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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Two - Great Trouble

Wei Sheng's strike was the blood-colored sword essence flowing like a great river, like a waterfall ten thousand zhang tall as it locked onto Chief Elder.

The thick tang of blood caused Chief Elder to unconsciously frown. His gaze locked onto the spotless sword in Wei Sheng's hand, his expression grave.

That ... ... was not ordinary!

It probably was just a step behind Kun Lun's Immemorial.

Chief Elder was slightly shocked. It was already shocking that Kun Lun had found the Immemorial Shen Sword, but he knew the price Kun Lun had paid for Lin Qian's Immemorial Shen Sword. The essence of Wei Sheng's sword was not as pure as the Immemorial Shen Sword but its murderousness was so great he didn't know how much blood it had drank to form.

He hadn' t through such a vicious weapon existed in the world.

The vicious presence around Wei Sheng and the slightly evil expression were an extreme contrast from Wei Sheng's previous state.

The sword soul had taken possession?

Wei Sheng was a person of such strong resolve. He definitely would not have been overcome so it was likely he had let the sword soul into his body ... ...

In a blink, Chief Elder understood and his wariness increased. He admired Wei Sheng. In terms of talent, among the young people Chief Elder had seen, Wei Sheng most likely wouldn't even enter the top fifty. However, Wei Sheng had steel like resolve, a spirit that did not give up, that was what created his accomplishments.

His resolve had spread through his body.

A body like that could tolerate greater power.

In a flash, countless thoughts flashed through Chief Elder's mind. He did not feel any fear. No matter if it was Zuo Mo or Wei Sheng, they did not have enough of a foundation accumulated. Forcibly raising their cultivation like this seemed powerful, but there was still not enough to compete with a true god-level.

Do not underestimate this hair-thin line. It was the difference of the sky to the earth. Their understanding of the world was not on the same level at all!

The effect of pure power without comprehension was not as great as they imagined.

They underestimated the god-level!

Numerous brown shen glyphs rose out of the ground under Chief Elder's feet and grew upwards like vines.

A shen glyph wall suddenly rose from under his feet.

The waterfall of sword essence hit the shen glyph wall.


A deafening sound.

Sword essence scattered. That thin shen glyph wall was unmoved. No matter how the sword essences charged, it did not move at all. It was the like the strongest rock along the ocean. No matter how strong or fierce the wave, they would turn into beads of water when they hit it and would not damage it at all.


A spider-web of cracks rapidly appeared on the ground under the shen glyph. The cracks spread at a rapid rate.

Boom boom boom!

The sword essences continued the ferocious attack, and the shen glyph wall finally shook. Chief Elder's expression changed slightly, light flashing through his eyes as his body suddenly disappeared from where he stood.


The shen glyph wall finally could not withstand the attack and shattered.

The surging sword essence hit the ground hard.

The blood sword river entered the ground without any effort like a knife cutting tofu. Boom boom boom, great vibrations came from deep within the earth.

An enormous bottomless pit over ten li in diameter appeared on the ground.

Chief Elder narrowed his eyes, his heart shuddering.

What sword was that? How could it possess such pure power?

The reason the Immemorial Shen Sword was powerful was because its sword essence was pure, when it dominated the world, all bowed before it!

But this sword ... ... the sword essence could not be considered top tier, but such a savage and fiercely unreasonable power was really shocking!

Unless... ... a name from the legends appeared in his mind.

Chief Elder stared at the sword in Wei Sheng's hands, his eyes lighting up!

Yet at this time, great murderousness shrouded him. His body felt cold and reflexively a shen glyph appeared behind his back.


The shen glyph cracked like glass.

Chief Elder was once again startled. He made another shen glyph and retreated.


The shen glyph was cut easily like it was paper. A purple energy flashed right next to his body, the thick murderousness causing goosebumps to rise on his skin.

Before he could attack in return, a purple energy suddenly shot towards his face.

Chief Elder pointed with a serious expression.

A shen glyph appeared out of the air.

The purple energy did not enter the shen glyph nor cut it. The shen glyph seemed to be a gentle flower that closed and wrapped around the purple shadow!

Chief Elder chanted inside his mind, and the shen glyph started to explode in segments.

A grey armored figure wrapped in chains appeared in front of him.

His pupils suddenly contracted.

Undying Shen Punishment!

Zong Ru changed with a bowed head, his hair turning white at a visible rate. His body was so thin that it would fall if the wind blew. Only his eyes became even clearer and brighter.

Numerous sutra characters the size of a finger spun around him.

The lotus flower mark on his forehead lit up and slowly flew out of his forehead. It landed onto the ground and materialized into a lotus flower bigger than a prayer mat. The lotus flower seemed alive, pink and tender.

Zong Ru raised a foot, and the lotus flower moved under his foot. He stepped onto the lotus flower cross-legged.

A wisp of fire suddenly appeared out of every sutra character, it was the fire of wish power!

Zong Ru had a smile on his face and no pain at all.

What burned was the fire of wish power, his true heart.

Buddha Abandonment Death Wish!

Zong Ru's harmonious gaze was calm and determined. Even now, when he was close to being known as the strongest Dhyana xiu in the world, his heart was just as it was in the beginning and had never changed at all.

With the body of vajra, protect Daren!

Every sutra character burned wish power. Astounding waves of power entered his body.

The wish power lotus under his body burned like fire at his body. His expression was calm and without any pain. His calm Dhyana heart was like a burning ball of fire!

When all of the sutra characters were burned away.

When the wish power lotus under him had burned into ash.

The power inside Zong Ru's body reached a peak. There was a smile on the corner of his mouth. It wasn't the mannerism of that great Dhyana xiu, but that sincere and honest smile of that youth from Little Mountain Jie that only knew a single fist scripture.

Daren, let us fight together!

He took a deep breath, hiss, the air was pulled. A long inhale sounded like the breathing of a monster waking up.

A silent vibration gathered at his right fist.

He gave a thunderous shout.

Zong Ru punched into the sky!

Chief Elder who had been staring at A Gui felt a feeling of danger. His mind moved and he was about to escape when he suddenly found that the air around him was like an thick bog. It had a strange stickiness.

This was ... ...

His eyebrows jumped. His hands moved and a shen glyph appeared. Pop pop pop, a string of explosions sounded in the space around him. Then, his body felt lighter. Then the shen glyph under his feet flashed and his body disappeared from his spot and appeared in the sky nearby.

Wish power!

How was there such powerful wish power!

Chief Elder was astounded. He suddenly turned his face, and stared at the figure on the ground who had their fist up in the air.

Even in the past Xuan Kong Temple, no one had such powerful wish power! Chief Elder's expression changed. Tian Huan and Xuan Kong Temple had fought both secretly and in the openly for many years. Everyone knew each other very well. He had never seen such strong wish power even from the oldest generation!

Chief Eider could see with a glance that Zong Ru was burning his wish power.

Wish power was a very special and dangerous power.

Wish power that was hard for ordinary people to understand was not so mysterious in the eyes of people as powerful as Chief Elder. However, this did not mean he was willing to touch it. The wish, it was the base for forming wish power. What it needed was the strongest of wishes, a wish true to one's heart. The other rule of wish power was sacrifice. It referred to the power that was produced when one was willing to give up everything else to achieve this wish.

There were two reasons why wish power was so powerful. One was the person's heart, the other was sacrifice. One with a true heart would not go astray. The sacrifice was even more extreme. The person would forgot all of their other worries, their heart even clearer, the more they sacrificed, the stronger the wish power produced.

Even god-level experts were wary of this kind of power.

Because this was not the power of the world, this was the power of a person!

Such strong with power, this person ... ...

Great trouble!

Wish power was enough trouble to deal with. But this person actually burned wish power, would anyone do this?

Chief Elder suddenly had a strong impulse to swear.

He suddenly found that his situation seemed to have become slightly bad.

Zuo Mo was the strongest in power, but it was clear that he was not in a good state, a confused state between clarity and befuddlement. Wei Sheng was much more of a threat. If he really had the God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand, then he would be in great trouble today. Something that had disappeared for tens of thousands of years like the Undying Shen Punishment actually appeared in front of him. Chief Elder almost didn't believe his eyes. Adding on Zong Ru who was burning wish power, Chief Elder felt a headache just thinking about it.

He suddenly remembered there were two other people!

He couldn't help but turn his face. His face quickly darkened.

Two crescent moons appeared in Ceng Lian'er's eyes. There was none of the indolent temptation she usually wore, only a strong feeling of danger. Her two crescent moon earrings clinked.

A strong pressure came with the appearance of her floor-length deep red dress.

A silver crescent moon flowed with light behind her.

When moon shen power burned, it was not flames, but a moon-colored flow that appeared as cool as water. The icy moon flame flow caused every nerve in her to tremble.

However, her expression was normal. Resonating with her, a ray of condensed moon essence shot down from the full moon in the sky and landed on Ceng Lian'er

She could feel the wondrous connection between her and the full moon high above her. The moon essence of the full moon flowed into her body and that cold moon flame flow.

The power grew rapidly inside of her.

She was at her most powerful state.

Suddenly, she felt something and looked towards the moon in the sky.

The moon suddenly lit up, spraying out countless moon essences. Lines of moon essences fell down from the full moon.

In a blink, innumerable threads of moon essence fell like silk and covered all of the Central Plains.

Translator Ramblings: Ceng Lian'er is Sailor Moon.