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 Chapter Eighty Two - If People Don't Get Ill-gotten Gains, They Won't Be Rich!

A burst of dense sword essence flowed into the ling armor and silently snuck into Yan Ming Zi's body.

Yan Ming Zi only felt an extremely cold needle suddenly burrow into his body. His body instantly froze.

Light flashed in Zuo Mo's eyes as he found the opportunity he had been waiting for. With a short bark, he started [Vajra Profound Sutra] silently. A faint layer of gold suddenly floated on his sky. His legs suddenly pushed and like an arrow, his body shot out!

Yan Ming Zi's expression suddenly changed. But his body was still frozen. What spell was this?

Zuo Mo's goal wasn't Yan Ming Zi but the now uncontrolled water drop sword that was floating mid-air!

It really was a good sword!

The gold glowing right hand grasped the handle of the water drop sword and the ling energy inside his body flooded inside the water drop sword.

As expected! Joy made its way inside Zuo Mo's heart.

The other hadn't put much effort into imprinting the sword. The bit of consciousness inside the water drop sword was pitifully weak. Zuo Mo easily erased it. The water drop sword shook two times in Zuo Mo's hand before becoming motionless. It took a lot of time and countless effort to slowly imprint a flying sword before it would be easily controlled, and also, to not be easily stolen by others. Some strong people would construct layers of jinzhi inside the sword. If a person would try to steal the sword like Zuo Mo did, they would be wounded instead.

But Zuo Mo had guessed that this person wouldn't spend a lot of time imprinting the flying sword. He had guessed correctly.

This change occurred very quickly, so quickly everyone gaped, the surroundings deadly silent.

Yan Ming Zi was dumbstruck. He had never thought that the other person was targeting his water drop sword! When he felt the connection he had to the water drop sword disappear, his expression changed dramatically.

Zuo Mo contently put the water drop sword in the hundred treasures pouch at his waist. His mood was great. He assumed a proper composure as he said to Yan Ming Zi, "This sword, it will count as the price you pay for offending our sect. Next time, don't do something as silly as this." What he had just used was the tidal sword essence of Xin Yan Shibo, extremely yin and extremely cold. Without any defenses, Yan Ming Zi had taken a huge blow.

"You you you... ..." Yan Ming Zi's finger shook as he pointed at Zuo Mo, his face pale, so angry he couldn't talk. But he didn't have the water drop sword anymore and couldn't do anything to Zuo Mo.

"Haha! This is so funny!" Hu Shan laughed heartlessly, covering his stomach. He was laughing so hard he almost couldn't breathe, "Old Yan, haha, it's so funny! Even your sword was stolen, Old Yan, you're definitely the first in our sect!"

"Hee hee! Brother Yan, you're too amusing!" Tao Zhu Er laughed, looking like a flower and unable to stop.

"I I I... ..." Yan Ming Zi didn't know what to say. But when he saw Zuo Mo's eyes sweep across the ling armor on his body over and over, his heart jumped and he hurried back a few steps. He had lost in a muddle. Even now, he didn't understand why he had suddenly froze. What spell had the other used?

Today, he really had been humiliated. Yan Ming Zi's heart bled blood. The sound of Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er's laughter was abnormally dissonant. He had lost great face. Even if they would defeat Zuo Mo together and he would take back the water drop sword, when they returned, Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er would certainly spread this incident far and wide.

If the sword was lost, then it was lost. But if this incident passed back to the sect, he wouldn't be able to keep his head up ever again.

He wasn't someone kind. He was angrier at Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er than at Zuo Mo. He was very shocked at Zuo Mo's skills. He couldn't understand at all. He looked at the two people who were bent over in laughter and smirked inside. Those two definitely wouldn't have detected what had happened. The paralysis just now, it was completely silent, without a hint of warning.

After thinking it through, he calmed down. He purposefully said in an enraged voice, "Hu Shan, haven't you been yearning for my blue three-eyed python? If you take back water drop sword for me, I'll give it to you!"

Hu Shan didn't laugh anymore. He tilted his head, and seriously looked at Yan Ming Zi, "Really?"

Yan Ming Zi smirked inside. On the surface, he nodded rapidly, "Of course, with Tao Zhu Er as witness, will I not pay up?"

"Okay!" Hu Shan's face was happy as he sniffed, "Old Yan, you couldn't even beat trash like this, you have really deteriorated. You have to practice more. Otherwise, when I bring you out to make trouble, wouldn't you lose the face of our Ling Ying Sect?"

Yan Ming Zi hated Hu Shan for saying such ugly words. Inside, he hoped for Zuo Mo to turn Hu Shan to minced meat. His mouth went, "Wait until you get water drop sword back before you waste words."

Hu Shan took a step out and smiled widely at Zuo Mo, "You're an interesting guy! If you obediently give up the water drop sword, I'll let you go once!"

The meat that reached his mouth, there wasn't a reason to spit it out. Zuo Mo was too lazy to responded to him. He examined Hu Shan. He suddenly discovered this was a glittering golden road to becoming rich! That water drop sword, it was extremely expensive. Don't think that Zuo Mo had more money after learning to make dan, but if this water drop sword was in the talismans stores of Dong Fu, Zuo Mo could only look at it. He definitely couldn't afford it!

Now, it had landed in his wallet. If he converted it to jingshi... ...

He suddenly realized, what was faster than taking something? What was more enjoyable than justifiably stealing something?

Zuo Mo reached out with a hand. The ice crystal sword once again came in front of him. He said in a righteous voice, "You dare to bully us Wu Kong! One on one, your Ling Ying Sect, ge really isn't afraid." The disciples behind Zuo Mo looked with admiration at him.

As expected, when he provoked them, Hu Shan's expression wasn't happy, "Humph, the bottom of the barrel and really think you are something! I had originally thought to let you off, but since you didn't realize ... ..."

A dash of silver light flash in the air and landed in front of Hu Shan.

"Coward! Dare to use an ambush!" Hu Shan was both shocked and angry. A Blazing Sabre appeared in his hand!

Flames danced wildly along the long blade of the sabre, burning fiercely. Even far away, Zuo Mo felt the incoming heat.

It was another good talisman!

Zuo Mo's eyes turned red. This blazing sabre, it definitely was the highest quality of the third grade and wasn't lower than the water drop sword he had just taken. He hurriedly moved the ice crystal sword away. Water and fire opposed each other and depended on which was stronger. Zuo Mo was certain that if he wasn't careful and was trapped by the other's flame, the ice crystal sword would probably melt into a puddle of water.

He had heard before that the scriptures of Ling Ying Sect was extremely broad. He hadn't thought that they would have something as rare as a sabre scripture. The great majority of the sects in Sky Moon Jie were based primarily on cultivating the sword. It was very rare to find xiuzhe that practiced the sabre.

The other's blazing sabre carelessly swiped, and there would be a burst of hot flame and air that opposed him. The road that [Li Water Sword Scripture]walked was the one of lightness and careful intricacies. However, the difference between the two talismans was too great. The ice crystal sword basically couldn't go near the other and so the sword scripture naturally wasn't effective.

The ling armor on the other's body was also unordinary. Red light flashed, and made Hu Shan look like a god in a mortal world.

"Ha ha! Weren't you acting brave just now? Be brave!" Hu Shan laughed, extremely pleased. The sabre presence on his hand roiled and waves of flames chased after Zuo Mo as he jumped and dodged.

Shock was on the faces of all the Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples and they all retreated. The fire wave from Hu Shan's blazing sabre was extremely hot. Everywhere it went, it left behind scorch marks.

As they said, people died for wealth, birds died for food! Zuo Mo tragically thought as his brain calculated rapidly. The other's sabre scripture was clearly less than Yan Ming Zi's sword scripture, but in cooperation with this high quality blazing sabre, the power was astounding!

Good sabre, good sabre!

Zuo Mo's eyes was so red fire could shoot out as he made a sorry figure dodging about.

The other's sabre presence wasn't fierce enough. Otherwise, the fire waves could continuously come and Zuo Mo wouldn't be able to avoid it.

It wasn't that Zuo Mo didn't have a solution, but that solution... ...

Gritting his teeth, he decided to go through with it! But, even if he was going all in, he had to earn back his cost. As he jumped and dodged, his eyes scanned the other's body, looking for a target. When his eyes landed on the jade pendant that was hanging from the other's ways, his eyes couldn't help but light up!

Good talisman!

The jade pendant was of an old style of construction, the entire body constructed by a kind of red jade. There wasn't any impurities in the red. A black bead was encrusted in the middle. There were a few formations carved on the jade pendant. Zuo Mo recognized one of them. It was called a streaming fire core management formation. This was a formation that could increase the wearer's sensitivity to fire, and also increase their control over fire. The streaming fire core management formation was extremely useful. For low level xiuzhe, it was something out of their dreams. However, the requirements for making the streaming fire core management formation were extremely strict. Zuo Mo couldn't bear to use it on a regular basis. This jade pendant was able to have a streaming fire core management formation, it's quality wasn't ordinary!

Zuo Mo deeply realized a phrase-when the profit was large enough, it was enough for people to risk it!

All in!

Zuo Mo made the decision and quickly calmed down. He needed to find a chance to knock out his opponent in one blow.

The waves of fire turned. The flames on the body of the sabre didn't seem as though they would become weaker. Hu Shan was completely protected by layers of flames. Zuo Mo couldn't get near.

Zuo Mo was extremely sneaky. The waves of fire didn't even touch his hair. Hu Shan became slightly fidgety and the sabre presence was even more rushed!

This group of people, they really were wasting good things!

Zuo Mo's heart was full of scorn. Such a good sabre, landing in the hands of these people, it was a pearl in the hands of swine. The other's sabre presence sped up. It seemed more dangerous but Zuo Mo could detected that the other wasn't able to control all of it. After Zuo Mo had comprehended Xin Yan Shibo's tidal sword essence, his perception of presence had become extremely sensitive. Due to his long term practice of comprehending li water sword essence, it had deepened his understanding of presence.

It was the same rationale for sword and sabre essence. What they were after was strength used appropriately. It wasn't the energy used was more, the presence stronger, and so the power would always be greater.

This was a chance!

Zuo Mo's pupils suddenly shrunk. He accurately caught the other's minor weakness. Having waited for a long time, he instantly acted!

The ice crystal sword that had been swimming beside him like a fish gave out a light sound. Travelling along the spot where the layers of fire were the thinnest, it pushed in strongly.

Halfway, the ice crystal sword turned into an extremely cold stream of water. This wasn't due to being melted by the fire but the result of Zuo Mo actively and furiously pushing ling energy in - metamorphosis! Metamorphosis was an upper level trick of sword scriptures. Xin Yan Shibo's ice dragon was a high level metamorphosis of his sword.

Zuo Mo's power right now wasn't enough for metamorphosis. Just having touched sword essence, he could only use the dumbest and the simplest way. That was, putting large amounts of ling energy into the flying sword, pushing it to turn back to its original form and stimulating the power of its origins. It could only count as the lowest type of metamorphosis.

Basically, no one would use this kind of metamorphosis, because after doing it, the flying sword was ruined. This was also why Zuo Mo had hesitated for so long.

But after balancing the benefits and costs, he still decided to use this move.

After making the decision, he didn't have any hesitations, no pauses.

He had been preparing for a long time, acting it out repeatedly inside. How could he not have any chance of success?

The ice crystal sword, now a stream of cold water, pushed through the layers of fire as its power increased. The cold energy was enough to freeze the surrounding flames.

Hu Shan's face paled. He furiously moved the blazing sword, waves of fire continuously forming in hopes that they would block this extremely cold water.

However, Zuo Mo had planned for such a long time, had even paid the price of ruining the ice crystal sword, how could he stop there?

Translator Ramblings: I feel that flying sword is a bit of a misnomer. Of course, the thing is shaped like a sword/ jian but people never use it to slice and chop people up. They spew really powerful energy attacks. Also, this chapter had a super-long title. Essentially "get rich by robbing others!"