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 "How were you able to contract two beasts?" Li Mingyu stared at Claire incredulously.

"It just happened," she shrugged. She dispersed her flame sword, then turned pick up the Azure Ripple blade that she had casually thrown away just a moment ago. Surveying the area, she raised a brow. "Wow, so poor you only use candles as lights."

Li Yuewen instantly turned furious.

"Cousin, when are you going to change your impulsive attitude?" Claire turned and grinned at Li Yuewen, then added, "It's just money, you can make it whenever."

"Easier said than done. Nobody in the Li clan is talented at commerce. Even if there were, it would be futile. The Feng clan has practically monopolies of everything! Eighty percent of all industries are under the Feng clan," Li Yuewen said, somewhat vexed.

"Really?" Claire stroked her chin, blinking as she said, "So what? Just because you don't have the talent for commerce doesn't mean I don't." Claire said meaningfully.

An inexplicable gleam flashed through Jean's eyes. Was Miss planning on finding Feng Yixuan for help? But he quickly dismissed the thought. With Miss's personality, she definitely would not do that. Then, what exactly was Miss thinking?

"I'm going to sleep first. I'm tired to death. Cousin Yuewen, Cousin Mingyu, good night. I'll deal with everything else once I'm rested." Claire stored the Azure Ripple blade back into her interspatial ring, then turned away and headed towards her bedroom. Jean silently followed her from behind.

Inside the main hall, only the Li siblings were left. They glanced at each other.

"Elder brother, do you think that brat can really change our current situation?" Li Yuewen said softly. She bit her lip.

"I only know that a storm is coming," Li Mingyu said with a solemn expression.

The east was gradually brightening. Claire was in deep sleep.

Black Feather and White Feather were on Claire's pillow, one on the left, one on the right.


Hair white as snow, eyes like the moon.

White Emperor's true form appeared, his expression cold. His handsome face was entirely cold as he stared icily at Black Feather.

Black Feather flapped his wings.


Hair black as ebony, eyes like the night.

A man clad in black emerged. His handsome face carried a trace of arrogance, as beautiful as a masterful painting. He glared coldly towards White Emperor.

White Emperor waved his finger. Claire's fluttering eyelashes stilled. Once again, she was in deep slumber.

"It's been a long time since we last saw each other." Black Feather smiled icily, his cocky attitude distinct in his provoking tone.

White Emperor was silent, still staring at Black Feather coldly.

"Don't look at me like that. Lucky for you, we have the same contractor at the moment, although the little girl is a bit weak currently," Black Feather laughed coldly as he watched the sleeping Claire. "I never expected you would have chosen such a weak little girl as your contractor."

"Didn't you also choose her?" White Emperor said coldly.

"As long as you want something, I want it too!" Black Feather smiled madly.

"And you ended up being restricted by the girl," White Emperor said coldly, his mocking tone clear.

Sure enough, Black Feather's expression changed. Anger and a wild look passed through his eyes. "Not for long."

"Yes, not for long. But whether or not you become the master, or the little girl you speak of becomes our master remains undecided." White Emperor coldly watched Black Feather's expression change.

Black Feather frowned. "I really am curious whether or not she can truly become my master!"

"Then wait and see." White Emperor nodded likely. Watching the deep asleep Claire, an ineffable gleam flashed through his eyes. He reached out and stroked Claire's face gently.

"What, do you feel something for this little girl?" Black Feather watched White Emperor with ridicule in his eyes.

"You really think she's a little girl?" White Emperor didn't look up, still looking deeply into Claire's face.

Black Feather's expression changed once more. He also lowered his head to look at Claire, saying in a low voice, "This body's soul is beautiful. And her original form is actually doubly black, black hair and black eyes!"

White Emperor was silent, acknowledging Black Feather's words.

"Is this why the god of Darkness shamelessly took a liking to her? And marked her?" Black Feather grabbed Claire's right hand roughly.

"No. If it were only this, the god of Darkness wouldn't have chosen her," White Emperor shook his head.

Black Feather pulled off the glove on Claire's right hand, asking as he stared at the black mark, "Then why?" In any case, the current owner of the body was his contractor. Of course he had to understand clearly.

"She is the perfect union of darkness and light, evil and righteousness," White Emperor said solemnly looking at Claire's peaceful face.

"What?! In other words, she will become an offering for that..." Black Feather's expression finally changed drastically.

White Emperor was silent, but his serious expression revealed that Black Feather's conjectures were right.

"F*ck! Just been reborn and found a contractor but it's already such a nuisance," Black Feather cursed in a low voice.

"Once my power returns, I will stop it." White Emperor grabbed the glove from Black Feather and carefully slipped it onto Claire's hand.

"Whatever, whatever." Black Feather clicked his tongue in annoyance. "I can't stay in this form for long and my power hasn't recovered completely either." Black Feather floated back next to Claire's pillow. With a swish, he turned back into the black ball. He laid down on the pillow and started sleeping again.

White Emperor watched Claire calmly, quiet for a while. Finally, with a swish, he turned back into a white ball, curled up next to Claire's pillow, and also started sleeping.

Murkiness and darkness surrounded her. Underfoot was a uneven stone path. Claire raised her head, but it was a field of darkness. She couldn't see anything, not a soul in sight. The Li siblings weren't there, Jean wasn't there, Walter wasn't there, Summer and Qiao Chuxin weren't there, Camille was also not there... All there was was deathly silence.

Where was she?

Claire took a few steps forward on the stone path and stepped on a sharp shard, injuring her foot. Blood slowly flowed out of the wound.

Instantly, the darkness around her slowly condensed into a mass of black gas with a pair of blood red eyes within, staring piercingly at Claire.

God of Darkness?!

"Claire, you have already been marked by me. You are my precious offering," the ice cold, terrifying voice said with a low voice.

"I! Will not be your offering without a fight!" Claire clenched her fist and bellowed at the frightening mass of black gas.

"You think you can escape me? You're mine, remember. Once the time is ripe, I will definitely be back," the god of Darkness laughed, cold and menacing.

Claire felt a burning sensation from the back of her right hand. She looked down and saw that the mark had already turned completely black.

"You can't escape and you can't beat me." The god of Darkness sneered. Then, a cold, black net enveloped Claire, binding Claire tightly, then gradually tighten, tighten... The suffocating feeling made Claire sweat.

"No..." Claire shouted. She opened her eyes abruptly, but only saw gorgeous bed curtains hanging overhead.

A dream?

"Miss?" Jeans knocked on the door frantically, his voice full of worry. "Miss, are you alright?"

Claire tried to sit up, but found that the two little things were lying on her chest, round little Black Feather and furry White Emperor. They were both in deep sleep. Claire bit her lip. No wonder she had a nightmare. It was all because these two little fellas were sleeping on her chest.

"I'm fine, Jean. It was only a nightmare," Claire said quickly to console Jean. She knew that if she didn't say anything any longer, Jean would break open the door.

"Oh. As long as you are fine, Miss." Jean's voice was obviously relieved.

"You should go rest." Claire let out a small sigh. She reached out and scooped the two little fellows off and set them beside her pillow.

"Yes," Jean replied, about to leave.

"Wait a moment. What time is it right now? How long have I been asleep?" Claire asked.

"It's morning now. Miss, you've slept for a day and a night," Jean replied from outside her room.

"Oh." Claire got up. Her stomach rumbled awkwardly. Claire frowned slightly. "I'll be up soon. Call someone to prepare me food. I'm hungry."

"Yes, Miss." The sound of Jean's footsteps gradually disappeared.

After Claire got up and was dressed, she was still thinking back to her dream. The suffocating feeling was so intense, so realistic. She would definitely not let it come true! Claire clenched her fists. After she finished dressing, she left out the door.

Today, the morning was unusually busy. Because Claire had woken up safely, everybody ate a peaceful meal joyfully.

Claire gracefully wiped her mouth after eating and then said, "Cousin Yuewen, tell me about Lagark's capital's current economic situation. Also, tell me as much information as possible about the chairmen of each chamber of commerce."

"Each chairman?" Li Yuewen was a bit puzzled. It was reasonable to want to know about each chamber of commerce, but each chairman?

Claire accepted the flower tea Camille passed over, took a large, satisfying sip, then continued asking, "Mm. Are there going to be any big events in the capital soon? Anything that would attract people's attention?"

"Huh? What does that have to do with making money?" Li Yuewen asked, puzzled.

Claire couldn't explain to them the effects of advertising. She could only respond confidently. "Yes. So, are there any big events?"

"Yes." Li Yuewen nodded. "Two weeks later, the capital will hold a donating convention. The donated money will be construct a clinic for the poor people who can't afford to be treated. That day, both the crown prince and the capital's number one beauty will be there."

"Prince? Number one beauty?" Claire asked, puzzled. She set down her teacup.

"Haha, Claire, in truth, there are three great beauties. Of the great beauties, one is the Hua clan's Hua Xiuning and one is the Shui clan's Shui Xinmei." Li Mingyu explained, amused.

"And the last one?" Claire raised her teacup and Camille poured in more tea for her. Claire took a small sip. He had only mentioned two. Who was the third beauty?