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 Nobody saw that at this point in time, Dong Fenghou had just woken up and was mumbling something. He was always painfully slow. Even when Claire had already been wounded and Leng Lingyun was being controlled, he still didn't fully understand what was going on. Now he finally understood and felt like he should do something.

"It's a low level earth elemental fairy!" The magician's voice finally sounded frantic. "They have a summoner!" Only then did Walter understand that the muddle headed Dong Fenghou was using his summoning skills.

Their voices exposed them. How could they let this chance go? Qiao Chuxin's arrows were clustered so densely, they were like raindrops as she shot them. They could hear the frequent explosions of arrows hitting the barrier, showing the strenuous efforts of that magician.

Leng Lingyun really wanted to do something, anything, but once his light attributed magic was used, then the surroundings would brighten and give them the chance to control them again. He crouched down and clenched his fists so hard his knuckles whitened. It was the first time he felt a sense of defeat.

"Ah, what's going on?! Why..." Their voices were fearful and uneasy, and then they quieted down.

A sliver a smile appeared on Walter's lips. The darkness was his domain. Only when there was darkness could he be in his element. They were too careless dealing with only what Dong Fenghou had summoned while neglecting the mass of Dark Qi that was approaching them silently in the night. The Dark aura was Walter's best magic for screwing people over, carrying Dark Qi that could paralyze people.

Because of the loss, the strong warrior lost focus for a moment. It was only a slightly distraction, but Jean took this opportunity! A small step towards victory!

"Humph!" Walter sneered, then stood up immediately. With a wave of his hand, all the Dark Qi dispersed and the surroundings gradually turned hazy and then brightened. The deity beast egg floating in the air was still slowly turning, casting rainbow rays and brightening the surroundings.

Everybody looked up, astonished, at the four people before them who were twitching on the ground, unable to move. The twin sisters' feet were gripped tightly by four little hands, so tight there were faint red marks on their feet. Sure enough, they were low level earth fairies! They were summoned by Dong Fenghou.

"Ah..." a painful cry suddenly sounded right after. Everybody turned to look and saw that one of the formidable warrior's hands were chopped out by Jean, blood flying everywhere. Also, the giant axe had fallen to the ground. Without giving the warrior any chance to even breath, Jean agily skewered the warrior's, pinning him to the ground. The warrior's eyes widened, blood seeping out of his mouth as he stared unflinchingly at Jean, still alive.

"Elder brother!"

"Elder brother!"

The paralyzed people cried out mournfully, their voices sounding somewhat pitiful, because their whole body had been paralyzed, meaning their tongue was on the verge of becoming numb too.

"Hehehe..." Walter smiled darkly, breaking into a run. The paralysis effect had a time limit, so of course they had to finish them off during that time.

Li Mingyu carried the weak Claire and also followed Walter. Feng Donghou, that slow guy, was still crouched on the ground and continuously mumbling to himself while waving, still summoning low grade earth fairies to pull on the twins' feet. Later on, this slow guy was shouted at by Summer and Qiao Chuxin, but then Camille said, how smart can someone who summoned giant sea beasts to submerge a city just because he was tied up be? Only then did Summer and Qiao Chuxin let the pitiful, innocent looking Dong Fenghou off.

Everybody rushed over, watching the number of people on the ground. Every person's expression was grieved or hateful. They all stared unflinchingly towards Jean. Jean still hadn't pulled the sword out of the warrior's chest yet.

Li Yuewen charged forward at the very front, looking furious. She pulled out a dagger, preparing to viciously stab them in their chest. The twins showed fear in their eyes. It was the first time death had felt so close.

Unexpectedly, Walter called out at this moment, "Wait!"

Li Yuewen furiously turned around and sneered, "What do you mean? Did you fall for these twins or something?"

"How's that possible?" Walter frowned and said disdainfully, "Killing them just like that is letting them off too easily."

Hearing this, Li Yuewen's expression changed, but she continued with her actions. She stabbed viciously into the wrist of one of the women. Blood flowed and the woman screamed. Li Yuewen pulled out the dagger and then stabbed through the other woman's wrist.

"What you said was correct, directly stabbing them to death is letting them off too easily," Li Yuewen said through clenched teeth. She stood up and kicked the woman's wrist wound, then cruelly applied pressure. The woman showed a painful expressed, cursing in a low voice. No one understood Li Yuewen's current state of mind. Ever since she had wounded Claire without meaning to, she had felt endless regret and was drowning with guilt. During the time she had spent with Claire, she had already deeply taken a liking to what appeared to be a vile brat.

"Jean, kill that warrior." Claire said quietly and emotionlessly.

"Don't! Please don't." The four paralyzed people on the ground all had remorseful and begging expressions.

"I hate people like you the most! Shameless, pah!" Summer kicked the magician, who was closest to her, and shouted angrily, "You all act like killing others is fine, completely jolly. Even if someone begs for their life, you definitely won't spare them. But once it's your turn to be killed, you start crying for your mom, begging for forgiveness. Why do we have to forgive you? You kill as you please, so why can't someone else kill you as they please?"

The four people lying on the ground were suddenly ashen faced, eyes full of despair. The knew that tonight, they were finished.

Jean was expressionless as he pulled out the sword from the warrior's chest with force. He raised it high and with one swing, the warrior's head was chopped off. The blood flew everywhere and the black surface of the water was dyed red. The scene was completely abnormal.

"You bastards!" The thin magician clenched his teeth, his eyes full of animosity. They had never thought that there would actually be a day when they would be defeated and didn't believe that their incomparably strong elder brother's head would be chopped off even more so! But now they were completely bound and unable to move. They had never been in such a dangerous situation!

"You're even lower than bastards." Summer stepped on his face and like Li Yuewen, pressed down hard. She thought to herself, if she had stabbed and wounded Claire, then she wouldn't know what to do.

"Kill them all now. The deity beast is about to come out." Claire frowned, her words a little strained.

"Yes, kill them now. The paralysis effect doesn't last that long." Walter pulled out his own dagger and crouched down. Instead of piercing their vitals, he aimed at their limbs and abdomen. Immediately, blood splattered, creating a thin bloody mist along with low miserable cries. At first they cursed in rage, but their voices slowly turned weak and then slowly turned into voices begging for forgiveness. But Walter remained unmoved. There was wrath and hatred in the depths of his eyes that nobody saw, especially when he was slashing the twins. Walter was even more vicious as he pierced the twos' palms. They low, painful cries continued on unceasingly. The situation was cruel and bloody, but nobody did anything to stop him. Including the Temple of Light's Divine Prince, Leng Lingyun. Leng Lingyun watched everything coldly, without any indications of stopping Walter. They deserved to die. As for how they died, he didn't care.

Summer already couldn't stand the bloody scene before her. She turned around and crouched down, vomiting. But everyone else watched indifferently, remaining unmoved.

"Alright, Walter. There's no need to waste time." Claire said softly. Walter humphed coldly. Only then did he slit each one of their throats.

Right after he finished, Walter stood up and sighed. He turned, preparing to ask about Claire's condition, but was met with Leng Lingyun's clear, cold eyes.

"You are a Dark magician?" Leng Lingyun's faint and icy voice sounded quietly, carrying an unknown meaning.

Walter became petrified. Behind him, a cold wind blew, a chilling nip in the air. Just then, the situation was urgent and he made his move hastily. Now he remembered that Leng Lingyun was also in their group. The pretty boy was a high ranking person in the Temple of Light, high ranking person... the chance of danger was actually really high. He had already died because of Leng Lingyun; Walter really didn't want to repeat that fiasco again. Most importantly, he didn't have a Spiritual Stone that his soul could attach to this time. Walter slowly took a few steps back, watching Leng Lingyun alertly.

Leng Lingyun didn't say a word. He just calmly stood there, silent as he watched Walter, the cold, clear light in his eyes making Walter shudder. Everyone else also instantly went quiet. They all watched without saying anything. Light and Darkness were forever enemies, as incompatible as water and fire.

The atmosphere was on edge. Everybody was nervous and stiff.

Finally, a voice broke the standoff.

"Yes, he is a Dark magician," Claire said lightly. Although her voice was soft, it was incomparably resolute. "If you want to fight against him, I won't allow you."

Everybody saw the pale faced Claire with different expressions. Walter didn't say anything. He only stared straight at the resolute Claire, a warm feeling rising in his heart.