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 "His enemy. His enemy had been hunting him down and left after killing him." Claire didn't plan on letting everybody know about the situation with the god of Darkness after all.

Was that really what happened? Everybody looked at Claire suspiciously. But if it weren't, then how could his death be explained? Claire couldn't have killed him whereas there was no way with his vile attitude that he would leave himself. Was it really his enemy who had killed him?

Claire frowned, then looked at Ben who had turned back to his human form, her tone slightly displeased. "Why did you all come back?"

"We couldn't stop worrying," a few voices said at the same time.

"*Sigh*, really now." Although Claire sounded displeased, in her heart, she felt warmth. She turned towards Ben and said, "You didn't complete my order so it doesn't count."

Ben's mouth twitched. Claire still had the energy to think of that at this moment.

Claire looked up at the bright moon in the sky, her heart filled with sighs. In this world there were as many experts as the clouds, each a whole mountain higher than the other. She was still far from powerful.

Nobody noticed the unresigned feelings in Jean and Leng Lingyun's eyes. They had been so weak facing such a formidable enemy. Jean's hand was on his sword hilt. It was the first time he had so desperately desired strength.

"Alright, let's leave this place quickly," Camille said quietly. He gave another of his standard charming smiles.

Everybody nodded. It was true they shouldn't stay for long here.

But just as she took a step forward, a black blur flashed before her eyes. Before anybody could sense what had happened, the black ball had already flown to Claire's shoulder lightning fast and taken a bit out of Claire's fair neck! This time, so fast even White Emperor didn't stop him in time!

"Chirp chirp!" White Emperor chirped furiously, jumping onto Claire's shoulder.

But it was too late. A familiar overbearing force surged once again in Claire's body. It was the power of another forced contract.

Claire swayed. She was on the verge of being unable to stand. Jean, who was closest, supported her immediately.

"Claire!" Everybody cried in alarm. It truly was, as the saying goes, a new problem arising before the old is resolved.

A cocky voice invaded Claire's mind forcefully. "My name is Black Feather." Claire understood immediately that it was the black ball's name. It turns out his name was Black Feather!

A wave of dizziness hit Claire. The overbearing power was surging within her body aggressively. Also, he was trying to break her and White Emperor's contract and replace White Emperor.

Two overbearing and powerful forces started clashing within Claire, both unwilling to give in. But it was Claire who suffered! The two similarly powerful forces wreaked havoc, each trying to drive the other into submission. Meanwhile, Claire's expression turned more and more pained. She fet like her body was about to explode, it was so painful.

"Claire! What's going on?" Leng Lingyun's expression changed. He immediately used healing magic, but it seemed to be no help. Instead, Claire's expression turned more and more painful. Large beads of sweat rolled down Claire's forehead.

Jean's expression also changed. He had been supporting Claire's back with his hand and could feel that it was now drenched in cold sweat!

"What exactly did you do?" Li Yuewen bellowed in rage, reaching out towards the black ball.

But the black ball flew up and squawked twice, watching Claire with a tilted head.

"Chirp chirp!" White Emperor lept onto Li Yuewen's shoulder, chirping anxiously as if he didn't want Li Yuewen to do anything to the black ball.

"He seems to be trying to prevent you from harming the black ball," Camille stroked his chin, pondering. "What exactly is going on?"

"Perhaps... it's forming a contract?" Jean realized. When White Emperor had first appeared, this had happened too.

Hearing this, Li Yuewen became more frantic. "What? Forming a contract? A person can only contract on beast!" At this point in time, she was already well aware that White Emperor was Claire's contracted beast.

Summer was also frantic. "What do we do now? Will Claire die?"

"What are you talking about, of course now!" Qiao Chuxin immediately retorted. "Claire will definitely be fine."

"We can't touch the black ball right now because we don't know what will happen to Claire if we harm him. Even White Emperor is trying to stop you from attacking. He should understand the situation better. Don't do anything for now. We'll talk more after leaving first," Jean said in a low voice. After he finished speaking, he scooped up the pained and nearly unconscious Claire.

Li Yuewen came back to her senses and said hurriedly, "Right. First return to the inn to get Claire some rest."

"Why go back to the inn when we can go to our next destination? In any case, all of our belongings are in Claire's interspatial ring." Ben turned back to his original form and turned to say unwillingly, "I'll make another exception to let you humans ride on my back, but never again. Come on quickly."

"Thank you," Summer thanked Ben with relief, seeing Claire turn more and more pale.

"It's best if I hold you so you don't throw up on my back." Ben swiped Summer with one claw.

"Ahh! You damned uncultured dragon!" Summer yelled in fear, but was unable to break out of his clutches.

Once everybody was seated on Ben's black and Black Feather also flew and landed on Jean's shoulder, Ben started flapping his wings, soaring through the sky. Accompanied with Summer's screams, the group left. Summer screamed the entire time and ended up vomiting continuously. Although it had been very urgent when they had escaped on Ben's back, Summer didn't vomit at all, but now, she vomited uncontrollably.

Ben flew very quickly. Under Li Yuewen's directions, in order to avoid starting a panic, they ended up landing outside Lagark's capital. The city gates were shut tightly, but once Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu revealed their identities, the small captain guarding ended up opening the gates. Although the Li clan had declined quite a bit, they were still one of the four major clans. Small figures such as he could not afford to offend such powerful people.

Jean's expression became more and more dark because now, Claire had completely passed out! Her tightly knit brows indicated that currently, she was suffering an unimaginable amount of pain.

The group hurried through the streets. The east was already started to lighten. The sky was about to turn bright.

Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu led the group to an ancient and wide residence.

Two young men were guarding at the door. When they saw the two siblings, their eyes lit up with joy.

"Young Master, Second Miss, you have returned! Those old fools keep on trying to make things difficult for us every day," One of the young men said happily to Li Mingyu.

"Mm. Let's talk later. I will deal with them. Right now, my friend needs rest." Li Yuewen waved gestured impatiently.

Two two's gazes landed on Claire who was in Jean's embrace with a little bit of shock. Friend? It was the first time they had ever heard Second Miss say this word! The cold, arrogant Second Miss actually had friends? Were all these people her friends? She actually brought back so many people at once?

Li Yuewen didn't waste any time on words, leading everybody away. Everybody followed closely.

The two young men stood in place, watching the group disappear. They glanced at each other, both seeing surprise and joy, and also hope.

"Did you hear that? Second Miss actually said she had a friend?!"

"I did! I even thought I heard wrong, but the Second Miss truly did say that. Also, Second Miss seemed very worried for that young lady."

"Did you notice that there were quite a few experts among them? Is it to help Master and Second Miss?"

"I hope so. Ah! I forget to ask Master and Second Miss how their journey went."

"They must have been successful. Those old fools are always thinking of ways to force Master off his position of Patriarch. Humph! A group of ignorant old fools."

Soon, Claire was settled on a large, warm bed, caring expressions surrounding her. Leng Lingyun sat at the side of the bed, examining Claire. Everybody's worried and hopeful gazes watched Leng Lingyun, hoping Leng Lingyun would say something to ease their hearts.

"There are two powerful forces battling within Claire's body, which is what is causing Claire pain." Leng Lingyun frowned.

"What?!" Everybody cried out in alarm. They understood that the two powers were the two magic beasts fighting over the contract. A person could only contract one beast! Claire's body was now a battlefield?!

"What do we do now? Kill that black ball bastard? What exactly is this black ball anyways?" Walter asked a bit anxiously. He stared venomously at the black ball crouched next to Claire's bed.

"No, otherwise Claire will be in danger." Leng Lingyun shook his head, his expression severe.

"Then what do we do? Is there nothing we can do now?" Walter asked angrily.

"We can only wait." Leng Lingyun looked at Claire's pale face and said helplessly, "The only thing we can do now is wait. Wait for one of the two magic beast's power to overpower the other."

"Then isn't Claire in great danger?!" Li Yuewen asked anxiously.

"Just wait. I believe in Claire. She will be fine," Camille said softly.

Qiao Chuxin was crouching next to the bed. She grasped Claire's hand tightly, her voice resolute. "Right, Claire will be fine. She will definitely be fine!"

"Won't die. If die, nobody give food." Dong Fenghou's unclear voice came. After he said this, everybody looked at him coldly. He stared back blankly, not understanding what he had done wrong.