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 "Elder sister, it's true, there really is a deity beast about to be born, believe me. The magic beasts that are guarding there want to kill the newly born little deity beast. Quickly, or else it'll be too late..." His weak voice was very, very low, but Claire could hear is completely clearly.

Claire stood up and walked straight into the room. She saw the angry face of Riya who was reprimanding the weak young man lying on the bed. The young man was still attempting to explain. Seeing Claire enter, Riya immediately curbed her anger, softly saying embarrassedly, "Benefactor, why did you enter? It's very messy here. Also, thank you for your friend saving my only little brother.

Claire waved her hand, disregarding Riya's words. Instead, she looked at the young man on the bed. "You said there's a deity beast about to be born?"

The young man fell silent seeing Claire.

Seeing this, Riya became anxious. She started to angrily rebuke the young man. "Our benefactor is asking you a question! If it wasn't for benefactor saving you today, would you brat even be alive? The healer who just saved you is benefactor's friend!"

Claire stopped Riya from continuing to rebuke. Instead, she asked, "You wanted to find the deity beast and then sell it? Are you lacking in money?"

"Nobody stays in this region. I want to earn some money and then settle somewhere else with elder sister." The young man said, looking straight at Claire. Riya's expression became complex. This place was indeed unsuitable for they two siblings to live in. Today, such an incident had happened, but fortunately they had been saved by the young man before them. But what about next time? Who have a timely appearance and save them?

Claire pulled out two golden banknotes and handed it to the young man. "Where is the deity beast? Take this, go settle in Niya city and run a small business. I will give you a letter of introduction, go to the city lord's manor and find the surrogate city lord, he will make arrangements."

"We, we cannot accept this." Riya hurriedly waved, refusing it.

"Treat it like your little brother sold me information for the deity beast. Although Niya city is not large, it's very suitable to live in. You should go once your little brother's body recovers. This place is not suitable for you to live." Claire hadn't withdrawn the golden banknotes as she said these words while watching the young man.

The young man didn't hesitate at all and took the money from Claire. He watched Claire as he said, "You believe that there's a deity beast? You believe me? Even my elder sister didn't believe me."

Claire nodded."I believe you. Speak, where was it?" she asked.

"Head north after you enter the Mountain of Lost Souls, it's in the marshlands there. When it's night time, it will shine in the middle of the marshlands, that's the little deity beast who's about to be born. There are many magic beasts guarding in the vicinity because they eat the young deity beast right after it's born to absorb its power. If you're going to go, go quickly. It's definitely a deity beast, only deity beasts shine like that, only deity beasts can attract so many magic beasts." The young man said hurriedly in one breath and was a bit short of breath.

Claire turned and said to Riya, "Okay. Give me pen and paper, I'll write a letter for you to bring to Niya city."

Riya was a bit shocked. Although she felt doubt, she still got a pen and paper. Claire quickly finished writing and then said to Riya, "We'll be going now. Be careful on your way to Niya city."

After she finished speaking, Claire turned and left. Riya stared blankly at the letter in her hand and then looked at Claire's about to disappear figure. She asked hastily, a bit reluctant, "Can, can we see each other again?"

"Go to Niya city then. Perhaps we might have the chance of seeing each other in the future." Claire waved lightly, then disappeared from the two siblings' view.

In the garden, everybody saw Claire come. Claire looked at everybody, smiling faintly. "Let's go. To the Mountain of Lost Souls."

Everybody nodded and got up at the same time, following Claire.

As they left the town, Walter was rolling his eyes, his face dark. Could someone tell him why that pretty boy was following? Claire also wanted to know what was with the situation. Why was Leng Lingyun looking like it was completely normal he was following her?

"Um, Leng, Leng Lingyun, didn't you have some business coming here? Since you aren't here to bring me back to the Temple of Light, then..." Claire didn't finish the rest of her words.

Walter continued Claire's words for her hatefully, "Since you didn't come here to find Claire, then do your own business, what are you following us for?"

"Isn't the Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps missing a healer? Now I can be considered a member of Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps." Leng Lingyun astonished them with a smile on his face.

Walter's mouth was wide open, his eyes bulging, looking like a person who had been hanged.

Claire's expression was also exceptional. What was that supposed to mean? The honorable Divine Prince actually said that he was now a member of their mercenary group? What a joke! Wait a minute! Claire suddenly realized, how did Leng Lingyun know their mercenary group's name? Claire turned and looked at Camille. Camille smiled gently and said harmlessly, "Commander, not having a healer in our group is a huge headache. Think about how problematic it would be if there was a mishap and one of us weren't healed in time."

Seeing Camille's harmless and gentle smile, Claire suddenly realized that it was this guy who had recruited Leng Lingyun on his own. But, thinking of this, Claire had a headache. Leng Lingyun and they were completely different people, what was he doing mixing with them? Also, what was Leng Lingyun's objective? Why he would come here was a completely mystery.

Seeing Claire at a loss, Leng Lingyun felt it was a little funny. His existence was a headache for her? Thinking of his agreement with Xuanuan, a complex mood flashed through his eyes. Although he was a bit interested in Claire, it wasn't so much that he would follow her around and try to find out everything about her. He really didn't understand Xuanxuan's request. That child was always sensible, but now she asked for such an unreasonable request. Her eager and concerned gaze made him unable to refuse her. There weren't any big with the Temple of Light lately, but when he was about to leave, he was stopped by the pope.

"Are you going to find Claire?" The pope's profound smile was still imprinted in Leng Lingyun's mind.

Leng Lingyun nodded, not know how the pope knew.

The pope gave a strange order to Leng Lingyun. "Go, you don't need to any work for the Temple of Light. Your only task now is to follow Claire, to understand her."

"Why? Why can he become part of the mercenary group without getting the commander's permission?" Walter shouted unhappily.

"I am the secondary commander." Camille said to Walter while looking at him and smiling gently. But the dangerous sliver in his eyes shut Walter up.

Walter already knew that the gentle and harmless looking guy in front of him was actually an assassin and not only that, he was an exceptionally proficient assassin. He didn't want to die in the middle of the night one day. Walter shut his mouth by himself, silently withdrawing to the side. The only person with complaints stopped. Of course, everybody else didn't have anything to say. Claire didn't speak either even though she was still against it.

And so, the group left. The person with an uncomfortable expression was Walter, while the person who felt uncomfortable in their heart was Claire.

"Eh? Magic beasts!" After a long time, everybody finally found something odd. The more they went forward, the more magic beasts there were. The ones not far in front of him were all low class level magic beasts, crouching in groups, not daring to enter. There were a few high level magic beasts further ahead. There were more dense amounts of magic beasts the farther ahead you went and their levels were higher too.

Claire's heart sunk. She knew that the young man's words were probably all true.

"Roar!" The wind leopard roared because it saw that the low level magic beasts in front of it actually blocked it and didn't move. It was a huge insult to it, a seventh grade magic beast.

The low level magic beasts all started trembling when they heard the wind beast's roar, but they still didn't have any indications of leaving. They only trembled in place and didn't move.

Seeing this, astonishment flashed in everybody's eyes. What kind of deity beast was going to be born in the marshland? It was actually appealed to the magic beasts so much that they were guarding here with their life on the line.

"Look like we got lucky today." Walter wiggled his eyebrows and laughed hehe.

Claire turned and said to Ben softly, "Ben, make way." There was no point in taking their lives. It was fine if Ben just opened up a path.

Ben stepped forward and made a low roar, releasing dragon pressure.

"Awoooo...." The magic beasts in front of them couldn't bear such pressure and finally got out of the way while howling. Ben walked ahead without a word. There were some magic beasts that stubbornly didn't leave that Ben kicked flying with one kick.

The way to the marshland was full of magic beasts. After Ben cleared a long path, everybody finally arrived to the edge of the marshland. Only where they stood were there no any magic beasts around. Everywhere else was packed with magic beasts. High grade beasts crowded around the marshland, but none of them dared to attack Claire's group. It was only there was someone with power far above theirs in Claire's group.

The moistness made them uncomfortable along with a rotting odor in the air. Small bubbles continuously gurgled up and popped. Occasionally, small black bugs would crawl on the dark marshland. Walter crouched down, grabbed a stone randomly, and threw it into the marshland lightly. The stone slowly sunk in, a slew of small bubbles appearing at the top of the filthy, black water.

"A deity beast would actually be born here?" Walter frowned seeing the disgusting environment, very perplexed as he asked.

Leng Lingyun stood at the fringe of the marshland, looking at the black water and slowly said in a deep, low voice, "Rumors say that the mountain has a mysterious marshland called the Black Marshlands. Three thousand years ago, Light and Dark believers waged a war in the Mountain of Lost Souls and the Dark believers lost. Two thousand people's bodies were buried at the same time. The Light believers cast an extremely malicious curse, suppressing their souls below the ground so that they would never be able to reincarnate. Two thousand ghosts wailed in anguish every day. Later, the land was turned into a marshland to cover the two thousand ghosts' grief."