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Chapter Ninety Two - Yin Fire Bead Chapter

Zuo Mo's body shook like dice. The tendons in his forehead and shoulders were thick like earthworms, they were extremely horrifying.

Pu Yao had come out at some time. Seeing Zuo Mo's state, he seemed slightly startled.

Zuo Mo's body continued to tremble for almost an hour before ceasing.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes and heavily exhaled. His eyes looked slightly uncertain. Just now, he felt that his body seemed to have changed slightly, but as to what had changed, he didn't know. He lowered his head to inspect himself and didn't make any discoveries.

There wasn't any problems with the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra], right? His heart jumped.

"Who taught you this?" Pu Yao's voice suddenly came from behind him.

Zuo Mo jumped in fright. Turning, he released a breath upon seeing it was Pu Yao, "When you were wounded, it was written on the gravestone."

Pu Yao didn't seem surprised. He only nodded his head: "En. Keep practicing."

Zuo Mo's heart finally settled. Since Pu Yao said for him to keep practicing, then there shouldn't be a problem. Even though he had encountered great pain when breaking through one breath with [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], but he had to admit that [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was a good thing. Up until now, Zuo Mo hadn't found a scripture higher in level than [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

"[Fragrance Knowledge] truly isn't suited for you." Pu Yao said something that surprised Zuo Mo enormously. He followed up, "I'll teach you another way to use your consciousness."

Zuo Mo stared at Pu Yao for a long beat. In the end, he couldn't resist asking, "Pu Yao, are you okay?"

Pu Yao didn't pay attention to him, stating, "You still have a dozen or so of yin beads. Your control of fire isn't bad. I'll teach you how to make yin fire beads."

Uh oh, Pu Yao really had been wounded in the head this time! The previous Pu Yao definitely wouldn't do something like this. Zuo Mo looked sympathetically at Pu Yao. Of course, he didn't say anything. If there was something to be gained freely and he didn't take it, then he would be stupid. Pu Yao was now acting stupid, but did he have to follow in stupidity?

He listened extremely carefully, afraid of missing a word.

Last time, yin beads had caused a great disaster in Dong Fu. However, that had also informed Zuo Mo of just how valuable yin beads were. Without a doubt, yin beads were good things! Valuable things! Something that even those jindan experts were fighting over, how could it not be a good thing?

The method of making yin fire beads wasn't complicated but the contents were extremely lengthy. After a while, Pu Yao was impatient and threw a ball of light at Zuo Mo, letting him read the entire [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] by himself.

To make yin fire beads, there were three requirements. The first was yin beads, the second was fire, and the third was spiritual power. The more pure and dense the yin bead was, the higher grade the fire was, the stronger the consciousness was, the greater the power of the yin fire bead produced. The entire chapter was completely about these three points. The density and formation of yin beads were related to the level of cultivation. The manipulation of spiritual power had a crucial effect during the creation of the yin fired bead. But in the entire chapter, most of the contents were descriptions of all kinds of fire seeds and flames.

In this chapter, the descriptions of fire seeds and flames were extremely detailed. It seemed to have ranked all of the fire seeds and flames that could be used to make yin fire beads. One of them was the fire that Zuo Mo dreamed of, Golden Crow fire. Due to the differences in fires, the effects of the yin fire beads made were different. All kinds of rare and strange flames broadened Zuo Mo's knowledge and amazed him.

Until he finished, he was still hungry for more. He had never thought that there would be so many kinds of flame in the world. There were even many strange and relatively unknown flames in low grade flames.

This was also the most detailed and complete scripture that he had encountered up until now. He didn't know which sect the scripture came from. To be able to study fire to this depth, they were really skilled!

As he thought, his heart started to itch and he now wanted to make a few yin fire beads. According to the records in the scripture, as long as he could find a suitable fire, the yin fire beads that he could make would be something that even ningmai wouldn't easily meet head-on. Yin beads, this thing was really too sensitive. Even if he did make yin fire beads, Zuo Mo wouldn't easily use them. However, if he had this as one of his hidden cards, if it was a matter of life or death, it maybe could save him.

Thinking about it, Zuo Mo was even more tempted.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao stood in front of the gravestone, smirking, "You finally couldn't bear it anymore! Three thousand years, your patience finally reached its limits? A guy who isn't willing to abide by your rules, even as old-fashioned as you, you actually compromised?"

The gravestone was silent.

Pu Yao suddenly became excited, sharpness in his blood eye, shouting, "Then why weren't you willing to compromise before?"

The gravestone was still silent.

Pu Yao closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was so calm that he seemed like another person. His alluring and handsome face had faint disdain, "You're dead yet you still want to leave behind your will. When did you become this stupid!" He raised his chin, coldly gazing at the gravestone, "Also, how can I let you do as you please? Dead, then you shouldn't leave anything behind! Hee, such an interesting game... ..."

The gravestone was silent as usual.

Zuo Mo wiped the sweat off his face. He cut a sorry figure, his body covered in dirt and dry leaves. Wu Kong Mountain was situated among a vast stretch of mountains. The places that had some density of ling energy naturally were already occupied. What was abundant was a desolate landscape. Xiuzhe weren't interested in lands that had no ling energy. They also didn't have any use for normal lumber. Other than yao beasts, normal wild beasts were just a lump of meat in the eyes of xiuzhe. Now that every sect raised their own ling beasts, there naturally wasn't anyone who hunted these animals. The woods that were lacking in ling energy, no one usually cared for them.

Zuo Mo was in a poor backwater location now. It was a mountain valley, trees were growing in every direction, most of them were covered in ivy. The high mountain peak blocked the sunlight. This place never saw the sun. The air was filled with a rotting stench. It had been many years since someone had came to this mountain valley. The leaves covering the ground were extremely thick. This kind of place was a breeding ground for miasma but Zuo Mo had prepared and made some first-grade Detoxification Dan.

Over the last few days, he had been making his way through this vast forest. Right now, the elders of the sect were either out on errands or in seclusion. No one was looking over him. He was free and unrestrained. After he had seen the complete method to make yin fire beads, he had the idea of searching for a fire seed.

What he wanted the most was Golden Crow fire. [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] had a high opinion of Golden Crow fire. The yin fire bead that was created with Golden Crow fire would be extremely yang and extremely masculine, astoundingly powerful. But in the short term, he could only think about Golden Crow fire. Before he could find a substitute herb, he couldn't do anything. Even if he found an herb that could work as a substitute, he wasn't very confident that it was possible. It was better that he would first find a low grade fire seed. Anything would be better than the Streaming Fire seal formation in the dan cauldron. If he had a fire seed, he could naturally form flames and create some yin fire beads.

There were many low grade fire seeds that were introduced in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter]. Zuo Mo was extremely motivated.

However, any place that could form fire seeds, it must be a place with plentiful ling energy. If this was in the past, he definitely wouldn't have any way. But now, he had a fourth-grade black gold worm. Even though this method seemed stupid, but Zuo Mo felt it was very plausible. He was full of confidence in this black gold worm. It could even find a place as hidden as the rock room. If there really was a ling vein, it definitely could find it.

But his luck wasn't that good. He specially picked backwater places. After searching in the mountains for a week, he still hadn't discovered anything. Each day, he would start as soon as the sun rose. Occasionally, he would be harassed by animals, yet his hands were empty. It would be a lie to say he wasn't demotivated. But when he thought of Wei Sheng Shixiong, Zuo Mo felt that this little bit of trouble really wasn't anything. He relaxed even more when he thought about it. If it could be easily felt, then he wouldn't have a chance at it.

Looking at the surrounding geography, he decided to try. Taking down a bamboo cylinder slightly thicker than a thumb from his waist, he uncorked it and cast a spell.

The black gold worm climbed out of the cylinder, its antenna nimbly moving and then started crawling deeper into a mountain valley.

Zuo Mo's mind became alert!

There was something!

This was the first time the black gold worm had reacted like this. He had already become suspicious that this gold black worm had degenerated.

He hurried behind the black gold worm, limping as he sprinted. The Water Drop sword quickly chopped in the front. Anywhere it passed, all the branches and ivy turned to pieces and cleared out a road.

Sprinting until he reached the bottom of a cliff, Zuo Mo saw a cave about half a person high. Weeds were growing over the opening. If he didn't look closely, it would be hard to find. Zuo Mo only hesitated a while before bending down and pushing in. The inside of the cave was actually large and vast. The cold wind blew Zuo Mo's hairs on end. He scanned the surroundings. Entering his eyes was stalactites and stalagmites that had formed over thousands of years. The drip drop of water was abnormally clear in the quiet cave.

Zuo Mo quickly found the black gold worm. It had stopped over a non-descript stalagmite.

Compared to those wondrously shaped stalagmites, this stalagmite was only half a person tall, and didn't have anything that could attract a person's eye.

Zuo Mo suddenly remembered a part of the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter] and instantly became excited. He slowly inhaled, calming down his excitement before walking towards the stalagmite.

Under his control, the black gold worm reluctantly climbed down the stalagmite and moved to the side.

Zuo Mo raised the Water Drop sword, and following the top of the stalagmite, gently stabbed in.

The Water Drop sword easily entered. Zuo Mo suddenly had a joyous expression.

Raising the Water Drop sword, a milky-white flame suddenly shot out of the cut!

Second-grade rare fire seed, Stalagmite fire!

Greedily looking at this quietly burning milky-white flame, Zuo Mo restrained the excitement and joy inside. Gathering ling power on his hands, he reached towards the Stalagmite fire!

The spells to gather fire seeds were detailed in [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], even better than the spells Zuo Mo saw in Master's records room. Silently channeling ling power, his hands suddenly became attractive and with a hiss, this Stalagmite fire entered his body.

His expression suddenly became even more serious. Sucking the fire seed into his body didn't mean that he could celebrate. The next step was the truly important one!

Only by taming the fire seed could the fire seed be used.

But even though this Stalagmite fire was just second-grade, but it had passed through countless months, absorbed countless amounts of ling energy, in order to form and grow to this large.

How could it easily surrender?

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