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 An unnoticeable trace of rage flashed through Hua Xiuning's eyes. She also turned to look towards the entrance, her heart full of disdain. Internally, she laughed. The Li clan actually dared to show their face here?!

An incomparably luxurious carriage stopped at the entrance. The first to come out of the carriage and jumping off as she did was the well known Li Yuewen, a rose with thorns. Who knew how many people had tried to pluck this flower but were pricked miserably. Today, Li Yuewen donned extravagant clothes, dazzling and brilliant, making quite a few people gasp, deserving of being called one of the three great beauties.

Li Yuewen? Humph! A profound and vicious look flashed through Hua Xiuning's eyes. Li Yuewen, was yesterday's humiliation not enough? Are you trying to destroy yourself?

But Li Yuewen did not then go to walk up the red carpet. Instead, she extended her hand to someone in the carriage. Everybody was puzzled at Li Yuewen's action. Who was worthy of Li Yuewen supporting off the carriage?

A slender, jade white hand slowly reached out the carriage. In a split second, everybody's gaze was sucked over. Just her fair-skinned, beautiful arm already made them unable to shift their gazes away. Who was she?

Gradually, slowly, the person Li Yuewen was supporting stepped out of the carriage gracefully.

Under the sunlight, in an instant, every single person in the square froze. During this moment, their breath was stolen away, minds blanking out, completely losing their capability to think.

She was a completely magnificent, stunning beauty!

Her silky long golden hair was like sunlight, with gentle folds. A lock of hair hung down over each of her smooth cheeks. Her fair, thin neck aroused them like no other. The pure white flowers above her ears enhanced her stunning and unique appearance. Her emerald green eyes were like whirlpools, sucking one in so deeply they wouldn't be able to break free. With her jade like features, her smile was so dazzling, blinding even. It was so brilliant, their hearts were stolen away. Raising her head slightly, the stunningly beautiful woman looked ahead, standing silently. She wore a pale lavender dress, suiting her figure perfectly. Her mysterious charm sent off ripples. No one had ever seen such a dress before. Without any jewelry or makeup, she was like a pure white, holy lotus flower, or a delicate and refined peony. At that instant, everybody was a loss for words.

The crown prince stared fixedly at the woman who had suddenly appeared. He just stared, unable to say a single word, unable to think.

When she smiled brightly, it was as if the sun itself was shining. When she was standing tranquilly, it was as if the pure, full moon had risen.

She was a goddess with moonlight as her guide descending onto the mortal world, making them lose their sense of selves.

Li Yuewen helped the stunning beauty down. They walked slowly down the red carpet, step by step.

Something most shocking then happened.

Wherever the stunning woman stepped, a small, golden lotus appeared underfoot!

Lotuses appearing with every step!

The entire square fell into pandemonium!

With such devastating beauty, one smile would throw a city in turmoil and another would wreck a country! Her beauty charmed all living beings.

And the most mysterious and shocking thing was whenever the woman took a step, a small golden lotus would appear underfoot, dazzling bright. Even the experts present were in shock. Although they knew this was some kind of secret technique, how did she do it?

And so the stunning woman strode forward with Li Yuewen's support, creating lotuses with every step, her graceful steps attracting everyone's gaze. Her refined and delicate face smiled faintly, bewitching, so much so that many people thought it would be worth death if only she smiled at them.

Hua Xiuning glanced at the frozen crown prince from the corner of her eye, immediately shooting out fire with her eyes. Where did this woman suddenly appear from?!

Currently, in the presence of this stunning woman, two of the capital's great beauties lost their luster. The stunning woman's brilliance far surpassed everyone else.

And so, Li Yuewen supported Claire as they slowly made their way up stage. Camille followed with two boxes from behind.

"Greetings, your majesty, the crown prince." Li Yuewen gave a slight curtsey.

The stunning woman spoke, her voice as melodious as the sound of pearls landing onto a jade plate."Greetings, your majesty." All the surrounding male aristocrats gazed dreamily at the stunning woman who had suddenly appeared, completely unable to come back to senses. Even when their female companions pinched their arms fiercely, they were still not responding.

As no ordinary person, the crown prince regained his senses quickly. He smiled elegantly at the stunning beauty. "Miss Li, may I have an introduction?"

After he asked this question, everybody perked up their ears, all wanting to know who the stunning woman was. They had never heard of such a beautiful person in the Li clan, not to mention having seen her. The eyes of the aristocrat youths were glued to the stunning woman.

"Your highness, this is my younger cousin, Lan Ling." Li Yuewen smiled, but everyone was confused. The crown prince also watched Li Yuewen with confusion. Younger cousin? Li Yuewen had such a cousin? Such a devastatingly beautiful person, why hadn't they heard of her before?

"Could it be? Is she the daughter of the woman who had shattered her cultivation and renounced her clan?" Nearby, Hua Xiuning spoke out, her voice filled with clear disdain. She was trying to provoke the woman, hoping the woman would break out in anger.

"Today, I have finally seen the grace of Lagark's number one beauty." Under the alias Lan Ling, Claire smiled faintly. Her voice was gentle but to the point. Everybody's gaze shifted to Hua Xiuning, glaring. Some had the urge to explain that Hua Xiuning was only the capital's number one beauty, not Lagark's. Now, the so-called number one beauty had angered many people by criticizing the stunning beauty.

Hua Xiuning's expression changed greatly, her face instantly reddening. She hurriedly looked towards the crown prince. Sure enough, she saw a flash of disgust in his eyes. In an instant, Hua Xiuning was regretting, truly hating that she had said such words thoughtlessly, forgetting about her surroundings.

Li Yuewen wasn't someone who would take a beating lying down. She retorted with words even more hurtful, leaving Hua Xiuning unable to protest. "Hua Xiuning, please watch your language. The Li clan's private matters are not to be discussed publically. Also, my cousin's name true last name is Lan, but you automatically assumed she was from Amparkland's Hill clan, how inconsiderate."

"You!" Hua Xiuning was so angry, she almost gnashed her teeth. She wanted to retort with even harsher words, but with the crown prince nearby, all she could do was hold back.

"Your highness, my cousin came recently to visit the Li clan. Hearing about this convention, she wanted to come." Li Yuewen smiled towards the crown prince.

"I heard long ago that your highness is magnanimous and caring. I see the rumors are justified." Claire smiled, looking at the crown prince gently. Although it was just a polite remark, the crown prince started smiling. "The rumors are exaggerated. I'm only doing my duty."

"Not only is your highness caring, you are also humble." Claire smiled gently and continued, "Today, the crown prince is working for the benefit of the people. Our Li clan will also naturally follow suit. Your highness, please accept our gifts."

Claire motioned toward Camille to bring the boxes up stage.

Before the crown prince could ask, Claire had already reached out her jade white hand and opened a box. When the box was opened, Hua Xiuning revealed a look of disdain, quietly muttering, "What is that? Just a stupid.. an ordinary sword." Hua Xiuning finally had finally learned her lesson, switching from "stupid" to "ordinary".

Li Yuewen smiled at the crown prince. "Your highness, may I borrow your sword for a moment?"

Without any hesitation, the crown prince handed over the sword from his waist. Holding the prince's sword in one hand and the ordinary looking sword in the other, Li Yuewen gently crossed the swords in mid air. With a clang, the crown prince's sword had instantly shattered, but the ordinary sword was left perfectly intact.

The crown prince's expression shifted. His sword was specially designed, forged by the country's best craftsman, but today, with just a slight touch, it shattered!

Hua Xiuning was dumbstruck. The nearby noblemen were also frozen.

What kind of valuable sword was the unremarkable looking sword in Li Yuewen's hand?

"Your highness, I'm so sorry, your sword was actually destroyed by my cousin. I hope that your highness will visit our Li clan so we can replace it with a better one," Claire said a little bashfully. Her soft voice made every man present take pity on her. Nobody had the heart to reproach her. Currently, all the men present wished they could say 'it's nothing' in place of the prince.

Hua Xiuning's face was ashen. This foreign woman actually dared to take the initiative to invite the prince to her house! How brazen!

The prince seemed to be a bit at a loss, still staring at the sword in Li Yuewen's hand.

What? Replace it with a better one?

This sword they were donating wasn't their best one?

"Your highness, I hope you won't condemn me," Li Yuewen said, also a bit embarrassedly.

"No, it is a truly good sword." The crown prince came back to his senses and smiled warmly, an undetectable glimmer in his eyes. A good sword, a truly good sword indeed. If the royal army was all equipped with such swords, then....

"We have another item to donate." Li Yuewen walked up and opened the other box.

It opened gradually. When the box was open just a crack, countless rays of golden light shot out.

What was it? Everybody craned their necks to look.

The box finally opened completely.

"The Andleen Crown!" the crown prince exclaimed in a low voice.