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 Everybody froze. Perhaps it was related to the birth of the deity beast?

"Humph! That's right, it's all because of what your venerable, kind hearted Temple of Light did! Not only did they have to kill them, they trapped their souls!" Walter said darkly. Just hearing it made his blood boil. However, he had never heard about this before. Did the pretty boy make it up? Imposible! As the Temple of Light's Divine Prince, how could he make up something that slandered the goddess of Light?

"I never said that the Temple of Light is honorable and just." Leng Lingyun said coldly.

Walter humphed, not denying it.

"How did you know? Never have there been any records of that." Camille was still smiling gracefully, but internally, he felt remorse that there was actually something that he didn't know.

"This is a stain on the Temple of Light, of course they wouldn't let this true history be leaked out. It's all part of the Temple's collected secret history." Leng Lingyun's tone was extremely cold, completely unfeeling.

Camille stroked his beautiful chin and asked while looking at the marshland, "This marshland is the so called black marshland?"

Li Mingyu looked doubtfully at the black marshland and asked skeptically, "It should be, but why would the deity beast choose to descend here?"

"Perhaps the deity beast doesn't know." Walter said a little darkly.

"We'll know after we stand guard here." Claire looked around and said coldly, "There's so much food on hand."

The surrounding magic beasts suddenly shivered.

As night descended, the group camped about a hundred Li from the marshland. They couldn't stand the marshland's putrid smell when they were close. There was a large empty space around them because the magic beasts didn't dare to be close.

Li Yuewen was a bit at a loss for words seeing Claire's actions. Claire had dug up all the magic cores from the magic beasts that were killed. Jean and Li Mingyu were roasting meat. Claire brought Ben and Walter to clean out all the magic beasts in the surroundings just for their magic cores. Claire had said, there aren't this many good opportunities, they're all money.

After making a few rounds, the three came back with plentiful profits. Claire dropped and piled up the magic cores right in front of Li Yuewen. "You guys should have an interspatial ring, right? Put it away, later sell it once we're back in a city. They're all fifth or sixth grade magic beast cores, but it should be enough to sell for 200,000 gold coins."

Li Yuewen froze. What did that little girl mean?

"Aren't you training me? Just treat it like it's my learning fee." Claire sat down and said heedlessly.

Li Yuewen suddenly realized. A warm feeling spread through her body. She knew that Claire was making money for her. Claire had still remembered the words of Hua Nantian when they were on the boat.

"Don't assume that this is enough!" Li Yuewen was moved, but she acted angry on the surface.

"I know, just first treat this as a loan." Claire waved her hand indifferent then turned and looked at the marshland. The sky had gradually darkened and the surroundings were slowly engulfed by darkness.

"Light! Ah, there's light!" Summer suddenly stood up excitedly. She looked at the marshlands and waved her hands frantically. As an outstanding thief, Summer was exceptionally sensitive towards anything out of the ordinary. Intuition told her that the light meant something extraordinary.

Of course, Claire had also seen it, the faint glow at the edge of the marshland.

"Let's go and see." Li Mingyu set down a piece of roasted meat and stood up.

"I'll wait for you here. I'm not interested." Ben sat down and didn't move, yawned, then lied down.

"That's fine, keep watch here." Claire nodded and everybody started walking over to the marshland.

As they walked to the edge of the marshland, they were shocked by the scene before them. Amidst the darkness of the night, in the middle of the marshland, rainbow colored light was radiating. Shining in the darkness, it seemed very natural and was like a heart beating.

"How pretty." Summer stared vacantly at the rainbow lights and muttered.

Nobody spoke another word. Instead, they held their breath and watched the mass of rainbow lights attentively.

Suddenly, the light became brighter, radiating more violently. The surrounding magic beasts started getting more agitated, a few even started grunting.

"It's about to come out." Leng Lingyun said in a low voice.

The rainbow lights started to become brighter and brighter. Gradually, the mass of light seemed to be striving to make to breakthrough as it started to shine increasingly brighter while the surrounding magic beasts also became more and more excited. The entire marshland started to become lively.

As the night became darker, the mass of light became brighter.

Slowly and gradually, the mass of light broke through the sludge of the marshland's surface, displaying it's true appearance.

A round, pale white egg floated into the air. The rainbow rays instantly surged in the sky, incomparably radiant, almost making one unable to open their eyes. Everybody squinted as they watched the magical scene unfold. The round, white egg just floated lightly in mid air, slowly revolving, releasing rainbow colored, magnificent lights.

Oddly, at this moment, the painful cries of magic beasts came one by one. In an instant, a thick, bloody smell permeated the air.

Someone has come! Claire's gaze turned cold. It seems it wasn't just them; someone else had gotten wind of the situation and came!

The next instant, there was a string of footsteps. With the rainbow lights, everybody saw five people appear, three male, two female. From his clothes, they could tell that the rugged tall man was a warrior. He had a giant axe on his back and was scratching his black chest hair. Another was a thin male magician with a reedy complexion and hawkish nose and eerie beady eyes. Then there was a male archer of slim stature, ice cold expression. But they couldn't tell what class the two similar looking women were. They were twins.

The two groups faced each other.

"Oho, someone actually came before us. But it doesn't matter, dead people have no way of going against us." The formidable looking warrior scratched his dark chest hair and said disdainfully.

Meanwhile the skinny archer had already starting aiming silently. Without any warning, he released the bowstring.

The approaching "Swoosh..." sounded alarms for Claire's group! This attack was definitely not simple! Also, most importantly, the slim archer didn't even notch an arrow! What did this mean? It meant that they were the same as Qiao Chuxin, they used a magic bow! And from their posture just then, it was evident that they hadn't even used thirty percent of their power!

"Bam!" The arrow burst into the night air.

Leng Lingyun immediately set up a barrier, blocking the attack. The arrow exploded onto the barrier. It was a flame arrow!

Immediately after the arrow exploded, a coy female voice reproached, "Ah, damn you, don't hurt that beautiful man! Leave him to us sisters!"

"When can you two have better tastes? You guys took a liking to that pretty boy? Only people like me are considered men. Look at my muscles, look at my chest hair!" The warrior with the big axe on his back said peevishly.

"Pah! You look like a bear! How can you and that beautiful man compare?" Another voice that was so coy you would shiver said angrily.

"F*ck! I, your father, will now turn that pretty boy into mince meat, let's see how you'll like him then." The formidable warrior roared, grabbing his battle axe and then directly bounded over to Claire and the rest abruptly without going around the marshland. Instead, he stepped directly into the marshland! He stepped in the marshland with his giant body, but didn't sink down! Instead, he ran over powerfully, lightning fast!

Claire's expression changed. She knew that they had met strong enemies today!

Tonight, there was going to be a bitter battle!

As the formidable warrior howled as he bounded over, Jean's expression went cold. He nimbly pulled out his sword to meet him face on.

Then came the clanging of weapons clashing, sonorous in the night.

Then came the sound of an explosion. Their magician had released attacking magic. Unexpectedly, he was also fire attributed. Just when Jean and the bear like warrior clashed, the magician attacked Jean underhandedly. Naturally, Claire also immediately cast magic and intercepted it. As the magic from the skinny magician clashed with Claire's, they exploded in mid air with countless sparks flying, making the surroundings even brighter.

Their archer shot another arrow and there were even more explosions. Leng Lingyun erected a barrier, blocking the archer's magic arrows. The arrows exploded onto the barrier. Qiao Chuxin's gaze instantly turned coldly. She speedily aimed at the other archer.

Qiao Chuxin's magic arrows whistled through the air as they attacked. The other archer froze for moment. Evidently, he didn't think that the other archer would also use magic arrows. Instantly, their magician erected a barrier and blocked Qiao Chuxin's magic arrows. The zapping sound of the magic arrow hitting the barrier could make one's hair stand on end.

"Oho, the people we're facing this time have got some substance." One of the twins said in surprise, covering her mouth.

"Stop wasting your breath, hurry up and do something." The skinny magician was completely solemn. He cast magic using his hands with low grunts. He could already cast magic without chanting incantations!

What made even Claire shocked was that the robust warrior fighting against Jean was emitting silver Dou Qi! He was a Sage warrior! Jean was also having a bitter battle.

Summer gulped as she shifted to hide behind Claire. Just as she was about to say something, Camille's cold voice came. "Claire, protect me."

"Aren't you an assassin king? You still need someone to protect you?" Summer said disdainfully.

"Fighting straight on isn't my strong suit after all," Camille said self righteously, then was about to gracefully move stand behind behind Claire. Graceful movements, but not graceful actions.

"You!" Summer said coldly. She was about to say something, but was shocked frozen by what happened next.

A cold glint flashed, a sharp dagger about to viciously stab Claire in the back!