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 Chapter 251: Ambushed Outside the Mountain Pass

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"Shi Tou, you want to enter this city?" Cai asked.

Shi Mu nodded. He had been roaming outside the cities for a long time. So, he needed to replenish an entire list of things.

The Auspicious River Mountain Pass was spread across a large area. Obviously, it couldn't be compared with the Heavenly Yu City by far. But, it still lived its name... a big city that was located at a defensive frontier mountain pass.

The wall of the city was seventy-or-eighty-feet in height. A kind of dark-red stone had been used to build the entire body of this wall. The wall looked very rough, and it was exceptionally strong as well. In fact, it appeared like a crawling dark-red giant.

The city had apparently experienced a heavy snowfall yesterday. Therefore, the Auspicious River Mountain Pass was covered in a layer of white. This added an exotic look to the city.

Shi Mu looked outside the city a couple of times. Then, he put on a pair of fine clothes, and walked in the direction of the city's gate.

Auspicious River Mountain Pass was the only city within the scope of hundreds of miles. This city had two exit gates - one in the north and other in the south. Also, many small towns and villages could be seen in the vicinity. Therefore, a constant stream of people could be seen flowing into the city from both gates. In fact, a long queue had got formed outside the city's gate.

Shi Mu blended into the stream of people and waited in the queue.

A few soldiers of the Great Qin Kingdom were positioned at the city's gate. In addition, two blacked-robed people could also be seen standing there in a casual manner.

Shi Mu shot a glance at these two black-robed people, and noticed that there was no mark or logo on these two people's robes. But, Shi Mu guessed that these two ought to be the Heavenly Demon Sect's disciples.

The inspection process of the people waiting to enter the Auspicious River Mountain Pass appeared very easy and relaxed. In fact, it was completely different from the Heavenly Yu City's inspection process. So, Shi Mu entered the city very smoothly after he had paid a small entrance fee at the gate.

Shi Mu took a broad view of the city, and noticed that the Auspicious River Mountain Pass's style was substantially different from that of the Heavenly Yu City. Only black-colored rocks were used for building thick and simple turrets of the buildings to maintain uniformity. The city obviously wasn't as appealing as the Heavenly Yu City's majestic beauty. But, this city had a kind of rough and boundless aura.

Shi Mu had learned a few things from the surrounding people while he was waiting to enter the city. This city was divided into two major areas - the north and the south. And, they were connected by a broad black-rock main road.

This black-rock main road was exceptionally wide. In fact, it was wide-enough to accommodate four or five horse-carts side by side. A row of shops could be seen on either side of the street. Also, the stream of people was flowing like a river through this main street. Consequently, this street was full of hustle and bustle.

In addition, there were many second-tier blocks in the city apart from this main street. But, they were far less lively and prosperous than the black-rock main street.

Shi Mu was walking on the main street, while his eyes were looking toward the shops on either side of the street.

He noticed that this street was blessed with all kinds of stores like - leather shop, blacksmith shop, material shop, grocery store, restaurants, and all needed stuff. Moreover, many specialty shops that would sell special products of the Great Qin Kingdom were also there. This was enough to make Shi Mu keep his curious eyes wide-open all the time.

Cai also looked toward the surrounding in an inquisitive manner. He often issued a few shouts out of excitement. And, this made the passers-by cast sidelong glances at him.

Shi Mu felt that the Auspicious River Mountain Pass was different from the Heavenly Yu City in all aspects. Shi Mu was walking on the street with a pet, but this was rather attracting the attention of people towards him.

Therefore, Shi Mu shot a glaring look at Cai in order to make him calm and well-behaved.

Shi Mu noticed that many people of the Heavenly Demon Sect were spread throughout the Auspicious River Mountain Pass. Therefore, he must go to the Heavenly Demon Sect as soon as possible to attend the Demon Yang Ceremony. Moreover, he shouldn't pull the attention of the people if it wasn't so necessary.

"Shi Tou, is there something that you wish to buy from here?" Cai squatted on Shi Mu's shoulder in an obedient manner and asked.

But, Shi Mu didn't give him a reply. He instead stopped in front of a shop that had a wide front. An inscribed board was horizontally hung on the shop's door. It was inscribed with three huge characters - "The Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures!"

The Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures was a store where all kinds of stuff were sold. The size of the store was pretty large. In fact, it alone had four or five forefronts. And, it was evidently superior to the neighboring shops in all aspects... like a crane in a flock of chicken.

The stream of people flowing in-and-out of this store was also considerably bigger than the other shops.

A faint smile bloomed across Shi Mu's face. He took a step and was about to step into the store. But then, his brows creased and he turned around to look towards the left side of the street.

"What happened?" Cai tracked Shi Mu's gaze and looked in the same direction where he was gazing at.

That place was also packed with the stream of people. But, it didn't seem any different from other places.

"Nothing." A suspicious look flashed through Shi Mu's eyes. He had felt as if he had been stared at by someone in a strange manner. But, it was only for a fleeting moment... so much so that even he wasn't very sure whether it was an illusion or something else.

So, Shi Mu looked in that direction only once. Then, he took a step and walked into the shop.

A silhouette slowly walked out on the left street behind a lofty building. He was a young man who was seemingly in his twenties.

He glanced at the Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures. Then, he took out a thing from his bosom and looked at it. A trace of happiness gleamed across his face. Then, he turned around and walked towards the distance with quick steps.

In The Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures... Shi Mu was seated in a private box. And, he had also been served with a cup of tea.

Cai was seated on one side of the table, and was busy choosing a snack of his liking.

Shi Mu put down the cup, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face.

The fact was that Shi Mu hadn't wanted to waste any time. Therefore, he had revealed a trace of his Xian Tian aura when he passed through this shop's gate sometime before. Consequently, he had immediately been led to this private box by the staff.

However, he had also sighed deep in his heart. He realized that strength was the most important thing... no matter where he would go.

A sound of footsteps was heard after some time. The door of the private box made a few 'creaking' sound. Then, a blue-robed middle-aged man pushed-open the door and walked in.

"Such a noble guest has graced us with his presence. Please forgive me for not coming out to welcome you in a proper way." The blue-robed middle-aged man looked at Shi Mu. Then, he greeted him with a broad smile.

"Your Excellency is very modest." An idea streaked across Shi Mu's mind. He poured his spirit sense out of his body, and swept over the blue-robed middle-aged man. He then sensed the strength of the middle-aged man, and realized that he was also a Xian Tian warrior. In fact, his cultivation was somewhere between the Xian Tian primary and middle stage. Therefore, he was almost similar to Shi Mu's present level.

Shi Mu was very much satisfied by this. He had become increasingly aware of the wondrous uses of spirit sense these days.

Unfortunately, the potency of his spirit sense was still very weak. So, his scope of exploration was still very small.

"This friend looks unfamiliar to me. I still haven't asked the friend's respected name?" the blue-robe middle-aged man said.

"Mu Shi," Shi Mu thought something, and gave out a fake name.

"So, you are friend Mu. May I venture to ask what you wish to buy from our Pavilion?" The blue-robed middle-aged also seemed to be a straightforward person. He didn't waste too much time in courtesy. Instead, he jumped straight to the point.

"Mu wants to buy the Qi of some evil spirit... the best one you have," Shi Mu replied.

Shi Mu had already obtained the essence of the ape's blood. So, he only needed to obtain the Qi of some evil spirit. After that, he could start the practice of the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape.

Shi Mu had strongly felt the importance of strength in the battles these days. He had already practiced the Art of Breeding a Heavenly Elephant to its acme. So, he was more focused in enhancing his physical strength now. And, he could achieve that only by practicing the Art of Breeding a Strong Evil Ape.

"The Qi of an evil spirit?" Shi Mu's words took the middle-aged man by surprise.

"What's wrong...? Don't tell me that your noble pavilion doesn't have such thing?" Shi Mu asked.

"Our shop naturally has the Qi of an evil spirit. And, it's a coincidence that our shop has purchased a number of the top-grade evil spirit Qi very recently," the blue robe middle-aged replied.

"Oh, that's great then," Shi Mu said.

"Friend Mu, please wait for a moment." The middle-aged blue robe stood up and walked toward the exit.


A quarter of an hour later... Shi Mu walked out of the Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures with a glittering smile across his face.

The Great Qin Kingdom was worthy of being the base location of the Heavenly Demon Sect. The quality of the Evil spirit Qi they were selling was top-notch. Therefore, he had bought a large quantity of them.

Shi Mu had spent plenty of spirit stones to purchase them. But at the same time, he had also obtained a large number of spirit stones from that plump Taoist man. Shi Mu was a rich man nowadays. So, he didn't care about these spirit stones much at the moment.

He visited several grocery stores in the following time, and bought ample quantities of dried meat and other dry ration.

He stood in the mouth of the street after some time. He glanced towards the surrounding. Then, he turned around and walked in the direction of the city's northern gate.

"We are leaving already?" Cai screeched in a somewhat resentful manner.

"I have purchased all necessary things. So, I don't need to stay here anymore," Shi Mu replied.

"But, I want to go to a restaurant to stuff my stomach with delicious foods," Cai muttered.

"Wait until the next city. Then, you talk about it." Shi Mu said.

Shi Mu didn't know why, but he was gripped with a very restless feeling. In fact, his intuition had made him leave this city so soon.

There were very few people who were departing from the city. So, Shi Mu didn't need to stand in a queue for long. Thus, he was able to leave the Auspicious River Mountain Pass very quickly.

"Hoof..." Shi Mu stood in a remote wilderness at the moment. He gazed towards city that was behind now, and his heart heaved a sigh of relief.

"Shi Tou, what's the matter?" Cai asked in a strange manner.

"Nothing," Shi Mu replied.

His sensing ability had become very keen ever since he advanced to the Star Rank. But, this kind of spiritual instinct wouldn't work always. This rather caused him a considerable headache.

He shook his head, and was about to move forward when...

Suddenly, a thick yellow luminescence flew over from behind at a lightning speed.

Shi Mu was startled by this. He hit his foot on the ground and shifted almost ten feet horizontally. And, he managed to evade the yellow luminescence by doing this.

Bang Bang Bang!

The yellow luminescence bombarded on the ground, and left the ground trembling by its impact. Also, a several-feet-large pit was blown-up in the ground.

The yellow luminescence dissipated and revealed the main body. It was a yellow jade scepter.

A yellow light was flowing on the surface of the scepter. It was emitting bursts of intense waves of spirit power. It was surprisingly a spirit tool.

Shi Mu was surprised by this. He again pointed his foot on the ground, and shot a big distance backwards. Simultaneously, he turned his hand and pulled out the black blade and the short stick. Then, he held them in his hands.

Whiz Whiz Whiz!

A large green wind-blade emerged. It was followed by ten or more wind-blades that were shot directly towards Shi Mu... it seemed as if they were showering on him.

Shi Mu was already in a retreating motion. So, he was unable to dodge the attack this time. He lowered his eyes and let out a low shout.

Then, he wielded his short stick and a burst of white luminescence gushed out of his body. It condensed into a shell-shaped pale-white light-shield, and blocked in front of him.

But, the pale-white light-shield was left shaking violently for a moment as the green wind-blade smashed into it. Then, the light-shield collapsed and dispersed with a loud sound.

After that, a series of 'Ping Ping' sound rang out in the air!

A greater part of the remaining wind-blades were blocked by Shi Mu's black blade and stick. But, a few of them eventually fell on his body. However, his body was being protected by his Real Qi. Consequently, a massive fore surged up, and forced him to withdraw a few steps in quick succession. Then, he stabilized his body and stood firm.

"Boy, you are running very fast. I almost failed to catch up with you!" a cold voice resounded.

Shi Mu was left alarmed by the voice. He looked up and saw that a green-robed middle-aged man stood in front of him. Shi Mu hadn't even noticed him until now. There was a cold and fearless look on the man's face. His eyes were almost similar to a poisonous snake's. And, there was a hint of an ice-cold smile around the corners of his mouth.

In addition, two young men also stood behind this middle-aged man. One of them was the same young man who had been sneaking a look at Shi Mu outside the Pavilion of a Hundred Treasures.

"Is it him?" the sinister-faced middle-aged man shot a glance at Shi Mu as he asked the young man.

"Elder Feng, it's this person only. I can't be wrong," the young man replied in a respectful manner.

"Well, he looks very much like..." the middle-aged man turned his hand and fished out a fist-sized white jade slip. The image of a person emerged on that slip... it was actually Shi Mu's image.

Shi Mu saw the image on the jade slip, and his complexion changed very drastically.

"Well, you wait here. Let me grab this person. You will definitely receive not-so-less benefits," the middle-aged man said.

"Thank you so much, Elder Feng." The young man was overjoyed to hear this. So, he bowed towards him and thanked.

"Who are you? Why did you ambush me?" Shi Mu asked in a low voice. Meanwhile, he assigned his spirit sense away from his body, and swept over these three people. And, his pupil slightly shrank as a result.

There was nothing important to mention about those two young men since they were merely Hou Tian marital warriors. However, the turbulent surge of magic power within the middle-aged man's body could be clearly felt. His cultivation was obviously not trivial. He was actually a Star-grade magician.