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 "The third great beauty is your cousin, Li Yuewen." Li Mingyu laughed, ignoring Li Yuewen's warning gaze.

"*Splurt*..." Claire spit out the flower tea ungracefully. Sitting across from her, Walter was completely drenched. Next to him, Summer and Qiao Chuxin were also sprayed a little. Walter turned gloomy but didn't dare to retort.

"Damn brat, what's with that attitude?" Seeing what Claire had done, Li Yuewen turned crazy, about to attack Claire.

"Haha, my bad, my bad alright? Great beauty cousin Yuewen...." Claire begged for mercy while laughing. "Then, great beauty cousin Yuewen, are you going that day too?"

"No." Li Yuewen humphed coldly. "We don't have money to donate, in any case."

"That's right. Nowadays, out of the three great beauties, Shui Xinmei has already been married into the Feng clan whereas your cousin, Yuewen, rarely appears in public, so currently, Hua Xiuning is taking the spotlight," Li Mingyu said with a low voice, his gaze complex.

Claire understood Li Mingyu's feelings. The Li clan was declining every day, its glory gone.

"Hua Xiuning has the spotlight?" Claire stroked her chin, deep in thought.

"Right. Think about it. That day, that woman will take the spotlight again, meaning the Hua clan will also take the spotlight." Li Yuewen humphed coldly. The Hua clan and Li clan had always been rivals. Just thinking about it made Li Yuewen unpleased.

"Cousin Yuewen, don't be so angry." Claire laughed, her eyes turning to slits.

"Damn brat, what you thinking? How am I angry?" Li Yuewen grumbled.

"I'm thinking of..." A strange smile appeared at her lips. "Taking the spotlight!"

"Take the spotlight? How?" Li Yuewen looked at Claire, baffled.

"Cousin Yuewen, you will attend the convention this time and not only that, you will bring someone with you! We also need to bring outstanding treasure," Claire said solemnly.

"Bring someone? And since when did we have any treasure?" Li Yuewen looked at Claire with confusion, not understanding what exactly Claire was planning.

A sly smile appeared at her lips. Claire turned to the currently eating happily Dong Fenghou and said, "Don't you think Dong Fenghou is pretty?"

Everybody's gazes were drawn toe Dong Fenghou. Dong Fenghou currently had no class at all, currently stuffing his mouth with food, his mouth wide open. Dong Fenghou was enchantingly beautiful, but currently, he had no connection with beauty. Crumbs at the corners of his mouth, oil all over his hands! Dong Fenghou suddenly sensed that something was off, looking up to see that everybody's gaze was directed at him.

"What?" Dong Fenghou mumbled. Although he was slow, he was still able to sense that there was something unusual with Claire's gaze.

"No, he's too stupid and his words are unclear. Even if he was disguised as a beauty, he wouldn't be able to act as one." Camille saw through Claire's plan and refuted it.

Ah?! Everybody suddenly understood what exactly Claire was planning on doing. If Dong Fenghou was dressed as a girl then he would be devastatingly beautiful! Saying that thousands would fall for him wouldn't be an exaggeration. If he appeared in the convention like that, then he would definitely attract everybody's gaze. But Dong Fenghou only knew how to eat. What else could he do? Everything would be ruined the moment he opened his mouth.

"That's true." Claire stroked her chin, nodding a bit unwillingly. She almost forgot that the charming, devastatingly beautiful youth was like a pig. There was no way he could attend!

Claire's gaze shifted to Summer and Qiao Chuxin, but rejected the idea. These two little girls, their appearances were both delicate and innocent, not capable of seducing anyone. Walter? Leng Lingyun? Jean? Claire automatically rejected them all. These people would prefer dying before crossdressing.*TL: nuuuu

Then what should they do? Claire was conflicted. The best candidate, Dong Fenghou, wouldn't work. Then who else would work?

"Are you trying to find someone even more beautiful than Huo Xiuning? That won't be easy. Huo Xiuning is truly beautiful." Li Yuewen walked through the loopholes of Claire's plan. "Hua Xiuning has a very high goal. She has always been aiming for the crown prince in order to become the crown princess and in the future, the empress, so she's always been searching for chances to meet the crown prince."

"But she hasn't succeeded?" Claire smiled coldly.

"How did you know?" Li Yuewen asked, a bit surprised. "The crown prince has never declared anything."

"If she succeeded, then you wouldn't have such a tone," Claire teased, raising a brow.

"Damn brat, you dare to mess around with me?" Li Yuewen was finally able to sense the hidden meaning of Claire's words.

"Actually, there is a suitable candidate." Camille stared at Claire, smiling.

Everybody else's gaze shifted to Claire. Claire frowned, a bit displeased. "Really now, do you really think my petite frame can beat those seductive and mature women?"

"Beauty potion," Leng Lingyun suddenly said, then continued on eating breakfast with his head down low. Everybody looked at him. His facial expression didn't change, completely calm and tranquil as he drank juice, as if the person who just spoke wasn't him.

"Right, beauty potion. Heh heh, Claire, even with your petite frame, you can become a curvy beauty... ahhh!" Before Walter finished his words, he had already fallen out of his chair, crying out miserably. Claire through a piece of bread at him, but it wasn't as simple as that; she even used a bit of Dou Qi. How could a weak Dark magician contend with such strength? And so he tumbled brilliantly onto the ground with this blow.

Claire sent a murderous gaze, as if saying 'serves you right. But when she turned, she saw everybody eyeing her.

"I'm telling you right now, don't even think about it. I won't agree." Claire stood up, about to leave.

"Come on Claire~~ Are you just going to cold-heartedly watch are Li clan fall? Are you going to just watch on as your mother's relatives are in dire straits?" Li Yuewen pulled Claire by the arm, her tone almost sickeningly gentle. She gazed profoundly at Claire, eyes glittering.

Claire felt goosebumps rise. She pulled back her arm, her lips trembling in disgust. "Elder cousin Yuewen, has anyone ever told you that that tone and gaze does not suit you at all?"

"You're looking for a beating!" Li Yuewen immediately turned to back true self, becoming angry.

Claire sat down and continued "Alright, let's not talk about this for now. First, let's settle the matter of treasure."

"How would we have treasure?" Li Yuewen frowned. The only things they had of worth were the magic beast cores that Claire had given, but she had been planning on selling them to repair the main hall Claire had wrecked and save the rest for later.

"Ben." Suddenly, Claire called out Ben's name, who had had been sitting quietly.

"What?" Ben asked blankly, looking up at Claire.

"Don't all dragons love treasure?" Claire asked Ben. Although she was asking, her tone was not so much as questioning as resolute.

"No." Ben denied immediately, but the flicker in his eyes gave him away.

This kid! Claire bit her lip. It seems he had learned quite a bit from her, but not enough. When he lied, his gaze flickered. She had heard long ago that dragons had such a hobby, collecting treasures, all rare and valuable. It seems it was true.

"You don't? As the venerable prince of dragons, you don't even have a decent treasure trove?" Claire sighed, her tone pitiful. "Your life sure has been tragic. You must be the poorest of all dragons."

Everyone else kept quiet. Li Yuewen stared rigidly at Claire. Would anyone fall for such simple goading? Impossible?!

"Nonsense! My treasures are the most valuable of all!" Ben yelled, standing up emotionally.

After he said this, the dining room fell silent. They all stared at Ben. Li Yuewen's jaw dropped to the ground, staring incredulously at Ben. It couldn't be? Someone would actually fall for such simple goading?! This stupid dragon!

Summer shrugged, as if this was to be expected. This uncultured dragon, not only was he rude, he was stupid to the point of insanity. So this was completely expected.

Ben noticed the crafty glint in Claire's eyes and suddenly felt an urge to cry. Claire, that fellow, truly was the craftiest. Like Walter said, how could she be human? She was a little devil? His treasure, all of his treasure! He couldn't let them all land in her hands!

"Don't think that getting a few is enough." Claire's next words shattered Ben's hope. "What do you need treasure more? You can't eat it and it can't bring you joy, status, increase your strength or fulfill your wishes. Ben, just listen to me, they're worth as much as clouds."

Ben turned glum. He knew all that, but gathering treasure was a dragon's second nature, yet she wanted to rob him of all the treasure he had spent his life on gathering with just one sentence! But in his heart, Ben made a decision. Yes, just as Claire said, the treasure couldn't benefit him. But when the days he had spent with Claire, he had experienced everything. The feeling he had with Claire and everybody was very good, very warm. And when he was protecting someone else, he also felt a sense of satisfaction. He had never known the helping someone would bring such happiness. When Claire was blocking before him, he discovered that the feeling of being cared by others was so warm, so moving. He had never experienced these before. He hoped such feelings would continue forever. Plus, he had a strange feeling towards the skimpy little thief girl. Every time he saw her, he wanted to tease her. What was this feeling?

"Then that's settled. We'll wait for you to come back with all your treasure," Claire smiled widely, sealing the deal. How could she know Ben's feelings right now? She was focused on extortion.