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 Chapter Ninety Four - Why Do My Eyes Always Have Tears

In the stone room, Zuo Mo's eyes were closed, his legs coiled up. A ball of Stalagmite fire was floating in front of him. Between the milky-white flames, a yin bead could be seen.

His hands continuously formed the spell. Following the changes in his fingers, bursts of ling power were sent into the flame.

The important part of making an yin firebead wasn't ling power but spiritual power. His consciousness carefully controlled the fire. The spell was extremely complicated and Zuo Mo instantly felt a heavy burden, especially when he needed to endure these conditions for about an hour. The pitiful Zuo Mo didn't know that usually making yin fire beads wasn't something a zhuji xiuzhe could accomplish.

No one had told him. Pu Yao didn't tell him. The [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] didn't write of it.

If he knew, he certainly wouldn't have tried.

Sometimes, the ignorant had no fear. Zuo Mo, who had no knowledge, never even considered if his cultivation was enough to make the yin fire beads. Faithfully following the instructions on the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], he carefully worked at making the yin fire bead.

One by one, mysterious light characters were sent into the Stalagmite fire and burrowed into the yin bead. However, there was no change on the Stalagmite fire or the yin bead.

Time slipped away. Sweat gradually formed on Zuo Mo's forehead.

Ling power was being used up too quickly!

Based on this speed, the ling power inside his body would quickly run dry. If his ling power couldn't be maintained, the yin bead would be ruined.

When he thought about it, the picture of the forest of signs in the Free Market proclaiming [Purchasing Yin Beads At High Prices] floated up in Zuo Mo's mind. Something that even jindan were willing to pay high prices to buy, think of the price! The more he thought, the greater his flesh hurt. He seemed to see countless jingshi waving their hands at him and flying further and further away.

Damn it!

As expected, Pu Yao's things weren't reliable! What [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], it was a mistake chapter! What situation was this?

Zuo Mo was panicked, angry and unwilling!

Even though his own life wasn't in danger right now, but so many jingshi waving goodbye to him wasn't any different from being repeatedly stabbed by daggers. If he wasn't still in the process of forging, Zuo Mo probably would have ran over to Pu Yao to start arguing.

Just at this time, in his sea of consciousness, Pu Yao unconcernedly raised his head: "Forging this early? Young people are really full of motivation!" Finishing, he closed his eyes, mind at ease, and listened to his sound tablet.

If Zuo Mo heard this, he would be spitting pints of blood. He was very pitiful, still ignorant of the situation. The only thing he was certain of right now was that he hadn't missed one word.

Yet the situation in front of his eyes was completely different from the description in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. According to the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], he only needed to maintain it for an hour. Right now though, his ling power was almost empty. Was his cultivation not enough? Zuo Mo finally realized the problem, but his realization had come too late.

In the end, he couldn't bear to give up this yin bead, gritting his teeth and persisting. He'll keep going as long as he was able! He couldn't just stand by and watch as the yin bead was wasted. He suddenly thought about how he used his consciousness to monitor the dan during dan-making. He took out a small portion of consciousness to carefully skimp and control the ling power in his body.

The usage of ling power instantly lessened. However, if it kept on going like this, he still couldn't make it!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and divided out another portion of his consciousness to carefully control a small ball of ling power. To avoid conflict with the continuously changing finger motions on his hands, Zuo Mo led the burst of ling power to the Gushing Spring point on the bottom of his feet. If he didn't have this little sliver of consciousness, Zuo Mo basically didn't have the attention to spare to control the ling power. Just the finger motions that could not be stopped were enough for him to deal with. But since he divided his consciousness, he could do three things as once.

The feeling of his head being divided into three was extremely uncomfortable. Just a little while, and Zuo Mo felt his head start to hurt.

This was an extremely familiar feeling!

Previously, when Xin Yan Shibo's sword essence had wounded his consciousness, it had been this feeling. It was that time that he had landed in Pu Yao's trap of [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

But for jingshi! For yin beads!

Zuo Mo endured!

Using all his power, he channeled the little bit of ling power towards the Gushing Spring point. He started to continuously revolve the ling power faster. The ling power started to revolve faster and gradually, it formed into a little whirlpool. There seemed to be suction force coming from the bottom of his feet. The ling energy in the surroundings seemed to slowly move towards the little whirlpool.

This was something Zuo Mo had never tried before. But for jingshi, Zuo Mo didn't care about it that much. Speaking of it, the inspiration for this came from the [Li Water Sword Scripture]'s [Seven Whirlpools]. If this was the speed at which he usually absorbed ling energy, then he would have run out. Without any other solution, Zuo Mo thought of this risky way.

The ling power on his feet quickened and ling energy gradually was suctioned in.

As the ling energy that was sucked in entered the little whirlpool, the whirlpool started to grow, the speed increasing. The ling energy in the surroundings seemed to be pulled, great amounts pouring towards the whirlpool in Zuo Mo's feet.


Zuo Mo inhaled sharply, the Stalagmite fire floating in front of his chest trembling, almost collapsing.

He felt like there were nails coming out of the ground, continuously being hammered into his foot. The Gushing Spring point might be one of the major points in the body, but Zuo Mo had never used it to absorb ling energy before. Using it so heavily right now, it would be strange if it didn't hurt!

But, for jingshi, ge will bear it!

Zuo Mo tragically and furiously continued to channel ling power, speeding up the rate of ling energy absorption. The ling energy from the air, when it was absorbed into the body, needed to go through a process of refining before it can be turned into cultivation. The purer the ling energy, the stronger the power, the more easily it could be controlled and would not influence the mind. Zuo Mo couldn't care that much right now. Impure ling power was still ling power. At least, it could work in a pinch. Right now, he was like a starving man who hadn't eaten in ten years. Any bit of ling energy, he would ravenously pull it in.

With the supply of new ling power, Zuo Mo could finally relax.

The quality of the yin fire bead that would be forged wasn't something Zuo Mo was going to consider at this point. He would thank the heavens and earth if he could just finish.

Ge's life is always so tragic! Zuo Mo was tragically angry. Absorbing the Stalagmite fire, he had almost lost his little life. Forging the yin fire bead, he was in great pain. The piercing pain from his feet, the jerking pain from his consciousness being split in three, the tearing pain from the impure ling power moving in his channels... ...

Why do my eyes always contain tears, because I love the jingshi so deeply... ...

- Still painful!

Zuo Mo was shocked that he had the time for such nonsensical thoughts at this time, but he quickly didn't have the attention. Ling energy, not having been purified, it was much harder to control. The spells that he could easily complete before now became extremely difficult. The interior of his body was at a precarious equilibrium. The slightest shift and the balance would be broken, leading to a complete loss.

Therefore, he bore the pain and the tears, carefully maintaining the equilibrium inside his body.

In the rock room, Zuo Mo was like a whirlpool, the ling energy surrounding him flooding in.

As the ling energy entered his body, the Stalagmite fire in front of him grew.

Zuo Mo's clothes moved despite the lack of wind, flapping around. The sweat on his forehead continuously poured down. Even the dense ling energy in the rock room couldn't endure the ferocity of Zuo Mo's absorption and emptied out. Only the ling energy from the ling vein continuously entered the bottom of Zuo Mo's feet.

The bottom of Zuo Mo's feet were now bright red, like heated metal. If one looked closely, they would discover the rock-hard leg now seemed as though it had epilepsy, contorting and jerking.

When the last spell was cast into the Stalagmite fire, Zuo Mo couldn't stand up anymore, collapsing to the ground.

He was so tired he didn't even want to move a finger. His entire body was like a toad that had been de-sinewed, his limbs doing strange convulsing motions.


As he lied down, he instantly started to wail. The tearing pain of his channels, the throbbing pain from his wounded consciousness, and the piercing pain from the bottom of his feet. They all reminded him how bad his state was.

After wailing for a while, Zuo Mo struggled up and crawled to pick up the yin fire bead.

The grey yin bead now seemed like clear glass. There were strands of white patterns inside, like clouds floating on a blue sky.

So beautiful!

Zuo Mo's eyes became intoxicated. He felt that the pain he had just suffered through was worth it. He didn't know how powerful this yin fire bead was but looking at such a beautiful bead, and thinking about how hard it had been to make it, did he bear to use it to test its power?

Like it was a treasure, he carefully put it away.

He struggled to stand and instantly shouted in pain. At some unknown time, his right foot had swollen into a ball. Just the slightest touch, much less walking, would result in a sharp needle like pain.

It really was people die for wealth, animals die for food!

Zuo Mo thought as he maintained a strange posture as he jumped on one leg out of the rock room.

For this yin fire bead, he had paid a serious price. It was relatively easy to deal with the wound in his consciousness. [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was specifically for healing consciousness wounds. What was more serious was the damage in his channels. He had to run to Fragrant Ginger Yard to find Xu Qing for a few medical dan in order to slowly heal him. Thankfully, for xiuzhe, channel damage might not be usual but it was one of the most common situations so the sect didn't lack for treatments.

When Xu Qing saw Zuo Mo's sorry state, she was very shocked.

Zuo Mo Shixiong's name was now known far and wide. At least, the name of the Scalping Zombie was known in the area around Wu Kong Sword Sect. The wastrels from Ling Ying Sect, it had been quite a few days since they came to harass the sect. Who had beaten Shixiong this badly?

However, it wasn't her place to ask. She hurriedly took out five medical dan, handing them to Zuo Mo. Seeing Zuo Mo take them and turn around, she hesitated, and then weakly added: "Shixiong, it's one piece of third-grade jingshi for each dan. In total, it's five third-grade jingshi.'

The one-legged Zuo Mo's body shook. He almost fell down. He really made a great loss! And right now, he didn't have one jingshi left. He could only wave his hand, deferring: "On the tab!"

One piece of jingshi stumped heroes!

"Oh." Xu Qing nodded and then reminded Zuo Mo: "Shixiong, the payment deadline is in ten days, don't forget! Shixiong is owing, let me see." Finishing, she took out a little book and flipped two pages, reciting: "The materials that Shixiong had been using for dan-making hadn't been cleared yet. Adding on today, in total, it is thirty pieces of third-grade jingshi!"

Zuo Mo felt everything darken... ...

Translator Ramblings: Everything for jingshi! Zuo Mo is really lacking in knowledge. It's a bit like telling a three year old how to make dynamite and telling him it explodes but not anything else.