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 Chapter Eight Hundred and Fifteen - Yang Yuan Hao's Dilemma

Zuo Mo was very surprised when he received the message.

Zhong De sent a message inquiring about the shen equipment and also sent along a large shipment of materials.

This message did not mention Tian Huan at all but expressed Zhong De's thoughts. Zhong De had not agreed to Tian Huan! Zuo Mo had to say that he was very shocked when he received the news. He really could not think of why Zhong De had chosen him.

Even the stupidest person could see that the benefits of choosing Tian Huan were far greater than choosing Mo Cloud Sea.

But Zhong De made an unexpected choice.

Zuo Mo thought hard about why Zhong De had made this choice but after thinking for a long time, he could not think of anything. After asking Pu Yao and confirming that Mo Cloud Sea had received a shipment of materials from Xi Xuan, Zuo Mo's anxiety finally settled. While he did not know what Zhong De was thinking, but it appeared that Zhong De had refused Tian Huan.

Zhong De's refusal of Tian Huan was the best news that Zuo Mo had heard in recent days.

Zuo Mo threw away his puzzlement and started to consider the effects of Zhong De's unexpected choice on Mo Cloud Sea.

Zhong De was the true holder of power in Xi Xuan. His refusal of Tian Huan meant that Tian Huan's strategic intentions were destroyed. Mo Cloud Sea's situation was not as bad as it was previously.

But had the danger been resolved?

Zuo Mo had to admit that Tian Huan's moves had hit Mo Cloud Sea in their weakness. He could feel it, how could Tian Huan not feel it?

Tian Huan's scheme only had one obstacle Zhong De. Zuo Mo put himself in Tian Huan's position and thought. If it was him, what would he do?

Go around Zhong De? Impossible. Zhong De was in control of Xi Xuan at the moment and could not be skirted around.

If Zhong De could not be avoided, there was only one solution, eliminate Zhong De!

Eliminating Zhong De would be eliminating the only obstacle.

Zhong De was a great battle general and heavily protected. How could he be eliminated?

Send an army? Zuo Mo shook his head. The price was too high to start a war with the second ranked battle general and was famed for his viciousness and bloodthirstiness. If Tian Huan was not dumb, they would definitely not do such a thing.

Then there was only one choice, assassination!

Zuo Mo was startled, his eyes suddenly widening. It definitely would be an assassination! Tian Huan had top experts, and from the information he obtained, the sect leader of Xi Xuan clearly was in agreement to ally with Tian Huan, and would likely act as a spy.

Zhong De was in danger!

Zuo Mo's heart beat wildly!


Yang Yuan Hao had not had a good rest in the past few days. This was very rare for him. His calm and steadiness were his most outstanding traits. He understood himself. No matter what kind of battle it was, he could maintain his calm and stability. The choices he made would never surpass the limits of his ability. He never tried to do anything outside of his abilities.

He was always measured and unhurried. It was as though nothing could disturb his peace of mind.

His strategic vision was not as good as Xue Dong, he was not as decisive as Zhong De, not as experienced as Mi Nan, not as sharp as Gongsun Cha, and compared to Bie Han, his explosiveness was lacking ... ...

Of the ten great battle generals, the one that did not have any unique trait was Yang Yuan Hao.

He seemed to not have any trait that was outstanding yet he could always win. His fighting style was just so. All of his skills were strangely equal, and none were better than any other. Of course, being as well-rounded to such a degree was special in itself. He was the only one.

However, only people that studied Yang Yuan Hao's fighting methods would understand his terrifying nature. What was scariest about Yang Yuan Hao was that he would always make the appropriate choice at the appropriate time.

These choices may not be the best, but they would not be bad. Countless choices formed countless small advantages that would accumulate and, in the end, turn into victory.

Yang Yuan Hao's victories would cause other people to feel hopeless. People that were trapped would not detect when they had started to lose. Steadiness, a hope-robbing steadiness. He almost didn't have a weakness.

But such a calm and steady mind was thrown into chaos by Zuo Mo's words.

What should he do?

He could not disguise his disappointment with the present state of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects. While he knew that this alliance would have a short honeymoon, but he was still disappointed when this day came so quickly.

Zuo Mo's words caused some things he did not want to face to surface in front of him.

This was really a dislikable person!

He could not refute Zuo Mo's words. Both Kun Lun and Tian Huan would definitely welcome him. No matter if it was because of the Nine Great Dhyana Sects or himself who was the fifth ranking battle general.

But he also knew that if he sided with Kun Lun or Tian Huan, he could receive good treatment but would definitely be unable to enter the inner circles of the two sects. Kun Lun and Tian Huan were full of talent, and their inner competition was fierce enough. If he, an outsider, tried to squeeze in, he would be unanimously rejected.

The best result would be leading his battalion to guard a base that was not important and live an idle life. The worst case result would be that he and the Nine Great Dhyana Sects would be turned into cannon fodder and sent into the battlefields with the most fighting.

None of these were things that he wanted. For any battle general, a chance to fight all kinds of factions like right now was a rare chance. Who did not want to accomplish something? Also, Yang Yuan Hao had the ability.

As to cannon fodder, no one was willing to be cannon fodder.

Yang Yuan Hao was not dumb. He naturally understood Zuo Mo's intentions of recruiting him.

Based on the situation, Mo Cloud Sea was actually the most suitable. Mo Cloud Sea had only been founded for a short time, they did not have any well-established local powers. Zuo Mo himself was a reliable person. Also, Mo Cloud Sea was strong but had a small territory. They would definitely expand. This way, he did not need to worry that there would be no wars to fight.

However, Mo Cloud Sea's situation was dangerous right now. If they were the least bit careless, they would lose it all.

Joining Mo Cloud Sea at this time meant that he needed to take on this danger as well. The future was unknown. Even if he was willing to take on the risk, other people may not.

He was not Zhong De, one person who could decide the fate of all of Xi Xuan. He had power, but the one in charge of Thunder Sound Temple was still the sect leader. Would Sect Leader be willing to ally with Mo Cloud Sea right now?

He shook his head. Everyone would want to avoid at this time.

He decided to go and ask the sect leader.

When Yang Yuan Hao saw the sect leader, he did not conceal any of his thoughts and reported everything to the sect leader.

After the sect leader heard this, he closed his eyes and remained silent.

Yang Yuan Hao was silent. He knew that Sect Leader was thinking.

"If Tian Huan succeeds, what do you think the result is?" The sect leader opened his eyes and asked Yang Yuan Hao.

Yang Yuan Hao thought and said, "If Tian Huan succeeds, Mo Cloud Sea will be danger, they will be surrounded and attacked on three sides ... ..."

"Mo Cloud Sea's territory is not connected to them," the sect leader said coolly.

Yang Yuan Hao stilled and his expression changed slightly. "Then they will first get rid of us!"

"How does our Thunder Sound Temple compare to Kun Lun and Tian Huan?" the sect leader asked.

"As weak as a baby,"Yang Yuan Hao responded.

"In other words, even if we join Tian Huan and Kun Lun, we are not needed, and unimportant," the sect leader seemed to say to himself.

"Yes." While he did not want to admit it, Yang Yuan Hao knew that this was the truth.

"How do we compare to Mo Cloud Sea?" the sect leader asked.

"We are greatly inferior," Yang Yuan Hao's response was honest.

"How much?" the sect leader asked.

Yang Yuan Hao struggled with this question. After thinking, he said, "Them ten, us three." After a while, he thought and then added, "Them ten, we two."

The sect leader did not care and asked directly, "If Lotus Sutra Temple is added?"

"Them ten, us three."

"In other words, if we join them, our importance is only three out of thirteen." The sect leader asked, "What if we join Tian Huan and Kun Lun? What is our importance?"

"Not even one in thirteen." Yang Yuan Hao understood what the sect leader meant but couldn't resist saying, "However, Mo Cloud Sea is in danger, and can be destroyed at any time!"

"Is it better to give coal in the winter, or give gold to gild the lily?" the sect leader asked.

"But ... ..."

"Is there really not a solution?" the sect leader said cryptically. "Your mind is better than ours, Think hard. Does Mo Cloud Sea really not have a solution? If we are added, is there still no chance to turn this around? Think, who, like us, is not willing to see Mo Cloud Sea fall?"

Yang Yuan Hao was stunned where he stood, only one sentence in his mind.

Was there really no solution?


Zuo Mo was never someone that waited around for others to decide his fate.

Ever since he thought of the possibility that Tian Huan would attempt to assassinate Zhong De, Zuo Mo and the others moved. Undoubtedly, there was nothing else at this time that was more important than protecting Zhong De.

Zhong De's Abyss Jail Battalion was powerful and his protection would not be a problem. However, there was a great problem. He lacked true top experts. This was usually not a problem, but if there was someone on the inside helping his enemies, Zhong De's safety would be questionable.

Zuo Mo's group did not dawdle at all. They travelled day and night at their fastest sped towards Tian Huan.

They needed to get to Zhong De before the experts of Tian Huan.

If Zhong De did not die, Tian Huan's strategic aim would not be realized. Then this danger to Mo Cloud Sea was not something that could not be overcome. If they then retreated for two years, then they would have enough power to solve all of these problems. Mo Cloud Sea did not lack ling farmers. The unique formation ling fields of Mo Cloud Sea would be able to be spread used across their territories.

The new forty four jie they took was enough to satisfy Mo Cloud Sea's demand for materials.

After two years, their situation would be resolved on its own.

But everything was based on the fact that Zhong De would live until then!

Only a living Zhong De could stop Tian Huan!

For safety, Zuo Mo did not split up his subordinates. The people he took on his journey this time were almost all of the high level fighting forces in Mo Cloud Sea. He had enough confidence to fight against the experts of Tian Huan.

This would be an unprecedentedly hard battle!

The two sides fighting all had reasons that they needed to complete!

Translator Ramblings: The fate of the world rests on one person ... ... Zhong De.