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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Four - Lin Qian


The silver ball immediately penetrated the sword essence. The seemingly powerful sword essence flow was as fragile as paper in front of this silver ball.

The bloody flow collapsed. The silver ball drew out a silver streak in the air as it flew towards Wei Sheng.

Wei Sheng's pale and eerie face showed a hint of fear.

But then an cold and eerie smile appeared on his lips. The power of the God-Killing Blood Sword came from the power in the blood of the ancient warriors but the God-Killing Blood sword had not completely taken over Wei Sheng's mind. Because only Wei Sheng could truly express his understanding of sword essence.

At this time, the God-Killing Blood Sword returned control to Wei Sheng.

Chief Elder found the difference. The eerie and vicious presence on Wei Sheng's face suddenly disappeared, and was replaced by the determined and honest presence unique to Wei Sheng. Chief Elder immediately realized what had happened.

Having gained control again, Wei Sheng did not seem to feel the piercing pain in his body. His eyes focused slightly, his wrist shook, and the blood sword in his hand suddenly rose slightly. He executed the simple stab that he had practiced millions of times, stab forward!

Just like last time, the blood colored sword essence exploded out. The ultimate power contained in the blood of those ancient warriors turned into tiny sword essences counted in the hundreds of thousands as they erupted from the sword.

Unexpectedly, these millions of sword essences were filled with the smell of blood did not spread out but were gathering towards the tip of the sword.

Looking from afar, it seemed that the blood colored light that appeared on the sword was contracting and collapsing suddenly towards the sword tip.

A rice-sized dot of light suddenly burned at the tip of the sword.

Wei Sheng's eyes were as bright as stars as his wrist flicked lightly.

That light made from millions of sword essences flew towards the silver ball and jumped off the tip of the sword.

The sword essence dot of light did not move fast, and its flight path was slightly unstable. However, the silver ball seemed to be attracted to it and flew straight towards the sword essence dot.

The rice-size sword essence dot collided with the silver ball.


The silver ball broke apart, a thread of lightning flashing and disappearing in the air without any of the terrifying presence it had before.

The sword essence dot that had shattered the silver ball continued to fly towards Chief Elder.

Chief Elder was slightly shocked. He looked again at Wei Sheng. He hadn't expected that the God-Killing Blood Sword was even stronger in Wei Sheng's hands than in the hands of the God-Killing Blood Sword!

It was a pity such an outstanding youth was not from Tian Huan.

Chief Elder felt slight pity. The more he fought with these people, the more he felt just how outstanding they were.

Wei Sheng was powerful, but this was not enough to defeat him.

Chief Elder flicked a finger and a crack to the endless voice appeared in front of the dot of light.

Even the strongest sword essence was meaningless against the vast endless void.

Just as the dot of light was about to be swallowed by the crack into the endless void, the blood swords in Wei Sheng's eyes suddenly lit up. The sword in his hand trembled and he shouted, "Explode!"

The dot of light suddenly gave off blinding rays of light!

The sword essence that had been compressed to its limits exploded in the crack to the endless void in a spectacular show!


All of the Central Plains suddenly shook violently.

Chief Elder's expression changed drastically for the first time. With a grunt, he disappeared from his position. He was wounded!

There was a certain connection between his mind and the shen glyphs he used. The endless void crack at the center of the shen glyph had exploded, and the great blow had affected his body. His mind was injured.

This person was crazy!

Attacking a crack to the endless void, this person dared to attack a crack to the endless void!

No one would have dared to do this. This was not any different than committing suicide!

The endless void crack was extremely unstable to start with. It was very likely to pull all of the Central Plains in the endless void after being attacked like this. Everyone would die.

Suddenly, Chief Elder realized, these people were going to die anyways!

Damn it!

Chief Edler's expression changed again.

He had been mistaken! How could he have forgotten this!

If these people were trapped here, if they attacked the cracks to the endless void then he wouldn't be able to escape!

A dark black crack suddenly floated in the air.

A crack to the endless void!

Lin Qian looked in shock at the great battle occurring in the distance with waves in his heart.

The strength of god-level was deeply imprinted into his mind.

This battle far surpassed his understanding, no matter if it was Chief Elder that controlled all things in the world, or Wei Sheng and the others. All of the powers they showed were from the legends of the ancient warriors.

Originally, he had wanted to watch and see if he could take advantage of the situation. However, when the crack to the endless void was attacked, he realized there wasn't much time left!

He had been gripping the Immemorial Shen Sword all this time. Everything in the surroundings were clearly reflected in his mind. He could clearly feel that after Wei Sheng attacked the crack to the endless void, all of the Central Plains were affected. Before, it had been a few hours to the collapse, now that time was drastically shorted.

With his strength, he could not accurately calculated when this jie would collapse. The feeling of increasing danger told him that there wasn't much time left.

Looking at everyone around him, Lin Qian felt terrible and didn't know how to speak.

There hadn't been any problems with their plan. Ever since they had received the news about Mo Cloud Sea and Tian Huan, Kun Lun had done a great deal of work, even sending Mu Xuan to fight Mu Xi, creating a great ruckus so that Tian Huan and Mo Cloud Sea would not worry as they fought each other. Lin Qian had personally led this team and had a few different back-up plans including one where they attacked Zhong De, Mo Cloud Sea, or the Chief Elder of Tian Huan. All of them could be targets depending on how the situation developed.

Possessing the Immemorial Sword Lin Qian had the ability to kill in a single blow.

But how could he have imagined that the Chief Elder of Tian Huan would step into god-level. When the other decided to close off and destroy this jie, Lin Qian knew that Chief Elder had definitely noticed them.

This time, the children of Kun Lun that came with him would not be able to escape.

Even he needed to rely on the power of the Immemorial Sword to break through the void and return to Kun Lun. He did not have the ability to take others with him.

"Eldest Shixiong, quick go!" a Kun Lun disciple urged in a trembling voice.

This battle was a great blow to them. They had detected the change to some degree. How could the ones that became Children of Kun Lun be stupid? Their guesses were extremely close to the truth!

"Yes, Eldest Shixiong! Go quickly!" Compared to the Kun Lun disciples, this slightly older disciple urged as well. "If Eldest Shixiong can return, then Kun Lun has won!"

These words immediately lit up their emotions. Their pales faces flashed with a strange excitement.

"Haha! Tian Huan will not have Chief Elder, Mo Cloud Sea's experts will all be dead, only Kun Lun will be left!"

"Haha! Such a great bargain!"

"Eldest Shixiong, you have to conquer the world!"

Lin Qian's eyes filled with tears.

He bit his lips, and said slowly, "Kun Lun will not forget any of you!"

Time became even tighter, the feeling of danger increasing. Lin Qian did not hesitate any longer. He wiped the tears and held the Immemorial Shen Sword across his body.

Lin Qian's expression was devout as he chanted, "Protect Our Kun Lun!"

The Immemorial Shen Sword suddenly gave off astounding light that wrapped around Lin Qian.

Inside the light, a part of Lin Qian's shen power suddenly started to burn. Enormous pain spread through his body. Lin Qian's body did not move a hair.

So this was burning shen power ... ... he hadn't thought that he would need to burn shen power to escape this place ... ...

Lin Qian looked deeply at Tian Huan's Chief Elder in the sky.

Accumulating enough shen power to burn!

That was the crux of becoming a god. Lin Qian noted this. This was the greatest gain this time.

He would definitely become god-level!

Lin Qian gripped the sword hilt tightly.

The burning shen power was sucked dry by the Immemorial Shen Sword in his hand. The light wrapped around him suddenly exploded. A vast sword essence broke through the sky.

Lin Qian's body disappeared from his spot.

A Kun Lun Child stood up and shouted, "We're going to die anyways! Brothers! Let's fight to the death! Mo Cloud Sea's people are going to die with us, we cannot let that old man from Tian Huan run away!"

"All in!"

"Do it!"

All of the Kun Lun Children had a look of fanaticism on their faces. They seemed to see the scene of Kun Lun conquering the world.

They started to furiously burn shen power!


He had to leave as fast as possible!

Chief Elder knew if this continued, he could not leave. Lin Qian's departure cleared his mind. Escaping this place was the most important thing!

Otherwise, even if Lin Qian was wounded but could return alive, they won! Lin Qian only needed to spend a few years to recover from his wounds and then Tian Huan would be finished. Without him, Tian Huan could not stop Lin Qian.

Chief Elder ignored those Children of Kun Lun and smirked inside.

Those Children of Kun Lun were too weak. They didn't know that they didn't even qualify to burn their shen power!


As expected!

The first Kun Lun disciple that burned their shen power, turned to ash before they could make any sound. The rest of the disciples were unable to stop. Flames consumed all of them.

Why had Chief Elder never thought that burning was the crux to entering god-level?

Because in the records that had remained from the ancient era, burning was the move used to die with your opponent. Those that burned shen power would die. This was easy to understand. But only after entering god-level did Chief Elder truly understand.

There were three outcomes to burning shen power. Those with weak shen power would be turned to ash on the spot. If their shen power reached a certain level, burning would increase their power temporarily but then they would die in the end. And only when their shen power reached a certain level would burning shen power allow them to break through. They could use the power of the breakthrough to stabilize and become god-level.

There were only a rare few that had become god-level. The important points had disappeared into history.

Dodging Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and Wo Li's attacks, Chief Elder searched for a chance to escape.

His eyes glanced at the endless void crack.

Zuo Mo's mind was a blur. He was relying on his instincts for the great majority of his attacks.

But as he attacked without any regard for the consequences, a small part of the power inside his body was used up and he finally recovered a thread of clarity.

The presence of the Immemorial Shen Sword just now caused him to shudder and his mind immediately became much clearer.

Lin Qian!

This name caused his eyes to turn red.

Clear-minded, Zuo Mo reacted quickly and realized Lin Qian's intentions. He hadn't thought that this was the mantis hunting the cicada, while the oriole was waiting behind. The one that benefited in the end was Lin Qian!

But at this time, he quickly moved his gaze back to the battle. Lin Qian had already escaped. If Chief Elder escaped as well, Mo Cloud Sea would be finished.

This thought caused Zuo Mo to glare at Chief Elder.

No! No matter what, Chief Elder could not be allowed to leave this place alive!

Since they would die anyways, they had to fight for a chance for Mo Cloud Sea.

Having recovered clarity of mind, Zuo Mo's danger level immediately rose.

"Eldest Shixiong, stop him, do not let him escape through the crack!"

Zuo Mo exposed Chief Elder's intentions and he moved forward before he finished speaking.

The golden flames rushed to gather at his right fist. Zuo Mo's face was full of viciousness and savagery.

Come, taste ye's new move!

Translator Ramblings: While all of Kun Lun's disciples died, they were valiant in their self-sacrifice ... ...