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 If it was anyone else stabbing, then Claire would have been able to dodge! But the person stabbing was Li Yuewen! Li Yuewen could take Claire's life without any notice. She had this kind of capability!

In an instant, Camille reached out without any hesitation, blocking. The dagger fiercely went through Camille's hand and also stabbed Claire!

"Yuewen! What are you doing?!" Li Mingyu cried in surprise, looking incredulously at the vicious Li Yuewen.

Li Yuewen stared at her hand, her gaze also filled with disbelief! She actually attacked Claire!

The dagger was whipped back. Camille's hand was filled with blood as Claire became unsteady, then slowly slid down. Leng Lingyun grabbed Claire to support her. Meanwhile, blood continuously gushed out of her back, rapidly dying Claire's clothes red.

"What's going on?!" Walter shouted fiercely.

"I, I didn't, I..." Li Yuewen's gaze was full of shock. She stared at her hand, unable to speak properly.

"Ahahaha... truly interesting." Shrill laughter came. "Who's next?"

Li Yuewen's eyes widened, full of astonishment and fear! Her body was moving on its own! It was moving without her meaning to!

"It's those two women! She's controlling Yuewen's body!" Li Mingyu immediately came back to his senses, whipping his head to look at them.

Leng Lingyun's face turned cold. He frowned deeply. He supported Claire with one hand while continuously casting healing magic with the other.

"Chuxin, quickly shoot those two women, they can control your body! Hurry!" Summer cried out in alarm frightfully, fearing that she herself would be the next target. If she did anything to harm Claire, then she would definitely not forgive herself!

Even without Summer saying anything, Qiao Chuxin knew what to do. She was already aiming at the two women. But just as she drew the bowstring to full length, Qiao Chuxin stopped her actions.

"Chuxin? Chuxin?" An ominous premonition arose in Summer's heart as she called out anxiously.

"Hurry, hurry up and go now!" Qiao Chuxin's voice was completely frenetic.

At this point in time, Li Yuewen's body relaxed. She could move herself now. The restrictions on Li Yuewen's body was not gone, but now Qiao Chuxin's body was being controlled instead!

Qiao Chuxin's eyes were full of shock and worry, but her body moved swiftly, completely out of her control, aiming an arrow.

Walter let out a yelp, hurriedly setting up a barrier.

The sound of an explosion, a bang, sounded within the crowd. Lightning magic exploded past, naturally hard to receive.

"Ahaha, how entertaining." The two women laughed, eyes full of bloodlust and joy. At this point in time, the other archer had stopped what he was doing. He was standing at the side, looking very indifferent. Evidently, he had much faith in the two women. Meanwhile, the magician was attacking with many small little fireballs of small power that were neutralized by Walter easily. But Walter and the rest were already beaten and exhausted in any case.

Li Mingyu had already hit away Qiao Chuxin's bow. Without a bow on hand, Qiao Chuxin's fighting power was greatly reduced.

Leng Lingyun was also starting to look a bit unsightly. He never expected them to be able to control people's bodies. What were they using to control? Spiritual control? No! If it was using spiritual control, then the people controlled would have been delirious. But just now Li Yuewen and Qiao Chuxin were very clear minded! Then what were they using to control others?!

"How boring, switch!" The twin sisters saw that Qiao Chuxin's bow was on the ground after being hit and were currently preparing to switch to another person to control.

After they said these words, Walter's group started becoming restless. The unease rapidly rose.

"Ah..." Claire slowly woke up at this time.

"Claire, are you alright?" Leng Lingyun asked worriedly, seeing the pale Claire.

"I'm fine..." Claire replied weakly, but she understood that if it weren't for Camille blocking the attack, then her heart would have already been pierced. If it weren't for Leng Lingyun's timely healing, she would have definitely died of bloodloss! She had brushed past the god of death this time!

"Don't make any sudden movements. Your wound..." Before Leng Lingyun finished speaking, his expression changed, because he instantly felt something was wrong with his body! The twin sister's target this time was actually him!

"Ahaha, Handsome, quickly kill the woman next to you, come to us instead." The twin sisters laughed wildly, swinging their hips. Their revealing clothing became even more revealing after these movements.

Everybody's expressions changed greatly. They all knew how strong Leng Lingyun was! Li Mingyu wrested Claire from Leng Lingyun as fast as possible and hugged her tightly, watching Leng Lingyun alertly.

Leng Lingyun frowned deeply. His body hadn't moved, but his whole body was trembling slightly. It seemed like he was resisting some kind of power.

"What? He can actually resist us!" The twins cried in surprise. Then the two stood up, their hands clasped together as they started to make strange movements.

Leng Lingyun frowned more deeply. It was very apparent he was fighting with all his might against the power trying to control him.

Claire laid weakly in Li Mingyu's embrace, however her eyes were watching alertly. It couldn't continue like this! If it continued like this, then they would definitely lose! What exactly were they using to control people's bodies? It wasn't spiritual! Because the people controlled were very awake. Then what was it?

At this time, Walter was dealing with the magician's small fire balls. The concentrated cluster of fire balls lit up the darkness. Jean was still fighting against the warrior, too busy to spare any attention. It a high level fight, one distraction could take your life! Jean knew very clearly, if he lost, then there would be one more powerful for Claire, so he couldn't lose!

"Go! Go now!" Leng Lingyun said resolutely through clenched teeth.

"What magic is that exactly?" Camille asked skeptically. He was a bit unsmiling, frowning slightly, but he had no indications of running away. He knew running was no use.

"That uneducated black dragon, why doesn't he come at this crucial time?" Summer was so worried she was about to cry. It was so loud over here, so why was that uneducated damn black dragon still not here?

"Hahaha, Handsome, don't struggle anymore, come to us." Everybody heard the twins' creepy laughter.

"Claire, what do we do now?" Summer sobbed, looking at Claire.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen were solemn, watching Leng Lingyun alertly. Li Yuewen tightened her grip on her dagger. Internally, she had made a decision: it seems that they could only take care of him first!

"Shadows! They're using our shadows to control us!" Claire hurriedly said, enduring the acute pain from her back.

Everybody froze. They had frozen too from shock. The twins' minds went blank and in that instant, Leng Lingyun immediately struggled free.

They realized immediately that it wasn't spiritual control, but using shadows to control! No wonder that magician kept on casting small fire balls with little power to attack! In turns out that the low grade magic wasn't to hurt them, but to cast light and make their shadows more distinct! It was for the two twins to make their moves!

Walter couldn't bear it anymore. He instantly cast Dark magic and the Dark aura rapidly engulfed the surroundings, spreading out, also covering the light of the round egg. Naturally, their shadows were also engulfed by the darkness.

Leng Lingyun turned to Walter, his gaze icy.

This person who had been with Claire was actually a Dark magician?!

The surroundings became dark. The tiny sparks from Jean and the other warrior clashing in the distance were naturally not enough light. The twin sisters cried out and cursed at their magician, "You idiot, make light for us now. How can we control them without shadows?"

"They have a Dark magician!" The magician called out fretfully.

"Who cares if they have a Dark magician? Hurry!" The two sisters shouted.

But then there was the sound of an explosion along with their cries of alarm. Qiao Chuxin was able to discern their positions from their voices and had already shot quite a few arrows in a row. Meanwhile, their magician had sensed something off about the air flow and had set up a barrier.

"Hide behind the trees!" Li Mingyu immediately urged in a low voice. Since Qiao Chuxin was able to shoot, their archer could also know their position!

Everybody swiftly hid behind trees. Sure enough, a few fire arrows whistled as they flew and ended up where they had been standing moments before.

Walter's delicate face was currently completely nasty. Just thinking about when Claire on the verge of death drove him mad. They actually dared to mount such a despicable attack! Walter hid behind a tree and peeked his head out. Slowly, he started to chant in a low voice. A mass of jet black fog slowly floated over.

"Ah..." There were shrieks once more. This time, they were filled with fear and accompanied by the sound of thud of bodies falling to the ground. It was from the two sisters and evidently, they had both fallen.

Walter stiffened. The Dark aura he released shouldn't have reached them yet and nobody else had done anything. What were they afraid of?

"What is this?" The two sister's cried out in alarm.

"Shut up, stop talking. They'll be able to sense our positions," an angry voice quietly berated them.

"What did you f*cking say? Can we move now?" The ear piercing coy voice was full of anger, but after she said this, she regretted it. She was practically telling the enemy, I can't move, hurry up and attack me.