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 "Ah?" Dong Fenghou was frozen. He just stared blankly at Camille, looking completely confused.

Camille rubbed his temples, somewhat self blaming, then said quietly, "Summon something that can eat meat."

"Oh." Dong Fenghou suddenly understood.

Everybody sweat. Dong Fenghou's inability to understand and communicate were unmatched.

Dong Fenghou chanted a few words while waving his hands. With a quiet rumble, all of a sudden, they could only see purple. Without any warning, a bloody smelling gust of wind blasted at them. Of course, they weren't people who would willingly wait to be attacked, all nimbly dodging.

Once everybody saw clearly what was going on, they froze. A giant purple flower was shaking back and forth wildly, two roots split open like feet. It had a wide, bloody mouth, the two rows of teeth that glinted scarily. Currently, it was swallowing the corpses one by one, making crunching sounds as it chewed. Pieces of flesh went flying, and you could see organs through the gaps of its teeth. Then the purple flower sucked in deeply, sucking the organs back into its mouth. After it finished eating, it even licked the blood on the ground. Only after it licked everything cleanly did it stop. When the giant had first appeared, its first thought was to eat the living people! After they dodged, it naturally ate the corpses that couldn't resist. Before they reacted, the purple flower actually ran with loud thuds towards the majestic warrior's corpse and didn't sink into the marshland. After it ran to the corpse, it ate the corpse in one gulp. It also swallowed the head that had fallen to the ground in one gulp. More disgustingly, it didn't leave the blood on the marshland untouched, swallowing both the black, filthy water along with blood cleanly. Camille finally couldn't bear it, his stomach churning somewhat. This was a different kind of than Walter's attitude when he was killing people! Everybody hadn't come back to their senses from the disgusting spectacle. Then there were the sounds of thuds as the purple carnivorous flower started charging towards them!

"Ugh... Dong Fenghou, send it back!" Camille stifled the churning in his stomach as he shouted angrily at Dong Fenghou.

Dong Fenghou went "Oh", then muttered a few words. The carnivorous flower then disappeared before their eyes.

Camille's complexion greened. He told Dong Fenghou to summon something that could eat meat, but he didn't expect that it would be such a strange species. He actually summoned such a disgusting flower! Which dimension did that species come from?

But it wasn't just Camille; everybody's complexion was unsightly. It was the first time they had seen something so disgusting.

"Next time, don't, don't summon something so disgusting." Summer stuttered, turning pale.

"But in any case, it ate everything cleanly. Even the blood was swallowed cleanly," Li Yuewen added.

Claire stopped their meaningless discussion. "Whatever, let's stop talking about it. The egg has started to crack, it's about to come out." She stared at the white egg floating over the marsh.

Sure enough, gradually, there were quiet cracking sounds. The round egg now had a few, thin cracks. The rainbow rays slowly started to diminish while blinding white light shot out from the cracks.

"Chirp chirp..." White Emperor was crouching on Claire's head as of this moment, squinting as he watched the strange phenomenon.

Suddenly, the round egg started rotating swiftly, the cracking sound never ending. The egg shell was breaking open rapidly. The egg broke open completely with the sound of a crash, blinding white light shooting up into the sky, so blinding, they couldn't hear to open their eyes. Everybody unconsciously reached out to block the exceptionally intense light. After a moment, the light gradually dissipated. Only then did they open their eyes and look towards the direction of where the egg had been.

Nothing was there! Only a few egg shell pieces were on the ground. Besides this, there was nothing else!

Where was the deity beast? Where was the deity beast that had attracted so many magic beasts?

It was completely quiet. Everybody looked around expectantly, all looking for anything out of the ordinary, looking for any traces of the deity beast that had just been born, but they found nothing!

Suddenly, the silence was broken.

"Chirp chirp!" White Emperor called out from on top of Claire's head. His voice sounded a little unhappy.

Everybody turned to look towards the top of Claire's head and one by one, their mouths dropped open. A black furry creature with tiny little wings was flying silently over Claire's head. It had a round head, a round, furry body, tiny, tiny claws, and a pair of small wings flapping on its back. It stared at White Emperor.

No aura or sound! No wonder nobody sensed its existence.

"What is it?" Everybody frowned as they watched the small creature flying above Claire's head. As Claire turned her head, the little creature also turned, so she couldn't see how it looked like.

"What is it?" Claire asked again.

"Don't know." Everybody shook their heads. "But he's looking at White Emperor."

The moment she heard this, Claire immediately pulled White Emperor off. The small creature also flapped its wings and flew die, glaring at White Emperor. White Emperor also glared at the little creature.

Claire finally saw what the little creature looked like, the round body and the wings on its back that were flying without making any noise. But why was it glaring at White Emperor?

"Chirp chirp!" While everybody was still confused, something strange suddenly happened. White Emperor extended its claw and viciously gave the small creature a slap.

"Peep peep!" The small creature also became angry, charging at Claire's bosom, biting White Emperor's head.

"Chirp chirp!" "Peep peep!" "Chirp chirp!" "Peep peep!"

The two little things started brawling in Claire's embrace, rolling back and forth.

Everybody went , even Claire's mouth went .

What kind of situation was this?

Just when Claire was confused, the small creature actually opened its mouth and nipped at Claire's hand, and a familiar strong, supreme power poured into Claire's body. Just as it entered for a moment, it was cut off. White Emperor had smacked the head of the other little creature, hitting it flying.

Claire then understood that just then, the small creature was trying to force her into a contract just like White Emperor did! The small, round ball was actually the same kind of mysterious creature as White Emperor! Then was it also able to explode in power periodically like White Emperor, also able to transform into a human form?

"Peep peep!"

"Chirp Chirp!"

The meat ball and the round ball were already fighting on the ground, the two little things brawling into a mess.

Everybody stared, their mouths wide open as they saw this scene, unable to come back to their senses no matter how they tried. What kind of situation was this?

Claire also stared. She then looked at the wound on the back of her hand, and then watched the two extremely tiny things fight. Hurriedly, she crouched down and separated the two little guys. But just as they were separated for a moment, the small round ball pounced on Claire, about to bite her, wanting to initiate a contract again. Of course, it was met with White Emperor's claw, and then they started fighting again. After Claire separated them a few times, it ended up in that situation again. In the end, Claire finally gave up. She stood up and then leaned on a tree, watching the little two guys scuffle helplessly.

"Claire, what, what's going on?" Summer stuttered out.

"I don't know either." Claire shrugged helplessly. "But one thing's for sure, the two little guys seem to have some kind of enmity."

These words made everybody else feel more incredulous. Just when the small round ball had been born, it seemed to recognize White Emperor and even seemed to have some kind of shared, deep hatred. The two started fighting immediately. How could it be explained?

"Then, then what do we do now?" Camille was also somewhat helpless. On the ground, one small white creature and one small black creature were having a scuffle.

"Let's go." Claire shrugged, leading them away. Everybody was confused. Was it ok to just leave behind White Emperor and the so called deity beast or small creature whose species they didn't really know?

Claire walked without glancing back even once while everybody else was confused as they followed her from behind.

White Emperor and the round ball stopped what they were doing when they saw everybody leaving. One hopped as it chased after Claire while the other flapped its wings.

The two little things quickly raced forward, each taking over one of Claire's shoulders. They glared at each other, both looking like they were itching to get it on, about to fight at any time.

"This is a deity beast?" Summer frowned and humphed.

Everybody ignored her, but the meaning in their eyes was clearly no.

Only Claire knew that the black, little round ball was definitely not simple!

After the group returned to the camp and Summer saw the situation, she was so angry, she started kicking things. Even when they had been fighting so intensely, they never saw the uneducated black dragon. It turns out, he had actually plugged his ears and was sleeping!

Summer dashed over and started shouting. "You uncivilized dragon!" She grabbed Ben's shoulders and started shaking him awake with courage even she didn't know she had.

"Ah? Ah? What is it?" Ben's voice was like thunder as he asked in a loud voice while opening his eyes.

Summer pulled out the things Ben had used to plug his ears and snarled at him, "You actually just slept here. Do you know that just then, we almost died? Claire also got injured seriously and almost died."

"What?" Ben gave a start. He turned to Claire in shock, but then calmed down. "Isn't she fine?"

"That's because we had a healer, Leng Lingyun, there." Summer was even more angry when she saw Ben's attitude.

Claire stopped Summer from continuing her rampage. She sat down and said quietly, "Alright, Summer, we already had the agreement that he couldn't do anything lightly. Although just then it was very dangerous, everybody is fine right now."

"Oh? Claire, where did that little black ball on your shoulder come from? One black, one white, how amusing." Ben asked curiously, suddenly noticing the two lil' things on Claire's shoulder.

"Just picked it up somewhere," Claire said casually.

"Peep peep!" The black ball waved its little claws, seeming like it was very unsatisfied with the way Claire spoke. Just when the black ball called out, White Emperor chirped threateningly, waving its own claws, like he was giving a warning.