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 Chapter Eighty One - Ling Ying Sect

When Zuo Mo rushed to the entrance of the mountain, he found the situation was much more serious than he had initially thought.

Two distinct groups of people surrounded the mountain gate. Zuo Mo's gaze swept across the crowd of people that caused the disturbance. The ones who aroused Zuo Mo's attention was one female and two males. The clothing and composure of those three were clearly different than the people behind them. When Zuo Mo saw Old Black had been wounded, the anger in his heart shot up.

In a stride, his body flashed and he appeared next to Old Black.

Blood was seeping out of the corners of Old Black's mouth, his expression was withered. When he saw Zuo Mo, joy made its way across his face.

"What happened?" Zuo Mo asked in a heavy voice.

The spirits of the Wu Kong Sword Sect's disciples rose when Zuo Mo appeared.

"Oh, finally, there's one that is willing to stand up," One of the two males among the trio who was wearing a grandiose blue ling armor said in a strange tone, "I had assumed that the inner sect disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect, are a group of turtles. Hey, kid, give us your name. Where's Wei Sheng, why hasn't he come out?"

Zuo Mo didn't pay attention to him, only looking at Old Black.

Old Black's face was full of bitterness, "They said they wanted to find Wei Sheng Shixiong to spar, but how can Wei Sheng come out? So they started making a ruckus. They said if Wei Sheng Shixiong isn't going to come out, they would ruin the ling fields here. Think about it, how could I let them ruin my ling fields?"

Zuo Mo took out a medicine pill from his clothesand shoved it to Old Black. He was a pupil of Shi Feng Rong, at the very least, he didn't lack medicine. The surrounding disciples all had admiring expressions. Putting Old Black into the care of the outer sect disciples behind him, Zuo Mo turned around.

"So it's a zombie face. Hey, you're that Zuo Mo," The male wearing the blue ling armor arrogantly wave a finger and said, "I heard that you are skilled at making dan. You won't be enough, go find Wei Sheng. The first genius of Dong Fu, hiding? He really isn't anything. Isn't there also someone that was called something like Luo Li?"

"Which sect are you from? Zuo Mo calmly asked.

"Hee hee, we are from the Ling Ying Sect," The one who answered was the only female among the three. She wore pink peach blossom armor. Her body was extremely graceful, sweet and youthful, lights flashing in her eyes. Almost all of the gazes of Wu Kong Sword Sect's outer sect disciples were greedily locked on her. She wasn't embarrassed, instead she was covered in smiles.

Zuo Mo had heard of the Ling Ying sect before, it was the wealthiest sect in Dong Fu. The sect had numerous enterprises, and the disciples they admitted were mostly those of wealthy families. Unlike Wu Kong Sword Sect, they had an astounding number of disciples. Just the number of zhuji disciples in Ling Ying Sect was over eighty people. This number threw Wu Kong Sword Sect far behind them. They were first among Dong Fu. However, the reputation of the zhuji disciples of Ling Ying Sect were extremely bad. What they liked to do the most was causing trouble. Many of them had a strong family background and would cause trouble in other sects yet the other sects could only bear it.

They formed groups and made trouble everywhere. Because they consumed ling medicines from childhood, the progression of their cultivation was much faster than normal disciples. And because they were covered in talismans, if fighting occurred and they threw it down, how could normal disciples win? And if the other was stronger than them, then they would attack at once. After a while, lower level xiuzhe would walk around them.

But they were also smart and would never provoke those truly strong people such as Yu Bai.

They had heard that a strong person had come out of Wu Kong Sword sect called Wei Sheng. He had been labeled by many as a once in a hundred years genius. They naturally wouldn't dare to cause trouble at large sects such as Dong Fu Hall and Dong Qi Sword Sect. But this Wu Kong Sword Sect, they had never heard of it before. A small sect like this, they weren't afraid at all. Due to the fact that Dong Fu had been very lively this recent while, the elders of all the sects had almost all left. Such a good chance, how could they give it up?

Before coming, they had especially done research. In this generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples, the most famous was two people. The first was Wei Sheng, the second was Zuo Mo, who was skilled in dan-making. But no one had ever seen how strong Wei Sheng was. This made them even more certain that Wei Sheng only had an inflated reputation. As to Zuo Mo, a dan-maker, what waves could he make? Other than that, there was someone called Luo Li, but he was supposedly average.

There were three people, the one wearing the blue ling armor was called Yan Ming Zi. The other wearing an eye-catching bright red ling armor was called Hu Shan. The name of the female wearing the pink peach blossom ling armor was called Tao Zhu Er.

"Oh," Zuo Mo expressionlessly responded. He then turned to ask Old Black, "Who wounded you?"

"Haha, there's no need to ask, ye did it," Yan Ming Zi said disdainfully, "You should go get Wei Sheng to come out. You only make dan, ye is almost embarrassed... ..."

The voice suddenly stopped.

Yan Ming Zi stared with slight shock at Zuo Mo. In his eyes, this little zombie in front of him seemed to suddenly change into a completely different person. That feeling... ... it was like a sword that was now unsheathed... ...

It wasn't the first time that Yan Ming Zi fought and caused trouble. He was very experienced.

He dropped his mirthful expression, and said somewhat seriously, "Hadn't thought that I would not see clearly. You are actually a master!" The other two were also surprised. The presence Zuo Mo exuded definitely didn't seem like a cultivator who was obsessed with dan-making would have. But the two weren't very worried. They had hung out on the streets for this long and the number of hard bones they had encountered couldn't be counted. Many people were more powerful than them, but weren't they all defeated in the end? Even more, this little zombie had lower cultivation than them.

Zuo Mo didn't waste words and raised his ice crystal sword.

"Ha! You are really poor!" Yan Ming Zi roared with laughter and said with a smug face, "Take a look at ye's flying sword!"

The sword was three feet, shaped like an elongated water droplet. The body of the sword was like the surface of a pond, dark and the bottom unfathomable. Occasionally, a streak of light would flash past and display the extravagance.

"The sword's name is Water Drop, third-grade, and the highest quality of water element flying sword," He examined Zuo Mo and shook his head, "Everything on your body isn't even worth a fraction of this flying sword,"

Zuo Mo completely lost the desire to converse with the other. Without another word, he attacked first.

[Flowing Water] of [Li Water Sword Scripture]!

An invisible ripple spread out in front of Zuo Mo. The ice crystal sword seemed to disappear and then appeared out of nowhere in front of Yan Ming Zi.

Yan Ming Zi only seemed to see a blur before the other's flying sword suddenly was in front of him. The sword essence contained in the tip of the sword was so sharp he almost couldn't keep his eyes open. He jumped in fright. He hurriedly manipulated his flying sword to parry. The other's flying sword seemed abnormal slippery and with a smooth curve, it nimbly avoided his flying sword and came straight at him.

Yan Ming Zi was in a panic but his battle experience was much richer. He knew that the other's flying sword wasn't as good as his and decided to go for a frontal encounter.

Zuo Mo snorted coldly. It might have been that he had interacted for too long with Pu Yao that his snort was very similar. He knew what the other was thinking. However, the quality of his ice crystal sword was far lesser than the other. If the two hit, the one who would suffer would be him. He only had this flying sword. If it was damaged here, the sect definitely wouldn't give him another one for free.

But Zuo Mo's skill with [Li Water Sword Scripture] was far better than in the past. The teachings of Xin Yan Shibo had covered many of his shortcomings. The [Li Water Sword Scripture] that he casted now was smooth and flowing, almost traceless.

The sword scripture that the other used was also abnormally special but it was clear that the other hadn't focused on practicing it. He wasn't able to capture the essence of many of the details. Based on the details, the other's sword scripture was slightly above [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo couldn't help but shake his head. Such a good sword scripture, but the other didn't know to treasure it. He was also extremely tempted by the other's flying sword. In comparison, his ice crystal sword was extremely cheap. In reality, what Zuo Mo minded the most was the other's water drop sword was just perfect for [Li Water Sword Scripture].

His ice crystal sword was appropriate for Xin Yan Shibo's sword essence but wasn't suited for [Li Water Sword Scripture]. Zuo Mo had been thinking for a long time about obtaining a flying sword suited for [Li Water Sword Scripture].

His heart moved and he couldn't help but have an idea.

The ice crystal sword became even harder to follow. His sword moves still followed the path of entangling and intricacies. But in all of this, there was a slight hint of explosiveness, and was full of murderous intent. This little bit of explosiveness caused Yan Ming Zi to feel the pressure had increased greatly. This dissonant feeling made him extremely uncomfortable!

Hu Shan and Tao Zhu Er's faces were full of surprise. Yan Ming Zi was in a disadvantageous position.

They had to reexamine Zuo Mo.

"This Zuo Mo is pretty strong," Tao Zhu Er's voice held surprise, "Different than the rumors. Didn't they say he was skilled in dan-making?"

"The information on Wu Kong Sword Sect is already very pitifully little. How could we have researched that clearly?" Hu Shan said unconcernedly. Even though he was surprised, but he was only just surprised.

"If Zuo Mo could have this kind of strength, then how strong would Wei Sheng be?" Tao Zhu Er wondered.

Hu Shan smirked, "It doesn't matter how strong they are. They have become too well-known recently. Many of the shixiong and shijie have noticed them. Supposedly, the shishu also do not have good feelings about Wu Kong Sword Sect,"

Tao Zhu Er smiled, "Yes, Dong Fu is only this big. A new one that is coming to divide it, how could the miserly shishu of the sect be willing?"

Hu Shan said indifferently, "In any case, it isn't our problem. But I heard that their elders are pretty strong,"

"They're strong, but are they as strong as jingshi?" Tao Zhu Er gave a light laugh.

"Haha, right!" Hu Shan laughed.

As the two talked, the battle situation changed.

Yan Ming Zi suddenly didn't dodge anymore. The ice crystal sword pierced his ling armor. It gave a clear ring but didn't leave a mark on the ling arm. Zuo Mo couldn't help but pause. During his period of distraction, Yan Ming Zi's water drop sword suddenly attacked.

It was like an icy water sword. Zuo Mo hurriedly turned his body. He felt a gust of coldness brush past his arm!

"Haha! Just a second grade flying sword, how can it break through my black water ling armor?" Yan Ming Zi laughed smugly, his sword presence become even more bold!

Tao Zhu Er didn't seem surprised at the scene occurring and felt it was boring. She couldn't help but say, "Only knowing to use status to bully others, it's so boring," As she talked, she organized the petals on her peach blossom ling armor.

A smirk was on Hu Shan's face as he watched the ice crystal sword strike Yan Ming Zi's ling armor again.

It was useless, don't you understand? If you want to blame someone, just blame it on the fact you weren't born into a good family. He looked with some sympathy at Zuo Mo.

Yan Ming Zi didn't seemed to have any hint of dodging. He was very confident in the ling armor he was wearing.

But when the soft and weak ice crystal sword just touched the black water ling armor, a change suddenly happened!

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