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 Chapter Ninety Nine - Seal Soldier

[Layered Wave]!

The white fire rain that was covering the sky gradually started to gather, merging into a white pillar of rain. The rain pillar shook, creating sprays, one wave after another, like an enormous white snake shaking in the sky, continuously shaking its body to attack that red umbrella. The power kept on gathering, kept on increasing!

If it was said that it had been the rain hitting idly the banana leaf before, now it was a storm, the intensity having multiplied.

[Sleeve Umbrella] was still a one-use talisman in the end. It had not been nurtured for a long time. At this time, it couldn't bear the attack anymore and scattered with a boom. [Great Sun Moon Wheel] wasn't a defensive talisman in the first place and was even weaker, basically torn to pieces. The [Sky Net] was also shredded by countless sword energies.

The questions relating to the power of talismans were extremely complex. Other than their grade, it was also connected to the time the xiuzhe spent imprinting on the talisman. Usually, the longer they spent imprinting on it, the talisman would be more nimble and easier to control. The power would also be greater. This was why talismans had to be "nourished". Other than this, some xiuzhe who were skilled in seal formations, as their cultivation increased, they would forge the seal formations inside the talisman.

Like Zuo Mo's Water Drop sword, if it landed on Xin Yan Shibo's hands, and was reforged, it could easily rise to fourth or fifth-grade. But with Zuo Mo's pitiful cultivation, he didn't have the power to control it if it was fourth-grade.

It wasn't always, the higher the grade, the better the talisman. It depended on whether or not the talisman was suitable. The fourth-grade [Yang Emperor Sword] that Lin Yuan had was able to be controlled by zhuji cultivators and was a very rare specimen.

The benefit of a one-use talisman was that it did not need to be imprinted to be used. However, its power was far from the same grade talismans that had been "nourished" for a long time.

People only had limited amounts of time and energy. The more talismans they had, the less they could spend imprinting on each talismans. Consequently, a true expert wouldn't have an abundance of talismans. They would only focus on imprinting a few and rely on those for most of their fights. If they could not easily manipulate their talismans in battle, it was an easy opportunity for their opponents.

Talismans could aid or subdue each other. There were many patterns involved, and it was hard for people to predict all the situations encountered in battle. If they could stock up on a few one-use talismans that did not need to be imprinted, they would get a few more choices. It was the same rationale with paper seals.

However, it was extremely rare for someone to use talismans and paper seals to such an extreme as Wang Shixiong. In the eyes of truly powerful experts, one-use talismans could work in an emergency, but it was too weak. In the lower level fights, this kind of expendable strategy would almost always win.

It was a pity that he had encountered Zuo Mo who had comprehended sword essence!

Sword moves that had sword essence as the core, the power would increase and would surpass the cultivator of the same power level.

Only now did Wang Shixiong suddenly realize in shock that the white flame falling from the sky was not fire, nor rain, but sword energies!

He almost could not believe this discovery. A guy in zhuji, how could he give such a terrifying sword move? But in front of this many people, would Wang Shixiong be content with surrendering like this?

He had his own pride. Red flashed through his eyes. He gritted his teeth. All in!

A gold paper seal instantly appeared on his hand.

"Seal soldier!" Someone from Ling Ying Sword Sect who had been spectating shouted in shock, causing the crowd to rumble. Everyone's eyes were instantly attracted by the little gold paper seal. For the first time, Chang Shixiong had a serious expression. Among the crows, there was also a pair of eyes which suddenly became bright in the shadows.

Chang Shixiong seemed to have perceived it, turning to glance over the crowd.

Yan Ming Zi muttered dazedly, "This is a seal soldier?"

Hu Shan gaped, speechless.

The families of most Ling Ying Set disciples were wealthy. Their experiences and knowledge wasn't something a poor guy like Zuo Mo could compare with. Zuo Mo might not recognize what this seal soldier was, but listening to the shocked murmurs of the crowd, he also knew that it was something magnificently powerful. However, at this time, his chest was filled with the sharp sword essence and he could not retreat!

Wang Shixiong's face was solemn, his fingers moving, and his mouth quickly recited, "Powerful Warrior Protects Master!"

As he finished speaking, a golden-armored soldier three zhang tall appeared beside him.

The features of the golden armored soldier were not clear. His entire body was enveloped inside the golden armor. He was standing without a weapon, but a heavy killing aura swept the whole field, and people couldn't not help but be in awe. The golden armored soldier, as it appeared, turned his head up towards the white rain snake in the sky, his hand pushing up, and boomed,"Ha!"

Everyone felt their ears ring, like someone had taken a hammer and gave a blow to them. Everyone was shocked! Even Chang Shixiong who had been calm all this while slightly changed his expression.

It was like the mighty white water pillar met an invisible barrier and splashed in all directions. Wang Shixiong, who was positioned underneath it, was untouched.

Zuo Mo's chest felt like it was hit. He grunted. A sweet fishy taste spread out in his mouth. He could help but be aghast. What was this?

At this time, he could not retreat. He refocused and once again attacked.


Wang Shixiong, who had been standing underneath the golden armor soldier suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The golden armored soldier towering over him wavered and then vanished like it was an illusion.

"I lost."

Wang Shixiong's face was as pale as powder. He clearly had been wounded. He staggered as though he could collapse at any time.

Zuo Mo finally released a breath. This fight had been really dangerous. If the other had used the paper seal at the start, he would have been the one to lose. His eyes couldn't help but look at the gold paper seal that had landed in front of Wang Shixiong. The gold of the paper seal was much duller than before.

"This seal soldier can only be used one more time." Knowing what Zuo Mo was thinking, Wang Shixiong said.

"Then I'll take it!" Zuo Mo said unhesitatingly. Even though he didn't want to have a grudge with the other, but the impression that this seal soldier gave him was too deep. He had never seen such a powerful, terrifying paper seal!

Wang Shixiong didn't waste words. He threw the seal soldier to Zuo Mo and then a jade scroll. "This is the spell for the seal soldier."

Zuo Mo carefully took the seal soldier and jade scroll. This seal soldier was something that could protect his life. Jingshi was important, but his little life was even more important. Something that could protect his life, the more he had, the better. This guy called Wang might be a bit of a prodigal son, and was of few words, but Zuo Mo felt he was much easier on the eyes than Lin Yuan.

Wang Shixiong walked back among the disciples. He didn't have the energy to mind anything else, dropping to the ground, and sat cross-legged. His wounds were not insignificant.

This battle had really been a series of up and downs. The people who had watched were also alarmed and shocked. Wang Shixiong's loss had caused many of the Ling Ying Sect disciples' faces to turn ugly, especially the two that were up next, whose faces were like dirt. They were far from being as strong as Wang Shixiong, and had less jingshi than him.

Just at this time, Chang Shixiong, who had been placed at the end, walked out. The Ling Ying Sect disciples who had been making a commotion instantly quieted, their eyes looking straight at Chang Shixiong.

Zuo Mo's expression changed slightly. He just had received light internal injuries. This guy named Chang, it could be seen he wasn't a simple character. Was it that he couldn't wait any longer?

Chang Shixiong suddenly turned, beckoning at the two who were up next, "Come here."

The two exchanged a look, hesitated but still forced themselves to walk over.

"You two do not have to fight, you aren't a match." Chang Shixiong said serenely. Turning, he said to Zuo Mo, "Pick two items."

Zuo Mo was in a daze. Looking at the two people, he couldn't help but hesitate.

Chang Shixiong turned his face back, his eyes landing on the two. The two were like frightened rabbits, hurriedly saying, "Chang Shixiong can make the decision!"

Zuo Mo was not polite in demanding a belt and a pair of vambraces from the two. They were pretty good among third-grade items. The two did have pain on their faces, but obediently took it down, handing it off to Zuo Mo.

When Zuo Mo took them, Chang Shixiong said to Lin Yuan, "One [Red Flower Dan], third grade."

Lin Yuan grimaced. Without a second word, he took out a third-grade [Red Flower Dan], throwing it to Chang Shixiong. Chang Shixiong then threw the third-grade [Red Flower Dan] to Zuo Mo. "Heal yourself first."

Finishing, he sat down himself to rest.

Zuo Mo wasn't sanctimonious and shoved the [Red Flower Dan] into his mouth. Up to now, this third-grade [Red Flower Pill] was the highest grade lingdan that he had ever consumed. It turned into a hot stream, spreading through his organs, extremely comfortable. He didn't dare to slack off, channeling ling power to dissolve the power of the medicine.

There was a strange silence. It was like the peace before the storm, making people feel suffocated.

Yan Ming Zi said in a low voice, "Let's move back a bit."

Hearing this, Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er also were startled awake, hurriedly falling back about seven zhang. There were many people who also had the same idea as them. All the Ling Ying Sect disciples seemed to understand each other and all moved back. The only people standing in their original spots were Wen Fei and a few others.

The surrounding xiuzhe watched this migration. However, they did not move. They felt that the distance right now was enough to be safe.

"Ha, they'll regret it later." Yan Ming Zi mocked.

"Yes, the horror of Chang Shixiong, you would only believe it after you experience it personally!" Hu Shan said empathetically.

"Who do you think will win?" Tao Zhu Er asked.

"Do we need to even discuss it? The Scalping Zombie might have some skill but can he compare to Chang Shixiong? Let's hope that there won't be any blood, there isn't anyone here that could stop him... ..." Terror filled Yan Ming Zi's eyes.

"Should we back up a bit more?" Yan Ming Zi shuddered and couldn't help saying.


"That's true," Yan Ming Zi nodded. "Do you have the Spirit Travelling seal?"

"I have two." Hu Shan took out two Spirit Travelling seals.

"Give me one." Yan Ming Zi hurriedly snatched one, holding it in a death grip.

At the side, one person couldn't stop himself, "Do you have to exaggerate so much? Hasn't Chang Shixiong been relaxing and cultivating his personality?"

Yang Ming Zi, Hu Shan, and Tao Zhu Er first paused and then all had sympathy on their faces as they looked at the person.

The person couldn't bear the three's gaze, his face flushing. "Chang Shixiong is always writing sutras everyday. I've seen it myself. He also raises ling beasts... ..."

"So dumb." Yan Ming Zi shook his head.

"Idiot." Hu Shan rolled his eyes and spat out.

"Let's move back a bit more." Tao Zhu Er directly disregarded the person and said to the other two.

At this time, Zuo Mo finally stood up.

Translator Ramblings: The little Ling Ying Sect Sect trio is pretty humorous and a source of information. Zuo Mo has gotten much better at fighting compared to his first ever fight a long time ago.