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 Chapter Eighty Five - Coming Up To The Door

Zuo Mo had just finished sorting out his just rented ling garden and dragged his exhausted body back to the Little West Wind Yard. But when he saw the pink little thousand crane, he wanted to faint.

Could she not torment him... ...

Zuo Mo wanted to cry. But this situation wouldn't change based on his wishes, he could only adjust to it.

"Ye, it's so boring, let's play a game!"

Zuo Mo wanted to reply with: "Ge really really isn't bored." But taking into account the other's strange fondness for "fireworks", Zuo Mo was extremely calm and intelligent in returning "I don't know how to play games."

He felt he wasn't lying to the other. He really didn't know how to play games. Games, to him, it was so strange that it was like he didn't even know the word. His life, from the moment he opened his eyes, it was determined that he couldn't leisurely play games and live a life.

But the other was very kind in not looking down at him and said: "That's alright, I'll teach ye."

Zuo Mo gave his last struggles: "I'm dumb and can't be taught."

But, just like previous times, the other didn't give him any room to rebel. Consequently, Zuo Mo saw a string of about eight thousand characters of game rules. This time, Zuo Mo really fainted. Such difficulty, for someone like him who didn't like games, it really wasn't something he could complete. He only read a few words before deciding to give up. He persisted: "I'm really stupid!"

But considering that the probability of enraging the other was too high, he weakly added another sentence: "How about you find the simplest game?"

This time, what reached his hand was a set of game instructions about two hundred characters

Hm, Zuo Mo's mind couldn't help but jump. Wasn't this a formation problem? He read it thoroughly again and finally was certain that this was really a formation problem.

Formations was an area of systematic study. Zuo Mo, located in a small sect, naturally didn't have any experience. However, in some large sects, the disciples would learn formations. From the simplest Simple Ling Formation, to Yin Yang Formation, Compound formations and gradually increasing the difficulty. This was an extremely long process of study. To help disciples with learning, some xiuzhe skilled in formations had created a set of methods to learn formations. Included in the methods were all kinds of formation problems.

Like corrections, fill in the blanks, optimization etc. There were many kinds. Over time, some xiuzhe enjoyed the process and were infatuated, creating even harder formation problems. Between many disciples, they used them as games.

Zuo Mo had never played this before and felt it was very interesting. The formations that were used were not complicated. Zuo Mo had learned them before. However, the problem was extremely tricky. He couldn't help but fall into thinking. The other seemed to know that he was thinking and didn't hurry him.

Thinking for a long time, he didn't figure out anything.

Zuo Mo shook his head hard and recovered some clarity. He couldn't help but gape inside. Did those large sect disciples play like this? He couldn't help but admire them. No wonder they were so strong. Even the things they played with were this powerful.

However, he decided to put this game down first. There were many things he still had to do. Games, it was fine to play when he had free time. In any case, that damned woman hadn't hurried him.

Zuo Mo went into the stone room to practice [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] and the gravestone version of [Vajra Profound Sutra].

After cultivation, he took out the Water Drop sword from the ling spring. With the nourishment from the ling spring, its sheen was clearer than before. Zuo Mo caressed the Water Drop sword and then started to imprint it.

One flying sword, it needed a long time to imprint it before it could move like a part of the body. And to have it move according to one's thoughts, the time needed was even longer. The flying sword was like a sword xiu's partner. The longer they were together, the more chemistry they had. Sword xiu wouldn't easily change a flying sword. This point, especially after reaching jindan, it was even more evident.

These days that were spent imprinting it, he didn't waste his efforts. Right now, Zuo Mo could move the sword like it was a part of his body. It was of a higher grade than ice crystal sword and was even more nimble.

Zuo Mo's mind moved and the Water Drop sword in his hand jumped into midair. At the same time, he gave a shout and jumped up from the ground.

The sword flashed and moved easily.

In mid air, a flame that seemed to be made out of water gave off a faint light. The places the sword passed, a stream of water flames burned silently.

Zuo Mo seemed to be drunk. Using the Water Drop sword to practice [Li Water Sword Scripture] , it was truly an experience. When he reached the peak of his enjoyment, Zuo Mo didn't follow the sword scripture anymore. The sword couldn't be detected as he moved, and the sword seemed to carry a few hints of the explosive li water sword essence in the calm, and it still spread like waves.

The sword essence which had been light and wave-like, gradually turned heavier and pressuring. When it moved, it moved with great force. The explosiveness which had been barely perceivable started to burn like fire in the wind.

Still as cool as before but containing a strong explosiveness. Those two conflicting feelings gathered together but Zuo Mo didn't seem to feel it and wasn't uncomfortable at all.

On the Water Drop sword, the light fire-like sword energy gradually started to retreat inside.

When Zuo Mo woke up from his epiphany, he finally realized, without him noticing, his [Li Water Sword Scripture] had went up a level.

There wasn't much joy. He stood there silently, finely savoring it.

He wasn't clear himself what level his [Li Water Sword Scripture]was at now. [Li Water Sword Scripture]wasn't some high level and profound scripture. Even its creator wasn't some powerful sword xiu. It was quite unusual that Zuo Mo could master a sword scripture like this to this level. However, Zuo Mo needed to explore the road ahead by himself, because the [Li Water Sword Scripture]that he had practiced ended here. Even though the creator had written some of his speculations and frameworks for the future, many of those had been rejected by Pu Yao.

Based on profoundness, li water sword essence was far from the tidal sword essence Zuo Mo had secretly learned. However, this was Zuo Mo's own comprehension and the sword essence he had the greatest grasp on! His understanding of li water sword essence far surpassed tidal sword essence.

Maybe, he could look and study tidal sword essence and change [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo's heart moved.

But he only thought about it. He wasn't so proud to the point of changing a sword scripture. Also, his understanding of tidal sword essence was just a hair.

At this time, he suddenly detected that someone was outside the valley. The person who was there was very docile and hadn't set off the jinzhi.

Mouth of West Wind Valley.

"Shixiong, Ling Ying Sect's people came again!" The messenger was still the outer sect disciple that had come last time. However, there wasn't any of the fear that had been on his face last time, but excitement.

"They came again?" Zuo Mo was dazed.

"Yes!" The disciple said respectfully. He couldn't disguise his excitement: "This time, five people came!"

Zuo Mo instantly felt his scalp prickle.

Five people... ...

Last time, three had come. Now this time, five people!

Zuo Mo wanted to turn and run.

"They hadn't given up, and called to spar with Shixiong!" This outer sect disciple completely didn't notice Zuo Mo's shift and said excitedly: "This group really doesn't know their own weight!"

"Cough." Zuo Mo forced himself to come and swallowed. He asked: "Who came this time?"

"The three from last time are all here, and two that I don't recognize."

Zuo Mo's heart calmed down lightly. Good, good, at least, it wasn't that all five were people he didn't know. Two people who had lost to him. Hm, he had completely reason to disregard them. The woman, she hadn't dared to fight that day, so this time, she definitely wouldn't act rashly. The headache was those two that he didn't know. Since the others had come to settle the score, they certainly would be stronger than the last two.

His mind turned quickly. Inside, he was very hesitant. Should he go or not? He was slightly regretful that he had said too much previously. He asked: "Where's the other shixiong? You can't bother just me every time with this kind of matter."

"Eldest Shixiong and Shijie are all outside. Luo Li Shixiong is in seclusion. Xu Yi Shixiong is forging and has ordered not to bother him. Hao Min Shijie is being punished. Only Xu Yi Xia Shijie is free. Should I notify her?"

That woman?

Dislike instantly rose in his heart. Never mind. If she was notified, the probability that this woman would do something behind his back was very high.

Fine! Thinking about the new comprehension he just got from [Li Water Sword Scripture], Zuo Mo was instantly full of confidence. He had just learned something, and some people just came over for him to test it on. This Ling Ying Sect really was full of good people!

After thinking it through, Zuo Mo didn't retreat anymore. He nodded and said with great composure: "Go."

This outer sect disciple was instantly excited and hurried forward to led the way.

When they reached the mountain gate, Zuo Mo instantly staggered when he saw the dense crowd.

"Why are there so many people?"

This outer sect disciple was extremely excited: "Everyone heard that Ling Ying Sect had come and all ran over to personally see Shixiong win and teach a lesson to Ling Ying Sect's new money!"

"Uh, but why are there female disciples as well?" Zuo Mo asked speechlessly.

"Must be coming to admire Shixiong's elegant demeanor!"

Goosebumps instantly rose over Zuo Mo's entire body.

Seeing Zuo Mo come out, the crowd of female disciples shrieked. Zuo Mo almost tripped.

"Wow! Shixiong is so handsome!"

"Please! It's called cool!"

"When Shixiong was in the outer sect, I knew then that Shixiong wasn't an average person!"

"Really want to seduce him... ..."

"I will kill you!"

... ...

Large black lines fell over Zuo Mo's expressionless face. He decided to stay a bit further away from this crowd of crazy women.

When Zuo Mo started walking towards the side with male disciples, the male disciples also expressed their emotions.

"Shixiong, kill them!"

"Chop them!"

"Chop into eight pieces, cut of their hands and feet, pluck their tendons, break their channels, cut them up... ..."

"So uncreative! Have to sunflower... ..."

... ...

Zuo Mo rapidly distanced himself from these people that were completely sunk in fighting spirit.

In the short journey of travelling through the female and male disciples, Zuo Mo, who had been full of fighting spirit, almost became completely lacking in the desire to fight.

Of course, in the eyes of everyone else, Zuo Mo Shixiong was stepping resolutely, with a cool expression, and extremely elegantly passing from their side.

But when Zuo Mo saw the even worse expressions on the faces of the five people from Ling Ying Sect, his mood instantly became better.

Translator Ramblings: One more relaxing chapter. The sunflower is a reference to a famous wuxia novel.

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