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 "Your Majesty!"


Feng Ling and the people guarding beside him all turned pale with fright, acting with confusion they supported him up. Feng Ling said in a hateful: "Don't worry Father, even if Ye Wuchen had the ability to reach the sky, tonight he will absolutely...... impossible to escape!"

"Hehe...... Hehe...... Hahahaha......" Feng Lie's body went limp, he laughed miserably: "What more can we do if he dies, if he died, will the Feng family's God of War ever come back again...... Will the Three Elder God of Feng return...... the four of them, being able to fight against thousands of men and horses...... yet being completely destroyed by him, by just one person like him...... Twenty years ago, Ye family had made me return with defeat, today twenty years after, a younger generation from the Ye family ravaged my Feng family to such extent within just one day...... Ye family, could it really be my nemesis......"

"Father......" Feng Ling opened his mouth, thinking of some consoling words, yet eventually he wasn't able to say it. Such kind of impact, was really quite great for their Feng family, so great that no one will ever be able to bear it. From his childhood until now, Feng Lie always looked dignified with glaring eyes in front of him, handled affair without any fear, large and small challenges he will face them easily, never saw him lose his head out of fear before, earning his respect and fear. And today, the grand wedding being ruined, looking helplessly as Ye Wuchen snatched her away, the first time in his life he was taken hostage, this was already the extraordinary shame and humiliation, however, everything had just started, and few moments ago, Feng Ru died terribly in front of his eyes, Feng ChaoYang died...... the Three Elder Gods of Feng died......

Such catastrophic shock, will he able to endure it!?

Ye Wuchen treaded along the bloody path all the way from the imperial study room as he headed southwards, those densely packed blades and arrows weren't able to stop his footsteps, when he reached the doorway of the imperial palace blood stains were all over his body, but Ning Xue's hair and dress were still snowy white as ever, didn't contain any bit of blood smear. Before on her body surface, there was an invisible protective shield that Ye Wuchen had created using half of his power.

"Get out of the way!!"

With a loud roar, he aimed then leaped up high, throwing himself at the gate of the palace which was completely packed with imperial guards, during the time when his body fell, his right hand already brandished, the Star Chopper Sword produced a fire beam that was mixed with golden light, the destructive force violently rushed forth, below him more than two hundred guards were like being firmly pressed down by Mount Tai under its frantic power, they laid flat on the ground, being squeezed until their faces were changed beyond recognition, even the weapons in their hands were deformed due to the great pressure.

With a "bang" sound, that palace gate which had existed for so many years loudly collapsed, burying those imperial guards who had died horribly deep under the ground.

"Thump!" Ye Wuchen finally fell to the ground, the Star Chopper Sword was deeply pierced on the broken surface of the ground, the ground surface shook a bit, in the surrounding, there was no other man standing, behind him the guards who followed were all stupefied, their bodies trembling, shivering as they refused to step forward. That incomparably miserable way of death had easily smashed out the psychological barrier in their hearts.

"Xue-er...... we can...... go out now......"

He gently remarked, then stood up, his vision swayed. Today, was the first time he killed people. Looking at the ground that was full of dismembered body parts and fresh blood, his gaze was strangely calm. As if, he should be like that long time ago, or he must be a bloodthirsty demon that came to kill the common people.

He finally stepped out of the palace gate, enduring that ripping pain in his body as he run quickly ahead. But before him, wasn't the Tian Feng City that was full of travelers around, but full of people......all with the same suit.

The roads ahead were completely barricaded, neat and tidily lined up with people dressed in copper colored armors, the city guards holding swords and shields. Looking at the distant location, the farthest distance of his vision was still a multitude of people with the same suit, permitting people to believe that these troops were really several hundred meters long, and several hundred meters wide......

All because of him alone.

Ye Wuchen straightened his body, then highly lifted up his head, walking towards these enormous troops which had been waiting for him for a very long time. Behind him, the imperial guards quickly rushed out, approaching his way.

"Your Majesty, Ye Wuchen has escaped out of the palace, now he was already being surrounded by the west city gate army led by General Yue, impossible to escape."

Feng Lie who was incomparably weak suddenly opened wide his eyes, shouted: "Quickly setup the highest observation tower inside the palace! I want to personally witness his death!"

If he wasn't able to personally witness him perish, he will never eat or rest in peace all his life.

An observation tower was quickly put up, until it reached a height of more than ten meters high. On top of it, few units of the best magical binoculars in the entire Heavenly Star Continent were being set up.

When Yue HanDong heard of the command to activate the city guard troops in order to surround just one person, he yelled out that this command was quite absurd, but when he heard that this person had killed Feng ChaoYang, he was stupefied for quite a long time, then quickly rushed out without saying anything further, using his fastest speed he surrounded the entire gate of the imperial palace.

The large scale movement of troops will certainly alarmed the entire Tian Feng City, for a moment people protected themselves, closing the doors of their homes refusing to come out, guessing what might have happened. On the streets no passers-by were present. The sky still haven't completely darkened, yet in the middle of the sky, the half moon was already shining brightly and clear.

Seeing a young man carrying a delicate young girl in his arms, his hand holding a huge sword burning with flame, just like being out of a bloody pool as he walked out, Yue HanDong couldn't believed his own eyes, and the way his heart trembled, he couldn't describe it. Those guards of the city walls who stood firmly in their positions were similarly couldn't control their shock.

Was he the man who killed the God of War?

What kind of a sacred being was he!

For a moment, all the people of these enormous troops were in absolute silence, Yue HanDong, who was the veteran of a hundred battles, the man who was always calm and composed, didn't issue any further command for a very long time.

Behind him, the troops of imperial guards eventually approached, their blades were almost close beside his body. A scarlet bloody red light flickered in Ye Wuchen's eyes. His body which was stained with blood produced a red colored shadow, as he forged ahead against the enormous troops before him.

He used his fastest speed, the terribly fast speed that even the Three Elder Gods of Feng weren't able to respond on time.

Chi chi chi --------

The sounds of the body parts being cut apart were overlapped together, so terrible that it made one's heart palpitate. This time Ye Wuchen was like a blood colored drill bit, using the fastest speed that they unable to accept, he violently pierced through these troops, in the midst of bloody light he rapidly pierced through......

The wave like movement of his hands was so fast that they couldn't be seen clearly, the fluttering of flame before his eyes brought splashes of blood everywhere and heart tearing miserable scream. Beside his ears, the sound of Star Chopper Sword cutting through the armors and bladed weapons, broken limbs and torn flesh flew past, before his eyes, the only thing he saw was the beam of flame emitted by the Star Chopper Sword, he deliberately closed his eyes, increasing his speed to the maximum level, increasing his powers to the highest level, and increasing the speed of brandishing the sword to the extreme level......

The orderly and enormous troops were suddenly in a huge confusion, but Ye Wuchen was like a blood colored meteor, everyone who had died under his sword, the last moment of their lives they only saw a beam of flame, they simply didn't have enough time to launch their attacks, even occasionally there were few people who laid their weapons across their bodies, their bodies and weapons were also being smashed into pieces under this shocking wave of attack.

Thousands of armies were being dispatched just because of only one person, before this event, many people simply believed that this displacement of troops was like a joke, as they came around to observe the situation and ready to join the fun. Yet unexpectedly, the one they faced was not just a human...... but a terrible demon ready to take their lives. In the midst of their astonishment, they suffered from a surprise attack...... the troops of ten thousand people, suffered from a surprise attack made by one person.

With irresistible force he attacked, piercing through in an incomparably savage way, blood spraying everywhere causing them to be terrified, in addition to those miserable cry of despair before their deaths. Tides of people approaching him from the front and back, whether he wanted to forge ahead, or intended to escape, it was simply no other way out. And when he approached, that terrible speed and the energy that caused them to tremble with fear simply didn't allow them enough time to launch their attacks, only to become a part of the bloody path under his feet.

When Feng Lie and Feng Ling stood above the observation tower, holding onto the magical binoculars, outside of the palace walls, those enormous troops were being divided into halves by the bloody red line in the middle, that bloody figure that cut the bloody path into two separate halves was mopping the ground with blood stains, as he quickly escaped, his figure disappeared into the curtain of the night that had began to fall.

The magical binoculars in Feng Lie and Feng Ling's hands simultaneously dropped to the ground, staring with wide eyes, they remained silent for a very long time.

The truly exceptional master will ever fear thousands of men and horses, because not just to mention ten thousand armies, even if it was to be a hundred thousand or a million armies, each time when they attacked a person only a few or more than ten persons will be able to truly charge attacks against him, the other persons could only stood aside to observe. So, before his strength was completely exhausted, he could only use his fastest speed to cut out a path from the troops in order to escape, thousands of men and horses will not be able to trap an exceptional master.

So, facing god-level experts like Feng ChaoYang, the quantity was simply not a threat to him. If he wanted to go, even millions of troops and horses will not be able to hold him back.

And of course, the most important factor was the speed ---- the movement speed and speed of attacks. If the movement speed wasn't able to surpass the troops' movement speed, then it will be impossible to break free from the tangle of the troops, it will drag on until all the strengths have been exhausted then die, if the attacking speed was not quick enough, couldn't be able to clear away the enemies in front during the fast movement, then, the attacks from the opponents will land on the body. In addition, if there was someone with the similar level of strength impeding him, then he will certainly drown inside the armies, without any hope for escape.

From the beginning until the end, Yue HanDong never issued any command, Ye Wuchen merely used more than ten seconds of time, broke away from the surround of ten thousand men, treating these enormous troops which were dispatched just to capture one person as a ridiculous joke.

He despondently walked through the middle of the troops, a bloody path started from the front of the troops, extending until the very end of the troops in a neat and perfectly straight line.

"Quickly chase after him!" with a sudden roar, he awakened numerous city guards from their stupefied state, the enormous troops immediately turned around, shifting their paths towards the direction where Ye Wuchen had escaped. The sound of footsteps weren't as orderly as the moment they arrived, similar to their heartbeats which became confused.

The big effort in a spurt of energy few moments ago, was Ye Wuchen's only way of escape, if he slightly paused a bit in the middle, he would be immediately drowned out by the multitude. He run desperately, his vision became more and more fuzzy, until it turned dull gray. Finally, with a "thump" sound he collided against a wall, because his speed was too fast, that wall violently swayed, then collapsed, Ye Wuchen was being violently flipped out, fell to the ground.

"Ehem, ehem (coughing sound)" Liquids continuously puffed out from his mouth, he wasn't aware of how many times he had already been through this. In a great rush he supported his body up with his hand, the sit up, hugging Ning Xue tightly, and weakly asked: "Xue-er, are you hurt?"

Xue-er lifted up her face, using her strength to shake her head, her delicate face was already full of tears. Ye Wuchen's entire body was stained in blood, but she didn't sustain any bit of injuries, didn't feel any pain. She knew the reason why. She also knew that, if Ye Wuchen was to leave her behind, he would have already escaped, but because of her, he diverted his power, diverted his concentration, even his arms he could only use one.

But, she wouldn't beg him to leave her behind and just leave, because she evidently knew that he wouldn't do it, but instead he will be angry. If she was him, she similarly will not do it.

"Then that's great." Ye Wuchen smiled gratifyingly, then violently gasped for a few more breaths, calmed his heart down, using the remaining strength to recover his injuries. On his body surface aside from those evidently merciful cuts from Feng ChaoYang, he didn't sustain any other injuries, yet internally he was badly hurt, moments ago when he used his full strength to pierce through the crowd, the injuries had worsened a lot, his energy had quickly diminished. A while ago during the acute pain, his consciousness began to break down, and his ultimate escape, was completely relied on the one last breath which wasn't released. At this moment this last breath had been completely drained out, he was already on the verge of collapse.