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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty - This Is Mo Cloud Sea!

"Wo Li, it's time to fight for our lives." Luo Li smiled helplessly.

"Alright," Wo Li acknowledged, her cold and beautiful face unaffected.

"I might die, you won't even smile for me? Before death, leave a beautiful memory, this way, the sacrifice will have meaning!" Luo Li complained. It had been a long time since he had seen Wo Li smile.

"If we are dead, one will not have memories," Wo Li said coolly.

"Uh, you're right, so sad!" Luo Li spread his hands with a distressed expression.

"Fight!" Wo Li flew up like a sword coming out of its sheath with its naked edges.

"Other than being able to fight side by side with Wo Li which comforts me, there really isn't anything else that I anticipate. Ah, this way, Shixiong will definitely scold me for putting women before friends!" Luo Li muttered to himself.

Wo Li stopped walking. She turned her face and stared at Luo iI for a long time.

"Before death, do you have anything to say to me?" Luo Li had an expression of anticipation.

"Yes." Wo Li nodded.

Luo LI was overjoyed. "Quick, speak, speak!"

"Your shixiong is right." Wo Li said.

Luo Li had a dazed expression as he froze where stood.

Moments later, he reacted and shook his head as he smiled. He raised his head to look towards Zuo Mo in the sky. He couldn't help but think of the time back at Wu Kong Mountains. He bullied Shixiong and then was beaten like a dog by Shixiong ... ...

Oh, he was actually missing ... ... so embarrassing ... ... oh, actually that time where everyone had been in bedrest after the Sword Test Conference ... ... those days had been pretty good. He had never seen them in such a sorry state after that... ...

He thought of how he had cried when he saw Shixiong after all the hardship and being imprisoned by the mo ... ... so embarrassing ... ...

Luo Li gazed at Zuo Mo.

Why do you have to charge at the front?

Really, you are usually such a clever person, ah, really nothing could be done! Alright, since you are charging, then what else can I do?

I can't really let Wo Li say that I put women above friendship, that would be such a loss of face ... ...

There seemed to be something burning in his chest. Luo Li suddenly smiled and shouted, "Wo Li!"

"Hm?" Wo Li turned her head.

"Burn!" Luo Li said viciously. There was fire burning in the youth's eyes.

"Hm." Wo Li acknowledged.

Another one!

Chief Elder was slightly shocked. It was already unexpected that Zuo Mo was burning shen power this way. To do something so suicidal requires great courage. But he saw many of these people from Mo Cloud Sea burning their shen power one after another.

This gave him an even greater shock!

Don't these people know that they would die?

They didn't need to do this. With Wei Sheng and Zuo Mo, there was a large chance they would stop him. The rest had a great possibility of escaping with their lives.

Why were they doing this? Didn't they know that these actions were meaningless?

Zuo Mo was fated to die. Mo Cloud Sea was fated to crumble. Their actions were like moths flying towards the flame, unable to win any chances for them.

Chief Elder could understand sacrifice, but he thought that sacrifice needed to have value, needed to have meaning. On this, Kun Lun was even more of an extreme. In the eyes of those mad people, they were one part of Kun Lun's weight, if needed, they would throw themselves onto the scale to make up the balance.

Mo Cloud Sea was an unreasonable group of people!

For some reason, Chief Elder suddenly felt a chill. He felt something else from these Mo Cloud Sea people.

Unlike the mad obsession of Kun Lun.

Kun Lun's madness came from continuously brainwashing their disciples over a long period of time. Kun Lun was a sect that made people shudder. In Kun Lun, the individual was forever insignificant. For Kun Lun, everyone could be sacrificed, no matter if you were willing or not.

This was a ruthlessness that was terrifying.

But these people here were not fanatics. You could not feel any madness from them usually. Sacrifice had almost never occurred at Mo Cloud Sea. Chief Elder had always thought that Mo Cloud Sea was a smaller version of Tian Huan. They were like Tian Huan, they cared about profit, just like a group of merchants counting on their fingers everyday what they could gain.

The rumors said that Zuo Mo had never done unprofitable business.

In Chief Elder's view, Mo Cloud Sea's viciousness was only a method for them to get more profit, just like their cunning.

Only now did Chief Elder understand that he was wrong, and ridiculously so. Mo Cloud Sea's similarity with Tian Huan was only on the surface. Only when it was truly a time of life and death could one feel the great difference between the two.

Tian Huan were true merchants, Mo Cloud Sea only acted like merchants.

They were like a group of wolves.

When Zuo Mo, the wolf leader, decided to sacrifice himself, no one fled, everyone chose the same path.

Even if they knew that their choice to follow was not worth much, would not change much, even if they knew that this choice would lead them to all of their deaths.

But they still would choose this!

Because they had chosen to follow that figure!

Chief Elder didn't know how Zuo Mo had done this. Personal charisma? Benefits? Favor?

It was a terrifying ability to unite people!

Chief Elder changed expression. He looked at the youth floating in the flames. He didn't know how this youth was able to cause so many people to willingly give up their lives to follow him. Just as he didn't know what gave these people such unity.

But he knew that the strength of this kind of power was so great that it could change many things.

Tian Huan did not have this power. Tian Huan had lost the power they had originally had.

The oaths of his youth, they had scattered in the wind.

Looking at the Tian Huan disciples that were panickedly fleeing, and comparing to these Mo Cloud Sea youths that were furiously burning their lives, a sorrow arose in Chief Elder. Today, he finally knew why Mo Cloud Sea could defeat Tian Huan.

Yes, Tian Huan's failure was fated!

He finally understood. He didn't have any joy left inside.

A sigh echoing in his mind, Chief Elder threw away his stray thoughts. His expression became grave. He decided that he would reconstruct Tian Huan's banner, Tian Huan's soul after this battle. Just like these Mo Cloud Sea youth in front of him, just like those youths who had sworn oaths alongside him!

For Tian Huan! For belief!

Come! King of Mo Cloud Sea!

Chief Elder bowed gravely towards Zuo Mo in the fire.

In a nondescript corner, many eyes looked at everything happening in the sky.

Their expressions were complex.

There was shock, respect, pity, murderousness, and relief.

Every person around him had some expression of respect on their faces. The people in the sky were worthy of their respect.

"I hadn't thought that Mo Cloud Sea was so scary! Those people are mad! Fortunately for us Tian Huan old man has taken this for us. Otherwise, even if we are able to defeat Mo Cloud Sea, Mo Cloud Sea would be very strong before death!"

Lin Qian was silent. This battle had given him a great below.

Not just him, the other Kun Lun disciples around him were also astounded.

"Let's first find Zhong De," someone said.

"Yes, let them burn, while both sides are preoccupied, we will take the opportunity to kill Zhong De. The day that Kun Lun unites the land is not far away!" another disciple agreed.

Everyone nodded. In a battle as intense as this, it was certain both sides would be wounded. Kun Lun would become the only beneficiary. This was also when Zhong De's defenses would be weakest. If they could kill Zhong De using this opportunity, Xi Xuan would descend into chaos.

They had planned this action for a long time. They had used almost all of their power to get here undetected. Their goal was the same as Tian Huan. Assassinate Zhong De! To ensure they could kill with one blow, Lin Qian had come.

If Zhong De died, Xi Xuan would fall into chaos!

Kun Lun would take the chance to replace them.

They hadn't expected the situation to progress better than they had expected. Tian Huan and Mo Cloud Sea were fighting to such great lengths. The astounding unity that Mo Cloud Sea showed made even Kun Lun felt a great pressure.

After this battle, there will be no more Mo Cloud Sea!

These disciples who had their eyes on top of their heads couldn't help but sigh in relief.

Lin Qian nodded. "Everyone scatter, be careful not to attract the attention of these people. When you find Zhong De, immediately sent a message back! Our target is still Zhong De! This is not the time to relax. Everyone, be alert, do not fail now."

Everyone nodded and then disappeared.

Lin Qian did not move. He had come because he knew that Zuo Mo had a large number of experts. Right now, Zuo Mo and Mo Cloud Sea's experts were completely drawn to Tian Huan Chief Elder. Zhong De's defenses would be at their weakest and they did not need him.

His mind was completely drawn into this battle.

No one knew that the Immemorial Shen Sword in his hand was trembling continuously and seemed to resonate with something.

So this was Mo Cloud Sea ... ...

Zuo Mo's mind was blank, everything around him golden. He seemed to be struggling in a sea of fire.

A long time later, he heard an almost imperceptible murmur.

"I'm the king of Mo Cloud Sea!"

This murmur was too weak, so weak it could hardly be heard. But Zuo Mo heard it. For some reason, he heard it clearly. Yet his mind was not clear.

This voice was so familiar ... ...

So hot ... ... so painful ... ...

Where was this ... ...

"I'm the king of Mo Cloud Sea!

King of Mo Cloud Sea?

These words seemed to have a certain power. Zuo Mo's scattered thoughts gathered along with the words.

I'm the king of Mo Cloud Sea ... ...

Zuo Mo could not open his eyes. His eyelids were as heavy as mountains. He felt as though his body was a volcano about to erupt. If he was the least bit careless, he would explode.

"I'm the king of Mo Cloud Sea!"

Having recovered some clarity, Zuo Mo finally found the one who had been sleep-talking was himself.

Ha! He had not failed everyone ... ...

The emotions that came with the words caused him to feel slightly stronger.

Yes! I'm the king of Mo Cloud Sea!

I need to be clear-headed!

I need to forget!

I need to protect A Gui!

I need to protect everyone!

His mind scattered, Zuo Mo chanted repeated to himself.

His voice was weak but unconsciously grew more and more determined.

Power gathered in small streams, his scattered consciousness slowly gathering.

He used all of his strength to open his eyes. A thread of light entered his vision!

He smiled, smiled like a burning flame.

Come! Old Man!

Translator Ramblings: That last line reminds me so much of the Clear Sky Forefather. I'm also not sure if Fang Xiang was influenced when he wrote the title or if it was just a coincidence and I translated it this way.