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 Seeing this, a frantic expression flashed through Huo Xiyu's eyes. He didn't want Claire to die!

Whoosh.... Bang!

Flame scattered in all directions.

A flash of happiness gleamed in Huo Xiyu's eyes.

In an instant, Claire had constructed a giant flame shield to block his attack and the color of the flame was white! Unique fire! The girl could use another unique flame! Before, she had used moldable golden flame and now she was using white flame!

Such a rare talent! And most importantly, the girl did not look to be more than fifteen. Coupled with her age, the girl's prospects were unmeasurable!

"Good! Very good! Today, you must come with me! Whoever obstructs me will die!"

"The Hidden Sect is not supposed to interfere with the outside world and stand aloof from worldly affairs. Since when could they such lowly things such as forcefully abducting disciples?" Camille said coldly.

Now, both Camille and Li Yuewen had agitated Huo Xiyu.

"Humph! I'll kill you all, who would know?" Huo Xiyu's eyes flashed venomously, already filled with killing intent. Their words made him lose face and what happened today could definitely not be spread!

Everybody's expressions shifted because they could tell with his last attack that his strength far surpassed theirs. None of them were his match!

Claire looked coldly at Huo Xiyu who was so furious he was emitting killing intent and then slowly clenched her fist.

One needed power to speak out!

Today, if Huo Xiyu didn't die, then they would all die.

"In a moment, even more people will come. Will you be able to kill everybody in the city?" Li Yuewen said hatefully to the stubborn man.

"Humph!" Huo Xiyu sneered. Suddenly, he clasped his two hands together before his chest and shouted, "Enclosed Sky!" As he separated his two hands, blue flames burst forth. Speedily, the flame formed into straight lines and then turned, becoming a giant quadrilateral. Afterwards, the flame rose up, forming walls that completely trapped them within.

Blue flame? Everybody watched with amazement. It was the first time they had seen a flame this color. What kind of unique flame was this?

Barrier? Was it a barrier? They were completely trapped by flames!

"Compress!" Huo Xiyu smiled coldly as he floated in mid air. The flames surged inward, closing in on everybody inside.

The boiling hot aura came closer and closer, bringing unbearable heat. And the land the flames passed over became scorched into nothingness. No matter if it was grass or trees, even rocks, they all turned to dust. Even the dirt smelled burnt. It was obvious what would happen once it reached them.

Jean frowned and prepared his sword. With a low grunt, he burst forth with silver Dou Qi, exerting all of his strength for this one attack. The powerful sword Qi left a long trail on the ground and reached the blue flame. But, this attack that Jean had used all of his strength on only created a tiny seam in the blue flame before the seam disappeared. The blue flame continued to advance.

Everybody else's expressions all changed. They all knew how powerful the silver Dou Qi was but it only created a tiny crack!

Leng Lingyun used Light magic. His bright light attacks attacked incessantly, quick and fierce, but produced the same result, only creating tiny seams. The boiling heat became more and more intense; the danger came closer and closer.

With a snap of Huo Xiyu's fingers, a small blue light flickered over Claire and then disappeared. This was Huo Xiyu's imprint. This way, even though everyone else would become ash, Claire would be perfectly fine.

But Claire stepped forward.


"Claire!" Li Yuewen called out quietly. She wanted to say something, but was stopped by Claire's sudden rise in Qi.

Claire slowly closed her eyes and raised her right hand.

"Flame Sword!"


Instantly, a giant flame sword formed within Claire's right hand. The golden flame was bursting forth with hot energy but did not harm Claire in the slightest.

Molding flame again! Huo Xiyu stared at the flame sword in Claire's hand. The girl gave him even more, even greater surprises! Everybody else watched Claire's flame sword with amazement. What secret technique did Claire use exactly?

"Break!" Claire raised the sword above her head with both hands. With a loud shout, she went forth, wielding the blade with all her strength.

A giant golden pillar of flame exploded forth in an instant.

The giant flame collided with the blue flames, creating a large explosion.


Extraordinarily hot firework-like explosions appeared.

More than half of one wall of blue flame had been destroyed. As the flame wall started fusing to fix itself, everybody charged out successfully without any injuries.

"Very good, exceptionally good. Unexpectedly, you are very well versed in flame molding." Huo Xiyu's voice was filled with satisfaction. If he had known this was the first time Claire had tried something like this, perhaps he would have been even more exuberant.

The surrounding dirt gave off a hard to describe scorching smell. The environment had already become a bare patch of land.

In the distance, you could hear sounds approaching quickly. It was the sounds of people attracted by the strange scene in the sky.

But Huo Xiyu only tilted his head cockily. With a snap and of his fingers, a small blue flame ball appeared from the tip of his finger. The blue flame whistled as it rapidly soared through the air. Before Claire's party could react, the blue flame ball gradually expanded, accompanied by cries of alarm. Then the blue flame ball landed on the ground and exploded. There were no more cries of alarm because where the group of people had been was now a large, deep crevice, so deep and dark you could not see any corpses!

"You! How evil!" Li Yuewen cried out hatefully. "Those people were unrelated to you, but you killed them all!"

Huo Xiyu snorted coldly, his eyes filled with disdain. They were just a group of ants after all. Even though the Hidden Sect had a rule of not killing innocents, everybody here was going to die anyways, who could prove that he broke the rules? After that little girl becomes his disciple, she would learn that power dictated the world from this experience.

Claire knit her brows tightly. His power was unfathomable. Today, would they be the ones to die?


Claire extended her golden pair of wings and flew up quickly. She aimed a flame sword directly at Huo Xiyu.

"What? You think you can beat me?" Huo Xiyu started smiling, amused at Claire's actions.

Claire didn't say anything, only dashing forward with the sword.

"Really now," Huo Xiyu sighed a little helplessly and then snapped his fingers. A transparent barrier locked Claire within. Claire attacked the barrier with her sword, but could only hear clear, crisps clanks. The barrier was not harmed in the slightest.

"I'll first take care of these people then take you to the Hidden Sect." Huo Xiyu flew up steadily, passing by Claire, eyes filled with killing intent.

"Claire, what's going on? There was even an explosion." At this moment, Ben, who was already in his original form, appeared, flying over. He had burns of various sizes, looking very pitiful. He was hugging a few people: Summer, Qiao Chuxin, Walter, and Feng Donghou.

Walter made a big fuss. "What's happening? I almost got killed. If it weren't for Ben transforming back at the right time to protect us, we would have ended up like those other people who have turned to ashes."

"You guys shouldn't have come!" Li Yuewen said anxiously through gritted teeth.

Huo Xiyu raised a brow seeing the giant black dragon. Who would have thought he would see a dragon here? But it didn't matter.

"Huh?" Walter didn't understand. Before he could even ask, a boiling hot aura surged over, a fatal attack nearing once more.

"What the - !" Walter called out in alarm, immediately about to make a countermeasure. But chanting a spell required time. The blue flame could be seen reflected in his eyes, it was so close.


A strange magic beast suddenly appeared, swallowing the blue flame with one gulp.

Everybody was shocked and looked towards Dong Fenghou, dumbstruck, understanding it was a strange beast summoned by him. The magic beast that had swallowed Huo Xiyu's flame attack was currently chewing.

A strange beast that could eat fire? They all looked towards the strange beasts, eyes filled with glee. If it were like this, then their chance of winning had greatly increased.

But Huo Xiyu did not display any shock at all. Instead, he was smiling faintly, disdainful.

Then under everybody's astonished gazes, the strange beast started groaning and then disappeared.

"What happened?" Walter asked.

"Indigestion. Went back." Dong Fenghou was also stupefied. Evidently, he had never seen such a situation before.

"How could my fire be eaten by such a lowly beast?" Huo Xiyu sneered, about to attack once more.

"Bastard, stop!" Claire shouted, brandishing her sword and attacking the barrier, but the barrier still would not budge.

Huo Xiyu smiled coldly, his gaze venomous. His killing intent rose.

Huo Xiyu started rotating in a circle, his hands waving strangely. He called out, "Whirling fire dance!"

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In that instant, blue flame appeared revolving around him as he rotated. Gradually, a whirlwind took shape. The flame had turned into a whirlwind inferno! Then, with Huo Xiyu at its core, it started growing bigger and bigger.

"Everybody, be careful." Leng Lingyun's expression turned heavy. He stepped back, rapidly erecting a shield with his hand, making several layers overlap one at a time. Li Yuewen, Li Mingyu and Jean stepped back too while Ben's group stayed at the side. Ben had already turned back to his human form. His entire body was covered with burn wounds, cutting a sorry figure.