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 The current atmosphere was at its peak. Fireworks burst splendidly, bugles blew, pigeons were set free, filling the air, and colorful flags flapped in the wind. With a gentle hubbub, all gazes were fixed on the stage.

"Begin!" An official with a loud and clear voice relayed the emperor's command.

The stadium clamoured with excitement. Only cheering and applause could be heard.

It was time to draw lots. The mass elimination had begun.

The first group did not include Claire, but Feng Yixuan walked up towards the stage.

Shui Wenmo didn't get up, but was itching to do so. He waved his fist excitedly, shouting continuously. "Yixuan, go get 'em! Finish 'em! Finish it quickly!" But then wind would blow. Shui Wenmo hastily arranged his hair. Then he would return to his bellowing. It was indescribably strange and hilarious. That hair freak!

Claire watched the people on stage and counted. There were actually about forty people. The mass elimination was such a disarray?

The crowd grew excited. Peddlers hollered to advertise drinks and snacks.

With this command, the competition had formally begun.

But before the crowd had spent their energy, they were thoroughly dumbstruck.

Feng Yixuan stood at the center of stage. With an evil laugh, he closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, saying forcefully, "Wind Carnage!"

Instantly, with Feng Yixuan as the center, a violent cyclone formed and swept outwards.

Instantly, with such wild winds, everybody was swaying, as if they were on the verge of being blown away. Shrieks rang out, hats flying. On the stands, the tablecloths of the nobles were sent flying with the hurricane. Everything turned to disarray. But then An Lisha snapped her fingers. A large barrier formed and the stands quieted down. But everybody was shocked. With just one move, Feng Yixuan had destroyed the stage's barrier!

The wild wind had also blown Claire's golden hair into a mess. She stared dumbfoundedly at the indifferent Feng Yixuan. Was this Feng Yixuan's true strength?

Previously, there had been many people on stage, but now, only Feng Yixuan was left! Feng Yixuan stood arrogantly at the center, wind blowing his long hair wildly, his clothes also whipping in the air.

Of the contestants that had been on stage, the weak ones had been directly blown into the air and had landed in random places in the stadium. The more powerful ones had still been blown off, cutting sorry figures.

"That guy... he's always so arrogant. Why can't he try to be a little more modest?" Feng Yihan said helplessly seeing the messy result of his son's attack, feeling a bit of a headache.

"That's my son, haha..." An Lisha laughed.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Feng Yixun!"

"Feng Yixuan!"

"Feng Yixuan!"

In that instant, screams rose and fell in succession across the stadium. It was the screams of many girls, whether they were commoners or nobility. The red haired, handsome youth stood so arrogantly on stage, so attractive. Shui Wenmo also stood up excitedly, shouting, "oh yeah~ oh yeah~", a strange sight. The rest of the contestants watched Feng Yixuan with shock, quite a few congratulating themselves for not having to face such a frightening person.

"Look, my son is so popular." An Lisha swung her hips delightfully, completely not caring about her public image.

But before Feng Yihan said anything, he was stopped by a savage, angry roar.

"What the f*ck are you shouting for! Shut the f*ck up!" Feng Yixuan hollered at the shrieking girls, his expression dark. But this only made the girls even more excited. Such a wild, handsome, strong Feng Yixuan was so attractive. After cursing, Feng Yixuan glanced at Claire nervously.

An Lisha and Feng Yihan saw everything.

An Lisha's mouth trembled as she said dejectedly, "Finished, my son is finished!"

Feng Yihan smiled without a word and continued to watch the stage.

The referee had returned onstage to announce Feng Yixuan's advancing to the next round. The palace magicians were reconstructing another barrier, this time stronger. Feng Yixuan humphed coldly, exhibiting an arrogant "as it should be" aura as he exited the stage.

The referee then announced the list of contestants in the next group. Right after he said Claire Hill, he said Hua Yilin!

Feng Yixuan stopped in his tracks and he whipped his head around. He stared at the referee who was still reading the rest of the names.

His greatest fear had come true! The two were going to face each other during the mass elimination!

Right when Feng Yixuan was about to march towards the referee, Shui Wenmo dashed over and grabbed Feng Yixuan's arm. He said hurriedly, "What are you worried about? His win is not absolute. Do you think it would make a difference even if you interfered? Don't put your Ma in a difficult position. Even if Hua Yilin, that bastard, wanted to kill her, your Ma wouldn't let him. Don't forget what you promised your Ma!"

Only after hearing Shui Wenmo's words did Feng Yixuan leave the stage extremely reluctantly. He watched nervously as Claire slowly walked upstage.

"Claire sure has guts, actually signing up with her real name. But the crown seemed to already know, so it doesn't matter." Shui Wenmo stroked his chin and mumbled, "Claire's sworn sister has been the center of attention these past few days, a stunning beauty, even though I've never seen her before. Tell Claire to introduce us after the tournament, heh heh."

But Feng Yixuan didn't hear a single word, his gazed fixed on Claire.

"Did you hear anything I just said? F*ck!" Shui Wenmo yelled at Feng Yixuan with frustration.

Feng Yixuan pushed away Shui Wenmo's approaching face, still watching Claire intently. Shui Wenmo wanted to something but couldn't, a little depressed.

Jean and the rest sat at the ordinary stands nearest the stage, their gazes all following Claire. At one of the higher stands, Li Yuewen's fists were already clenched tightly. Like Feng Yixuan, she had not expected Claire to face the insane Hua Yilin during a mass elimination round. Li Mingyu was also frowning, his eyes focused on the stage.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the stage, Hua Xiuning revealed a cruel smile. She had purposeful instructed her little brother to injure Claire heavily beforehand. Sworn sisters, was it? She would show what would be the result of being sworn sisters today. But even so, Hua Xiuning felt a bit vexed thinking of this brother's attitude. He held her in complete disregard. But when she said to give Claire a good beating if he faced her, Hua Yilin had actually said in a cold voice very heedlessly that he would destroy any Li clan member even without her wasting her breath. Hua Xiuning's eyes followed Hua Yilin as he slowly walked onstage, clenching a fist, frowning. Hua Yiling disregarded everyone. Not even Mother or Father could do anything about it. Really, where did that attitude of his come from?

Then, Claire entered Hua Xiuning's vision. Hua Xiuning's smiled again. Humph! That Lan Ling actually was not here, otherwise she would be looking forward to seeing Lan Ling's expression as her sworn sister was destroyed. Hua Xiuning could not understand her brother's twisted personality any more clearly! Claire would either die or become a cripple!

"Start!"the referee announced before running offstage as if his life depended on it, because this round, there was Hua Yilin!

Claire concentrated as she sensed the power of each individual then sighed in relief inwardly. There was only one strong individual.


A low voice said suddenly, ice cold without any emotion.

Claire instantly shifted her focus. A giant, terrifying power surged towards her. Claire instantly erected a fire shield. Next came the the sizzling sound of water and fire colliding. Claire was forced back a few steps by the pressure on her fire shield, realizing with shock that this was Hua Yilin's ability, controlling water! If it weren't for the white flame shield, the results would be unimaginable. Soon, Caire understood what would happen if she her hit directly.

The next moment, painful screams erupted. The water vapor disappeared, revealing the sorry state of the stage. Many people were whimpering miserably as they lay onstage while others who had been struck flying had hit the barrier and were now gradually sliding down. Some had stabbed through, left with bloody wounds, some with broken arms, feet... In just one moment, painful groans filled the stadium. There were only two people left standing, Hua Yilin and Claire.

The stadium instantly fell deathly silent. The emperor was frowning, the crown prince's expression dark. Although Hua Yilin was strong, he was too cruel.

Claire stood calmly, watching the youth before her cautiously. Blue hair, blood red eyes. His handsome features combined together into a sinister expression. He stared at Claire fixedly, his gaze like that of a hunter stalking its prey.

When the audience came back to its senses, they immediately started yelling out angrily,


"Too cruel!"


Hua Yilin didn't give so much as a glance. He raised his right hand expressionlessly.

With a loud bang, water attacked the barrier explosively, a shocking sight. The barrier started shaking and the audience paled with fright. They instantly shut up.

"Pause!" A palace magician flew up into the air. "The injured contestants need to be treated."

"You have five minutes." Hua Yilin did not care to glance at the palace magician either as he spoke. He was still eyeing Claire coldly.

"Claire, he is a dangerous opponent," Leng Lingyun said softly from amongst the crowd.