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 Leng Lingyun watched the whirlwind inferno grow and approach them apprehensively. He understood that just some shields wouldn't do to defend against his attack.

Wherever the whirlwind inferno passed though, only ashes were left behind.

Leng Lingyun's erected shield was destroyed in an instant, it's power not even on the same level as the whirlwind's.

If they were touched by such terrifying fire, the result would be too horrible to imagine. Even Ben's durable body had been burned to such an extent, then it was obvious what would happen to their normal, human bodies.

Leng Lingyun could have flown away and escaped, but there was no way he would leave anyone behind. Their worries were a bottomless pit. White Emperor clenched his little claw, chirping at Claire, anxious because she was trapped inside the barrier, however, the black ball just watched on with its head tilted.

"Ben! Bring them away!" Claire bellowed. "This is the first promised order, carry it out now! Turn back to your original body fly away with them immediately, right now!"


Ben bellowed into the sky and turned back to his original form. He grabbed everybody with his two claws and threw them on his back, the started flapping his wings, rising to the sky. Currently, he was at the point where it didn't matter he was losing dignity for the dragon race by running away nor breaking his vow that he would never let lowly humans ride on his back.

"Want to run? Humph!" Huo Xiyu sneered. With a wave of his finger, the blue whirlwind inferno started rising and following Ben.

"Bastard!" Claire's grip was so tight, her knuckles lost color. She made the sword disappear instantaneously then brought both of her hands to her chest, desperately trying to draw out power. As she separated her palms, one hand emitted golden flame while the other emitted white flame. Then, she rapidly brought the two flames close, fusing them.

Huo Xiyu's gaze landed on Claire. "What are you doing?" His expression changed greatly. What Claire was currently doing was extremely dangerous! She actually wanted to fuse two types of unique flame then blast open the barrier! The space of the barrier was limited, so she would definitely be injured.

Without a word, Claire fused the flames together then blasted it towards the barrier.

The barrier broke open!

Claire's flame shot towards Huo Xiyu.

Huo Xiyu was caught unawares, so when he had finally gotten back to his senses, his arm had actually been burned.

Claire extended her wings in mid air, staring coldly at Huo Xiyu without any warmth in her eyes.

"You... you actually predicted I would open the barrier. It was only because of that that you were able to injure me. From the very beginning, you had never thought of opening the barrier. Instead, you planned on forcing my hand." Huo Xiyu said through gritted teeth while covering his arm injury. Just then, Huo Xiyu had been burned by Claire's unique flames the moment he opened the barrier.

Claire didn't say a word, only glaring at Huo Xiyu coldly.

Because Huo Xiyu had been distracted, his mental waves had been disconnected and the whirlwind inferno had disappeared.

"Ignorant fool!" Feeling the exceptional pain from his injury, Huo Xiyu's face twisted and he cursed, "You're so ignorant, you might as well die."

Claire clenched her right hand into a fist, a strange smile appearing at her lips. She said coldly, "What a pity, I'm not going to die. You're going to die instead."

"Such audacious words!" Evidently, Claire's words had angered Huo Xiyu. Huo Xiyu's expression darkened. He humphed coldly, then grabbed the air with one hand. A net of blue flames appeared around Claire. Huo Xiyu sneered, his eyes full of malice. "Let's see you boast now!"

Claire was smiling strangely and only stared coldly at Huo Xiyu. Seeing Claire's calm indifference at the face of death, he became more furious.

"Ignorant fool. It's too late for you to beg now. Go die!" Huo Xiyu spat out harshly. He clenched his fists, about to tighten the flame net.

Just looking at Claire made him sick.

Claire suddenly called out angrily to the air, "How long are you going to wait? Are you going to appear only after I die?"

Huo Xiyu froze for moment, stopping what he was doing. Who was she talking to? Was there someone there? There was not a soul in sight, only air. Was she bluffing?

"Humph, if you think you can trick me in order to escape, you're rather naive... " But before Huo Xiyu finished his words, his expression changed greatly.

An incomparably powerful pressure suddenly appeared, but there was still nobody around. The terrifying pressure made it almost impossible for him to fly. His legs were already shaking, almost on the verge of kneeling facing this immense pressure!

Who was it? Who was it?!!

Huo Xiyu just stared intensely at Claire as she smiled strangely. The next moment, Huo Xiyu was shocked to find that he couldn't move at all.

"What... what did you do...." Just as Huo Xiyu spit out these words, his throat suddenly tightened, as if a pair of invisible was choking him. Now he was unable to make a sound. Huo Xiyu just stared at Claire with wide eyes. Blood started leaking out of his eyes. The blue fire net that had been around Claire disappeared.

Claire sneered as she watched Huo Xiyu. Of course she knew she was his match and that nobody among them were his match. She also knew that if she threatened to kill herself to open the barrier, then he would definitely open it for her. And she knew that with his narrow minded and vicious nature, he would definitely go back on his word and kill them all. She even knew that the god of Darkness would save her but not the others, which was why she forcefully made Ben bring them away. Now, the god of Darkness finally made his move.

"I didn't do anything, but now I'll be." Claire smiled coldly, raising her hand high.


A golden spear of fire now appeared in her hand.

"Now it's my turn to say 'go die'." A brilliant, charming smile appeared on Claire's face as she pulled back the hand holding the spear.

Huo Xiyu's complexion turned ashy pale. His eyes were full of terror and despair, his body becoming ice cold. He didn't understand at all how the situation had come to this. Who exactly was it that he was completely unable to contend with to the point that he was powerless?

"Thank you for killing all the people who had come to see what was going on. Now nobody will know how you died." Claire smiled icily. She used all of her strength to throw the huge, golden spear of fire at Huo Xiyu.

The golden spear of fire whistled through the air and ran though Huo Xiyu's body. Huo Xiyu's incredulous and despairing gaze landed on Claire and then he slowly started burning. The golden flame spread across his entire body and turned him to ashes.

The flames slowly disappeared into the night sky. Even after he died, Huo Xiyu didn't know what was the cause of his death.

Claire descended to the ground then looked up towards the night sky, smiling brilliantly. She said quietly, yet clearly, one word: "Thanks."

Humph! There seemed to be a cold humph. Then, the surroundings quieted down.

Claire stood silently at the edge of the precipice, cold wind blowing past. She took a deep breath, then closed her eyes. Frustration engulfed her, submerging her heart. She broke through over and over yet this was the result! Unable to withstand a single blow! She had thought she had become strong, but in truth, she didn't count as anything. There were simply too many powerful people in this world and she was simply tiny star in the vast sky. When would she stand at the peak of this world? When would she be strong enough to stand up for herself? When would she become powerful enough to undo the Dark Mark?

Claire clenched her hands into fists hatefully until her knuckles turned white.

Hidden Sect, Spirit Hall.

Thousands upon thousands of copper lights lit up the wide hall. Every light represented someone of the Hidden Sect. These were their spirit lights. If their light extinguished, that meant they had died.

A light suddenly extinguished and underneath it was three words: Huo Xi Yu.

A guarding disciple discovered it with shock.

"Oh no, Elder Huo Xiyu's spirit light has extinguished. I'm afraid he's had a mishap," a disciple said worriedly.

"Quickly report it to the Fire Grandmaster," another disciple said urgently.

Once the disciple of the Spirit Hall relayed the information to the Fire Hall's Grandmaster, a dignified old man, the Fire Grandmaster only sighed. "With Huo Xiyu's nature, this was bound to happen. And today just happened to be the day." But although he said this, the grandmaster was secretly surprised. Who did Huo Xiyu meet that actually had the power to kill him? After all, Huo Xiyu was from the Hidden Sect and also an Elder of the Fire Hall. The grandmaster's face darkened. The killer had to be found.

At this moment, Claire was still standing at the precipice and taking in the wind, feeling the changes within her body.

A disturbance in the air came from behind her. Claire turned and saw Ben had actually flown back, everybody on his back with worried expressions. Only when they saw Claire standing safely at the precipice did they sigh in relief.

The numerous injuries on Ben's backs had already been healed by Leng Lingyun.

Ben descended. Everybody else dashed over to Claire.

"Claire, are you alright?"

"Claire, what happened to that guy?"

"Claire, are you injured?"

Each concerned voice warmed Claire's heart. She shook her head slightly, then smiled. "I'm fine. He, on the other hand, has neither bones nor ashes left."

"Who killed him?" Everybody asked at the same time. Of course nobody thought Claire had killed him. His power had far surpassed Claire's.