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 "Claire, how do you feel now?" Leng Lingyun asked quietly after sitting down.

"There's already no major issues, I just have a bit of a headache," Claire replied.

"It's because you had too much blood loss earlier. If you allow it to heal, there will be no problem. But traveling further into the mountains is not suitable for your body. Your body cannot heal in this kind of environment." Naturally, Leng Lingyun knew how strong his treatment was.

"Yeah, thank you for saving me again." Claire had a slight smile on her face.

Before Leng Lingyun spoke, Camille stepped in, narrowing his eyes in an unsatisfied manner. "You seem to be thanking him, but shouldn't you thank me first?"

"Haha, yes, thank you, esteemed secondary commander. In this group only you such quick reflexes,only you have such quick hands." Claire smiled slightly while complementing Camille. Camille was in a state of bliss, happily smiling through closed eyes.

Meanwhile, there was only one person whose face had paled. And that was Li Yuewen. Listening to others, her face had turned to a more uncomfortable color.

"Oh right, Elder Li Yuewen, you still haven't paid the price for hurting me yet," Claire suddenly said in a heavy tone.

Li Yuewen froze, her expression changing a little. She looked back, trembling, at the serious-faced Claire. Her heart wouldn't calm down.

However, Li Mingyu had a calm demeanor. He knew that Claire wouldn't really blame Li Yuewen.

Li Yuewen head drooped as she said softly said in a low voice, "Yes, it's all my fault. My mistake harmed you......"

"Yeah, you almost stabbed me to death. If it weren't for Camille and Leng Lingyun, I would have died." Claire's voice was very cold.

Li Yuewen bit her lip very hard, biting so hard, it nearly bled.

"So you have to pay the price." Claire's tone suddenly took a turn. She said steadfastly, "I lost too much blood, my head is dizzy, you have to take care of me. Right now, I am still weak, so I cannot continue practicing. Let's go back now and after being fully rested, then I can go to your family's training ground to train. Also, don't pull any pranks in the middle of the night, let me have a nice sleep. My eye-bags are getting heavier."

And so, Claire's words came in a long and windy stream. Li Yuewen looked up, gaping at Claire. This was her payment?!

"What? You think I'm too harsh?" Claire frowned at Li Yuewen as she asked Li Yuewen.

"No, not at all." Li Yuewen shook her head wildly like a string drum. "Okay, okay, then tomorrow, let's return to our country. We'll slow down our pace, and I'll take care of you throughout the trip and stop pulling pranks on you in the middle of the night."

"Heehee, you said so, so don't come in the night. I haven't slept properly recently at all." Claire yawned as she confirmed, satisfied.

"You think I'll go back on my word?" Li Yuewen raised her brow let out a humph while asking.

"No, no, haha, I am starving. After I eat something, I'm going to go sleep." Claire shook her head in a satisfied manner.

After she finished eating a few things, Claire went straight to the tent to sleep, disregarding everyone else. One black round ball and one white meat ball also followed her in, but the two little things both didn't sleep. They both crouched in front of Claire, starting at each other with wide eyes, not blinking. One wanted to bite Claire and set a contract while the other would not let them, so naturally, this deadlock arose.

Early morning, sunshine glittering, dew drops still twinkling on tree leaves. All the magic beasts had been long gone. There were no traces of a fierce battle at all.

With clear and refreshing autumn weather, a cozy, little carriage slowly left a small town. It was the town's best carriage which Jean bought at a high price. Qiao Chuxin rode the wind leopard forward at a slow pace. Everybody else walked on foot, following the carriage sluggishly. Claire had already changed back into female clothing and leaned snuggly into the backseat while Jean led the carriage forward. Only Claire was enjoying the carriage. One, because the carriage could only seat two people and no matter who got on, it didn't seem right. Two, Claire was enjoying it with no qualms, relaxing satisfyingly.

It seemed like the young miss of a rich family traveling while a few mercenaries were hired for her protection.

The journey was naturally very smooth. No robbers would blindly attack them. There was obviously a seventh grade magic beast and cold couchman actually a sword strapped to his body. Who would attack this kind of line up?

And like so, they traveled for three days, arriving at the closest city, Fenghua city. This city was flourishing but also chaotic because it was the closest major city near Wandering Mountain. Many adventurers would come here and sell their gains from adventuring in Wandering Mountain: ores, magic cores, young magic beasts, valuable herbs.... So the city was exceptionally bustling. However, the people who came here to sell their goods were all unordinary people. They were all people who had come out of Wandering Mountain alive, so naturally, they were all not simple. If there was a conflict of any sort, there was no way it could be resolved with a little chit chatting. The busiest place in the city was the public order office. Often, they would be running around until their legs gave out. Therefore, how prosperous and how chaotic the city was was directly proportional.

Also, this city didn't require an entrance fee. Instead, there was a fee for leaving the city.

And like so, Claire's group entered the city easily. The city was bustling with noise, all sorts of shops on the street: magic cores were sold, weapons, clothes... every chop had customers. There were many different people on the street. There were the local residents but also adventurers covered in dust. The city was built with layers of large rocks, including the city wall, houses, and the pavement on the street.

Claire laid down inside the carriage, her eyes half closed, satisfied. Soon, their party would arrive at a clean inn in the city.

"Miss, we've arrived." Jean stepped off, opened the door for Claire, and extended his hand.

Claire naturally supported herself off the carriage with Jean's hand.

"Wow, today we can finally wash a hot shower!" Summer approached Claire happily and said while clasping Claire's hand.

"Mmhm, last time we ended up not washing, but this time you will," Claire said to Summer, smiling.

"Hehe, hurry, hurry." Summer pulled Claire's hand, dragging her to the inn's entrance. Everybody else followed closely from behind.

Just as they arrived at the entrance, an unknown object flew out the inn's door. The object rolled around on the floor. After rolling around a few times, they arrived at Claire and Summer's feet.

Claire and Summer looked down to see that surprisingly, it was a person who had rolled to their feet.

"F*ck! You group of thugs! You actually treat your leader like this!" The person on the ground cursed as he gathered himself up. Looking up, he faced Claire and Summer. After he froze for a second, a smile appeared. He laughed, "Beautiful Miss, it's you."

"Who are you?" Summer asked as she frowned with annoyance seeing the burly man smile mischievously. Such a scoundrel was actually hitting on Claire.

"Are you Miss's friend? I am Jackson, the leader of the seventeenth squad of the Iron Blood mercenary corps and also miss Claire's friend." The burly man called Jackson was surprisingly someone Claire and Jean had met long ago at Gale Gorge. He still remembered Claire clearly.

"Really?" Summer looked at the frivolous burly man doubtfully. This kind of guy was Claire's friend? Perhaps it was his own wishful thinking.

"That's right, that's right. Haha, Miss Claire, how have you been?" Jackson said to Claire while smiling. Claire nodded slightly.

"Fine. We're tired now," Claire said faintly. Right after Claire finished speaking, she went directly past the burly man with Summer through the door.

Jackson scratched his head, smiling awkwardly. Suddenly, he spotted Jean. He immediately approached him, laughing heartily. "Brother Jean, you're here too, haha, what a coincident. We actually bumped into each other here."

"Yes," Jean said stiffly, not wasting any breath.

"Haha, where are you going?" Jackson asked. He followed Jean from the side, curiousy watching the large group of people behind him. They passed to two, following Claire in the door.

"To Lagark." Jean didn't want to reveal too much, so he only spoke tersely.

"Ah? Really? Wonderful, we're also planning on going to Lagark, why don't we go together? We have plenty of time so we can wait for you and go together. It's best to look after each other." Jackson smiled widely.

"Why are you going to Lagark?" Jean said casually. Whether or not they would go together would depend on Claire.

"To send a few things to the Feng clan's chamber of commerce." Jackson said with his mouth drawn back. "The Feng clan's chamber of commerce. You know, the wealthy family that everybody is jealous of."

The Feng clan? Feng Yixuan's clan?

"Oh. So it's like that." Jean replied softly.

"Then when will you all depart? Let's go together." Jackson asked while following Jean in the door.

"About that, I'll have to ask my commander and secondary commander," Jean replied carefully.

Jackson immediately became curious and he asked, "Commander? Secondary commander? You guys became a mercenary group? What kind?"

"Yuan Bao mercenary corps." Jean, having a favorable impression of Jackson, replied patiently.

"Hehe, congrats, you guys are now a mercenary group." Jackson congratulated them.

"Thank you." Jean replied softly.

"Brother Jean, this meeting is such a good opportunity, let's got and drink something." Jackson elbowed Jean with a very relaxed voice.

"No need," Jean declined politely.

"Haha, you are too polite. You guys just came, eat and rest first." Jackson smiled.

"Yes." Jean nodded.

The lobby of the hotel had tens of tables with a few people sitting small groups. When Yaks and Jean came in together, the table in the corner had people yelling and laughing out loud. They were the mercenaries under Jackson and also the ones who had thrown Jackson out.

"Miss, Secondary Commander, they invited us to go on the journey with them tomorrow, how will we reply?" Jean walked over while questioning Claire and Camille.