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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Eight - Pu and Wei

Wei Sheng was like an unsheathed sword.

In Mo Cloud Sea, if people were said to be both in fear and awe of Lil' Miss, then everyone was full of the utmost respect for Teacher Wei. Teacher Wei never got angry, he would only smile gently, and then patiently demonstrate again and again to point out the differences. Wei Sheng had an indescribable presence. People would unconsciously believe every word he said. No one would suspect he would not be able to do something.

Almost no one had seen Teacher Wei angry. Wei Sheng was as vast and heavy as a mountain. He was the idol of all the sword xiu in Mo Cloud Sea.

When Teacher Wei made a decision, he would give up all restrain. At this time, his edges were all displayed. He was like a sword that could not be stopped. People would not doubt that he could cut open the sky.

The six shen glyphs revolved around Chief Elder and Wei Sheng immediately knew the other's intentions.

His heart was calm, even while the furious power of the blood sword in his hand battered at his mind. The God-Killing Blood Sword was like a beast that just tasted blood. It became frantic, and tried to break free of all restraints.

Yet Wei Sheng's mind did not have any weakness. The blood sword shaped pupils calmly gazed at Chief Elder.

Wei sheng's calm caused Chief Elder to feel a thread of trepidation.

Wei Sheng did not recognize the six shen glyphs but he knew that something that Chief Elder who had summoned such a vast sea of glyphs was keeping back as a killing move, it definitely was not normal.

Without any hesitation, he swung his sword releasing sword essence like usual.

The void sword essence was like hair blown into disarray by the wind, floating towards Chief Elder.

Suddenly, a black shen glyph among the six lit up. Then a black whirlpool appeared in the center of the shen glyph.

The void sword essence was sucked into the black whirlpool.

That familiar feeling.

Wei Sheng narrowed his eyes. The center of the whirlpool was the endless void! No wonder he felt it was so familiar!

Wei Sheng was right. Chief Elder's shen glyph was called the [Endless Whirlpool]. Its greatest ability was to consume everything.

While he knew the ability of the whirlpool, Wei Sheng did not have a good solution. His void sword essence was powerful but the two were from the same source. He could not defeat the whirlpool.

Also the smaller grey spinning whirlpools in the larger whirlpool were clearly not so simple.

Wei Sheng was not shocked. He raised the blood sword in his hand. His face suddenly turned pale. Threads of blood appeared on the sword. The sword moved as though it was alive. An indescribable pressure immediately pressed on the battlefield.

Wei Sheng did not seem to see. His sword flickered and a drop of blood was thrown off the tip of the sword. It slowly flew towards the whirlpool.

The blood bead contained an indescribable pressure. The speed of the black whirlpool was affected and its revolutions slowed.

Chief Elder's expression became grave as he stared closely at the bad of blood.

The blood bead flew to the center of the whirlpool and suddenly exploded.

A spray of bloody mist landed on the whirlpool.

The whirlpool was dyed with an imperceptible tinge of blood. The thin blood color did not seem to affect the whirlpool but Wei Sheng perceptively felt that the power of the whirlpool was slightly weaker than before. But before Wei Sheng could celebrate, the color was quickly dragged into the grey spinning scripts.

The whirlpool recovered.

Those grey whirlpools were as strange as expected.

Seeing this, a tinge of an imperceptible smile appeared on Chief Elder's mouth. He turned his gaze to another direction.

The chains around A Gui became even more tangible and tighter. They were tightly embedded into the bone armor. The purple flames burned. Her face was pale, and her eyes flashed with bright purple flame.

The [Undying Ghost] had slightly changed. The chains that had bit into the bone armor started to gradually merge into one with the bone armor.

The bone armor that looked like grey crystal had a few marks of crisscrossing flames. A Gui's purple flames on the armor gradually receded but the bone dagger in A Gui's hands were still covered in a layer of purple.

A Gui's body suddenly disappeared. Almost at the same time, a blue shen glyph lit up.

A ray of blue light came from the shen glyph and covered A Gui.


A thread of blue smoke came out of A Gui's [Undying Ghost].

A faint layer of grey mist floated out of the surface of the [Undying Ghost]. This seemingly thin layer actually stopped the blue light.

Chief Edler was astounded. Such thick and pure yin energy!

It was the first time he closely examined A Gui's bone armor. When he looked, he jumped in fright, shen device raiment!

It was a shen device raiment!

The bone armor seemed to have been soaked in yin energy for a long time to the point it didn't have any impurity. It seemed as clear as grey crystal. However, how many years would it take to gain such purity and clarity?

Forgers always pursued the clearest and purest materials. The purer the material, the higher the grade it was. This bone armor was so high in grade, so pure, that Chief Elder had never seen something like it before.

Even at a level like Chief Elder, he couldn't help but feel a hint of greed at seeing such quality. But then he smiled self-mockingly. It was not good to divide one's attention when fighting!

He refocused and urged the blue shen glyph further. The blue ray of light started to spin slowly.

As the ray of blue light spun, the power contained in the ray of light increased greatly. A Gui's charge slowed to a halt. The blue ray of light seemed to contain a great force. The faint layer of grey mist on her armor quickly disappeared.

A Gui suddenly released the two bone daggers in her hands. Chief Elder now found that there was an exquisite chain connecting the hilts of the two daggers.

The bone daggers with their purple flames were like two bolts of lightning. They dragged the long chain as they flew towards the shen glyph releasing the blue ray of light.

Clink clink!

The bone daggers passed through the ray of light and hit the shen glyph.

The chain was pulled straight and they looked like two long spears.


Two waves of purple flame quickly reached towards the shen glyph from A Gui's hands along the chain. At the same time, pure yin energy that was wrapped around the chains caused the flames to erupt in power.

The two bone daggers suddenly turned into two claws that grabbed onto the shen glyph.

The ray of blue light seemed to be stimulated. It became extremely bright and the hissing from A Gui's armor was much stronger.

The layer of grey mist on top of the bone armor was quickly disappearing.

Chief Elder's gaze focused.

He detected danger from A Gui's move. However, this [Grinding Blue Light] was one of the strongest shen glyphs he had. This blue ray of light did not look like much, but anything it shone on would be ground into dust by the power it contained.

The [Grinding Blue Light] was not complete when he obtained it, but he saw its strength. Due to this, he had spent a great deal of energy on it. After reaching god-level, the increase in his cultivation allowed him to repair the [Grinding Blue Light] immediately. However, the shen glyph of the [Grinding Blue Light] was extremely complex. He still needed time to complete it.

But even so, the present [Grinding Blue Light]'s power could not be underestimated.

The Grinding Blue Light was also unique in that the longer one resisted, the stronger the blue light became.

As expected, the Grinding Blue Light became even brighter. The grey mist on A Gui became an extremely faint layer.

A Gui's figure started to tremble like the chains in the blue light. Because of the great force, they were trembling.

However ,A Gui's figure did not waver. The chain in her hands grew longer. The two chains were like two nimble snakes that started to climb and coil around the shen glyph. They passed through the crevices between the shen glyph.

The purple flame that was usually unstoppable seemed to have lost its power and couldn't do anything against the shen glyph.

A Gui seemed to be unaffected by this. She only had the chain climb and warp around the shen glyph.

Chief Elder looked in interest at A Gui's actions.

He had a very limited understanding of the Undying Shen Punishment. This punishment that was called the cruelest of the ancient era had only left behind a few sparse lines. The records he had collected about this was pitifully few.

Maybe, he could take this chance to observe the Undying Shen punishment. He might gain something.

The Undying Shen Punishment and the shen device raiment interested him.

Chief Elder did not think about the other three people. The three had used up too much of their shen power just now. He only needed to use one shen glyph to restrain them.

Up until now, his plan was successful.

As he observed A Gui, he recalculated the time. The entire battle was in his control.

Quickly, a smile appeared on his lips. No matter how he calculated, he had enough time.

This eased his worries.

At this time, he seemed to feel something. He raised his head, his expression shocked. He turned his face to look in another direction!

In a far part of the glyph sea, in the direction of the ball of fire, a presence was furiously growing.

The fire burned fiercely.

The arcs of flame formed sparks of gold that permeated Zuo Mo's body. In a daze, Zuo Mo did not notice that the sun shen glyph in his body was slowly growing and forming.

If Zuo Mo was clear minded, he would be shocked to find the growth of the shen glyph was not along his skin, but like a tree root that grew out many strands of gold and wrapped around Zuo Mo's entire body.

As the sun shen glyph grew, the burning flames seemed much dimmer. If one could see through Zuo Mo's body, they would see the root-like sun shen glyph was drawing from the red burning sun flows to feed Zuo Mo's body, like a tree taking water from ground.

The sun shen glyph quickly became tinged with red, and became brighter.

Soon, the root-like sun shen glyph became the same color as the burning sun flows.

Zuo Mo's face showed an expression of pain.

In Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness.

Pu Yao floated in the air, the eerie black fire dancing in the air.

"Are you prepared?" His voice was as sharp as a knife, so cold there was no emotion.


A muffled voice came from the armor below. Wei was completely dressed, the armor covered in marks of age and battle. He held a sword and stood next to the black stele, his figure straight like a spear.

Looking at the stele below, Pu Yao expressionlessly pulled aside the hair that covered his left eye.

Translator Ramblings: You guys do not know how relieved I was to get to this chapter. About 800 chapters of having to remember "Pu Yao's eye" "Pu Yao's eye" "don't type Pu Yao's eyes because one of them is always covered" as plural and singluar "eye" is the same in Chinese. Talking about Pu Yao's eyes for a few hundred chapters and then suddenly saying one eye was covered this whole entire time would have been embarrassing.