. She could sense that the strength of this person before her was not something she could face. Both his outer strength and inner strength were far above her own. She wouldn't be able to win directly, so she could only outsmart him.


Hua Yilin's sword struck where Claire had been standing loudly. Subsequently, the stage started shaking and there were loud tremors. Before everybody's stunned fazes, the stage collapsed! Smoke and dust flew and it was starting to become hard to see what was happening inside the barrier.

Feng Yixuan stood up abruptly. Right beside him, Shui Wenmo grabbed him tightly, fearing that Feng Yixuan would not be able to bear it and rush upstage.

As the dust settled, two figures could be seen.

Golden flame wings extended from Claire's back, gently flapping. Hua Yilin too had a pair of wings, transparent, made of water. Seeing this, Feng Yixuan left out a breath.

"Well, well. Our Lagark has quite a few talents. First, Feng Yixuan becoming able to mold wind after his breakthrough. Now, it seems, Hua Yilin also made a breakthrough to mold water." The emperor's eyes slitted.

The crown prince remained silent. As he watched the two, a sudden feeling of unease arose, but as for why, he could not say.

Li Yuewen's palms were sweaty, still clenched in fists. Li Mingyu's brows were also knit tightly. They could both sense that Claire held a disadvantage in close combat!

Hua Xiuning's expression was cold, a hint of a smile in her eyes.

"Go, Claire!" Summer clenched her fists too, extremely worried.

Ben had an assured expression, sure that he would win. Ben hoped he could win the bet, but at the same time, he had already made a decision in his heart. If the blue haired kid dared to try to kill Claire, he would disregard everything else and transform back to his real form and beat him up until even his own mom wouldn't be able to recognize him!

Floating in the air, Claire eyed Hua Yilin coldly. "Enclosed... Sky!" Jean and the rest were astonished. Claire's expression turned ice cold. She understood that Hua Yilin was not trying to compete, but kill her! A thick murderous aura emanated from the bottom of his eyes! Since he had already decided to kill her, why should she hold back?

Enclosed Sky?!

The technique that Elder Huo had used?! The barrier that none of them bad been able to mar?

Hua Yilin froze for a moment. He watched as Claire abruptly clasped her two palms together before her then open them quickly. White flame appeared from out of her two hands. They seemed to be alive as they ran past Claire's sides, then turned and trapped Hua Yilin inside. In the end, a square shape was formed.

Hua Yilin sneered disdainfully. "Are you messing around?"

But just when he finished speaking, the square abruptly shot up and then closed at the top, forming a cube, trapping Hua Yilin inside. The boiling hot aura even leaked out of the stage's barrier, causing the audience to feel hot, tongues dry.

The giant white flame barrier stunned everyone. It was the first time they had seen such a strange sight. Most of them had never even seen a flame this color.

Hua Xiuning's expression changed. She clenched a fist, scrunching up a handkerchief. Would the undefeated Hua Yilin would be defeated today by that girl?

Claire's expression hardened. "Compress!"

In an instant, the cube started to shrink. But Hua Yilin was not one who would wait for death!

There were constant loud explosions from inside the cube. Hua Yilin was attacking the flame barrier, but to no avail. A small crack would appear occasionally only to close up immediately.

Hua Xiuning finally couldn't keep her cool anymore, crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly. Hua Yilin had never lost before! Was he really going to be defeated today?

Summer waved a small fist excitedly. It seemed to her that Claire was definitely going to win. But Ben still had his arms crossed, uncertain who would win.

Claire did not dare to be careless at all. She focused her gaze on the shrinking barrier. She understood that Hua Yilin was not going to end here. Enclosed sky was that Elder Huo's technique, but the power of her Enclosed Sky was far from the Elder's!

The barrier suddenly stopped shrinking and started to tremble. It seems a powerful force was resisting the barrier.

The cube started shaking more and more violently.

The next moment, countless pillars of water shot through the barrier, riddling it with holes. The ear piercing sizzling sound startled the audience. Everybody's hearts lept to their throats. Some couldn't help but stand up excitedly.

At this moment, Claire was unusually calm. She floated silently in mid air, closing her eyes.

What was she doing? Hua Yiling was about to break the barrier at any second now, but Claire had her eyes closed? Was she crazy? Or did she give up?

Feng Yixuan clenched a fist tightly, staring fixedly at Claire. How could Feng Yixuan not notice that that bastard Hua Yilin already had a murderous aura? He was planning on killing Claire!

"Calm down, calm down. The results are not set in stone," Shui Wenmo repeated constantly as if reciting a buddhist scripture. What he feared the most was Feng Yixuan recklessly dashing upstage. At that time, there would be countless trouble!

Suddenly, bright light shone, everything white. The barrier was broken. Fire and water scattered. The golden light and the silver shine of water droplets sparkled, a dazzling sight to behold.

Hua Yilin grasped a huge sword tightly, floating in mid air, his eyes full of bloodlust and excitement.

In the audience, Hua Xiuning revealed a cruel smile. Hua Yilin was serious! Claire, you will die today.

At this time, Claire's eyes were still closed shut. Hua Yilin brandished his sword, aiming at Claire, a bloodthirsty smile on his face. "Good. I acknowledge you. I will kill you seriously."

But Claire's eyes remained closed. Hua Yilin laughed coldly and dashed forward.

"Vanish..." Claire's eyes opened abruptly, emitting golden rays of light, a magnificent sight.

In that instant, a thick, golden barrier enclosed both Claire and Hua Yilin inside.

What was she doing?

"Flames? Another flame barrier?" The female t-rex stroked her chin, pondering. The barrier was very thin, yet the flames were golden. Why?

Soon, the experts present understood why.

Although the barrier was thin, it was exceptionally strong. The heat it emitted was much higher than that of normal flames. And what was most astonishing was that the huge sword of molded water was slowly turning smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely!

The barrier actually prevented water from entering?!

Instantly, low exclaims rang out in the stadium.

The golden flames actually had such an effect?

But it wasn't just that. Hua Yilin was shocked to discover that the water vapor within the barrier was slowly decreasing too!

What a lunatic! Astonishment flashed through Hua Yilin's eyes. This girl was actually more insane than him! Not only did she isolate them from water, she was also steadily burning up all the water vapor in the air inside the barrier! If this continued, both of them wouldn't be able to breath! The barrier would gradually burn up all of the air inside!

"Good, good! My determination to kill you has been strengthened." Excitement, madness, bloodlust, all of those emotions flashed through his eyes.

"Waste of breath!" Claire finally said. It was the first time she had said anything, but these first words angered Hua Yilin!

Fighting is fighting! Why did he talk so much?

With a quiet whoosh, an ordinary looking sword materialized in Claire's hand.

Claire raised the sword, a cold smile on her face as she said softly, "Azure Ripple blade, let me see your true power today. Otherwise, I will only use you to chop firewood from now on."

The next instant, the sword started vibrating, as if reacting to Claire's words. At the same time, a sword materialized in Hua Yilin's hand too. Evidently, Hua Yilin also had a rare interspatial storage ring!

A cold glint flashed in her eyes. The air was about to run out, so he wouldn't be able to use water magic any more. It was now down to Dou Qi. Relatively speaking, her Dou Qi level was lower than his, but what if they were in a situation where they almost couldn't breath? Would he still be able to exert his full strength?