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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Thirty Eight - I Am The King of Mo Cloud Sea!

Zuo Mo and Ceng Lian'er exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other's eyes.

The realm of a deity!

How many years had it been since someone so strong had appeared?

Just the power that Chief Elder showed right now was not something that a person could defeat! The legends said that those who stepped into this level would easily destroy or lock down a jie!


Zuo Mo who never feared anything couldn't stop a thread of terror from rising right now. The Chief Elder's emaciated figure seemed to take over the entire sky and gave people a feeling of great pressure. Even Eldest Shixiong's presence that increased constantly paled in comparison.

In the opposite of the shock on Zuo Mo's side, Tian Huan's members were overjoyed. They looked at Chief Elder in the air and wanted to kneel and worship.

Wei Sheng could also feel the strength of the enemy.

Previously, he was able to lock onto the other's presence. At present, Chief Elder appeared just the same as before, but he found that no matter how hard he tried, he could not lock onto Chief Elder's body. Chief Elder seemed to be one with the world and showed no traces.

The God-Killing Blood Sword in his hand furiously trembled.

It furiously trembled as though it was trying to break free of Wei Sheng's hand.

But Wei Sheng's hand was like rock, motionless.

He could feel that the endless ocean of blood inside the God-Killing Blood Sword was roaring angrily, the entire ocean rippling, the waves thousand of zhang high!

The world inside the sword had completely come alive.

Under the stimulation of a god-level power, the God-Killing Blood Sword was completely infuriated. It was like a bloodthirsty and vicious monster that was provoked.

It had drank the blood of countless great warriors and would not fear a god-level expert!

How could it fear!

Wei Sheng raised the God-Killing Blood Sword and held it across his body. He murmured towards the sword, "Are you also unwilling!"


The light of the sword suddenly exploded!

Wei Sheng's vision was covered by endless bloody light. The bloody light shot straight into the sky.

Within the blood light, Wei Sheng saw countless scenes.

An ordinary sword was bathed by the blood of the fallen warriors, and started to gain a thread of intelligence.

Fighting, killing, and drinking blood.

The cycle repeated and it became stronger and stronger.

Blood made it greedy, blood made it cruel and savage. It liked the taste of the power in the blood, it like strength, it liked winning and bathing in blood after winning.

It had changed hands many times, it had been sealed, it had faced destruction.

It never knew fear, it never bowed its head, it was savage and blood thirsty, it never cared to be acknowledged by others, it was proud and rebellious!

God-Killing Blood Sword!

This name was its glory, and it also gave it a soul. After that, god killing became its destiny, one god-level warrior after another slain and drained of their blood.

A loneliness of tens of thousands of years, it was like a monster sleeping.

Wei Sheng's astounding resolve finally received its acceptance. It woke up from its deep sleep, but it looked down on the fights.

When Kun Lun's Immemorial Sword finally appeared again, it was completely awakened.

The desire to fight once again caused it to show its hidden edges, edges hidden for thousands of years.

Today, it countered the first god-level warrior in ten thousand years, it shook, it was excited, it was furious. The desire and greed after a sleep of ten thousand years completely exploded.

"You are also not willing?"

Wei Sheng's words suddenly pulled her to that great and magnificent ancient era.

Its glory!

The power that had slept for ten thousand years, it rebelliousness, its fighting spirit, it exploded like a volcano!



How could it be willing!

A vicious shout exploded in Wei Sheng's mind.

God-Killing! Just these two words made it excited!

He felt the bone-aching killing intent from the sword and the desire of the blood sword over ten thousand years.

Wei Sheng said in a deep voice, "If that's the case, then let us fight together!"

Boiling hot blood flowed from the hilt of the sword into Wei Sheng's body like burning lava. Wei Sheng did not refuse. He knew the fight this time was a matter of life and death, not just for him, but for Zuo Mo and the others.

Chief Elder that was at the peak of his power definitely had the goal of killing all of Mo Cloud Sea's experts!

If all the experts here were killed by Chief Elder, Mo Cloud Sea would immediately crumble.

This was not the time to spar, but to fight for life!

The blood that burrowed into his blood contained wild power. This was a mixture of countless god-level experts mixed together. After settling for tens of thousands of years, the power contained did not lessen one bit, but had merged together to become even stronger.

For the present Wei Sheng, the blood that contained savage but terrifying power was a great poison.

But at this time, Wei Sheng did not refuse.

Usually, he was willing to struggle in the blood sea to temper and comprehend his sword essence and was unwilling to accept this power. What he aimed for was the way of the sword, and not strength. He wanted to see the extreme of the sword.

Yet at this time, they were forced to a precipice.

The difference in power between the two sides was too great. He had never thought that the Chief Elder would burn himself without regard for the consequences. There was only one result from doing this, all of his power collapsing.

But Chief Elder would be able to kill all of them before his power disappeared.

He allowed the burning hot blood to circulate furiously through his body. The strong feeling of burning produced in an instant almost destroyed his resolve.

Wei Sheng made a muffled grunt, and his straight body shook.

Beads of blood seeped out of pores all over his body, forming a layer of blood from head to toe.

The sticky blood moved along his body.


Zuo Mo's eyes were filled with shock.

He had expected that this battle would be hard, but hadn't expected for it to be so hard! Chief Elder's strength did not shock him, what did shock him was Chief Elder's resolve.

This was the part where he had guessed wrong.

He hadn't thought that Chief Elder was willing to die with them!

This was an old man worthy of admiration!

Zuo Mo looked at the thin figure in the sky. In everyone's eyes, this thin figure was unusually vast now. This person who would give up his life for Tian Huan was worthy of the respect of the world.

No one had thought that when the previous experts of the world had declined due to the renewal of the power system, one had not declined with them. The Chief Elder was the only top expert that stood at the peak of the world in both eras, and he was still at the top in the era of shen power!

He had spent decades in seclusion to create Tian Huan's shen glyph art.

Even if they were enemies now, Zuo Mo respected Chief Elder.

So powerful!

But right now, Zuo Mo did not have the time to reflect. It was a time of life and death. His gaze as he looked into the sky quickly became twisted! Became vicious!

If they could not stop Chief Elder, everyone would die, die here!

No one would be able to escape!

The strength of the two sides were not on the same level!

Everyone ... ... would die!

This conclusion battered at Zuo Mo's mind. His gaze swept across Chief Elder, his body couldn't help but shake, the blood flooding into his head.

Eldest Shixiong ... ... was going all out!


No ... ...

His dazed gaze swept across A Gui, Silly Bird, Ceng Lian'er, Zong Ru ... ...

He had said he would protect A Gui, he had said he would protect everyone ... ...

The one putting his life on the line should be him.

This was his duty.

These two sentences echoed in Zuo Mo's mind. His eyes quickly became bloodshot.

Zuo Mo's head was lowered as he spoke to himself, as though he was sleeptalking, "The one putting their life on the line should be me! This is my duty!"

He repeated firmly, "Yes, it should be my life, this is my duty!"

"I want to protect A Gui! I want to protect everyone! I want to protect Mo Cloud Sea!"

His voice was like steel.

He raised his head, blood spread through his eyes in spider-webs. He suddenly spread his arms and shouted with all of his strength.

"I am the king of Mo Cloud Sea!"

"I am the king of Mo Cloud Sea!" "I am the king of Mo Cloud Sea!" "I am the king of Mo Cloud Sea!"

The echo of his shout echoed in the clouds and across the battlefield.

Zuo Mo's bloodshot eyes stared at Chief Elder without any respect or terror. What was there was only burning fighting spirit and resolve. His hidden resolve drowned his mind like a flood.


Old man!

Zuo Mo bared his teeth. His body gave off countless golden flames. He furiously channeled his shen power and also urged on the sun shen crystal.

The sun shen crystal still revolved slowly, the essence of the sun dripping out of it and entering Zuo Mo's body. Zuo Mo was filled with power, and his shen power became wild and dangerous!

Old man, you think you're the only one willing to burn!

Zuo Mo's shen power started to burn like a fire.

"Come! Old Man!"

Zuo Mo gritted out with a twisted expression. His eyes were filled with blood, he seemed to be mad. The burning shen power was a fire that raged through his body, causing the flames of his body to grow greatly.

The burning sun shen power burned fiercely. He was like the sun in the sky shining down brightly!

No! Not enough! This wasn't enough!

The shen power in his body was already burning to its limits. The only thing he could get more power from was the sun crystal seed, but no matter how he pushed the sun crystal seed, it still revolved slowly!

You damned ball!

Quicker ... ...

Damn it!

Zuo Mo's remaining composure told him that the present him was still not as powerful as Chief Elder!

Not enough! Still not enough!

Urgency caused Zuo Mo to become reckless. He furiously channelled his burning shen power to batter at the sun crystal steed.

He could not let A Gui die! He could not let everyone die!


Not even if he died!

Zuo Mo completely disregarded everything else, these words the only ones in his mind.

The sun crystal seed was still slowly spinning. It had increased in speed but it could not satisfy his need. At the end of his tether, Zuo Mo was like a furious lion. He did not use his shen power to urge on the sun crystal seed but used his burning shen power to furiously attack the sun crystal seed!

Power! I want more power!

The shen power inside his body attacked at an astounding rate. A crack finally appeared on the surface of the sun crystal seed!

Completely berserk, Zuo Mo didn't stop and attacked the sun crystal seed with his shen power even more crazily.

The crack gradually grew bigger.


The sun crystal seed suddenly shattered!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo gets the weird quirky sentient objects and Wei Sheng gets the magnificent bloody monster with the grand history. Uh-huh no favorites being played here. Plot armor moves back to the main character with a powerup in this chapter.