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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Five - Surging Power

Of everyone here, the one that was the greatest threat to Chief Elder was Wei Sheng and not the God-Killing Blood Sword.

The difference in cultivation meant that the great power of the God-Killing Blood Sword could not be fully expressed. Even then only Wei Sheng could transform the great and savage power of the God-Killing Blood Sword into powerful killing moves.

The God-Killing Blood Sword also recognized this. While it was unwilling, the circumstances of the battle meant that it had to relinquish control to Wei Sheng.

Wei Sheng's skill in the sword was completely brought out.

Having just comprehended how to compress sword essence, he repeatedly released these extremely compressed sword essences. Chief Elder was very wary of them. Unprecedented power flooded into Wei Sheng's body from the God-Killing Blood Sword and rampaged through his body. Buoyed by this surging power, he stood at an unprecedented level.

His vision immediately broadened.

Countless ideas of the sword path erupted out of his mind. The sword essence in his hand constantly changed, and the sword essence became even harder to predict.

An explosion due to his accumulated knowledge!

His sword cultivation route had never been smooth. He had experienced numerous hardships, countless obstacles, and always persisted. No one as like him. Even with such strength, he still persisted daily in the basic sword training. After continuing for so many years, his fundamentals were astoundingly rooted, and he had accumulated great knowledge and skill. This was truly an explosion!

Wei Sheng's understanding of Void sword essence broke through a bottleneck and reached an unprecedented height.

The pressure on Chief Elder suddenly increased. The void presence in Wei Sheng's sword essence became fainter and fainter, the sword energy slimmer, and was now as thin as a strand of hair.

Chief Elder didn't dare to let these hair-thin sword energies near him. Even he would be cut apart by these sword energies if they touched him!

Each slender sword energy was a tiny crack of the endless void.

Damn it!

Chief Elder felt even more frantic. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a wisp of fire, and his heart jumped.

For Zuo Mo, the Sun Shen Methodology had always been very cryptic. It was an inheritance from an ancient time, after all. The speech and writing from that time had been completely different from now. Many times, Zuo Mo needed to focus to study and understand.

His cultivation path could not be said to be difficult, but Zuo Mo always felt that there was a barrier, and he could not easily proceed.

Until now.

There was peerless power surging in his body. All of the power in the sun crystal seed was unleashed inside his body. Even in the history of the Sun Tribe, no one had dared to do a similar thing. There had never been such great power!

All the places that had been difficult in the past disappeared completely now.

The entire shen methodology flowed through his mind and matched him unusually well as though it had been activated now after hiding in his body all this time.

The Sun Shen Methodology was not as complex as Zuo Mo originally imagined. When he understood and looked back, he found that the Sun Shen Methodolgy was actually very simple.

The ancient warriors emphasized presence as the most important during battle. They were the ultimate power for their tribe. When tribes fought, they were usually fighting at the front lines just like the mo of the present. This was why they admired simplicity the most. Things that were too complex might be beautiful and exquisite, but they definitely were of little help for presence.

The Sun Shen Methodology was modelled after the sun, and the sun crystal seed was a sun. Its power was of the same source as the sun shen power, and the laws involved were the same. While he could not control everything in the world like Chief Elder, but there was no obstacle any longer to understand many things that had been hard to understand.

It could be said that only now did he completely absorb the entire Sun Shen Methodology, how to channel shen power, and much more.

Those furious raging power became Zuo Mo's best teachers and taught him how to produce and channel the power of the sun.

The great problems that countless Sun Tribe warriors had spent their minds and energy on studying were clearly being displayed inside Zuo Mo's body. Zuo Mo even found several places where the Sun Shen Methodology was wrong. There never been anyone like him who was able to observe how the burning flows inside the sun moved in such detail.

The burning flows inside the sun crystal seed had manifested after being accumulated through millions of years. It was much more refined compared to Zuo Mo's sun shen power.

It was a pity ... ... he didn't have much time left ... ...

If he could survive, maybe he could push the sun shen methodology to a higher level ... ...

At such a time, he was able to have such absurd thoughts in his mind, Zuo Mo grinned in self-mockery.

In his field of view, Chief Elder's unpredictable figure grew closer. Zuo Mo's pupils were like two balls of burning flame.

Since this was the case, then let the Sun Shen Methodology shine its brightest light in his hands!

Flames continued to flow and gather at his right fist. At this time, the mo matrix seal on his right hand was destroyed by the burning flows of the sun crystal seed. The skin of his right fist was almost transparent. The deep red burning flows moved underneath slowly like blood.

As the flames continued to gather, the burning sun flows in his right fist started to become more active.

Chief Elder's figure continued to grow closer. The fire burning in Zuo Mo's chest became even stronger. As though they felt his fighting spirit, the burning flows inside his body circulated faster. The strong burning brought along great pain, and caused Zuo Mo's face to twist.

At this time, he saw Chief Elder suddenly jump and the shen glyph under his feet lit up at the same time.

You want to run?

Zuo Mo's face was unspeakably vicious. The flames on his right fist were compressed to the limit, burning a blinding white. The burning flows in his right fist became more active than they ever had been. His right fist trembled uncontrollably as a feeling of numbness spread.

A blurry figure flashed nearby.


Zuo Mo who was almost pushed to the point of crumbling by the burning flows had a peerlessly savage expression on his twisted face.


A silent howl exploded in his mind. Using all of his power, he threw his right fist in the direction of Chief Elder.


The surging Sun shen flames erupted from Zuo Mo's right fist without any warning. The flames were so strong they exploded like a volcano. The area they covered was unexpectedly large. Chief Elder who had not stabilized himself was consumed by the sun shen fire!

When an enormous pillar of shen fire five li in diameter appeared in the sky, the entire sky was illuminated. The thick clouds in the sky boiled and a large portion disappeared.

Within the pillar of fire, countless three-legged golden crows that manifested from shen power flapped their wings. Golden arcs of flame formed and extinguished in the pillar of fire.

Everyone was stunned by the astounding scene.

In front of the enormous pillar of flame, Zuo Mo seemed so minuscule.

"Haa ... ... haa .... ..."

Zuo Mo's panting was interspersed with broken laughter as he floated in the air. His right fist was burnt black, his right arm having completely lost feeling.

His terrifying pillar of fire was not formed from his shen power but by igniting the burning sun flows inside his fist. He had just used an extremely tiny amount of the burning sun flows but he had paid a great price.

His shen power would not be able to injure the Chief Elder, but the burning sun flows could. He didn't have much shen power but he had a great amount of burning sun flows in his body.

There was a great difference in their cultivation, but so what? Power could not fill the gap in cultivation, but he had enough power to break the gap!

Come, Old Man!

Zuo Mo's eyes were red. He could not feel if it was his spirit that was burning or if his body was actually burning.

That was not important now!

Chief Elder's figure appeared in view. He was extremely disheveled, all of his hair burned away. He hadn't expected that Zuo Mo's punch had such great range! When he had been consumed by the pillar of fire, he used shen glyphs to protect himself. Yet the pillar of fire formed by igniting the burning sun flows was too great!

What depressed him even more was that there had been a bunch of three-legged golden crows inside the pillar of fire formed from Zuo Mo's shen power. These three-legged golden crows furiously charged at him so that he could not use any methods except shen glyphs to resist the sun shen fire.

That was sun shen fire!

The life of a sun could be counted in the billions of years. Even an infant sun had lived through millions of years. The power of the sun shen fire it created could be imagined.

The surging sun shen fire had caught the chief elder off guard and he had been injured. What had injured the chief elder was not the sun shen fire's power but its terrifying volume.

Chief Elder seemed to be hit by a raging river. He was disheveled because he had been caught off guard.

If he was prepared, he would definitely be able to stop the same move. In his eyes, Zuo Mo could not express it true power. The move appeared astounding, but its true power was not as great as imagined.

However, being pushed to such a step by a person not in god-level ... ...

Chief Elder's gaze when he looked at Zuo Mo suddenly became dark and murderous.

He glanced at the endless void crack that had been attacked by Wei Sheng but hadn't disappeared.

This crack of the endless void that he could pass through was surrounded by tiny cracks of void. These tiny cracks were Wei Sheng's void sword essence!

These void sword energies sealed the crack.

Damn it!

Chief Elder's gaze landed back on Zuo Mo.

This guy's body was strange ... ...

Chief Elder managed to calm his mind. He knew that if he could not take care of these people, he would not have a chance to break the seal and flee into the endless void.

If he received even the slightest disruption when he went into the endless void, even a god-level would die.

When he made the decision, Chief Elder calmed down. The Central Plains were rapidly collapsing, but there wasn't any panic on his face.

There was enough time.

Suddenly, the shen glyph that had wrapped around A Gui gave off purple flames. The shen glyph was burned away like dry grass and revealed A Gui's body.

Almost at the same time, a figure suddenly burrowed out of the ground and shot into the sky. It was Zong Ru, who had been dragged underground by the lava.

This group was really troublesome!

Chief Elder sighed in astonishment. Just now, Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng had pressed him hard enough that he had not attention to pay to these two people.This allowed the two to break free of their restraints.

The youths all had different powers, but they had some similar traits such as being hardy.

Chief Elder's gaze became calm and serene again.

Since this was the case, then he'd take care of them together.

I'll let you see what the uncrossable chasm between a true god-level and you is!

Chief Elder slowly closed his eyes and spread his arms.

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